Podcast Summary

    • A Bond of Appreciation and Respect: Pauly Shore and Joe Rogan's Mutual Admiration in Stand-Up ComedyPauly Shore and Joe Rogan admire each other's talent as comedians and express pride in their growth. The conversation showcases the importance of community and the value of The Store comedy club in their lives.

      Both Pauly Shore and Joe Rogan have a deep appreciation for stand-up comedy and each other's talent. They express pride, admiration, and respect for one another as fellow comedians. Pauly Shore acknowledges Joe Rogan's success and growth in the comedy industry, emphasizing how far he has come. He specifically praises Joe Rogan's performance at MGM, recognizing him as a funny and skillful comedian. Joe Rogan, on the other hand, shares how important The Store comedy club is to him and the sense of community it provides. He values the opportunity to see other talented comedians perform regularly and work with them. Ultimately, this conversation highlights the bond and mutual respect between Pauly Shore and Joe Rogan as comedians.

    • Building a Successful Career in Comedy: Insights from Joe Rogan and Pauly ShorePerseverance, initiative, and personal growth are the key ingredients for success in comedy. Limit distractions and avoid comparing yourself to others to thrive in the industry.

      Building a successful career in comedy requires dedication, hard work, and creating opportunities for oneself. Joe Rogan and Pauly Shore discuss how many comedians have moved to Austin to take advantage of the thriving comedy scene and the stage time available. Rogan mentions how his platform has helped several comedians grow and become successful headliners, giving them the stage time and exposure they need. They also discuss the importance of limiting distractions, such as phones, during comedy shows to improve the overall experience. Additionally, they touch upon the negative impacts of social media, especially on young kids who are constantly comparing themselves to others. Ultimately, the key takeaway is that success in comedy comes from perseverance, taking initiative, and focusing on personal growth.

    • Personal connections and direct communication play a major role in guest selection on Joe Rogan's show.Getting on Joe Rogan's show is often based on personal connections and direct communication, showcasing the importance of networking and establishing meaningful relationships in the industry.

      Joe Rogan's show often features guests who reach out to him directly or are connected through mutual acquaintances. Pauly Shore mentions that his next-door neighbor, Nicholas Cage, who is a friend of his, would be a great guest on the show. Joe expresses his admiration for Nicholas Cage and mentions a video they did together about his house in Vegas. They discuss how people like Nicholas Cage can get on the show, emphasizing that it often happens through personal connections and direct communication. Despite the casual nature of the conversation and Joe's preference for unprepared discussions, he reveals that he does prepare for certain episodes, especially when the guest is an expert in a specific field, like Michio Kaku, a quantum physicist.

    • The impact of reduced funding for mental health institutions on homelessnessReinstating mental health institutions and providing comprehensive care is crucial in combating homelessness caused by mental health and addiction problems.

      The homelessness issue is primarily caused by mental health and addiction problems. The conversation highlights how the Reagan administration's decision to reduce funding and support for mental health institutions in 1981 resulted in an increase in homelessness. The lack of dedicated care for mentally compromised individuals led to them being let out on the streets instead of receiving proper treatment. To address this issue, the key suggestion is to reinstitute mental health institutions and provide comprehensive care for those in need. By investing in mental health institutions and expanding access to treatment, we can effectively combat homelessness and provide the necessary care for those struggling with mental health and addiction.

    • Exploring Alternative Options for Mental Health and Addiction Treatment: A Path Towards ProgressExploring alternative treatments like psychedelic therapy and stem cell treatments can potentially benefit individuals and society by overcoming addiction and improving mental health conditions, highlighting the need to legalize these options.

      Exploring alternative options for mental health and addiction treatment, such as psychedelic therapy and stem cell treatments, could potentially be beneficial for individuals and society as a whole. The discussion highlights the potential effectiveness of ibogaine therapy in helping people overcome addiction to pills and the positive impact it could have on reducing addiction rates. Additionally, the mention of stem cell injections for Parkinson's disease suggests that alternative treatments may have positive outcomes for certain health conditions. The conversation also brings attention to the need to explore and legalize these options, as illegalizing potentially effective treatments contradicts logic and may hinder progress in improving mental health and addiction recovery.

    • Medical Procedures and Advancements: Informative yet Humorous DiscussionStay informed about medical advancements, consider suitable options for health concerns, approach treatments with caution, and consult reliable medical professionals.

