Podcast Summary

    • The Evolution of Skateboarding: From Toy to Street SportSkateboarding has transformed from a transportation toy to a popular street sport, with the rise of urban skateboarding and the help of the internet providing a platform for skaters worldwide.

      Skateboarding has evolved from being a mere transportation toy to a popular street sport. Tony Hawk, a skateboarding legend, explains how skating started with the Dogtown crew and their desire to emulate surfing by doing aerials and skating in swimming pools. However, as skate parks faced insurance issues, the streets became the new skatepark, leading to the rise of urban skateboarding. The internet has played a significant role in accelerating the popularity of skateboarding by providing a platform for skaters from all over the world to showcase their skills and get noticed. This has leveled the playing field and allowed skaters to make careers in even the most unlikely places.

    • Tony Hawk's Journey to Skateboarding Success and LegacyTony Hawk's success in the skateboarding industry can be attributed to his perseverance, adaptability, and passion for the sport. He turned pro at a young age, built a lasting legacy through competitions and his own skate company, and achieved new fame with the release of a video game. Yet, he also emphasizes the importance of maintaining a balance between personal and professional life.

      Tony Hawk's success in the skateboarding industry stems from his perseverance, adaptability, and continued passion for the sport. Despite the lack of formal recognition or contracts, Tony Hawk's decision to turn pro at a young age marked the beginning of his career. Through his involvement in competitions, starting his own skate company, and participating in The X Games, he maintained his relevance and built a lasting legacy. Furthermore, the release of the Tony Hawk video game in 1999 catapulted his fame to new heights. However, amidst the success, Tony Hawk acknowledges the importance of staying grounded and ensuring a balance between his personal and professional life, as evident in his experience of buying a house as a teenager while still prioritizing school work.

    • Overcoming Challenges: Tony Hawk's Journey in SkateboardingPerseverance and adaptability are essential when facing unexpected obstacles, as Tony Hawk's love for skateboarding and determination to succeed drove him to find alternative ways to support himself and reignite public interest in the sport.

      Tony Hawk's success and financial stability in skateboarding faced significant challenges after reaching its peak. Despite his early achievements and fame, the decline in interest and sales in skateboarding products left him struggling financially. However, Hawk's love for skateboarding and his determination to keep pursuing it drove him to find alternative ways to make ends meet. He learned video editing and took on freelance work to support himself while still being able to skate. Eventually, the resurgence of skateboarding through events like the X Games provided a new platform for Hawk and other skaters to showcase the evolution and discipline of the sport, reigniting public interest. This highlights the importance of perseverance and adaptability in the face of unexpected obstacles.

    • The X Games: Focusing on Skateboarding, BMX, and MotocrossSafety protocols must balance progression and caution in extreme sports, while athletes like Tony Hawk prioritize mental health with supplements and genetic assessments.

      The X Games found their niche by focusing on skateboarding, BMX, and motocross, which became the highlights and drew in viewers. Initially, the event included street and vert skateboarding. Vert skateboarding particularly stood out as a spectator sport, leading to its resurgence. However, as the risk factor increased with big air ramps, safety protocols had to be refined to balance progression with caution. While there is concern about CTE (Chronic Traumatic Encephalopathy) among skaters, the conversation didn't provide conclusive evidence of its prevalence. Tony Hawk proactively assessed his genetic susceptibility to Alzheimer's and dementia, conditions linked to CTE. Both Tony Hawk and Joe Rogan mentioned the use of supplements, such as neuro forces and nootropics, to maintain mental capacity and enhance brain function.

    • Navigating Uncertainty: Tony Hawk and Joe Rogan Discuss the Impact of CoronavirusStay informed, follow expert advice, and maintain hope for a brighter future as we navigate the challenges and unpredictability of the current COVID-19 situation.

      Navigating the current situation with the coronavirus is challenging and uncertain. Tony Hawk and Joe Rogan discuss the restrictions and guidelines in place, as well as the impact on their personal and professional lives. They share their experiences of following safety measures and trying to maintain a sense of normalcy. They also express frustration with the differing views and behaviors of others in regards to wearing masks and following guidelines. They acknowledge the unpredictability of the situation and the need to adapt to this "new normal." Ultimately, the conversation highlights the importance of staying informed, following expert advice, and maintaining hope for a brighter future.

