You Asked, I Answered: Don’t Blame Me for Delivering the Hard Truth

    enSeptember 25, 2023

    Podcast Summary

    • Balancing Acts: Nurturing Healthy FriendshipsKnowing when to let go of imbalanced friendships allows you to invest your energy in relationships that truly benefit and support you.

      Friendships require give and take. It's important to be there for your friend during hard times, understanding that they may not be able to support you in the same way. However, if you consistently feel like you're giving more than you're getting, it may be time to walk away from the friendship. Sustained feelings of imbalance, where you're always making the effort, asking about them, and making plans, without seeing the same effort in return, is a sign that the friendship is no longer worth it. Remember, not everyone is meant to be in your life forever, and it's okay to redirect your energy towards friendships that bring out the best in you.

    • Evaluating and prioritizing your relationships is key to happiness and fulfillment.Invest your time and energy in relationships that reciprocate your efforts and uplift you, while letting go of one-sided relationships and unrealistic expectations.

      It's important to evaluate your friendships and invest your time and energy wisely. If you find yourself constantly giving to a friend without receiving much in return, it's okay to pull back and prioritize relationships that uplift and fulfill you. Friendship is a two-way street, and if the effort is not reciprocated, it may not be a true friendship after all. Similarly, in romantic relationships, it's crucial to let go of fantasies and see how the person truly shows up. It's better to realize on your own that you've been investing in a one-sided relationship than to have someone else reveal it to you abruptly. Additionally, it's essential to redefine friendship and not expect constant contact, as true friends will be there for you even if you don't spend much time together.

    • Prioritize your energy and upgrade your expectations to maximize positive relationships and make confident decisions.Stop investing in unreciprocated relationships and focus on those that bring you energy and positivity. Use objectification and borrow confidence from others to make decisions. Highlight your value when negotiating salaries.

      You should stop pouring your energy into people or things that don't give you anything back. Instead, practice the Let Them Theory and stop chasing after everyone. By doing this, you allow the other person to show up or not, giving you a clear understanding of what you're dealing with. Another takeaway is to upgrade your friendship expectations. Don't waste time and effort on relationships that don't bring you energy or positivity. When making decisions, use objectification and ask yourself what someone you respect would do. Borrow confidence and decisiveness from others when you need it. Finally, when negotiating a salary, focus on proving your value by highlighting the contributions and problems you've solved, rather than comparing yourself to others.

    • Therapy: A Luxury and Privilege for EveryoneTherapy is a valuable opportunity for self-exploration and growth, available to everyone regardless of their mental state. It is a gift that individuals can give themselves to improve their lives.

      Therapy is not reserved for only those who are "fucked up" or have something wrong with them. It is a luxury and privilege that every human being on the planet deserves. Therapy is a conversation about your life, thoughts, habits, hopes and dreams, relationships, and the obstacles and challenges you face. It is an intentional and objective discussion with someone who is trained to listen and help untangle your thoughts and behaviors. You are not responsible for their feelings, allowing for a safe space to explore and amplify what is going well in your life. So instead of telling someone they need therapy, emphasize that therapy is a gift they can give to themselves.

    • Therapy as a Catalyst for Personal Growth and SuccessBy reframing therapy as a valuable tool for achieving our goals and improving our well-being, we can make it more appealing and productive, helping to save relationships and prioritize mental health.

      Therapy should be reframed as a tool for personal growth and success, rather than a last resort for those who can afford it. If we understand the potential benefits of working with a therapist to achieve our goals and improve our well-being, it becomes more enticing and appealing. Therapy sessions are not limited to lying on a couch and sharing sob stories; they can be productive and focused on strategizing solutions for work and personal relationships. While we cannot force someone to seek therapy, it is our responsibility to express our concerns and boundaries, making it clear that their mental health affects us as well. Effective communication and setting clear boundaries can prevent resentment from building up and ultimately save relationships.

    • The Power of Boundaries and Communication in Personal Growth and RelationshipsSetting boundaries, communicating openly, seeking professional help, and taking action are essential for personal well-being and supporting the well-being of loved ones.

      Setting boundaries and expressing concerns can be crucial for personal growth and relationship success. Mel Robbins shares her experience with her husband's depression and how she had to establish a boundary by urging him to seek medication recommended by professionals. This decision ultimately allowed him to climb out of the mental hole and benefit from therapy. By expressing her boundary, she freed herself from resentment and the desire to control him. This situation highlights the importance of open communication, research, and seeking professional help when necessary. It also emphasizes the significance of addressing concerns within relationships and taking action in order to support personal well-being and the well-being of loved ones.