      Joe Rogan and Pauly Shore discuss various medical procedures and treatments, including stem cell therapy and the Resume procedure for prostate enlargement. Despite the humorous tone, the conversation sheds light on important advancements in medical science. Stem cell therapy is shown to have potential in regenerative medicine, while the Resume procedure offers a non-invasive solution for urinary problems caused by an enlarged prostate. However, it is essential to approach such treatments with caution and consult reliable medical professionals. Overall, the conversation highlights the importance of staying informed about medical advancements and exploring suitable options for addressing health concerns.

    • A lighthearted and casual conversation on peeing, comedy clubs, and more!Joe Rogan and Pauly Shore's conversation explores quirky topics like smelling asparagus pee and the benefits of toilet bidets, while offering personal insights on comedy and the appeal of Austin.

      Joe Rogan and Pauly Shore discuss various topics ranging from pee to comedy clubs in Austin. They touch upon the idea of smelling asparagus pee through a bag, the importance of letting people know when they're peeing, and the benefits of using toilets that squirt water at your butt. They also talk about the Russian Bath House in New York and LA, the appeal of Austin as a comedy hub, and the growth of comedy clubs in the city. Overall, the conversation highlights the lighthearted and casual nature of their discussion while providing insights into their personal experiences and perspectives on different subjects.

    • Building a Successful Comedy Club: Partnerships, Experience, and Continuous ImprovementA successful comedy club requires a strong partnership between the owner and staff, experienced individuals to run the club efficiently, and a focus on continuous improvement and collaboration.

      Starting a comedy club is a lot of work and requires a strong partnership between the owner and the staff. Joe Rogan emphasizes the importance of being on good terms with club owners to avoid the unpredictable challenges they face. He also highlights the need for experienced individuals to run the club efficiently, as it can make the process easier. Additionally, Rogan discusses the importance of making continuous improvements, such as optimizing the layout and ambiance of different rooms and incorporating suggestions from both comics and visitors. Overall, this conversation shows that successful comedy clubs require a harmonious relationship between the owner, staff, and performers, with a focus on continuous improvement and collaboration.

    • A Mother's Influence on Pauly Shore's Comedy CareerParental support and influential figures can shape one's career path, as demonstrated by Pauly Shore's success in comedy through his mother's encouragement and interactions with famous comedians.

      Pauly Shore's mother played a significant role in shaping his comedy career. She encouraged him to stick with dancing, which led him to perform and eventually become a successful comedian. Pauly Shore also talks about his experiences growing up in the comedy scene, where he interacted with famous comedians like Sam Kennison. Despite the wild and unpredictable nature of that environment, Pauly Shore found inspiration and looked up to these comedians, considering himself a protege of sorts. This conversation highlights the important influence of parental support and the impact that influential figures can have on one's career path.

    • The Power of Connections in the Entertainment IndustryBuilding strong relationships and staying connected with influential individuals can create opportunities and contribute to career growth, but it requires hard work, dedication, and continuous evolution.

      Establishing strong relationships and connections is crucial for success in the entertainment industry. Joe Rogan and Pauly Shore discuss their personal experiences with famous comedians like Eddie Murphy and Dr. Dre, emphasizing the importance of networking and staying connected. They highlight how these connections can open doors for opportunities and contribute to career growth. Additionally, they acknowledge the hard work and dedication required to achieve success in the industry, emphasizing that talent alone is not enough. Both Joe Rogan and Pauly Shore recognize the value of putting in the work and constantly evolving to maintain relevance and achieve their goals.

    • The Changing Landscape of the Entertainment IndustryThe internet and streaming platforms have revolutionized the entertainment industry, allowing anyone to have their own show. While traditional forms of entertainment still exist, reality shows and new talk show formats are gaining popularity.

      The entertainment industry has gone through a major shift in the past few decades. With the rise of the internet and streaming platforms, everyone can now have their own show and become famous. However, traditional forms of entertainment like movies and sitcoms are still being made, although it has become more difficult due to the challenges faced in the industry. Reality shows have gained popularity because they are cheaper, easier to produce, and more compelling. The talk show format is also evolving, with hosts like Joe Rogan who have surpassed traditional talk shows by embracing new platforms and formats that offer more flexibility and reach. Overall, the conversation highlights how the entertainment landscape has changed and continues to evolve in the digital age.

    • Navigating Traditional Systems through Alternative Platforms and FormatsEmbracing innovation, taking risks, and building genuine connections are vital for success in the entertainment industry.

