#2027 - Oliver Anthony

    Embrace your unique path to success, conquer anxiety, and pursue your passions without fear of running out of time. Compassion and understanding are essential in recognizing the challenges faced by those who achieve fame at a young age.

    en-usAugust 30, 2023

    About this Episode

    Oliver Anthony is a singer/songwriter whose song "Rich Men North of Richmond" recently became a viral phenomenon. He's the first songwriter to debut at the top of the Billboard Hot 100 with no prior chart history in any form. 

    🔑 Key Takeaways

    • People are willing to pay for genuine and unique items that have a history, highlighting the importance of authenticity and the desire for items with personality and a story behind them.
    • True artistic masterpieces thrive on connections, creativity, and a genuine passion for storytelling, which can be hindered by strict regulations and a focus on guaranteed success.
    • Practical effects in movies can create a more authentic and terrifying experience for the audience, while AI remixes and impersonations pose challenges in the era of social media popularity.
    • Embracing authenticity and staying true to oneself is crucial in a world driven by industry standards, where the internet can amplify both positive and negative feedback.
    • Avoid judging others based on limited information and false narratives. Verify information before forming opinions, question the effectiveness of taxing the rich as a solution, and prioritize responsible resource use for community improvement.
    • Open dialogue and critical thinking are necessary when discussing complex societal issues like corporate welfare and the impact of the porn industry. Individual responsibility and the potential dangers of addictive behaviors should also be considered.
    • It is essential to be aware of the government's potential shortcomings and corrupt practices, while also taking personal responsibility for one's own well-being through healthy habits and access to nutritious food.
    • Making mindful choices in our daily lives, such as opting for locally sourced food and limiting mindless scrolling on social media, can improve our physical and mental well-being. Engaging in challenging activities can also help cleanse the mind and connect us to our bodies.
    • Engaging in exercise, such as yoga, has positive effects on mental and physical well-being. It's important to start slowly, find a creative outlet, and surround yourself with positive individuals for personal growth and support.
    • Surrounding ourselves with older, wiser individuals allows us to gain valuable insights and learn from their life experiences, ultimately helping us grow and pursue our passions more effectively.
    • Embrace your unique path to success, conquer anxiety, and pursue your passions without fear of running out of time. Compassion and understanding are essential in recognizing the challenges faced by those who achieve fame at a young age.
    • Staying true to oneself and maintaining authenticity is crucial in navigating fame. It is important to not let others control or manipulate for publicity purposes and to retain control over one's image. Additionally, spirituality and self-reflection can help in finding inner peace and growth.
    • It is crucial to address mental health issues and provide support to individuals experiencing feelings of disconnection and hopelessness, offering understanding and resources to prevent tragic outcomes.
    • Our unique experiences and mental state shape our perception of the world. Creative individuals view life imaginatively, highlighting the complexity of the mind. Head injuries can impact mental well-being, contributing to symptoms like depression.
    • Our mindset greatly influences our experiences, and by embracing the concept of "good" in difficult situations, we can reframe setbacks as opportunities for growth. Additionally, understanding the impact of physical health on mental well-being is crucial in seeking appropriate support.
    • Taking care of our mental and physical health is essential for our overall well-being. Individualized approaches, such as medication, CBD, and dietary changes, can have transformative effects on personal growth and well-being.
    • By shifting his focus from himself to a higher power and embracing selflessness, Oliver Anthony found purpose and transformed his life.
    • Embracing the idea that our understanding is limited opens the door to new discoveries and advancements, urging us to remain open-minded in our pursuit of knowledge.
    • Technological advancements hold both the power to create and destroy, highlighting the need for responsible innovation, global unity, and a shift towards an enlightened and purposeful existence.
    • Despite challenges, history shows that human beings continue to learn and improve through open discussions, emphasizing the importance of protecting freedom of speech for progress and unity within communities.
    • Recognize and respect diverse political opinions without letting them overshadow relationships; personal growth and collaboration are essential in addressing societal issues.
    • Open and genuine communication is crucial for combating manipulation and misinformation, and safeguarding our democracy.
    • Embrace the entire experience of cigars, from the struggle of opening the box to the pleasure of smelling the cigars, appreciating their history and significance.
    • Wildlife biologists and hunters must collaborate to sustainably manage predator and prey populations, as decisions made by political leaders can have unintended consequences on human-animal interactions.
    • Connecting with nature can provide solace, perspective, and healing, helping individuals overcome personal struggles and realize the insignificance of perceived issues.
    • Negative comments don't define success. Stay true to yourself, focus on your true supporters, and don't let critics consume you or affect your worth.
    • Pursue your dreams with passion, determination, and action, regardless of industry backing or connections. Believe in your abilities and don't fear failure. Just go for it!