    • Embracing the Midlife Opportunity with Age and Wisdom.With age comes the chance to grow, learn, and pivot towards meaningful experiences, leveraging both knowledge and technology. The best years of our lives are yet to come.

      Age brings wisdom, experience, and the opportunity for growth. As Mel Robbins shares her thoughts on getting older, she emphasizes that the years after 40 are not a midlife crisis but rather a midlife opportunity. With more knowledge, a broader network, and the ability to embrace failure as learning experiences, individuals can pivot and create something meaningful. The advancements in technology also provide leverage for those willing to explore and be curious. Instead of longing for the past, it's important to recognize the value of the present moment and the potential that comes with age. The best years of our lives can truly be as we get older.

    • Approaching Hearing Loss with Empathy and UnderstandingWhen addressing hearing loss, it's important to consider the emotional impact and potential fears or reservations of individuals, especially older generations. Find creative ways to approach the subject and have productive conversations about seeking help and support.

      It's important to approach sensitive topics like hearing loss with empathy and understanding. Mel Robbins points out that there may be deeper issues at play, such as fear, pride, or feeling vulnerable. It's crucial to consider the emotional impact of admitting and addressing hearing loss, especially for individuals from older generations who may have been taught to avoid discussing their feelings. Instead of simply nagging or pressuring your husband, Robbins suggests finding creative ways to approach the subject, such as planning a fun outing or using humor to make your point. By acknowledging and empathizing with the potential fears or reservations, you can have a more productive conversation about seeking help and support.

    • Going below the surface for stronger connectionsConnecting on a deeper level and addressing insecurities with compassion and understanding can improve dynamics and create stronger relationships.

      In relationships, it is important to connect on a deeper level and understand what is going on beneath the surface. Often, frustrations arise because we are not connecting at this deeper level and instead focusing on surface-level issues. It is essential to show compassion and use humor to address insecurities and vulnerabilities in our partners. Additionally, it is crucial to recognize that some people may have a stubborn and resistant nature, but approaching them with understanding and empathy can help improve the dynamics in the relationship. By making an effort to connect on a deeper level and address underlying issues, we can create stronger, more fulfilling relationships.

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    This One Hack Will Unlock Your Happier Life

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    The simple tools Mel shares today will boost your mood, lower your stress, and make your life more meaningful.

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    The Most Important Sex Advice No One Ever Told You: Revamp Your Sex Life in 10 Minutes

    The Most Important Sex Advice No One Ever Told You: Revamp Your Sex Life in 10 Minutes

    Do you want to have better sex?

    Or even know how often you should be having sex – according to research?

    Today, Dr. Rena Malik, MD is in the house to answer all of your uncomfortable sex questions.

    Dr. Malik is an absolute powerhouse who is known for her viral, no-shame, straight-to-the-point advice on how to have the best sex of your life. 

    She is a top urologist, pelvic surgeon, and sexual health expert – and she’s here today giving you the truth, based on medical research, on things like G-spots, orgasms, libido, and even erectile dysfunction. 

    You’ll also learn the single biggest thing that you are getting wrong in your sex life, according to one of the top urologists in the country.

    Dr. Malik is an assistant professor at the University of Maryland School of Medicine and the Director of Female Pelvic Medicine & Reconstructive Surgery. She is also a researcher who has published over 100 peer-reviewed research articles, multiple review articles, and book chapters.

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    How To Stop Waking Up Feeling Tired: 7 Tips From a Harvard Researcher

    How To Stop Waking Up Feeling Tired: 7 Tips From a Harvard Researcher

    In today’s episode, you’ll learn the real reason why you’re always tired – and how to fix it. 

    If you want to wake up every morning feeling refreshed, energized, focused, and in control, you need to get the best sleep of your life – every night.

    Today, you’ll learn 7 easy, accessible, science-backed tips that will help you (and the people you love) perfect your sleep and as a result give you (almost) limitless energy.

    Joining Mel on the podcast today is the renowned Harvard sleep scientist Dr. Rebecca Robbins, PhD. 

    Dr. Robbins is a Research Investigator in the Division of Sleep and Circadian Disorders and the Departments of Medicine and Neurology at Brigham and Women's Hospital, and an Assistant Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School.

    You’ll love the simple, free, and evidence-backed tips that Dr. Robbins shares. These easy habits will boost morning energy, make you feel incredible, and best of all: you can easily add them into your life today.