    • Perception, Behavior, and Frustration: Navigating the COVID-19 Pandemic in San DiegoMaintaining physical fitness and personal interests while navigating the pandemic requires clear communication and understanding in a community.

      There is a great divide in people's perceptions and behaviors regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite San Diego being regarded as a healthy place with people engaging in fitness activities like running and biking, there is still a division in how individuals handle the situation. The conversation highlights the frustration and confusion caused by constantly changing rules and regulations. It also emphasizes the importance of maintaining physical fitness through activities like swimming and surfing. Additionally, the conversation touches on the influence of family and external factors on personal interests and hobbies, such as Tony Hawk's brother introducing him to skateboarding and surfing. Ultimately, the key takeaway is that there is a need for better communication and understanding amidst the ongoing pandemic.

    • Tony Hawk's Experience: Riding the Wave, Facing Fears, and Finding RelaxationPushing oneself out of the comfort zone, facing fears, and finding ways to relax and recover are key to personal growth and overcoming challenges.

      Tony Hawk recounts his experience of riding a massive wave and the challenges of surfing backside. He describes the intense feeling of being in the pit of the wave and the fear he felt when facing a hollow, barrel wave. Despite getting clobbered and experiencing a hold down underwater, Tony Hawk perseveres and successfully gets back to the surface. The conversation then shifts to the topic of saunas, with Joe Rogan sharing Laird Hamilton's extreme sauna temperature and Tony Hawk discussing his own experiences with infrared saunas. Ultimately, the conversation highlights the importance of pushing oneself out of their comfort zone, facing fears, and finding ways to relax and recover from physical challenges.

    • Pushing Boundaries and Embracing Individuality: Tony Hawk and Joe Rogan on Personal Growth and FulfillmentTrying new things, challenging oneself, and embracing individuality are essential for personal growth and fulfillment in any creative pursuit, whether it be skateboarding or martial arts.

      Pushing boundaries and exploring new territory is essential for personal growth and development. Tony Hawk emphasizes the importance of trying new tricks and constantly challenging oneself to go further. He finds fulfillment in creating something unique and expressing his own style in skateboarding, viewing it as an art form rather than a traditional sport. This mindset of individuality and self-expression is echoed by Joe Rogan, who draws a parallel to martial arts. Both Hawk and Rogan highlight the subjective nature of their respective crafts and the ability to leave their own mark. Ultimately, they agree that taking risks and embracing diversity are key components of their passions.

    • The Need for Innovation in Skateboarding Materials and Aging SkatersTony Hawk emphasizes the need for new materials in skateboarding and discusses how age is no barrier for skaters to continue pushing boundaries and focusing on technicality and health.

      Despite the advancements in skateboarding technology, there hasn't been much innovation in materials and construction. Tony Hawk explains that while boards have evolved in terms of shape, the core components, such as 7-ply maple plywood, trucks, and urethane wheels, have remained relatively unchanged for the past 30 years. He highlights the need for a sea change in skateboarding materials, possibly exploring options like carbon fiber, but acknowledges the challenges in introducing new materials to skaters. Additionally, the conversation touches upon the changing perception of age in skateboarding, with Tony Hawk being a prime example of how skaters can continue pushing boundaries and refining their style well into their 50s, albeit with a focus on technicality and maintaining physical health.

    • Tony Hawk's Approach to Addressing Physical Ailments and the Importance of Taking Care of the BodySeeking expert advice and regular treatments, such as chiropractic and bodywork, can help address physical issues. Strengthening neck muscles with an "iron neck" device may prevent whiplash. Proper governance is needed to support skateboarding as a legitimate activity.

      Tony Hawk relies on listening to experts and seeking professional advice to address his physical ailments, particularly his neck issues. He acknowledges the importance of taking care of his body through regular chiropractic and bodywork treatments. Joe Rogan suggests trying an "iron neck" device to strengthen his neck muscles and prevent whiplash, which Tony Hawk agrees to consider. They discuss how skateboarding and combat sports share similarities in terms of the potential for neck and ankle injuries. They also express their frustration with the misguided efforts to restrict skateboarders' access to public spaces, highlighting the need for better governance and understanding of skateboarding as a legitimate activity.

    • Tony Hawk's Impact: From Skate Parks to Community and BelongingTony Hawk's foundation has revolutionized the perception of skateboarding, promoting its benefits for physical fitness, community connection, and preventing obesity-related illnesses like cancer.

