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    Learn from every "no"

    Learn from every "no"

    In the entrepreneurial journey, facing rejection is not just a possibility, but a certainty. However, it's the ability to perceive these rejections not as setbacks, but as stepping stones, that sets apart the most successful entrepreneurs. 

    Each 'no' offers a unique opportunity to refine an idea, sharpen a pitch, and foster resilience. It can even be a sign that your idea is so contrarian that it could be truly transformative.

    This is a theory we've explored before on Masters of Scale. And now we're revisiting it in this special "Remix" episode. We'll hear a range of scale leaders share their strategies for weathering the chorus of no's, and see how doing so was a vital part of their scale journeys.

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    E161: US strikes Houthis, market instability, Q1 rate cuts in doubt, Carta's major mishap, DEI

    E161: US strikes Houthis, market instability, Q1 rate cuts in doubt, Carta's major mishap, DEI

    (0:00) Bestie intros! Friedberg's jumper

    (1:21) US and its allies strike Houthi targets in Yemen

    (16:24) Markets: Q1 rate cut looks unlikely, December CPI print slightly hot, soft landing in jeopardy?

    (29:46) Carta's mistake, why verticalized SaaS tools could be in trouble, Chamath's 8090 incubator

    (51:02) Why and how Sacks is taking on Slack, where Carta went wrong with founders

    (1:05:17) DEI debate: cultural significance, real solutions, Motte-and-bailey


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    Adam Grant ON: Why Discomfort is the Key to Growth and Strategies for Unlocking Your Hidden Potential

    Adam Grant ON: Why Discomfort is the Key to Growth and Strategies for Unlocking Your Hidden Potential

    Staying in your comfort zone often gives us a sense of control and stability. 

    But when it comes to growth, staying in one spot for a long time doesn’t lead to growth. 

    So how can you comfortably leave your comfort zone and unlock your hidden potential?

    Today, Jay sits down with organizational psychologist Adam Grant. Adam is a leading expert on how we can find motivation and meaning, rethink assumptions, and live more generous and creative lives. Adam hosts the TED podcasts Re:Thinking and WorkLife, which have been downloaded over 65 million times. Adam’s latest book, Hidden Potential offers a new framework for raising aspirations and exceeding expectations.  

    Adam and I explore why growth is so important in our lives as we dive into the tools to use in order to grow through discomfort. We look deep into facing discomfort, finding your authentic voice, and the true essence of learning.

    Now, let's talk about something that can sometimes weigh us down – envy. We'll learn how we can turn envy into inspiration, using our role models as a stepping stone to success.

    In this interview, you'll learn:

    • Why personal growth matters
    • How to deal with discomfort
    • How a life coach can help you
    • How to find your authentic voice
    • How to get out of your comfort zone

    Truly, this is a journey of self-improvement, self-discovery, and embracing personal growth. 

    With Love and Gratitude,

    Jay Shetty

    What We Discuss:

    • 00:00 Intro 
    • 03:57 Why Growth Is So Important 
    • 06:25 Should You Compare Yourself To Others? 
    • 09:01 “I thought I should quit” 
    • 10:50 You Need To Study Your Role Models 
    • 12:00 How To Face Discomfort 
    • 16:07 Are You Being Too Cautious? 
    • 17:56 Why You Need to Stick With Things 
    • 20:10 What Do You Need To Be Better At?
    •  23:35 How To Know If You’re Doing Well 
    • 27:29 The Trick To Gaining Self-Confidence 
    • 30:32 How To Deal With Never-Ending Criticism 
    • 32:27 Should You Care What Other People Think? 
    • 35:40 Myths About How We Learn 
    • 39:37 The Truth About How We Learn 
    • 43:50 Doubt Can Be Helpful 45:40 Why You Should Get A Coach 
    • 52:25 How To Succeed Without Perfection 
    • 56:17 Is Self Promotion Bad? 
    • 1:00:10 How To Promote Your Work 
    • 1:04:45 Adding Value To Others’ Lives 
    • 1:08:55 The Secret To Success 
    • 1:12:42 How To Enjoy The Struggle 
    • 1:16:50 “What one piece of advice has stuck with you?” 
    • 1:19:11 Why Choices Are Important 
    • 1:23:15 Finding Hidden Potential 
    • 1:26:54 How To Optimize Education 
    • 1:28:00 Conclusion

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    The Truth About Honesty

    The Truth About Honesty

    Think about how often you hold back honest opinions of someone else because you don’t want to hurt their feelings. But there are times when this well-intended restraint can be a mistake. This week, in the second part of our series on failure and feedback, psychologist Taya Cohen helps us understand when — and how — to be honest. 

