#1990 - Bert Kreischer

    Even in times of conflict, human connections and unexpected alliances can create moments of peace and camaraderie.

    en-usMay 25, 2023

    About this Episode

    Bert Kreischer is a stand-up comic, podcaster, and actor. He's the host of "The Bertcast" podcast and YouTube cooking program "Something's Burning." He's also the co-host of the "2 Bears, 1 Cave" podcast with fellow comedian Tom Segura. Look for his new movie, "The Machine", on May 26.

    🔑 Key Takeaways

    • Surrounding yourself with talented friends who are better than you can lead to continuous learning and improvement, ultimately leading to fulfillment and positive interactions with others.
    • Don't let appearances or assumptions shape your opinion of someone. Treat others with respect and kindness, regardless of their status or looks. Give people a chance to prove themselves before forming judgments.
    • Celebrate your successes and savor the moments of achievement, even if it means stepping out of your comfort zone. "Earning your Mondays" allows you to work hard and enjoy the fruits of your labor.
    • Being true to oneself resonates with others, despite the challenges and vulnerability it may bring when sharing personal stories.
    • It's okay to have different feelings about watching yourself in media. Embrace your individuality and be authentic, without trying to act cool.
    • Bert Kreischer's high-energy presence and sense of humor may not be suitable for everyone. It is important to recognize and respect different preferences and comfort levels when interacting with others.
    • Supporting the film industry, both in theaters and online, is crucial for its survival and the continued creation of unique, emotionally engaging stories.
    • Independent theaters are crucial for the entertainment industry, facing challenges such as high rents, but they hold promise for success and innovation in independent filmmaking, creating a wave of diverse and hidden gem films.
    • Recognize and challenge harmful content, critically evaluate outdated jokes and scenes, promote positive cultural change and inclusivity in the entertainment industry.
    • Entertainment and societal norms evolve over time, influenced by mass media and social media. War's brutal realities and sacrifices made by past generations should not be forgotten.
    • Even in times of conflict, human connections and unexpected alliances can create moments of peace and camaraderie.
    • People question video authenticity and interpret differently based on perspectives, highlighting the influence of personal beliefs in shaping perceptions.
    • Embrace the unknown with an open mind and a sense of humor, for strange and unexpected events can happen, and it's important to approach them with curiosity and acceptance.
    • Stimulant drugs like Adderall and cocaine may have initial benefits, but they are highly addictive and can have dangerous consequences. Misusing these drugs can lead to serious risks.
    • Surrounding oneself with friends who share the same passion and energy can enhance enjoyment, success, and overall fulfillment in personal and professional endeavors.
    • True friendships and being true to oneself are valuable assets that provide support, humor, and a sense of belonging in a world focused on external validation.
    • The Iraq War was perceived as illogical and based on false premises, causing immense loss and suffering. This conversation also highlights cultural contrasts between Japan's respect and Vietnam's chaos.
    • Maintaining a delicate balance between wildlife conservation and human safety requires responsible pet ownership and exploring alternative methods of population control for wild horses and dogs.
    • Recognizing potential threats, like aggressive dogs, and being cautious can help prevent dangerous encounters and ensure the safety of both individuals and children.
    • Living in dangerous surroundings like Australia or Florida not only alters one's approach to life but also fosters resilience and courage in facing challenges and adversity.
    • Martial arts can positively impact individuals who have faced bullying, helping them overcome challenges and develop resilience.
    • Bullying experiences can shape individuals' reactions and defenses, leading to self-improvement and self-discovery. It is important to understand boundaries and consider the lasting effects of bullying on individuals' paths.
    • Artists should push boundaries in their work but also consider the potential consequences of attaching oneself to polarizing viewpoints and social matters.
    • Critical thinking and individuality are crucial in navigating complex issues online; genuine human interactions and personal relationships hold more value than toxic and superficial online interactions.
    • The impact and acceptability of offensive language depend on context and the speaker's identity, showcasing the complex nature of language and the presence of double standards.
    • Words and symbols have the power to evoke strong emotions and shape cultural identity, highlighting the need for sensitivity and understanding in discussions surrounding language and representation.
    • Love for hometowns and the devastating impact of diseases on indigenous populations highlight the importance of cultural understanding, empathy, and caution in unfamiliar environments.
    • Understanding the historical context and consequences of our actions is crucial in respecting and appreciating different cultures.
    • Supporting and uplifting others, rather than being jealous or competitive, creates mutually beneficial situations and fosters personal and professional growth in the comedy community.
    • Surrounding yourself with successful and inspiring individuals can lead to personal growth, collaboration, and increased opportunities for success.
    • Watching comedy movies in theaters can help comedians succeed financially and inspire the industry to create more diverse and innovative projects.
    • Studios need to embrace free speech and boundary-pushing content, adapt to audience preferences, and prioritize audience reception over critical reviews to succeed in the changing landscape of the movie industry.
    • Personal connection and innovative approaches can lead to success for comedians, as they bypass traditional methods and directly engage with fans while investing in quality production.
    • Being in the right headspace, going with the flow, and creating a positive vibe are vital for a comedian's exceptional performance, with audience appreciation and mutual excitement as crucial ingredients.