      Tony Hawk's foundation for public skate parks has made a significant impact on communities across all fifty states. By providing resources and assistance, they have helped fund over 900 skate parks, preventing obesity and promoting a sense of belonging and community. Tony Hawk's motivation was inspired by his conversation with Lance Armstrong, who highlighted the importance of preventing obesity as a way to prevent cancer. Skate parks not only provide a potential place for joy and recreation but also serve as a gathering place for like-minded individuals. Tony Hawk's advocacy for skating has helped change the perspective on the sport, with parents now encouraging their kids to skate and even participating themselves. The positive impact of skateboarding can be seen in the older generation, with individuals like Tony Alba still actively skating in their 60s. Personal fitness and strength conditioning are also emphasized as important for preventing injuries and maintaining bone density as people age.

    • The Impact of Injury: Tony Hawk's Journey to Recovery and ResilienceOvercoming injuries requires both physical recovery and mental resilience. It is important to adapt movements, rebuild confidence, and gradually regain physical abilities to bounce back from setbacks.

      Injuries can have a significant impact on an individual's physical abilities and confidence. Tony Hawk's experience with breaking his pelvis highlighted the challenges he faced in adjusting his weight distribution and relearning how to skate properly. Despite not undergoing extensive rehabilitation, Tony took time to heal and gradually started walking and skating again, with the help of a trainer. He also emphasized the importance of rebuilding his confidence, as the injury led him to question his abilities. This conversation underscores the significance of both physical recovery and mental resilience when overcoming injuries, as well as the need for individuals to adapt their movements and regain confidence in their capabilities.

    • Pool Workouts: A Safe and Effective Alternative Exercise MethodPool workouts using resistance tools can help preserve joints, increase muscle strength, and minimize the risk of injuries, making it a beneficial option for all individuals, especially those aging or recovering from injuries.

      Incorporating pool workouts can be beneficial for preserving joints and increasing muscle strength. Tony Hawk shares his experience of using resistance in the pool to overcome stiffness and injury. He also mentions how George St. Pierre, a renowned UFC fighter, focuses on pool workouts to build muscle while minimizing the risk of injuries. Joe Rogan highlights the advantages of pool workouts, including the use of resistance tools and reduced chances of tearing or hurting oneself. This conversation emphasizes the importance of finding alternative exercise methods that are both effective and safe for individuals, especially as they age or recover from injuries. Additionally, the discussion touches on the significance of maintaining a balanced diet and taking supplements to support overall well-being and physical performance.

    • Preserving San Diego's Charm and Navigating ChallengesSan Diego's limited coastline construction preserves its unique atmosphere, while traffic and COVID-19 present ongoing challenges for the city and its residents.

      San Diego is a unique and preserved beach town that has managed to maintain its small-town feel despite being a city. Tony Hawk and Joe Rogan discuss how San Diego has limited construction on the coastline, preventing overcrowding and preserving the beauty of the area. They also touch upon the heavy traffic in the city, highlighting the frustrations it brings. Additionally, they briefly discuss the impact of COVID-19, with Tony Hawk mentioning his possible experience with the virus and the precautions taken during events. Overall, the conversation emphasizes the special nature of San Diego and the current uncertainties and challenges of the world.

    • The Impact of Absent Crowds in Sports EventsThe absence of a crowd in sports events can alleviate pressure for athletes but also diminishes the overall experience by removing excitement and communication dynamics. It also highlights the global popularity of skateboarding as a unifying sport.

      The absence of a crowd in sports events, such as cage fights and potentially skateboarding competitions, can have both positive and negative impacts. While it may reduce the stress for athletes by eliminating the pressure of the crowd's energy, it also takes away the excitement and roar that adds to the overall experience. Additionally, the lack of a crowd allows for clearer communication between fighters and their corners, revealing a new element in the fights. On a broader scale, the conversation sheds light on the growing popularity of skateboarding globally, with examples from Ethiopia, Afghanistan, and other countries embracing it as a sport, bringing people together and breaking cultural barriers.

    • Scoring and Interpretation in Olympic SkateboardingTony Hawk's commentary aims to educate and engage non-skating viewers, while the inclusion of skateboarding in the Olympics offers a chance to showcase the sport to a broader audience. Tony Hawk's success exemplifies bridging the gap between mainstream and skateboarding.