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    Master Class on How To Fix Your Digestive Issues & Gut Health (With a Renowned GI Doctor)

    Master Class on How To Fix Your Digestive Issues & Gut Health (With a Renowned GI Doctor)

    Two-thirds of people have a stomach or gut issue. Do you want to know exactly what to do to feel better? 

    In today’s episode, you’re getting an appointment with one of the most renowned GI doctors in the world. 

    She is here today with her step-by-step protocol to help you reset your gut health, beat the bloat, and find more energy today.

    Dr. Robynne Chutkan, MD is a renowned gastroenterologist. For two decades, her integrative clinic, Digestive Center for Wellness, has helped patients to help them uncover the root cause of GI disorders. She’s worked at Georgetown Hospital for 27 years and has a deep wealth of knowledge and experience.

    She is going to inform you of the simple things that you can do starting today to:

    - Have a healthier gut

    - Beat the bloat

    - Settle your IBS

    - And address constipation once and for all

    You’ll get her nutritional plan to heal stomach problems and optimize your gut for mental and physical health… and you’ll even learn exactly WHAT your poo should look like (and when you should go to the doctor).

    This is THE master class on your gut health, and it’s filled with compelling, tactical, and easy to understand science.

    For more resources, including links to Dr. Robynne Chutkan’s research, website, and social media click here for the podcast episode page. 

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    Before You Waste Time, Listen to This

    Before You Waste Time, Listen to This

    In today’s episode, you’re going to learn how to take back control of your time. 

    New research shows that you’ll spend 20 years of your life on your screens. 

    It’s time to stop wasting your time – and your life – and learn how to use technology in a way that works for you, your brain, and your body.

    Here to deliver the wake up call of a lifetime is Dr. Alok Kanojia, MD.

    Dr. Kanojia, also known as Dr. K, is a Harvard-trained psychiatrist specializing in modern mental health and the impact of technology on the brain. He is beloved by the millions of fans of his YouTube channel Healthy Gamer for his clear, no-nonsense advice about motivation, technology, and making the most of your life.

    You will be shocked by what Dr. K shares with you about:

    - Why you feel tired all the time.

    - The impact that looking at your phone in your has on your attention span.

    - Why you don’t want to do anything after binging hours of social media.

    - How to know if you truly have a problem with your technology.

    - The exact scripts to talk to someone whose phone, social media, or game use is concerning you. 

    This episode is a resource that you are absolutely going to want to share with everyone that you know.

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    Transform Your Life at Any Moment: The Surprising Science of Happiness

    Transform Your Life at Any Moment: The Surprising Science of Happiness

    Today, you’ll learn the surprising science of what creates a meaningful life, based on 8 decades of research.  

    This conversation is so profound that you might need to take a second listen. 

    Prepare to laugh, cry, and leave feeling empowered to find and create the happiness and connection that you want. 

    Because the truth is, you can transform your life at any moment. 

    There is nothing more important than this conversation. 

    Because by the time you are done listening, you will understand how one tiny step might just change how you think about your entire life. 

    Get ready to be blown away by the groundbreaking research and heartwarming stories that will prove just how powerful unexpected connections can truly be. 

    And more importantly, how you can start making them today. 

    For more resources, click here for the podcast episode page. 

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    This episode is sponsored by our exclusive insurance partner, Amica.

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    How to Motivate Yourself (and Others) to Change Any Behavior

    How to Motivate Yourself (and Others) to Change Any Behavior

    Do you want to know the secret to unlocking motivation in yourself or someone you love? 

    If you want to change any behavior for the better…. 

    Or if you’ve got someone in your life (don’t we all?!) who you wish would change… 

    Today’s episode is for you. 

    You’ll learn why guilt, pressure, fear, crying, threats, and ultimatums will not help anyone change, and there’s a scientific reason why. 

    Then, you’ll learn the 3 very specific tactics that inspire anyone to quickly change their behavior for the better, including specific scripts that you can use with even the most stubborn people.

    Teaching you today is #1 neuroscientist, Dr. Tali Sharot. She’s here to debunk the myths of behavior change and teach you how to make any change, big or small. 

    Dr. Sharot is a behavioral neuroscientist, professor at both University College London and MIT,  and the director of the Affective Brain Lab at University College London.

    Her research integrates neuroscience, behavioral economics, and psychology to study motivation and behavior change.

    By the time you finish listening, you’ll know EXACTLY what to do to create any change you want.

    For more resources, including links to Dr. Tali Sharot’s research, website, and social media click here for the podcast episode page. 

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    The Best Relationship Advice No One Ever Told You

    The Best Relationship Advice No One Ever Told You

    Do you want to know the best relationship advice no one has ever told you before? 