    📝 Podcast Summary

    The Power of Supportive Relationships

    Surrounding yourself with talented and supportive friends is crucial for success and personal growth. Bert Kreischer emphasizes the importance of being surrounded by individuals who are better than oneself, as it allows for continuous learning and improvement. Joe Rogan agrees, stating that success is not solely an individual achievement, but a collective effort. They both highlight the negative consequences of comparing oneself to others and engaging in unnecessary conflict. Instead, they advocate for focusing on the love and passion for their craft, which ultimately leads to fulfillment and positive interactions with others. Overall, this conversation emphasizes the value of nurturing meaningful relationships that uplift and inspire us.

    Challenging First Impressions: A Lesson in Not Judging a Book by Its Cover.

    First impressions and assumptions about people based on their appearance or status can be completely wrong. Bert Kreischer admits to making judgments and talking negatively about people before actually meeting them. He tells a story about meeting the middleweight champion of the world, Style Bender, who proved to be completely different from what he expected. Style Bender treated everyone with kindness and even geeked out when meeting someone from a comic book or movie. This experience taught Bert that it's important not to judge someone based on external factors and to give people a chance before forming opinions. It also highlights the importance of treating everyone with respect and kindness, regardless of their status or appearance.

    The Importance of Celebrating Victories and Embracing Achievements

    Celebrating victories in life is important. The speakers discuss how they admire people who go all out to celebrate their successes, whether it's after a fight or a movie release. They believe that taking the time to savor and enjoy these moments is essential. "Earning your Mondays" is emphasized as a way to work hard all weekend and then relax and enjoy the fruits of your labor on Monday. They highlight the importance of embracing and appreciating achievements, even if it means stepping out of one's comfort zone, like in Bert's case when he had to film a kissing scene for his movie. Ultimately, the conversation suggests that celebrating victories is a crucial aspect of living a fulfilled life.

    Bert Kreischer's surreal journey as his life becomes a movie.

    Bert Kreischer's life being turned into a movie has been a surreal and emotional experience for him. He feels vulnerable when people ask probing questions that misinterpret aspects of his story. Despite the challenges, he is amazed at how far his story has reached and the diverse range of people who are fans of his work. He realizes that being true to himself is what appeals to others the most, even though it can be difficult to do publicly. This realization is exemplified by his encounters with unexpected fans and his appreciation for Joaquin Phoenix's authenticity. Overall, this conversation highlights the impact and challenges of having one's life turned into a movie.

    Perspectives on Watching Yourself in Movies and Podcasts

    Individuals have different perspectives on watching themselves in movies or listening to their own podcasts. While some may find it uncomfortable or strange, others find it enjoyable and nostalgic. Bert Kreischer shares his emotional experience of watching his own movie and how it feels like reliving memories. He also discusses the importance of being present at his movie premiere and interacting with fans on the red carpet. Joe Rogan agrees that it's not weird to want to see your own movie and highlights the significance of matching the energy of those who recognize you. Ultimately, the conversation emphasizes the individuality of people's preferences and the need to be authentic without trying to play it cool.

    Understanding Bert Kreischer's Energetic Personality and Respect for Individual Preferences

    Bert Kreischer's energetic and unpredictable personality can sometimes throw people off. While he may be a fun and happy guy, not everyone can handle his high-energy presence. Joe Rogan acknowledges that Bert's positive energy can be overwhelming for some individuals who might prefer a more subdued environment. Bert’s vibrant personality may be too much sensory input for certain people, and they might choose to distance themselves. Additionally, Bert's sense of humor may not always resonate with individuals from different cultural backgrounds, as humor can vary across languages and societies. It is essential to recognize and respect different preferences and comfort levels when interacting with others.