    đź“ť Podcast Summary

    The Value of Authenticity and Character

    Authenticity and character are highly valued by people. Joe Rogan and Oliver Anthony discuss how people are willing to pay for genuine items, whether it's used clothes with a vintage look or even authentic, used motor oil. They also talk about the potential value of keeping and selling sentimental items, like guitar strings or old trucks with interesting stories. The conversation highlights the appreciation for things that have a history and uniqueness, even if they may not be in the best condition. It reminds us that in a world where everything is becoming increasingly mass-produced and homogeneous, there is still a strong desire for items that have personality and a story behind them.

    The Impact of Drugs on Artistic Innovation in Movies and Cars

    There has been a shift in the quality and creativity of movies, cars, and other forms of art since the 1970s. Joe Rogan and Oliver Anthony discuss how the introduction of drugs and psychedelics in the design process led to innovative and daring creations, but things changed when stricter regulations were imposed on the automotive industry. As a result, cars became less aesthetically appealing and lost their artistic touch. Similarly, in movies, the influence of cocaine and other drugs in the 1980s led to clunky and disconnected films. The conversation suggests that today's focus on algorithms and guaranteed success in the film industry has limited creativity, resulting in an abundance of remakes and lacking originality. The key takeaway is that true artistic masterpieces require connections, creativity, and a genuine passion for storytelling.

    Joe Rogan discusses the impact of practical effects in "The American Werewolf in London" and the challenges of AI remixes in the age of social media.

    The American werewolf in London movie was groundbreaking in terms of special effects. Joe Rogan expresses his admiration for Rick Baker, the special effects artist behind the film, and even showcases a replica of the werewolf in his studio. This conversation highlights the importance of practical effects over CGI in creating a more authentic and terrifying cinematic experience. Joe Rogan believes that physical effects like those in the American werewolf in London evoke a stronger emotional response from the audience compared to computer-generated imagery. Additionally, the conversation touches upon the potential challenges of dealing with AI remixes and impersonations in the age of social media popularity.

    Navigating the Wild Internet: Authenticity and Challenges

    The internet can be a rowdy and unpredictable place, filled with both positive and negative feedback. Oliver Anthony shares his experience of dealing with counterfeit merchandise and the organization's suspicion towards him. He also discusses how social media platforms can amplify both overwhelming positive and negative comments. Joe Rogan highlights the power of authentic voices in music, referring to Janis Joplin as an example. They both agree that authenticity and uniqueness thrive in a world that often adheres to industry standards and rules. They also recognize the tribal nature of society, where people tend to want others to share their opinions and beliefs. Ultimately, the conversation underscores the importance of remaining true to oneself and embracing authenticity, despite the challenges and criticisms faced on the internet.

    Challenging Assumptions and Navigating Government Complexities

    People often make assumptions and form judgments about others based on limited information or false narratives. Oliver Anthony, the subject of discussion, has been subjected to scrutiny and speculation about his personal life, political affiliations, and background. This highlights the tendency for people to create an image of someone based on superficial details or invented stories. It also emphasizes the need for critical thinking and verification of information before forming opinions. Additionally, the conversation touches upon the complexities of government and the challenges of balancing federal and local control. It questions the effectiveness of relying solely on taxing the rich as a solution to societal issues and highlights the importance of responsible use of resources for the betterment of communities.

    Exploring societal issues with Joe Rogan and Oliver Anthony

    There are multiple topics that can spark interesting discussions and debates. From corporate welfare to the impacts of the porn industry, Joe Rogan and Oliver Anthony touch upon various societal issues. They explore the benefits and drawbacks of bailing out companies during an economic crisis, as well as the potential dangers of excessive pornography consumption. Additionally, they highlight the importance of individual responsibility and the potential negative consequences of addictive behaviors, such as excessive alcohol consumption or drug use. Overall, this conversation emphasizes the need for open dialogue and critical thinking when examining complex issues that affect our society.