    In today’s episode, Mel is revealing the one rule about relationships you must know.

    There is a game-changing framework that will help any relationship go the distance, and once you hear it, you’ll want to share it with everyone you know. 

    It reveals why some relationships fail, and it also gives you the secret to sustaining a strong and successful relationship.

    Here to explain this “4 Levels” framework is New York Times bestselling author Matthew Hussey.

    Matthew has been helping people for more than 17 years to feel more confident and in control of their relationships. His YouTube channel is number one in the world for love life advice, with over half a billion views.

    By the end of today’s episode, you’ll know when it’s time to let go of a relationship, when it’s worth fighting for, and the 4 habits of all successful relationships.

    For more resources, including links to Matthew Hussey’s new book and his videos, click here for the podcast episode page. 

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    #1 Stress Doctor: 5 Tools to Protect Your Brain From Stress & Feel Calmer Now

    #1 Stress Doctor: 5 Tools to Protect Your Brain From Stress & Feel Calmer Now

    After today, you will never think about stress the same way again.

    You’ll learn exactly what to do to take control of your stress, stay calm under pressure, and find instant relief.

    Harvard’s Dr. Aditi Nerurkar is here today to explain stress and how it relates to your body and brain. 

    Dr. Aditi is a medical doctor, researcher, and world-renowned expert in stress and public health. 

    She's a lecturer at Harvard Medical School and was the medical director of Harvard's Beth Israel Deaconess Hospital's integrative medicine program, where she developed an enormous clinical practice in stress management using evidence-based integrative approaches to help her patients feel better.

    Today, she is going to give you a reimagined approach to overcoming your stress and burnout using five small but mighty mindset shifts.

    These mindset shifts are free, backed by science, and can be applied to your life starting today.

    By the time you finish listening, you will feel uplifted, empowered, and inspired to rest your stress, rewire your brain, move out of survival mode, and start thriving again.

    For more resources, including links to Dr. Aditi Nerurkar’s research, website, and social media, click here for the podcast episode page. 

    If you liked this research-packed episode, your next listen should be Mel’s conversation with Dr. Tara Swart, MD, PhD: The #1 Neuroscientist: After Listening to This, Your Brain Will Not Be the Same.

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    Live a Healthier, Happier, and Longer Life: The Secrets to Feeling Young Forever

    Live a Healthier, Happier, and Longer Life: The Secrets to Feeling Young Forever

    Today, an absolute powerhouse is here to give you the key to living a longer, happier, healthier, and more meaningful life. 

    “I’m 86, but I look and feel 57,” says Mel’s mother-in-law, Judie Robbins. 

    Judie is the most happy, alive, vibrant, and well-connected person Mel knows. 

    She’s back on the podcast and is sharing her best life advice and all new secrets for longevity, vitality, and how to create a long and happy life that you actually enjoy. 

    You’ll also learn the crucial life lessons that most people learn too late, but you won’t after what you hear today.

    After today’s episode, you’ll know one thing for sure:

    No matter your age, the best years of your life are ahead of you.

    For more resources, click here for the podcast episode page. 

    If you liked this episode, here’s one you should listen to next: 5 Small Habits That Will Change Your Life Forever.

    To hear Judie Robbins’ first appearance on The Mel Robbins Podcast, which focuses on her daily routines, listen here: This 85-Year-Old Badass Does More Than You & Me (Steal Her 7 Amazing Secrets).

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    Article: 5 Steps to Clear and Imbue Objects

    Have you ever wanted to know how to clear unwanted energy from your crystals or other sacred objects? How about Imbue them with intentions, hopes, dreams, or goals? Colleen reads her and Robyn Benelli's article from the summer 2018 issue of Reiki News Magazine "Imbue your Sacred Objects with Reiki" on how to clear objects and also imbue them with Reiki and intentions. She also makes commentary along the way. This is a great thing to learn for your Reiki practice and also for practical purposes such as imbuing your gifts for the holidays. 

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    E604 Ask Nick Updates Special Episode - Part 9

    E604 Ask Nick Updates Special Episode - Part 9

    Welcome back to The Viall Files! Today we have another special “where are they now” update show where we give you updates from our past callers to see what’s happened in their situations and relationships since appearing on the show. 

