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    How This +$80M Founder Launches A Startup In A Weekend

    How This +$80M Founder Launches A Startup In A Weekend
    Episode 546: Shaan Puri (https://twitter.com/ShaanVP) and Sam Parr (https://twitter.com/theSamParr) talk to Noah Kagan ( https://twitter.com/noahkagan ) about how to launch a million dollar business in 48 hours. Give Sam your email address at The Anti-MBA ( https://www.theantimba.com/ ) for a chance to win a free copy of Noah’s new book.  No more small boy spreadsheets, build your business on the free HubSpot CRM: https://mfmpod.link/hrd — Show Notes: (0:00) Intro (1:00) Now not how (4:30) The upside of asking (5:00) Airbnb sales formula revealed (12:00) Appsumo quietly crushing it with $80M arr (19:00) The lore of Zuck and early facebook (32:30) Only say yes to 10x (41:00) Million Dollar Weekend giveaway — Links: • Noah Kagan - http://noahkagan.com/ • Million Dollar Weekend - http://tinyurl.com/vmmfwpcb • AppSumo - https://appsumo.com/ • Carrd - https://carrd.co/ • The Anti-MBA - https://www.theantimba.com/ — Check Out Shaan's Stuff: • Try Shepherd Out - https://www.supportshepherd.com/ • Shaan's Personal Assistant System - http://shaanpuri.com/remoteassistant • Power Writing Course - https://maven.com/generalist/writing • Small Boy Newsletter - https://smallboy.co/ • Daily Newsletter - https://www.shaanpuri.com/ Check Out Sam's Stuff: • Hampton - https://www.joinhampton.com/ • Ideation Bootcamp - https://www.ideationbootcamp.co/ • Copy That - https://copythat.com • Hampton Wealth Survey - https://joinhampton.com/wealth Past guests on My First Million include Rob Dyrdek, Hasan Minhaj, Balaji Srinivasan, Jake Paul, Dr. Andrew Huberman, Gary Vee, Lance Armstrong, Sophia Amoruso, Ariel Helwani, Ramit Sethi, Stanley Druckenmiller, Peter Diamandis, Dharmesh Shah, Brian Halligan, Marc Lore, Jason Calacanis, Andrew Wilkinson, Julian Shapiro, Kat Cole, Codie Sanchez, Nader Al-Naji, Steph Smith, Trung Phan, Nick Huber, Anthony Pompliano, Ben Askren, Ramon Van Meer, Brianne Kimmel, Andrew Gazdecki, Scott Belsky, Moiz Ali, Dan Held, Elaine Zelby, Michael Saylor, Ryan Begelman, Jack Butcher, Reed Duchscher, Tai Lopez, Harley Finkelstein, Alexa von Tobel, Noah Kagan, Nick Bare, Greg Isenberg, James Altucher, Randy Hetrick and more. — Other episodes you might enjoy: • #224 Rob Dyrdek - How Tracking Every Second of His Life Took Rob Drydek from 0 to $405M in Exits • #209 Gary Vaynerchuk - Why NFTS Are the Future • #178 Balaji Srinivasan - Balaji on How to Fix the Media, Cloud Cities & Crypto • #169 - How One Man Started 5, Billion Dollar Companies, Dan Gilbert's Empire, & Talking With Warren Buffett • ​​​​#218 - Why You Should Take a Think Week Like Bill Gates • Dave Portnoy vs The World, Extreme Body Monitoring, The Future of Apparel Retail, "How Much is Anthony Pompliano Worth?", and More • How Mr Beast Got 100M Views in Less Than 4 Days, The $25M Chrome Extension, and More

    Don’t Quit: The Reminder You Need to Hear When You Feel Unmotivated

    Don’t Quit: The Reminder You Need to Hear When You Feel Unmotivated

    Do you feel like quitting on your goals?

    Do you want to give up on your resolutions?

    Are you just plain unmotivated?

    Mel delivers her most powerful pep talk, designed to light the fire inside you so you can break through any setback.

    She’ll give you the tools you need to power through resistance and shut down any negative thoughts holding you back. You will want to listen to this over and over again.

    You will learn the secret to gaining unstoppable confidence. You’ll get incredible insights on how to reinvent yourself if you feel like giving up and reclaiming the dream you gave up on.


    In this episode, you will learn:

    • The research that reveals what day of the month most people quit on goals and resolutions.
    • Two truths about life that help you tap into your power.
    • What you need to REALLY do the next time you miss a day of the new challenge, diet, or workout plan, so you stay on track.
    • The advice you need if you’re struggling with your new goals.
    • One thing to remember when your motivation plummets.
    • What to do when you’re not seeing results.
    • Why the resolutions you make on vacation are impossible to sustain.
    • Why your dreams are an important part of achieving your goals.
    • The one essential question that will change your life.
    • What to do when your life feels “blah” and uninspiring.
    • How to build unshakeable self-confidence.
    • What you MUST watch at least once in your life.
    • The truth about waiting for the “right time” to change.

    This episode comes with a 29-page companion workbook. This workbook is designed using the latest research to help you get clear about what you want and empower you to take the next step forward in your life. And the cool part? It takes less than a minute for you to get your hands on it.


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    Overcome SELF-DOUBT & Live Your Best Life Today (6 Steps to Success!) | Lewis Howes

    Overcome SELF-DOUBT & Live Your Best Life Today (6 Steps to Success!) | Lewis Howes

    In this exclusive cut from Lewis’s newest book, The Greatness Mindset, Lewis shares his invaluable insights on two pivotal themes: the silent dream-killer, self-doubt, and the remarkable fear conversion toolkit for unlocking your full potential.

