JRE MMA Show #145 with Terence Crawford

    Terence Crawford seeks to face top-level opponents like Canelo, but acknowledges that certain fights have eluded him. He appreciates the legacy of fighters like Mayweather, yet feels frustrated by top fighters retiring and preventing him from adding their names to his resume.

    en-usAugust 18, 2023

    About this Episode

    Joe sits down with Terence Crawford, a three-time World Boxing Organization Champion, two-time lineal champion, and undisputed champion with titles from the World Boxing Association, International Boxing Federation, World Boxing Organization, and World Boxing Council.


    🔑 Key Takeaways

    • Crawford's determination, hard work, and support from coaches propelled him to prove his critics wrong and establish his dominance as the world's best fighter.
    • Terence Crawford emphasizes proving oneself, seeking challenges, and studying opponents on the fly as key factors in his success in boxing.
    • Crawford's ability to switch stances seamlessly and maintain power in each position distinguishes him from other fighters, while his determination to become a three-time undisputed champion showcases his lasting legacy goal.
    • Terence Crawford believes in the power of his punches and emphasizes the importance of skills, strategy, and defense in boxing, recognizing that opponents like Canelo Alvarez may rely on volume punching rather than knockout power.
    • Experience is crucial for a fighter's career, and facing higher-level opponents provides valuable learning opportunities. Older fighters must balance their accumulated knowledge with their physical performance. Maintaining a disciplined and healthy lifestyle is essential for success.
    • The conversation emphasizes the importance of incorporating protein and fiber into one's diet, maintaining transparency in athletic competitions, and recognizing the impact of nutrition and strategic fighting in professional boxing.
    • Negotiating fair contracts and overcoming vultures and weasels are challenges faced by fighters, while the control of a single organization over the sport has contrasting aspects.
    • Setbacks and the opinions of others can serve as motivation to push through challenges and prove oneself, leading to ultimate success.
    • Overcoming challenges and staying true to oneself are key factors in finding success and fulfillment in life.
    • Terence Crawford's determination to face top fighters and prove his doubters wrong fuels his pursuit of boxing greatness and solidifying his status as an all-time great.
    • Terence Crawford seeks to face top-level opponents like Canelo, but acknowledges that certain fights have eluded him. He appreciates the legacy of fighters like Mayweather, yet feels frustrated by top fighters retiring and preventing him from adding their names to his resume.
    • Seeking high-profile fights against top opponents is crucial for boxers to gain recognition and establish themselves as household names in the sport.
    • Boxing needs to address various issues, such as failed negotiations, excessive titles, lack of support systems, and unfair fees, in order to improve the sport and provide better opportunities for fighters.
    • prioritize securing a boxer's financial future over spending on belts and sanctions, and recognize the importance of individual skill and entertainment value in the sport.
    • Fighters in combat sports face immense sacrifices and challenges, but often struggle to receive recognition and respect. Aspiring athletes should have realistic expectations and explore other career paths where they can excel.
    • Weight cutting in MMA can be dangerous, leading to dehydration and decreased ability to absorb punches. Kicks in MMA also pose severe risks to the legs and knees. Overall, competing in MMA comes with physical toll and risks.
    • Incompetence in boxing decisions pushes for a fixed purse system, guaranteeing fighters a fair amount. Dedication of boxers and the toll of MMA on their bodies and appreciation for wrestling also discussed.
    • Having a strong foundation, both physically and mentally, allows for resilience and success in pursuing goals. Effective preparation, listening to oneself, and understanding personal limits are key factors in achieving success.
    • Honest communication and trust between fighters and coaches, along with self-awareness and listening to one's body, are essential for successful training. Recovery practices and managing personal challenges are also crucial for optimal performance.
    • Terence Crawford emphasizes the need for proper timing, preparation, and attention to detail in order to excel in boxing and reach the top of one's game.

    📝 Podcast Summary

    Terence Crawford's Journey to Becoming Pound for Pound Fighter

    Terence Crawford finally secured the fight he had been chasing for years and delivered a brilliant performance. He attributes his success to his coaches and the countless hours of drilling and preparation they put in. Despite facing critics who doubted his accomplishments and favored his opponent, Crawford proved himself to be the number one pound for pound fighter in the world. The negotiation process for the fight was not without obstacles, but Crawford and Errol Spence eventually reached a fair agreement. This fight was discussed for a remarkable five years before finally taking place. Similar to Roy Jones Jr., Crawford faced criticism until his undeniable moment arrived, where he silenced his doubters and solidified his status at the top.