    Appreciating John Wick's morally complex hero and the impact of the pandemic on the film industry.

    The movie "John Wick" is appreciated for its unique and satisfying portrayal of a morally complex hero. Despite the protagonist's violent past as an assassin for the Russian mob, audiences are able to root for him due to the emotional connection established through the death of his dog. The conversation also highlights the impressive choreography and CGI involved in creating complex shows like "Game of Thrones," which are essentially movies in their own right. Additionally, the conversation touches on the beauty of embracing flaws and the unfortunate impact of the pandemic on smaller, independent movie theaters. In conclusion, the conversation emphasizes the importance of supporting the film industry, both in theaters and online.

    The Value and Importance of Independent Theaters in the Entertainment Industry

    Independent theaters and small budget movies play a significant role in the entertainment industry. Bert Kreischer highlights the challenges faced by mom and pop theaters that lack corporate support and have been hit hard by high rents. On the other hand, Kevin Smith's purchase of a movie theater showcases the potential for success and innovation within the independent filmmaking space. Joe Rogan acknowledges the impact of Kevin Smith and his group in changing cinema forever, creating a wave of independent filmmaking. The conversation also touches on the appreciation for both great bad movies that provide enjoyment and smaller budget films that may be hidden gems. Overall, this conversation emphasizes the value and importance of supporting independent theaters and exploring the diverse range of films they offer.

    Evolving Comedy and Entertainment Standards

    Cultural norms and societal standards regarding comedy and entertainment have significantly evolved over time. What was once considered acceptable and entertaining in movies and comedy routines now appears problematic and offensive in today's context. This highlights the importance of recognizing and challenging harmful content that perpetuates stereotypes, racism, and even sexual misconduct. It is crucial for society to critically evaluate and rethink outdated jokes and scenes that contribute to harmful narratives. This conversation also emphasizes the role of awareness and understanding in promoting positive cultural change and ensuring a more inclusive and respectful entertainment industry.

    Shifting values and societal behavior in entertainment and war.

    Culture and societal norms have drastically changed over time. The speakers discuss how certain aspects of entertainment, such as fight scenes and nudity in movies, were more accepted in the past but would not be regarded the same way in modern times. They reflect on the shift in values and the impact of mass media and social media on shaping societal behavior. The conversation also touches on the brutal realities of war and the different perspectives and experiences of generations past. It highlights the loss of freedom and free will, as well as the unimaginable sacrifices made by the soldiers who fought in World War 1 and World War 2.

    Moments of unity amidst war

    In times of war, even the most unexpected events can lead to temporary ceasefires and moments of unity. The anecdote about German and American soldiers singing Christmas carols together during World War 1 illustrates how human connections can momentarily overshadow the conflict and disrupt the control of higher-ranking officials. Similarly, the story of the cease fire between Russian and German soldiers due to the threat of wolves highlights the strange alliances that can form in the face of a common non-human enemy. These instances remind us that amidst the chaos and violence of war, there is still room for humanity, camaraderie, and even unexpected moments of peace.

    Debating Authenticity and Interpretation of Videos

    The individuals are discussing the authenticity of videos and their interpretations of what they see. They debate whether certain elements are real or staged, such as wolves running down a street and the presence of cars at that time. They also discuss their opinions on Reddit and the potential addictive nature of the platform. The conversation shifts to a video of a strange object resembling a UFO, which leads to a discussion on the purpose and design of pollution monitoring devices. The conversation ends with an anecdote about witnessing Elon's rockets reentering the atmosphere and mistaking it for an alien invasion. Overall, the key takeaway is that people often question the authenticity of videos and interpret them differently based on their perspectives and beliefs.

    Exploring UFOs, social media, leadership, and mushrooms with Joe Rogan and Bert Kreischer.

    The idea of seeing unidentified flying objects (UFOs) or potential alien encounters is a fascinating and eerie concept. Joe Rogan and Bert Kreischer discuss their personal experiences and how social media has impacted the way such incidents are perceived and shared. They also touch on the importance of leadership and the challenges of achieving a perfect state of harmony among human beings. The conversation takes a lighthearted turn towards the topic of mushrooms and their potential benefits, including their legality in certain areas. Ultimately, the key takeaway is that strange and unexpected events can occur, and it is important to approach them with open-mindedness and a sense of humor.