    The Government, Corruption, and the Need for Individual Responsibility

    The government's ability to monitor and control our lives is a concern. It is important to recognize that the government is made up of human beings who may not always prioritize our best interests or act in ethical ways. This often leads to a disconnect between politicians and ordinary citizens who are affected by their decisions. The influence of money in politics, as well as dishonest practices like bribery and backroom deals, contribute to this problem. Additionally, the commercialization of pharmaceuticals has created a culture of dependency on medications rather than addressing the root causes of health issues through lifestyle changes. It is crucial for individuals to take responsibility for their own well-being by adopting healthy habits and being mindful of the quality of the food they consume. Despite financial constraints, there are cost-effective ways to access nutritious food and prioritize physical health.

    Prioritizing Health and Mindfulness in Daily Life

    It's important to prioritize our health and well-being by making mindful choices in our daily lives. This includes being mindful of the food we consume and opting for locally sourced, direct-from-farmer options whenever possible to minimize exposure to harmful pesticides and herbicides. Additionally, it is crucial to be aware of the potential dangers of mindless scrolling on social media platforms, as it can negatively impact our mental state and overall productivity. Engaging in activities that challenge us physically and mentally, such as pursuing passion projects or hobbies, practicing yoga, or engaging in focused activities like archery, can help cleanse the mind and connect us to our bodies. Ultimately, taking care of our physical and mental health is key to leading a fulfilling and purposeful life.

    The Benefits of Exercise and Finding a Creative Outlet

    Engaging in physical exercise, such as yoga or martial arts, can have a positive impact on both mental and physical well-being. Joe Rogan emphasizes the benefits of yoga, cautioning individuals to start slowly to avoid injury. He also mentions the warming effects of hot yoga and its ability to prepare the body for more challenging movements. Additionally, Joe highlights the importance of finding a creative outlet, as it provides satisfaction and helps connect individuals to reality. Both Joe and Oliver Anthony stress the significance of surrounding oneself with like-minded, positive individuals who can offer support and a sense of community. They warn against negative energies that drain one's enthusiasm and discourage personal growth.

    Seeking Wisdom from Our Elders

    Surrounding ourselves with older, wiser individuals can bring valuable insights and experiences into our lives. Oliver Anthony expresses his admiration for hanging out with older people who have experienced more and gained wisdom over the years. He believes that being around such individuals helps him reconnect with their perspective and learn from their life experiences. Additionally, he emphasizes the importance of surrounding oneself with people who are more experienced and wiser, rather than immaturity or negativity. Oliver also discusses his journey in pursuing his passion for music, highlighting the impact of procrastination and distractions in hindering personal growth. Ultimately, this conversation highlights the value of seeking guidance and inspiration from those who have walked the path before us.

    Overcoming Anxiety and Self-Doubt in Pursuit of Passions

    Anxiety and self-doubt can significantly hinder one's pursuit of their passions and goals. Oliver Anthony shares his personal struggle with anxiety and the fear of running out of time to pursue his music career. He discusses how the uncertainty and competitiveness of the entertainment industry contribute to these feelings of anxiety. Joe Rogan acknowledges that the path to success is unique for each individual, emphasizing that there is no right or wrong way to achieve one's dreams. He also expresses compassion for those who become famous at a young age, recognizing the burdens and challenges they face. Ultimately, this conversation highlights the importance of overcoming anxiety and self-doubt in order to fully embrace and pursue one's passions.

    The Importance of Remaining Authentic and Grounded in Success

    Staying true to oneself is crucial in navigating success and fame. Oliver Anthony expresses his concern about evolving and changing without losing touch with his past self. Joe Rogan reassures him by emphasizing the importance of being authentic and true to his talent. He advises Oliver to not let anyone control or manipulate him for publicity purposes. Oliver agrees and acknowledges that adding too much to his art may take away its essence. They also discuss the influence of social media and fame, with Oliver realizing the need to maintain control over his own image. Additionally, they touch upon the role of spirituality and self-reflection in finding inner peace and growth. Oliver shares his experience of hitting rock bottom and having a transformative moment. Ultimately, the key takeaway lies in the importance of remaining grounded and genuine amidst the pressures of success.

    Understanding Mental Health Struggles and the Fight for Hope

    Mental health struggles can lead individuals to feel disconnected from reality and contemplate extreme actions. Oliver Anthony discusses his experiences of feeling disassociated and having thoughts of suicide, although he never truly wanted to end his life. He expressed a fear of not being able to escape his circumstances and viewed suicide as a fight or flight response. In an effort to leave something behind, Oliver uploaded songs and videos, uncertain of his future. This conversation sheds light on the importance of addressing mental health issues and providing support to those who may be feeling lost or hopeless, emphasizing the need for understanding and resources to prevent tragic outcomes.