    We bring on our first caller whose father broke up their family to date the woman his son had been interested in. After speaking with his father, was he able to mend the relationship, or had far too much happened to be able to repair the damage? Our second caller was considering firing her maid of honor in her wedding after feeling like she wasn’t a priority. We find out if the MOH is still in the wedding and the status of their friendship. Our third caller was scared to break up with her boyfriend of nearly five years, since she knew he wouldn’t see it coming. There had been many existing problems in their relationship, with the culminating incident being that he didn’t want to go to a wedding with her where he wouldn’t know anyone, making her feel like she wasn’t fun enough to make his experience enjoyable. Did she finally have the courage to leave him?

    We also have some written updates - our caller who was trying to define her situationship, and our caller who was in love with her childhood best friend and wanted to know if he felt the same. 

    To catch up on all of these callers original questions please see the show numbers:  

    Original Episode numbers for callers:

    • Episode Number: 579 Ask Nick - My Dad Stole My Girlfriend

    • Episode Number 555 Going Deeper with Kristen Doute - Ariana’s Mouthpiece 

    • Episode Number 592 Ask Nick - I Need To Stop My Soulmate’s Wedding

     Original Episode numbers for written updates:

    • Episode Number: 601 Ask Nick - I’m Dating A Bad Kisser

    • Episode Number 572 Ask Nick - Don’t F*ck With Betty / Chemistry vs. Comfort

    “At the end of the day, he ain’t coming to your kid’s baptism.” 

    Start your 7 Day Free Trial of Viall Files + here: https://www.viallfiles.supportingcast.fm 

    Please make sure to subscribe so you don’t miss an episode and as always send in your relationship questions to asknick@theviallfiles.com to be a part of our Monday episodes. 

    Join us for our new LIVE show on Thursdays at 9PM ET/6PM PT on Amp, available in the Apple app store. Android User? Listen here: https://www.onamp.com/ 

    To Order Nick’s Book Go To: http://www.viallfiles.com 

    To advertise on the show, contact sales@advertisecast.com or visit https://www.advertisecast.com/TheViallFiles 

    Episode Socials:

    Online Reiki Circle July 2019

    Online Reiki Circle July 2019

    This episode goes deep! Mindfulness meditation @7:00. Today's hot topics @27:00: Holy Fire 3 and spirit guides. Recommended time frames between Reiki classes and levels. How Journeying with Reiki differs from Reiki class experiences. Using the distance symbol as the bridge of light. What Karuna Reiki is telling many of us right now. Using Reiki as activism. Your spiritual and life purpose, how that expresses, and how Reiki can help you find and live your truth. And we end the episode with discussing the core of humanity: love.

    Colleen Benelli can be reached at:
    facebook: reikilifestyle
    insta: @colleenbenelli 

    Robyn can be reached at:
    email: robyn@reikilifestyle.com

    New Years Guided Journey Pt 1

    New Years Guided Journey Pt 1

    In this guided journey series we will be releasing 4 guided journeys to let go, bring in, and help you set your conscious intentions for 2020! *See below for journal question prompts* Have a journal and pen next to you, as we have a list of questions for you to write down and answer after listening to the recorded journey.  

    Do you remember where you were at this time last year? How about in 2010? As 2019 ends and 2020 nears, the start of a new decade offers us a special time to release what no longer serves us and embrace the opportunity to begin the next ten years anew.

    Before releasing and setting our intentions, we pause and reflect on where we’ve been, honoring our journey throughout this decade. 

    Today we are sharing a new guided Reiki journey for reflecting upon your path behind you from different perspectives.

    Journey to Eagle Vision to view your life from high above in the sky, gleaning the wisdom and lessons you've gained, then shift your viewpoint to Mouse Vision to see the details right behind you. As you recount the struggles you overcome, the grief, joy, growth, and proud achievements, know that you are welcome here.

    After the Reiki journey, grab your pen and journal and answer these five questions:

    1. What are you proud of yourself for doing, creating, and/or accomplishing?

    2. What are some of the challenges that happened and you overcame?

    3. What lessons have you learned? What wisdom have you gained? 

    4. What new things did you discover about yourself? About the world?

    5. If you could sum up your past 10 years in 3 words, what would it be?

    Tomorrow we will release a new guided Reiki journey to look at your path ahead. We will journey with Eagle vision, seeing your path from high above, the big picture, and then we will journey with Mouse vision to see your path close up. What is your next step? 

    We have created these Reiki journeys and journal questions to help you reflect upon and go into 2020 feeling more empowered, purposeful and clear in your vision. 

    We hope you enjoy these Reiki journey's, and we honor you for all of the ways you have grown over the past decade.

    PS If you like these Reiki journey's they are a great way to get a taste of what it’s like in our in-depth, ONLINE REIKI COURSEDiscover Your Next Step Reiki - Level 1, starts January 15th!