    The dangers and addictive nature of stimulant drugs discussed by Joe Rogan and Bert Kreischer

    Stimulant drugs like Adderall and cocaine have powerful effects on focus and productivity. While they may initially seem exciting and enjoyable, they can also be highly addictive and dangerous. Both Joe Rogan and Bert Kreischer discuss their experiences with these drugs, highlighting their intense effects. They also mention the use of amphetamines among pool players and gamblers, emphasizing the lengths people would go to stay awake and keep playing. However, they also acknowledge the negative consequences and risks associated with these substances. Overall, this conversation serves as a reminder of the potential dangers and addictive nature of stimulant drugs, cautioning against their misuse.

    The Power of Like-Minded Friendships

    Having friends who share the same passion and energy can enhance one's enjoyment and success in that field. Joe Rogan and Bert Kreischer express their amazement and gratitude for their friendship, acknowledging the symbiotic nature of their relationship. They also discuss the positive impact of having comedian Joey Diaz around, as his presence brings a unique comic energy that everyone appreciates. Bert Kreischer's daughters even express their desire to see Joey perform live, highlighting the effect he has on people. Additionally, Joey Diaz's love for his hometown emphasizes the importance of being in an environment where one feels authentic and supported. Overall, surrounding oneself with like-minded friends who uplift and inspire can greatly contribute to personal and professional fulfillment.

    Genuine bonds and self-acceptance amidst external pressures.

    Bert Kreischer misses the moments with his friend Joey Diaz when he wasn't trying to be funny, but still ended up being hilariously entertaining. They share a memory of Joey's casual response when asked about prison life, which perfectly captures his unique humor. Despite Joey's comedic talent, he is described as a genuine and pure person. Bert admires Joey and expresses his willingness to support him whenever he needs it. They also discuss the challenges of dealing with managers and agents who may not understand their intentions. Additionally, Bert reflects on his tendency to overshare as a way to seek approval and make others happy. He feels that he might not be good enough, unlike his friend Tommy, who confidently knows his worth. Bert attributes this difference to their different parenting experiences. Overall, the conversation highlights the importance of genuine bonds and self-acceptance in the face of external pressures.

    The Iraq War and Contrasting Cultures

    The Iraq War, particularly for those who didn't have a personal connection to it, seemed nonsensical and confusing. Many people, including Bert and Joe, felt that the war was initiated based on false premises, and there was a lack of understanding and conviction behind the cause. It lasted for years, causing immense loss and suffering. This conversation also highlights the stark contrast between different cultures, such as Japan and Vietnam. While Japan embraces respect and personal space, Vietnam can be more aggressive and chaotic, especially in crowded areas. Additionally, Bert's experience of driving a motorcycle through the streets of Vietnam shows the thrilling yet terrifying nature of navigating through such an environment.

    Concerns about Wild Horse and Dog Management

    Both Bert Kreischer and Joe Rogan express concerns about the management of wild horses and dogs. They discuss the dilemma of controlling the population of wild horses without resorting to hunting or killing them. Joe Rogan brings up the idea of hunting as a means of population control, but both agree that unlike other animals, people wouldn't want to hunt wild horses or dogs. They also share personal experiences with encounters with wild animals, highlighting the vulnerability of humans compared to animals. This conversation reminds us of the delicate balance between wildlife conservation and human safety, and the need for responsible pet ownership to prevent the creation of uncontrollable populations of wild dogs.

    Understanding Potential Dangers and Practicing Caution

    Having encounters with potential dangers, such as aggressive dogs, can impact one's level of caution and anxiety around animals. Joe Rogan shares his experience of being attacked by dogs and the physical and mental exhaustion he felt during the encounter. This highlights the importance of being aware of unfamiliar dogs and practicing caution, especially when children are around. While most dogs are friendly, it is crucial to recognize that some may pose a threat. Additionally, the conversation touches on how growing up in environments with various threats, such as gators, lightning, and poisonous creatures, can shape one's perception of danger and influence anxiety levels. Ultimately, understanding potential risks can help individuals make informed decisions and stay safe.

    Adapting to Hazardous Environments: Shaping Perspectives and Building Resilience.

    Certain environments and experiences can shape a person's perspective and create a unique mindset. Australians and Floridians, for example, have to deal with dangerous creatures like crocs, jellyfish, and deadly snakes on a daily basis. Living in such surroundings changes the way they approach life and the risks they're willing to take. The conversation highlights the importance of adapting and being cautious in hazardous situations. It also emphasizes the resilience and courage needed to thrive in challenging environments. Ultimately, these experiences help shape individuals and make them more prepared to deal with adversity.

