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    Loneliness, Race, and Romance: Exploring the Ressa Tessa Story

    Loneliness, Race, and Romance: Exploring the Ressa Tessa Story

    In today's episode of "Unsolicited Perspectives," Bruce Anthony delves deep into the tale of loneliness, race, and romance through the incredible journey of Ressa Tessa. Join us as we explore how societal pressures and the profound desire for connection can lead individuals down complex paths, often intertwining with issues of identity and societal expectations. From the depths of personal stories to the broader implications on cultural norms, this episode is a testament to our ongoing quest for understanding and empathy. #Loneliness #Race #Romance #RessaTessa #UnsolicitedPerspectives

    Bruce's conversation is not just a tale told; it's an invitation to look beyond the surface, challenging viewers to confront their own perceptions and biases. As we navigate through Ressa Tessa's story, we're reminded of the power of storytelling in understanding the nuanced realities of race, the craving for love, and the resilience of the human spirit. 

    This episode also takes you on a journey through the complexities of human emotions, societal roles, and the invisible threads that connect us all. It's a must-watch for anyone passionate about diving into the heart of what makes us tick, laugh, cry, and, most importantly, grow.

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    0:00 - Intro

    0:57 - Catching Up

    6:12 - The Floor is Lava Game Show

    9:04 - Jamelle Hill’s Perspective on the Game Show

    18:16 - Why People Don’t Want to Talk About Race

    18:56 - Me Too Movement

    23:19 - Dennis from Always Sunny in Philadelphia

    25:11 - Liquid IV

    28:14 - Ressa Tessa

    39:00 - The Power of Perception vs Reality

    43:10 - People Will Believe a Lie Because They Want to Believe It

    45:30 - The Power of Intuition

    46:25 - Why People Settle

    51:20 - What is Your Legacy

    54:14 - Final Thoughts on Rea Teia

    57:57 - Outro

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    Men's Hidden Fear of Women: A Conversation with Dr. Avrum Weiss

    Men's Hidden Fear of Women: A Conversation with Dr. Avrum Weiss

    Prepare to delve deep into the psyche of modern masculinity with Bruce Anthony in "Men's Hidden Fear of Women: A Conversation with Dr. Avrum Weiss." Join us as we unpack the complex emotions that shape male-female dynamics and explore the path to emotional evolution. In this eye-opening episode, we sit down with Dr. Avrum Weiss, a renowned psychologist, author, and speaker, to dissect the fears lodged in men's hearts when it comes to women.  

    Weiss brings his expertise and insights from his latest book, "Hidden in Plain Sight: How Men's Fears of Women Shape Their Intimate Relationships," illuminating how these fears manifest and influence men's lives. Bruce Anthony shares his own journey of self-discovery, striving to be in tune with his emotions, something many men struggle with. This conversation isn't just about fears; it's about growth, intimacy, and emotional freedom.  

    If you've ever wondered why men can be so closed off or why they seem to fear opening up, this is the episode for you. We confront the misconceptions, the cultural conditioning, and the path to fostering deeper connections. Women, there's something here for you too—insights into the male mind that can transform your understanding of the opposite sex.  

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    CHAPTERS: 00:00 - Introduction to Discussion 

    00:58 - Dr. Avrum Weiss Introduction 

    02:10 - Dr. Weiss's Professional Journey 

    08:29 - Men's Fear of Women in Relationships 

    10:32 - Freudian Theories: Castration Anxiety 

    12:38 - Overcoming Misogyny Tips 

    19:46 - Misogyny Antithesis Discussion 

    22:33 - Addiction Breaking Strategies 

    23:01 - Liquid I.V. Sponsor Segment 

    26:00 - Benefits of Men's Support Groups 

    28:28 - Men's Group Successes and Setbacks 

    32:55 - Virtual Men's Group Experience 

    36:40 - Men's Group Challenges 

    38:20 - Men's Group Success Stories 

    41:20 - Initiating Conversations with Partners 

    51:10 - Guidance for Women on Men's Fears 

    51:40 - Encouraging Open Communication 

    54:53 - Conclusion of Discussion 

    54:56 - Final Reflections 

    57:45 - Contact Information and Social Links   www.unsolictedperspectives.com  

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    Can Ozempic Fix Our Obesity Crisis?

    Can Ozempic Fix Our Obesity Crisis?

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    Ozempic and other GLP-1 agonists like Wegovy have exploded as “miracle weight loss drugs.” But as the research unfolds, we’re quickly discovering that these drugs are not risk free and come with some very concerning side effects.

    In today’s episode of my series I’m calling Health Bites, I dive deep into the complexities of Ozempic. From nationwide shortages, high costs, the lack of insurance coverage, and severe, somewhat common, side effects, I explore the hurdles of Ozempic and question if it's truly a sustainable solution to our growing obesity crisis. 

    This episode is brought to you by Mitopure and Cozy Earth.

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    Here are more details from the episode (audio version / Apple Subscriber version):

    • Current and potential uses for Ozempic and GLP-1 (6:42 / 4:01)
    • Common side effects from Ozempic (8:48 / 6:07)
    • Understanding the obesity and chronic disease crisis (9:33 / 6:52)
    • Long-term risks associated with Ozempic (14:47 / 12:06)
    • Combatting the idea that obesity is genetic (17:54 / 15:13)
    • Can you be healthy at any size? (20:37 / 17:55)
    • How traditional medicine misses the mark in addressing obesity (24:36 / 21:55)
    • Clinical research findings of Ozempic use (31:44 / 29:03)
    • Addressing the root cause of obesity and type 2 diabetes (35:34 / 32:53)

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    The 10-day Detox Diet

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    150. Sex is mental, not just physical ft. Gina Gutierrez

    150. Sex is mental, not just physical ft. Gina Gutierrez

    Often when we think about sex, we only think about the physical. We only think about the other person's enjoyment or what sex should  look like rather than what it could look like. Many of us have a very outdated understanding of what good, even great sex feels like and even less of an idea around how to achieve greater levels of pleasure and intimacy.

    In today's episode, we bring on the incredible Gina Gutierrez, co-founder of the audio erotica app, Dipsea to discuss how we can use story telling, fantasy, self exploration and mental imagery to have better sex in our 20s. We uncover the psychology behind why we love romance novels, how libido and desire changes (and improves) as we reach our 30s and some of the outdated, misconceptions about sex that we need to debunk. Listen now! 


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    145. The psychology of pretty privilege and beauty standards

    145. The psychology of pretty privilege and beauty standards

    Attractiveness and beauty is something we all inevitably find ourselves considering. We question whether we would be happier if we lost weight, would find love if our skin was better, would be more successful if we looked more like her or him. Our obsession with beauty is psychological and deeply rooted in our biology and evolution as a species. In today's episode we break down the existence of pretty privilege and beauty standards in our 20s and how they are impacting our mental wellbeing, sense of self worth and even our financial decisions. Listen now! 


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    Peer Pressure Is Still Prevalent Today | Forbes

    Peer Pressure Is Still Prevalent Today | Forbes

    With observing different parenting styles, establishing friend group dynamics, or first impressions: Peer Pressure still has a direct affect on how we live our lives. Who and what are the determining factors of Societal Norms/Trends? And how would one feel comfortable enough to be themselves while developing independent thinking strategies?

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