      The scoring criteria for skateboarding in the Olympics is based on technical aspects such as difficulty, flow, speed, and height. Although the criteria are more concise now and written down, there is still room for interpretation and debate among judges. Former professional skateboarders often serve as judges for competitions. Tony Hawk hopes to bridge the gap between non-skating viewers and the sport by providing commentary and explaining the nuances that may not be obvious to everyone. The inclusion of skateboarding in the Olympics has sparked controversy within the hardcore skate scene, but it also presents an opportunity to showcase the sport to a wider, more international audience. Despite criticism, competition in skateboarding is not new and coexists with other non-competitive aspects of the sport. Tony Hawk has faced ridicule throughout his career but has successfully crossed over into the mainstream.

    • Tony Hawk: Embracing Challenges and Staying True.Stay true to yourself, embrace criticism as an opportunity for growth, and seize the chances that come your way.

      Tony Hawk's journey in skateboarding was filled with challenges and criticisms. Despite facing ridicule and being labeled as an outcast in both school and the skate world, he remained true to his passion and continued to skate in his unique style. Tony Hawk's innovative approach, which was initially deemed as "cheating" by traditionalists, eventually gained recognition and became the norm in the skating community. However, as his fame grew and he received opportunities like endorsements and a video game, he faced criticism for being a "sellout." This conversation highlights the importance of staying true to oneself, not letting criticism deter personal growth, and embracing opportunities that come along the way.

    • Tony Hawk: Chasing Dreams and Finding Fulfillment in SkateboardingPursue your passion, overcome adversity, and stay true to yourself; success and fulfillment come from doing what you love, even in the face of challenges and criticism.

      Tony Hawk faced challenges and criticism for pursuing his passion for skateboarding. Despite feeling rejected by his peers and schoolmates, he persevered and found immense joy in skateboarding. Tony Hawk's success and fulfillment in his career highlight the importance of following one's dreams and staying true to oneself, even in the face of adversity. He emphasizes the gratitude he feels for being able to make a living through skateboarding and the amazing experiences it has brought him and his family. The conversation also touches on the ever-evolving nature of skateboarding as a sport, while Tony Hawk's love and passion for it remain constant. Ultimately, Tony Hawk's story exemplifies the pursuit of the American dream and the fulfillment that can come from doing what you love.

    • Redefining Success and Finding Personal FulfillmentTrue success lies in finding enjoyment in what you do and focusing on personal growth, rather than solely pursuing fame or being the best in your field.

      Success does not necessarily mean being the best in your field. Tony Hawk emphasizes that finding something you enjoy and making it your job is what true success is all about. He encourages young people to explore different angles and opportunities within their passion, even if it means being part of the industry behind the scenes. Joe Rogan adds that the American mindset of needing to be the best often leads to a loss of motivation once success is achieved. This pattern is seen in various sports and art forms, where individuals reach the top and then struggle to maintain their momentum. The conversation serves as a reminder to focus on personal growth and enjoyment rather than solely pursuing fame or stardom.

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    I am viewing media footage filmed from a helicopter looking down onto the forward section of a fast moving 60 foot solo sailed yacht that is heading out to sea. The yacht is hard to the wind, heeled over, plunging through a 1.5 meter sea, with ocean spray sweeping over the bow.

    The sky is overcast, the sea grey, the wind is blowing over 25 knots and the land is out of sight and astern. A man (solo sailor) of approximately 70 years, dressed in yellow wet weather gear, is steadily making his way aft from the bow of the yacht toward the stern. He is moving in a crouch using a hand for support in an experienced and careful manner.

    As he moves he is also tending to the headsail that is temporarily impaired by the life lines; he is caring in his attention to the sail. A news commentator is wishing the sailor well as he embarks on a long offshore passage. I am yearning that this will one day be me embarking on such a passage and I am empathizing with the harmony that the sailor is demonstrating toward the yacht by smoothing the sail and his experienced movements in challenging conditions.

    Suddenly the sailor looks up toward the stern and breaks into a run, toward the stern. However, his foot catches on a fixed piece of rigging and he trips, falling forward, hitting his head hard on the deck. The news commentator is saying that this is the last time the sailor was seen or heard from and is now missing at sea. I am thinking how could it be the last time he was seen as there were people recording the footage and flying the helicopter.

    I can’t understand how he could be missing. I wake up feeling shaken and bewildered.