    Joe Rogan's martial arts journey and overcoming bullying

    Joe Rogan got into martial arts because he was bullied. He mentioned that he was always small and often moved to new places. Joe started martial arts when he was fifteen, initially with karate and later with taekwondo. He discussed his experience wrestling at 134 pounds when he was fourteen and cutting weight to 140 pounds when he started fighting. Bert Kreischer asked about Joe's bullying experience, and Joe confirmed that it did shape him in some ways. This takeaway highlights the positive impact martial arts can have on individuals who have faced bullying and the importance of finding ways to overcome challenges.

    The Profound Impact of Bullying and How It Shapes Individuals

    Bullying experiences can have a profound impact on individuals, shaping their reactions and shaping who they become. Both Joe Rogan and Bert Kreischer share their personal experiences with bullying, highlighting the physical and emotional effects it had on them. Joe's encounter with a bully led him to realize his vulnerability and motivated him to learn self-defense through wrestling. On the other hand, Bert's experiences with bullying influenced him to develop a witty and comedic defense mechanism, using humor to combat his bullies. Additionally, they discuss the importance of understanding boundaries and knowing when not to mess with certain individuals, as some people may not respond well to jokes or games. Overall, this conversation emphasizes the long-lasting effects of bullying and how it can shape individuals' paths to self-improvement and self-discovery.

    The Importance of Pushing Boundaries in Comedy and the Risks of Attaching to Sociopolitical Issues

    It's important for artists, like comedians, to push boundaries and go hard with their work. Bert Kreischer was influenced by Joe Rogan's advice on comedy, leading him to rewrite a scene for his movie. The support and understanding from the group of people involved in the project allowed him to take creative risks. However, the conversation also highlights the fear and consequences that come with attaching oneself to sociopolitical issues. Corporations often get involved in social matters, thinking it will benefit their bottom line, but there are risks involved. Forced compliance and the progression of involvement in sensitive topics can lead to negative outcomes. It's crucial to consider the potential consequences of attaching oneself to polarizing viewpoints.

    The Dangers of Cancel Culture and Oversimplification in Online Discussions

    Societal pressure and online activism can often lead to polarizing and divisive situations, where individuals are forced to comply with certain beliefs or face consequences. It highlights the dangers of cancel culture and the lack of nuance in online discussions. Bert Kreischer's experience with the black square movement exemplifies how complex issues can be oversimplified and individuals can be judged based on a single action. It emphasizes the importance of critical thinking and individuality, rather than blindly following the crowd. Ultimately, the conversation underscores the significance of genuine human interactions and personal relationships in contrast to the toxicity and superficiality of online interactions.

    The Power and Complexity of a Controversial Word

    The word discussed, though offensive and derogatory in nature, holds a unique power when used by members of a particular group. It is a word that can be employed as a social tool, adding a layer of flavor and melodic quality to performances such as stand-up comedy. However, the word's impact and reception greatly depend on the context and the identity of the speaker. While it may be accepted and even celebrated when used by certain individuals, its usage by others can cause tension and offense. This highlights the complexity and double standards surrounding language, as there are very few words with similar dynamics. As such, it remains a word that elicits a range of emotions and reactions in different circumstances.

    Understanding the Power of Words and Symbols

    Certain words and cultural symbols can hold deep significance and evoke strong emotions in different contexts. The discussion about the censorship of racial slurs in Mark Twain's Huckleberry Finn and the use of the word "engine" highlights the ongoing debate surrounding language and representation. The revelation of Bert Kreischer's personal experience at a Florida State football game, where he witnessed Chief Osceola's powerful entrance and the subsequent emotional response from the crowd, emphasizes the importance of cultural identity and traditions. This conversation serves as a reminder that words and symbols carry weight and have the potential to impact individuals and communities in profound ways.

    Strong Love and Pride for Hometowns: Bert Kreischer's Experience and the Impact of Diseases on Indigenous Populations

    People have a strong sense of love and pride for their hometowns and origins. This is evident in Bert Kreischer's experience of returning to his hometown and being embraced with open arms. The support and adoration he received from the people in his hometown show the deep connections and emotional attachment individuals have towards their communities. Additionally, the conversation touches upon the detrimental effects of diseases and the impact they had on indigenous populations in history. The spread of diseases by European settlers and explorers caused devastating consequences, wiping out large portions of the native population. This serves as a reminder of the importance of understanding and respecting different cultures and the need for empathy and caution when encountering unfamiliar environments.

