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    #426 A Guide To Self-Mastery, How Restrictions Lead To Freedom & Discovering Happiness with Shaolin Master Shi Heng Yi

    #426 A Guide To Self-Mastery, How Restrictions Lead To Freedom & Discovering Happiness with Shaolin Master Shi Heng Yi

    For today’s episode, I’m honoured to welcome Master Shi Heng Yi. He belongs to the 35th generation of Shaolin Masters and began practising Kung Fu at the age of four. In the 36 years since, he’s acquired a wealth of knowledge in Chinese martial arts and Zen Buddhism. He’s now headmaster of the Shaolin Temple Europe in Germany, responsible for the physical and mental development of all the students and disciples of the Buddhist Order in Otterberg.


    Along with the free videos he posts regularly to YouTube, Shi Heng Yi has several online training courses via his website, to help teach the basics of the ancient practices he lives by. He wants to bring the wisdom of ‘self-mastery’ to the world in a practical, tangible way – and he does just that in this episode.


    This is a wonderful, profound conversation that explores what self-mastery means. While mastering a skill can be taught by others, self-mastery is a personal matter. Our awareness is naturally drawn outwards in life, so we need to cultivate the ability to look inwards.


    We discuss some of the ways we can start to do this, from practices of mindfulness and gratitude, to following a structured day. Shi Heng Yi explains what we can learn from the restrictions of temple life, how to identify our attachments and find happiness and freedom within us. Self-mastery, he says, means choosing the middle path of harmony, balance and stability.


    We discuss the notion of ‘owning’ ideas and wisdom and discuss the fact that there is no truly original thought. Shi Heng Yi explains that he is not sharing his teachings with the world, only what he has learned and witnessed in life. Everything is infinite so already exists somewhere. Finally, Master Shi Heng Yi explains a beautiful concept – and caution – that our thoughts can shape our destiny.


    It really was a privilege for me to have an in-depth discussion with such a knowledgeable, wise and compassionate man. I hope you enjoy listening.

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    5 Ways To Self-Mastery & Manifesting Your Dream Future w/ Shaolin Master Shi Heng Yi EP 1418

    5 Ways To Self-Mastery & Manifesting Your Dream Future w/ Shaolin Master Shi Heng Yi EP 1418

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    Shi Heng Yi is the headmaster of the Shaolin Temple Europe . In this function he is responsible for the mental and physical development and training of the novices, disciples and master students of the monastery in Otterberg / Germany. Despite it’s traditional history of over 1528 years since the establishment of the famous Shaolin Temple in China, less is being known about the underlying aspects of psychological and mental practices that go along with the hardship of physically demanding training and conditioning, known as Shaolin Kung Fu. His goal and endeavor is not only to explain and convey theoretical principles in an understandable way, but above all to make this knowledge practical and tangible for our contemporary modern world. Being a martial artist for more then 36 years, Master Shi Heng Yi has spend decades of practice and research in the field of Shaolin Kung Fu and Qi Gong. He has an academic background and does not consider himself as a Monk. His strength is the ability to combine his knowledge with ancient Shaolin methods to unlock the potential that lies in the unification of body and mind aspects.He's released a 12 Month Self-Master course that's now available - https://www.shihengyi.online/self-mastery-training

    In this episode you will learn,

    • How to take control of negative emotions
    • The benefits of breathwork in high stress situations
    • How to visualize the future of your dreams

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    EP 128 Thinking Traps to Avoid

    EP 128 Thinking Traps to Avoid

    "My way is to seize an image the moment it has formed in my mind, to trap it as a bird and to pin it at once to canvas. Afterward I start to tame it, to master it. I bring it under control and I develop it. "
    — Joan Miro

    In this episode, Dr. Curtis delves into common thinking traps that impair our ability to think clearly.    When it comes to Self-Mastery, the quality of our thought can make or break our long term success.  This episode encourages listeners to reflect on the content and origin of thought.  Dr. Curtis shares insights into five very common patterns of thinking that lead to false conclusions.

    Thinking Traps Discussed

    • All or Nothing Thinking
    • Jumping to Conclusions
      • Type 1 - Mind Reading
      • Type 2-  Fortune Telling
    • Emotional Reasoning
    • Over Generalizing
    • Ignoring the Good

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