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    Parachute Home: Ariel Kaye

    Parachute Home: Ariel Kaye

    In 2012, Ariel Kaye saw a tantalizing opportunity, but wasn’t sure she was the one to seize it. She’d never started a brand and didn’t think of herself as an entrepreneur, until she noticed how frustrating it was to buy bed linens in a big box store. Taking inspiration from Warby Parker and Everlane, Ariel quit her day job to launch a brand of DTC luxury sheets, made in Europe but exuding a California vibe, with photos of models lounging in semi-rumpled beds. As a solo founder, Ariel had to figure out everything herself, from manufacturing to supply chains to how to get through to investors. Today, Parachute Home offers a wide range of home goods and has expanded beyond its website to 26 physical stores across the U.S. 

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    EP 136: Why so many AI startups will die

    EP 136: Why so many AI startups will die

    So many AI startups are going to run out of money, fail, and ultimately die. We know. That's a harsh take but it's the unfortunate truth. So what is the cause of all these AI startups dying? That's what we're discussing today along with the future of startups and how they're impacted by AI.

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    [00:02:00] The rise of AI startups
    [00:08:01] Explosive growth in VC funding for AI
    [00:11:42] AI startup explosion fueled by money influx
    [00:13:51] Startups using someone else's technology will fail
    [00:16:07] Build actual products, solve problems, forget money
    [00:21:50] Why startups fail
    [00:24:52] ChatGPT's new mode, All Tools
    [00:27:10] Why ChatGPT will take over
    [00:32:07] Microsoft 365 Copilot will be disruptive
    [00:38:02] Invest in companies, not just features

    Topics Covered in This Episode:
    1. Factors driving the growth of AI startups
    2. Overview of the impact AI has on the business landscape
    3. Challenges and reasons for AI startup failures
    4. Cautionary notes for startups and investors

    AI startups, generative AI, innovation, startups, failing startups, pre-money valuation, OpenAI, ChatGPT, AI tools, VC industry, private equity, oversaturation, high valuations, disjointed nature, multiple AI tools, Copy AI, Cloud, Mid Journey, Runway, Pica, Canva, Microsoft 365 Copilot, commercial availability, raising awareness, unique products, dependency on OpenAI and Google, Everyday AI newsletter, generative AI with plugins, business landscape, influx of AI startups, funding, degenerative AI market potential.

    Building A Powerful Personal Brand w/ Rory Vaden

    Building A Powerful Personal Brand w/ Rory Vaden
    Ask yourself this question…WHAT DO PEOPLE THINK OF WHEN THEY THINK OF YOU?Like it or not, that answer is your PERSONAL BRAND.The rules have changed, and it's no longer an option not to have a personal brand.More than ever, your BUSINESS BRAND and your PERSONAL BRAND are becoming the same. With the explosion of options on how to promote yourself and your business, you need to be SMARTER THAN EVER to get the attention you need to succeed.If you're success-driven, chances are you've already figured out that you need to grow your brand and use it for maximum effect.THE BIG QUESTION IS "HOW?"My guest and friend, RORY VADEN, will give you those answers this week.He is also a New York Times bestselling author of TAKE THE STAIRS and PROCRASTINATE ON PURPOSE, a Hall of Fame speaker, and co-founder of the BRAND BUILDERS GROUP, where he and his team teach and implement personal brand development. He's helped several people, including me, LEWIS HOWES, ERIC THOMAS, TOM AND LISA BILYEU, LUVVIE AJAYI JONES, and many others take huge leaps forward with building our personal brands.Some of you may not fully understand personal branding, and that's where we start, digging into why TRUST is closely linked to personal branding, no matter how big you are or how big you want to be.Rory also explains how to start personal branding with practical advice you can easily implement almost immediately built around this KEY TAKEAWAY…THE GOAL IS TO FIND YOUR UNIQUENESS AND EXPLOIT IT IN THE SERVICE OF OTHERS.Many of you want to find ways to monetize your personal brand, and Rory gives you some insights using his D.A.R.E.S. (Digital, Automated, Recurring, Evergreen, Scalable) strategy.Rory will also explain what a BRAND DNA HELIX is with 6 QUESTIONS every brand builder should ask themselves.One of the most important keys to a personal brand is figuring out how you can monetize it. Rory lays out those avenues by getting you to think about P.A.I.D.S. (Products, Ads and Affiliates, Information, Deals, and Services).We'll also spend a lot of time discussing how to find your UNIQUENESS. Nobody talks about this enough, yet it's so critical to your personal branding success.We'll wrap up by talking about the three forms of PROCRASTINATION, multiplying your time, and why our brains aren't wired for success.You owe it to yourself to start THINKING about and ACTIVATING your personal brand.And Rory Vaden is the guy to help you do that.  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices

    How To Find The Right Business Partner | A GaryVee TV Classic

    How To Find The Right Business Partner | A GaryVee TV Classic

    Today’s episode is a GaryVee TV Classic, a flashback to a meeting that I had in 2019 with Jasmine Star. This is the perfect podcast for anyone who needs advice on how to find the right long-term partners in business and in life. Enjoy ! Let me know what you thought.

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    Why Are You Starting That Business? Don't know? BAD IDEA.. DO THE WORK - Day 139

    Why Are You Starting That Business? Don't know? BAD IDEA.. DO THE WORK - Day 139



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