    If you missed the first part of our series — which focuses on how we can become better at learning from difficult or negative feedback — you can find it here

    E129: Sam Altman plays chess with regulators, AI's "nuclear" potential, big pharma bundling & more

    E129: Sam Altman plays chess with regulators, AI's "nuclear" potential, big pharma bundling & more

    (0:00) Bestie intros!: Reddit Performance Reviews

    (5:14) Quick AIS 2023 update

    (6:27) AI Senate hearing: Sam Altman playing chess with regulators, open-source viability

    (21:25) Regulatory capture angle, "preemptive regulation," how AI relates to nuclear, insider insights from the White House's AI summit

    (43:33) Elon hires new Twitter CEO

    (48:46) Lina Khan moves to block Amgen's $27.8B acquisition of Horizon Therapeutics

    (1:02:30) Apple's AR goggles are reportedly being unveiled at WWDC in early June, platform shift potential, how it deviates from Apple's prior launch strategies

    (1:07:45) Residential and commercial real estate headwinds

    (1:15:29) Unrest in SF and NYC after two recent tragic incidents ended in death

    (1:24:20) Soros political motivations for backing progressive DAs

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    EP 126: What Gets Measured Gets Improved

    EP 126: What Gets Measured Gets Improved
    The way to give feedback faster is to frequently reevaluate and reassess our completed. whether it be quarterly or every six months so that you can break things down. Keep asking yourself if you are happy with how things are right now. If it's a yes, then you know it's working for you, if not, then replan, be more resourceful and find new solutions to better outcomes. Follow me: Instagram @dan.remon Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/danielremon Website - www.danremon.com Check out our up coming courses at https://danremon.com/courses/


    Sorry für die Direktheit, aber... Stop! Sofort! Kennst du das, wenn sich Menschen für ihr Feedback entschuldigen – und oftmals sogar, obwohl sie vorher explizit um dieses gebeten wurden? Wann haben wir angefangen, uns für ehrliche Antworten zu entschuldigen, die den anderen Menschen weiterbringen könnten? Es liegt ja immer noch in seiner Entscheidung, was er damit macht. Ich habe mich entschieden, nur noch Feedback von bestimmten Menschen anzunehmen und welche das sind, erfährst du in dieser Folge. Denn wie soll ich in der DIA Menschen Wirkung beibringen, wenn ich kein ehrliches Feedback gebe? Oder wenn du von deinen Mitteilnehmern kein offenes Feedback erhältst? Dann gibt es kein Wachstum, keinen Effekt. Sei nicht einer derjenigen, der was zu sagen hat, aber bei dem die Wirkung gleich null ist.

    #142 Marshall Goldsmith: The Essentials Of Leadership

    #142 Marshall Goldsmith: The Essentials Of Leadership

    My guest today is Marshall Goldsmith, one of the world’s leading executive coaches.

    We discuss the surprising lessons he’s learned coaching some of the best CEOs in the world, where confidence comes from, common mistakes leaders make, why changing behavior is easier than changing perception, how to change others’ perceptions when you change your behavior, the three words that kill any conversation, the relationship between intensity and consistency, and so much more.


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    Wie sag ich's meinem Kinde?

    Wie sag ich's meinem Kinde?
    Rückmeldungen, Kritik oder Feedback – egal, wie man es nennt. Ich bin mir sicher, dass jeder von uns schon mal einen dieser drei Begriffe erfahren hat. Sicherlich gibt es auch verschiedene Formen, wie Kritik geäußert wird und im Endeffekt bei uns ankommt. Aber wieso reagieren Menschen auf Formen der Rückmeldung, Kritik oder des Feedbacks so unterschiedlich? Warum gibt es Menschen, die es überhaupt nicht an sich ranlassen und wiederum Menschen, die direkt ihr gesamtes Sein infrage stellen? In meinem heutigen Podcast „Auf Kurs“ erkläre ich diese Unterschiede genauer und beleuchte den Zusammenhang mit dem Wert der „Anerkennung“ – jetzt reinhören!