    The Power of Perception and the Influence of Mental State

    Our perception of the world is shaped by our own unique experiences and mental state. Oliver Anthony explains that creative individuals, like himself, view life in a more imaginative way compared to others. He emphasizes that even if two people go through the same experience, they will walk away with different observations and interpretations. This highlights the complexity of the mind and how it can influence our perception of both positive and negative aspects of life. Furthermore, Oliver's discussion about his head injury and subsequent depression showcases the connection between physical trauma and mental health issues. It is important to consider the potential impact of head injuries on mental well-being, as they can disrupt brain functions and contribute to symptoms like depression.

    The power of mindset and positive mental software in navigating challenges and finding inspiration in difficult situations.

    Our mindset and perception of reality greatly influence our experiences. The discussion highlights the importance of finding inspiration in others and utilizing positive mental software to navigate challenges. By embracing the concept of "good" in difficult situations, we can reframe setbacks as opportunities for growth and improvement. The conversation also emphasizes the significance of physical well-being, particularly in relation to mental health. Traumatic brain injuries and physical injuries can affect our energy levels and overall mental state. Understanding the impact of physical health on our mental well-being can help us address underlying issues and seek appropriate support. Ultimately, this conversation encourages individuals to cultivate a positive mindset and prioritize overall well-being to navigate life's obstacles.

    Prioritizing Mental and Physical Health

    Taking care of our mental and physical health is crucial for our overall well-being. The discussion highlights the negative impact of low dopamine levels on individuals, such as the risk of developing trauma-related brain injuries from activities like soccer heading. It also addresses the potential consequences of depression and loss associated with activities like competitive fighting. The conversation then explores the use of medications like SSRIs and the benefits of CBD for alleviating symptoms. It emphasizes the importance of finding individualized approaches to address mental health issues and the potential benefits of adjusting one's diet. Ultimately, the conversation shows the transformative power of personal growth and self-discovery in finding peace and empowerment.

    A Shift in Perspective: Oliver Anthony's Journey to Selflessness and Purpose

    Oliver Anthony's transformation came from a change in perspective and a shift in focus. He realized that he had been turned off by the theatrics and politics he had witnessed in church and religion in his younger years. Feeling hopeless and overwhelmed with physical ailments, he had a breakdown and decided to let go of his ego and make God the focus instead of himself. This led him to be more selfless and service-oriented, striving to use his talents and resources as tools for a greater purpose. Oliver started reading scripture not as an obligation to be a better person, but for guidance and to restructure his thought patterns. He highlighted the importance of guarding one's heart and aligning with a higher power beyond ourselves.

    Unlocking Ancient Wisdom: Lessons from texts like the Bible that still resonate today.

    Ancient texts, like the Bible, contain timeless wisdom and guidance that still resonate with us today. Despite being written thousands of years ago, the teachings of these texts can still offer relevant lessons for navigating life. Additionally, the conversation touches on the idea that human civilization may have gone through cycles of advancement and destruction throughout history, supporting theories proposed by Graham Hancock and Randall Carlson. This suggests that there may be knowledge and technology lost to us, but the possibility of rediscovery and advancement in the future. It highlights the importance of being open-minded and acknowledging that our understanding of the world is limited, leaving room for the potential for new discoveries and knowledge.

    The Cycle of Rise and Fall: Reflecting on the Past and Envisioning a Hopeful Future

    Human society has a cyclical nature of rise and fall. Just like the changing seasons, we go through periods of growth and development, only to be followed by tragedy that brings us back down again. The passage of time and the advancement of technology reveal new discoveries and hidden civilizations, leaving us to ponder the mysteries of our past. While we have the ability to create and innovate, we also possess the power to destroy, evidenced by the development of destructive weapons that could wipe out humanity. It is crucial for us to recognize the potential dangers of technological advancements and the impact of our actions on a global scale. Additionally, we must remember that our perceptions of other nations and people are often shaped by political establishments, and it is important to break through these barriers to foster understanding and unity among humanity. Despite the potential for chaos and tyranny, there is hope that we can evolve into a more enlightened and purposeful existence, embracing the beauty of creation and connection.