    Terence Crawford's Journey to Recognition and Seeking Out Challenges in Boxing

    Terence Crawford expresses a mix of happiness and disappointment after his recent win and finally receiving recognition in a big marquee fight at the age of thirty-five. He emphasizes the importance of proving himself to the world and seeking out the biggest challenges in boxing. Terence also discusses his unique approach to studying opponents, stating that he doesn't watch much film because he prefers to make adjustments on the fly inside the ring. He credits his coaches for doing the studying and devising a winning plan. Additionally, Terence highlights his ability to switch seamlessly between orthodox and southpaw stances, depending on the opponent and the situation.

    Terence Crawford's Versatile Stance: An Advantage in the Boxing Ring

    Terence Crawford's ability to switch between orthodox and southpaw stances gives him a significant advantage in the boxing ring. Despite initial discouragement from his coach, Crawford practiced and strengthened his left hand, ultimately making it stronger than his right. This versatility allows him to cut off opponents in any direction and deliver powerful punches from both hands. Crawford's ability to switch seamlessly between stances and maintain his power in each position sets him apart from other fighters. Additionally, his goal of becoming a three-time undisputed champion, potentially in the 168-pound weight class, demonstrates his determination to leave a lasting legacy in the sport.

    Terence Crawford: Confidence in His Abilities and Strategy in Boxing

    Terence Crawford believes in his abilities and is confident in his skills as a boxer. He views Canelo Alvarez as a formidable opponent, but he doesn't believe that Canelo's size or weight will be a disadvantage for him. Terence also emphasizes the importance of skills over weight in boxing and believes that if he catches an opponent in the right spot at the right time, they will feel the power of his punches. He highlights the importance of strategy, defense, and taking calculated risks in the ring. Terence acknowledges that Canelo is a volume puncher who wears opponents down rather than relying on one-punch knockouts. He also mentions that his most difficult fight was against Gamboa.

    The Importance of Experience and Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle in Boxing

    Terence Crawford emphasizes the importance of experience in a fighter's career. He reflects on his own journey, starting from 6-round fights and gradually moving up in caliber and challenge. He points out that facing higher levels of opposition provides valuable learning experiences. Joe Rogan also highlights the balancing act for older fighters who have accumulated knowledge and experience, but their bodies may not perform as well. They discuss how some fighters, like Bernard Hopkins, have been able to maintain their performance at an older age due to preserved bodies and minimal wear and tear. Additionally, Terence Crawford shares his personal decision to avoid beef and pork due to health reasons, demonstrating the importance of maintaining a disciplined and healthy lifestyle in the boxing world.

    Nutrition, Clean Competition, and Boxing Tactics: Insights from Terence Crawford and Joe Rogan's Conversation

    Terence Crawford primarily gets his protein from sources like chicken, fish, and eggs. He also shares his experience with colon cleansing, explaining the benefits of incorporating fiber into his diet. The conversation then shifts to the topic of Victor Conte, who is known for catching athletes using banned substances after being involved in cheating himself. Terence Crawford and Joe Rogan discuss the importance of transparency in athletic competitions and the consequences of fighters testing positive for steroids. They also touch on the power of Deontay Wilder's right hand and his remarkable performances in the heavyweight division. Ultimately, this conversation highlights the significance of nutrition, clean competition, and strategic fighting tactics in the world of professional boxing.

    Tyson Fury's resilience and skill make him a standout in the heavyweight division, as acknowledged by Joe Rogan and Terence Crawford.

    Tyson Fury's ability to withstand powerful shots and continue fighting sets him apart in the heavyweight division. Both Joe Rogan and Terence Crawford acknowledge his resilience and skill in the ring. They also acknowledge the greatness of fighters like Mike Tyson in his prime, highlighting his speed, accuracy, and unique fighting style. The conversation also touches on the business side of MMA and boxing, discussing the challenges fighters face in negotiating fair contracts and receiving what they deserve. They mention the influence of vultures and weasels within the industry and the contrasting aspects of having a single organization control the sport.