    The lasting impact of history on culture and perceptions illustrated

    History and its consequences can have a lasting impact on cultures and people's perceptions. The example of North Sentinel Island highlights how past interactions with outsiders, particularly those that caused harm or brought diseases, have shaped their hostility towards visitors. This serves as a reminder that actions and events from the past can have long-lasting effects on communities and their attitudes towards outsiders. Additionally, the conversation touches on the interesting origins of certain phrases and traditions, showcasing the interconnectedness of language, history, and culture. Overall, this conversation emphasizes the importance of understanding and respecting the historical context and consequences of our actions.

    The Power of Collaboration and Camaraderie in Comedy

    Joe Rogan emphasizes the importance of supporting and uplifting others in the comedy community. He acknowledges that the success he has achieved is partly due to the opportunities and support he received from fellow comedians. Rather than being jealous or competitive, Rogan believes in creating mutually beneficial situations and celebrating the achievements of others. He sees jealousy as a weakness and actively explores the root causes behind such negative feelings. Rogan's mindset demonstrates the power of collaboration and camaraderie within the comedy industry, highlighting the significance of generosity, curiosity, and a supportive network for personal and professional growth.

    The Power of Surrounding Yourself with Success

    Surrounding yourself with successful and inspiring individuals can have a positive impact on your own growth and success. Joe Rogan and Bert Kreischer discuss how their camaraderie with fellow comedians at the store led to mutual benefits and better opportunities. Instead of competing against each other, they became assets to one another, pushing each other to improve and succeed. They emphasize the importance of supporting and learning from talented individuals, as it can lead to personal growth and help unleash untapped potential. By embracing a mindset of admiration and collaboration, they found that success becomes contagious and opportunities become more abundant.

    Supporting Live Comedy in Theaters: A Path to Success for Comedians

    Supporting live comedy in movie theaters can make a significant impact on the success and future of comedians' careers. When a comedy film is released in theaters, it provides an opportunity for everyone involved in its production to recoup their investment and potentially earn profits. On the other hand, if the film is released on a streaming platform, the financial returns may be limited. By choosing to watch comedies in theaters, audiences can demonstrate to the studios that there is a demand for this type of humor and that it can be financially viable. This, in turn, can encourage the industry to continue producing and supporting diverse and innovative comedy projects. So, going out to see live comedy movies not only allows audiences to enjoy a good laugh but also supports comedians and promotes the growth of the genre.

    The power of unconventional content: how platforms like Netflix and Spotify are reshaping the movie industry.

    The success of movies relies heavily on their performance in theaters, despite the growing popularity of streaming platforms. While superhero movies tend to dominate the box office, there is still potential for unconventional films to succeed if they can convince studios that free speech and boundary-pushing content can be profitable. The support of platforms like Netflix and Spotify, who embrace controversial and wild content, can serve as a game changer in the movie industry. Additionally, audience reception often matters more than critical reviews, as negative criticism can actually make people distrust critics even more. Ultimately, the conversation highlights the need for studios to adapt to changing audience preferences and the power of unconventional and daring projects.

    Comic Success: Navigating the Entertainment Industry on Their Own Terms

    Successful comedians like Shane Gillis, Louie CK, and Bert Kreischer have found success by taking control of their own content and directly engaging with their fans. They have utilized platforms like podcasts, the internet, and direct-to-consumer sales to build their fan base and earn significant profits. By bypassing traditional Hollywood methods, they have been able to create unique and intimate experiences for their audience. Additionally, they have recognized the importance of investing in quality sound and lighting for their shows, even in large arenas. This conversation highlights the power of personal connection, creativity, and innovation in the entertainment industry.

    Embracing the High: Bert Kreischer's Memorable Stage Experience

    Bert Kreischer had a memorable experience performing on stage while high. Despite a mishap with the clock, Bert managed to turn it into an advantage by embracing his altered state of mind and delivering an exceptional show. The conversation highlights the importance of being in the right headspace and going with the flow when performing. It also emphasizes the significance of having an appreciative audience and creating a positive vibe in the comedy club. Bert's success in connecting with the audience and receiving love and support from fans, especially in Texas, reinforces the idea that a comedian's performance can be greatly enhanced when there is mutual excitement and admiration between the performer and the audience.

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