    Protecting Freedom of Speech for Progress and Unity

    Freedom of speech is a precious resource that needs to be protected. It allows for honest conversations and the exchange of ideas, which is essential for progress. Despite the challenges we face, such as increasing crime rates and government control, history shows that we are moving in the right direction overall. Human beings have made mistakes, but we continue to learn and improve. It is important for communities to come together and make important decisions at the local level. Additionally, this conversation highlights the power of communication, as people have been able to reconnect and find common ground through open discussions.

    Embracing Political Differences: Strengthening Bonds Amid Disagreements

    Political disagreements should not be the sole reason to end friendships or relationships. It is important to recognize that people can have different opinions and beliefs without compromising their personal connections. The conversation highlights the need for open-mindedness and understanding that individuals can support different political figures or parties based on their own values and priorities. The discussion also emphasizes the complexity and limitations of political leadership, highlighting that no single person can solve all the issues faced by a country or society. Instead, it is suggested that personal growth and working on a personal level are crucial in addressing and resolving societal challenges.

    Protecting Free Speech in the Era of Manipulation

    Free speech is crucial in our country, especially within the realm of social media. With foreign interests manipulating our discourse and spreading disinformation, it is essential to have open and honest conversations. Joe Rogan highlights the importance of being aware of troll farms and fake accounts designed to divide us. He emphasizes the need to invest in all parts of America and not let democracy be undermined. The discussion also touches on the authenticity of political speech and the changing stances of politicians over time. Ultimately, the takeaway is that we should prioritize open and genuine communication to prevent manipulation and misinformation.

    The Frustration and Joy of Opening a Box of Cigars

    Opening a box of cigars can be both frustrating and comical. Joe Rogan and Oliver Anthony struggle to open a box of cigars, making humorous remarks and speculating about the possibility of a bomb. Eventually, they find the correct way to open it and enjoy the experience of smelling the cigars. They discuss the significance of Cuban cigars and how they are grown in a specific region with exceptional soil and climate. They also mention JFK's love for cigars and his foresight in purchasing a large quantity before the embargo. Overall, the conversation highlights the enjoyment and appreciation of cigars, showcasing the importance of the entire experience rather than just smoking them.

    The balance of wildlife management: Joe Rogan and Oliver Anthony discuss the importance of hunting and predator control in maintaining a healthy ecosystem.

    Wildlife management is a complex issue that requires balance. Joe Rogan and Oliver Anthony discuss the importance of hunting and predator control in maintaining a healthy ecosystem. They touch on the controversy surrounding practices like running dogs and hunting bears, as well as the need for managing animal populations for the safety of humans. They highlight how decisions made by political leaders, such as banning bear hunts, can have unintended consequences and lead to dangerous human-animal interactions. Ultimately, the conversation emphasizes the necessity of wildlife biologists and hunters working together to maintain a sustainable balance between predator and prey populations.

    Finding Peace and Perspective in Nature.

    Connecting with nature can bring peace and perspective, regardless of fame or personal struggles. Oliver Anthony expresses his desire to explore different natural environments, emphasizing the beauty and tranquility he finds in the woods. He believes that being surrounded by nature helps him overcome his problems and realize the insignificance of his perceived issues. He also mentions the healing benefits of nature for individuals recovering from addiction or PTSD. Joe Rogan acknowledges the overwhelming nature of fame but encourages Oliver to stay true to himself and enjoy the experience. Ultimately, the conversation highlights the importance of finding solace and renewal in the simplicity and vastness of nature.

    Overcoming Negativity and Staying Focused

    There will always be critics and negativity, but it's important not to let it consume you. Oliver Anthony has experienced his fair share of controversy and criticism, but he remains resilient and focused on his true supporters. Joe Rogan reminds him that no matter what he does, there will always be people who don't like it, and that's okay. It's crucial to remember that negative comments don't define his success or worth. Oliver acknowledges that even those he strongly disagrees with or see as adversaries are just trying to earn a living, and he respects their work while choosing not to let it affect him. Ultimately, he emphasizes the importance of staying true to oneself, representing real human experiences, and not getting caught up in the noise of the industry.

    Achieving Success Through Passion and Determination

    Pursuing your dreams doesn't always require the backing of a big industry or fancy connections. Oliver Anthony's journey to success as a singer-songwriter proves that all you need is passion, determination, and the willingness to take action. Despite initial doubts and concerns, Anthony recorded songs on his phone and uploaded them through a simple platform. Through this process, he gained recognition and success. His story serves as an inspiration for others to follow their own aspirations, disregarding the fear of failure or worrying about whether people will like their work. The important lesson here is to just go for it and believe in your own abilities.

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