    Embracing Challenges and Doubters on the Path to Greatness

    Facing challenges and setbacks can be an essential part of a fighter's journey to success. Joe Rogan highlights the importance of calculated challenges and learning from each fight in order to build up to a title challenge. He also emphasizes the value of properly preparing a fighter and mentions that it's rare for a UFC fighter to reach a title fight without experiencing some losses. Terence Crawford expands on this by discussing how the opinions of others, both positive and negative, can serve as motivation. He also shares his personal experience of his mother's tough love and how it fueled his determination to prove himself. This conversation ultimately reminds us that setbacks and doubters can push us to greatness.

    Terence Crawford: From Struggles to Success

    Terence Crawford's upbringing and early struggles shaped him into the composed and focused fighter he is today. Despite facing challenges and anger issues in his youth, Crawford has grown into a responsible and respected individual. He attributes his success to his ability to stay true to himself and not succumb to the pressure of conforming to other fighters' personalities. By remaining authentic and grounded, Crawford has been able to maintain a strong sense of identity and find fulfillment outside of the sport. This conversation serves as a reminder that it is not only important to overcome obstacles, but also to stay true to oneself and maintain composure even in the face of adversity.

    Terence Crawford's pursuit of boxing greatness and his desire to leave a lasting legacy drive his motivation to continue in the sport.

    Terence Crawford's motivation to continue boxing is driven by his desire to leave a lasting legacy in the sport. Despite financial stability and accomplishments, Crawford is not satisfied and seeks the challenge of facing top fighters to solidify his status as an all-time great. He has his sights set on potential mega fights, particularly with Canelo Alvarez, as he believes that such challenges are what define legendary fighters. Crawford acknowledges the doubts and criticism he may face, but this only fuels his determination to prove the doubters wrong. Ultimately, he sees himself as being one step away from completing his boxing journey and achieving greatness.

    Terence Crawford's Desire for Elite Opponents and Frustration with Missed Opportunities

    Terence Crawford is eager for a big fight against a top-level opponent like Canelo. He believes in his skills, ability, and team. While he expresses excitement about potential matchups, such as fighting Pacquiao, he acknowledges that certain fights may have eluded him due to various reasons. Terence appreciates the legacy of fighters like Floyd Mayweather, who faced multiple champions and solidified their greatness. However, he feels frustrated that some top fighters retired when he reached the peak of his career, preventing him from adding their names to his resume. Terence recognizes the potential in up-and-coming fighters like Boots but insists on facing elite competition to truly test their abilities.

    Rising boxers crave top challenges, emphasizing the importance of proving capabilities against the best.

    The boxing world is witnessing a rise of talented fighters who are hungry for big challenges. Terence Crawford expresses his desire to face top fighters like Canelo and Arro Arrow, highlighting the importance of aiming for opponents who are considered the best in order to prove one's own capabilities. The conversation also touches upon the Loma Chango Devin Haney fight, showcasing the passion and determination displayed by both fighters. However, the discussion emphasizes the subjectivity of judging decisions and the potential impact on the perception of fighters' accomplishments. Additionally, the conversation sheds light on the importance of fighters seeking high-profile fights to gain recognition and become household names.

    Issues and Call for Change in Boxing

    There are several issues in the sport of boxing that need to be addressed. Firstly, the negotiations for big fights often fall through, leading to disappointment for both fighters and fans. Secondly, there is a need to clean up the sport by reducing the number of titles and sanctioning bodies, making it mandatory for certain fights to happen, and ensuring fair treatment for all fighters. Additionally, there is a call for better support systems for fighters, including pensions, 401(k)s, health insurance, and a union, so that they can live comfortably after retiring from boxing. Lastly, the payment of fees for belts raises concerns about why fighters have to pay for something that should be earned. Overall, change is needed to improve the boxing industry and provide better opportunities for fighters.

    The true value of boxing lies in the individual athlete, not the championships or affiliations.