    Feedback geben und empfangen

    Feedback geben und empfangen
    024 - Gutes Feedback zu bekommen, ist deine Chance sich weiter zu entwickeln. Damit das Feedbackgespräch gelingt, gibt es Regeln die es zu beachten gilt. In dieser Episode erfährst du: * Warum Feedback so wichtig für deine Karriere ist. * Was zu beachten ist damit Feedbackgespräche auch ein gutes Ergebnis bringen. * Was alles bei Feedbackgesprächen auch schief gehen kann. Ich wünsche dir viel Spaß beim Hören dieser Episode.

    Wie Ausbilder Feedback vom Auszubildenden erhalten

    Wie Ausbilder Feedback vom Auszubildenden erhalten
    Im Feedbackgespräch bekommt nicht nur der Auszubildenden Rückmeldungen zu seinem Verhalten. Es ist auch die Gelegenheit für Ausbilder wie ausbildende Fachkräfte Feedback zu den Praxiseinsätzen, zur Ausbildung etc. zu erhalten und sich damit selbst zu verbessern. Wie das gelingen kann, welche Fragen wie Fragearten sich dazu eignen, dazu gibt es in dieser Episode einige Tipps. Noch mehr Tipps für Ausbilder unter www.bleumortier.de

    #002 - Wie Du Feedback richtig bekommst und einsetzt

    #002 - Wie Du Feedback richtig bekommst und einsetzt
    Darf ich Dir mal Feedback geben? Irgendwie hasst man doch alleine diesen Satz schon. „Nein danke“, ist mein erster Reflex. Wir haben so unsere Probleme mit Feedback. Und trotzdem ist Feedback ein Wachstums-Booster für uns Menschen. In dieser Podcast-Folge erfährst Du, welchen Stellenwert Feedback im agilen Mindset hat, wie Du Feedback zum Wachstum nutzen kannst und wie Kai Feedback anders einsetzt als die meisten Menschen. Buche jetzt eine Certified Scrum Master Schulung bei uns unter https://agilegrowth.de/trainings

    Audio Podcast 116 - Robin the Hamster

    Audio Podcast 116 - Robin the Hamster

    Robin goes to work every day at the consumer products company where she has been employed for the past two years. She faithfully performs her roles and accountabilities and has received relatively high marks from her supervisor. In fact, she has never taken a sick day and is proud of the fact that she's never missed a day of work other than scheduled holidays and vacations. But recently, Robin has begun to feel more like she's on a hamster wheel. 

    Accelerating Excellence, Episode 11: Delivering Corrective Feedback: The 6-Step DIRECT Model

    Accelerating Excellence, Episode 11: Delivering Corrective Feedback: The 6-Step DIRECT Model
    One of the biggest challenges leaders face is delivering corrective feedback. 
    Many managers don’t handle the conversation well or they avoid the conversation altogether.
    In this episode, Del will explain his DIRECT Model that any manager can use to address performance issues with both sensitivity and candor. The episode concludes with 7 Principles of Effective Feedback. 
    Download the DIRECT Model One-Sheet Resource Guide here.

    Episode 46 - Unhappy Customer = Negative Marketing for Your Business

    Episode 46 - Unhappy Customer = Negative Marketing for Your Business

    Hi everyone,
    Welcome to the Heart & Mind of a Leader show. I am happy to have you here. Please share your feedback about this topic and episode in the comments below. Thank you!


    Some of the main questions and points that I cover in this episode are:


    • What strategies do many business use to appeal to their existing and new customers?
    • Does every company actually lives up to their commitment to provide exceptional customer experience and goes out of their way to ensure that each and every customer's need and expectation is actually met?
    • What are the consequences of 'poor' customer review or experience for a business? Can negative review left by a consumer effect business's image and future growth? If so, how?
    • Word of the month and digital media avenues for customers to share their feedback and how they feel about a particular business, their products, services, and customer service. Why these avenues to share feedback are the most effective today?
    • What can businesses do to ensure that their customers are satisfied with their products and services, and to continue to live up to customer's expectations, especially when those expectations increase every day? Few steps that business can take to improve their customer satisfaction, retain their current loyal customers, and acquire new.
    • What is important to a customer in order to continue remaining loyal to a business? What businesses can do to grow their loyal customer base and grow a successful business?



    I hope you enjoyed listening and find this episode very useful for you or someone else that you may know. Please feel free to share this episode if you know someone who may benefit from listening to it


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