    In this transformative episode, not only do you get to hear Lewis Howes' wisdom firsthand, but you also gain access to his 6-step plan for harnessing your weaknesses, boosting your self-belief, and embarking on a journey towards a life filled with purpose and greatness.

    Buy yourself and a friend a copy of The Greatness Mindset TODAY!

    In this episode you will learn

    • How self-doubt can silently sabotage your dreams.
    • The pivotal importance of believing in yourself.
    • The joy of being your authentic self and celebrating others.
    • How to become your own greatest coach and supporter.
    • The extraordinary power of facing your fears to achieve lasting happiness.

    For more information go to www.lewishowes.com/1548

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    Lewis’s 8 Game-Changing Strategies to LEADERSHIP (THESE Habits Will Make You MAGNETIC!)

    Lewis’s 8 Game-Changing Strategies to LEADERSHIP (THESE Habits Will Make You MAGNETIC!)

    In this exclusive solo episode, Lewis revisits the eight core principles that have been pivotal in his decade-long journey towards greatness. He emphasizes that these principles, while profound, only gain true value when put into consistent action. As Lewis delves into each principle, he encourages listeners to introspectively assess how these tenets are reflected in their own lives, turning the episode into a personal checkpoint for growth and self-improvement.

    In this episode you will learn

    • How to effectively incorporate the eight core principles into your daily life.
    • The importance of consistency in practicing these principles.
    • Techniques for self-reflection and personal growth.
    • Ways to align your actions with your goals for greatness.
    • Strategies for turning theoretical concepts into practical life changes.

    For more information go to www.lewishowes.com/1539

    For more Greatness text PODCAST to +1 (614) 350-3960

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    EP 236: The Science Behind Action and Success

    EP 236: The Science Behind Action and Success
    Dive into this episode to uncover the real science behind what propels us to act and attain success. It's not just about motivation; there's much more to it. Tune in to gain insights that you can use to fuel your journey towards lasting achievement and momentum. Follow me: Instagram @dan.remon Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/danielremon Website - www.danremon.com Check out our up coming courses at https://danremon.com/courses/

    If You Only Listen to One Podcast Today, Make It This One

    If You Only Listen to One Podcast Today, Make It This One

    You need to hear today’s episode.


    I have something profound to share with you. It is a deeply personal message, straight from my heart to yours.


    This is not a pep talk. It’s not a motivational speech. This is a goddamn wake-up call.


    Your life is like a melting ice cube.


    Your excuses are endless, but time isn’t.


    Stop waiting for the perfect time. 


    Stop waiting to feel ready.


    While you’ve been full of excuses, waiting for someday to come, time has been passing you by.


    So, if you’re sick of standing still or talking yourself out of the changes you want to make and the goals you dream of achieving, this one's for you.


    My mission is to make today the someday you’ve been waiting for.


    This is the coaching you need.


    And you need to hear it right now.


    Xo, Mel


    In this episode:

    • 3:30: Can you relate to Cathy’s self-doubt?
    • 6:15: If you hear anything today, let it be this.
    • 10:55: This is how you actually reach your goals.
    • 12:35: Worried about what others will think of you? Listen to this.
    • 13:25: Steps 1 and 2 when you have a dream you want to make REAL.
    • 15:00: Stop wasting your time and energy on this.
    • 18:20: Frozen because you don’t have experience? 
    • 23:00: Is your schedule already full? Switch your mindset this way.
    • 28:40: I told myself the very same excuses you do!
    • 32:30: Filling your time with things that have nothing to do with your goals? 
    • 34:00: How do you start focusing on yourself once and for all?


    Want more resources? Go to my podcast page at melrobbins.com.



    029 – Top 3 2010er-Filme: Von Fucks und Bugs

    029 – Top 3 2010er-Filme: Von Fucks und Bugs
    Was für ein Filmjahrzehnt! Die 2010er Jahre bescherten Kinofans moderne Klassiker wie „Mad Max: Fury Road”, “Avatar”, “Get Out”, “Inception”, “The Social Network” oder „Parasite“. Aber sind das auch die persönlichen Favoriten von Björn, Daniel und Micha? Welche Titel haben tatsächlich ihr Herz und Hirn erobert? Leicht fiel die Auswahl nicht. Wenn die DreiPodler ihre Top 3 Filme der 2010er küren, wird die Luft eben schnell dünn – mindestens so dünn wie in dem Film auf Björns Platz 3. Agenda 29: 0:10:53 - Top 3 Micha 0:18:17 - Top 3 Daniel 0:31:12 - Top 3 Björn 0:42:14 - Top 2 Micha 0:51:16 - Top 2 Daniel 1:02:21 - Top 2 Björn 1:14:52 - Top 1 Micha 0:43:56 - Top 1 Daniel 0:21:00 - Top 1 Björn Anregungen, Feedback und/oder Eure eigene Top-3-Liste? Wir freuen uns über Eure Nachricht an meldung@dreipod.de. DreiPod auf Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/dreipod.de/


    Heidiho Welt, auch in der Sommerpause müssen wir zumindest einmal unsere letzten Sichtungen in einer Folge verpacken. Nur so können wir eine 4-Stunden-Folge verhindern ;) Dieses mal haben wir viel Action, ein bisschen Horror und sogar einen kleinen, aber feinen Lars von Trier Block am Start. Wie immer gilt: bleibt gesund uns spoilerfrei!