    The value in boxing lies in the individual athlete, not the championship belts or affiliations with sanctioning bodies. The conversation highlights how fans are not concerned with the letters behind a fighter's name, but rather their skill and entertainment value. Terence Crawford emphasizes that the focus should be on securing a boxer's financial future and using the money spent on belts and sanctions to benefit their families instead. The discussion also touches upon how fighters like Floyd Mayweather have cleverly manipulated the system to maximize their earnings and create lucrative opportunities. Overall, the conversation underscores the importance of building a successful career, prioritizing financial stability, and recognizing the impact of individual skill and entertainment value in the sport.

    The Hidden Struggles of Fighters in Combat Sports

    Fighters in sports like boxing and MMA often face immense sacrifices and challenges that go unnoticed by the public. They endure grueling training camps, overcome injuries, and make countless sacrifices to reach the level they are at. Despite their dedication and hard work, they struggle to receive the recognition and respect they deserve. It is important to understand that success in these sports requires not only talent and discipline but also genetic factors that cannot be controlled. It is crucial for aspiring athletes to have realistic expectations and explore other sports or career paths where they can excel. Additionally, this conversation highlights the unpredictability and emotional impact of major upsets in the world of sports.

    The Risks of Weight Cutting and Kicks in MMA

    Weight cutting in MMA can be dangerous and should potentially be banned. The conversation highlights the extreme measures that MMA fighters go through to make weight, often losing a significant amount of weight in a short period of time. This can lead to dehydration and negatively impact their ability to take punches. The use of IVs to rehydrate was previously allowed but has since been outlawed due to the potential for masking performance-enhancing drugs. Additionally, the conversation explores the dangers of kicks in MMA and the potential for serious injuries to the legs and knees. Overall, the conversation emphasizes the physical toll and risks involved in competing in MMA.

    Boxing's Bad Decisions and the Flat Purse System

    Terence Crawford and Joe Rogan discuss the issue of bad decisions in boxing and the possibility of changing to a flat purse system. They highlight the incompetence that exists in the sport and suggest that a fixed amount should be guaranteed to fighters regardless of the outcome. They emphasize the dedication and determination of boxers, as they always strive to win. They also touch upon their mutual interest in UFC and mention standout fighters like John Jones and Israel. Additionally, they talk about the physical toll of MMA on fighters' bodies, particularly the damaging effects on legs from kicking. Finally, they briefly discuss wrestling as a tough and often underappreciated sport.

    The Power of a Strong Foundation in Success

    Terence Crawford emphasizes the importance of having a strong foundation and base in any pursuit. Drawing parallels from his wrestling background, he highlights how a solid foundation can make it difficult for others to move or overcome you. This concept not only applies to physical strength but also to mental resilience and staying true to oneself amidst challenges and pressure. Terence's journey reminds us that standing firm and staying grounded in our values and goals can ultimately lead to success. Additionally, Terence discusses the significance of effective preparation, recognizing the importance of hard sparring sessions to simulate the intensity of actual fights. Listening to one's body and understanding personal limits is essential in avoiding excessive strain and injury.

    Enhancing Performance Through Effective Communication and Trust

    Effective communication and trust between fighters and their coaches are crucial for successful training and performance. Terence Crawford emphasizes the importance of being honest and open with his coaches about his physical state, including energy levels, nutrition, and overall well-being. By doing so, coaches can make informed decisions regarding rest, workout intensity, and weight cutting strategies. Crawford also highlights the significance of self-awareness and listening to his own body. He monitors his resting heart rate and oxygen levels, but ultimately relies on how his body feels to gauge his readiness for training. Additionally, he shares his recovery practices, such as massages and using Norma Tech, while also highlighting the challenges he faces with his anemia and the extreme cold plunge.

    The Importance of Timing and Preparation in Boxing

    Preparation and timing are crucial in the world of boxing. Terence Crawford discusses the importance of peaking at the right moment and how his coaches help him achieve this balance. It's a dance, as Joe Rogan describes it, where everything needs to line up perfectly. Crawford emphasizes the need to feel good, look sharp, and maintain the right weight throughout his training. He also shares a setback with a cold during fight week and how he quickly recovered with the help of his nutritionist. This conversation highlights the dedication, discipline, and attention to detail required to excel in the sport, showcasing Crawford's commitment to reaching the top of his game.

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