      Establishing alternative platforms and formats can be a successful way to navigate around traditional systems and reach a wider audience. Both Pauly Shore and Joe Rogan discuss how they were able to showcase their talents and express complex ideas by creating their own shows and utilizing different platforms. They emphasize the importance of finding ways to bypass limitations and regulations that can hinder creativity and freedom of expression. This conversation highlights the significance of embracing innovation and taking risks in order to achieve success in the entertainment industry. It also emphasizes the value of building genuine connections and supporting fellow artists in order to thrive in a competitive environment.

    • The Unrecognized Influence of Pauly Shore's Father on the Comedy WorldPauly Shore's father's contribution to the establishment of The Comedy Store shaped the comedy landscape and paved the way for iconic comedians, emphasizing the importance of his influence in the industry.

      Pauly Shore's father played an instrumental role in the establishment of the iconic comedy club, The Comedy Store. Despite not being present during Pauly Shore's upbringing, his father, along with his partner Rudy DeLuca, started the club and laid the foundation for its success. Pauly Shore emphasizes that his father's influence and career in acting and comedy led to the family's move to California and ultimately gave rise to The Comedy Store. Without his father's contributions, the comedy world may have looked very different, and iconic comedians like Sam Kinison may not have had the opportunity to thrive. Pauly's mother, Mitzi Shore, continued to nurture and develop comedians due to her natural affinity for comedy. Overall, the conversation highlights the often unrecognized role that Pauly Shore's father played in shaping the comedy landscape.

    • Pauly Shore's Journey: Family, Ambition, and Comedy in WestwoodDespite challenging relationships and a difficult upbringing, Pauly Shore's love for his father and passion for comedy drove him to overcome obstacles and navigate the interconnected subcultures of the entertainment industry during that era.

      Pauly Shore's upbringing was filled with challenges and conflicted relationships, particularly with his mother. Despite his father's infidelity and his mother's harsh criticism, Pauly Shore still had a deep love for his father and faced difficulties in pursuing his career in stand-up comedy. The early days of comedy in Westwood were marked by a culture of hard partying, and the Westwood Comedy Store served as a hub for talented comedians and heavy metal bands alike. It was a place where individuals like Andrew Dice Clay, Roseanne, and Guns N' Roses would gather. The conversation highlights the complex dynamics of family, ambition, and the interconnectedness of different subcultures in the entertainment industry during that time period.

    • Shared experiences, memorable food, and comedic connections.Pauly Shore and Joe Rogan bond over their love for restaurants, their encounters with famous comedian Sam Kinison, and their mutual admiration for Pauly's late mother.

      Both Pauly Shore and Joe Rogan have a deep appreciation for certain restaurants and their shared experiences. They discuss the memorable food and atmosphere at Dan Tanners, a place that has been around for a long time and is known for its great steaks and linguine with clam. They also share stories about their encounters with Sam Kinison, a famous comedian who struggled with addiction but had a big heart. Pauly's connection to Sam led to him meeting his longtime business manager, Lester. Lastly, they touch on their mutual admiration for Pauly's late mother, a beloved figure in the comedy world, and how her spirit lives on in the building where Joe's bar is located.

    • The Impact of Business Stress on Personal Health and the Importance of RelaxationBalancing stress and finding moments to relax is crucial for maintaining overall well-being, especially in high-pressure industries such as comedy. Passion for the craft and a supportive community are also vital for success.

      The pressure and stress of running a business can have detrimental effects on a person's health. Pauly Shore speculates that this may have been a contributing factor to his mother's illness. The conversation highlights the importance of finding moments to relax and alleviate stress in order to maintain overall well-being. It also emphasizes the passion and love for the art of comedy that Pauly Shore's mother had, as she ran the club like an artist rather than focusing solely on the business aspect. The conversation also mentions the significant impact that the Comedy Store had on Joe Rogan's career and the supportive community that existed within it. Overall, the conversation sheds light on the personal and professional challenges faced in the comedy industry.

    • The guidance and influence of experienced individuals shape a comedian's success in stand-up comedy.The approval and feedback from mentors and critics, along with finding the right fit between a comic and their audience, play a crucial role in the development of a comedian's career.

      A comedian's success in stand-up comedy often relies on the approval and guidance of experienced individuals in the industry. Pauly Shore and Joe Rogan discuss the influence of Pauly's mother, the owner of The Comedy Store, in shaping comedians' careers. She had a discerning taste and provided valuable feedback to aspiring comedians, hosting open mics and carefully selecting performers. Her strategy included testing comedians by having them follow well-known acts and only giving opportunities to those she believed had talent. Furthermore, her dislike for certain styles of comedy, like Seinfeld's, highlights the importance of finding the right fit between a comic and their audience. Ultimately, the conversation highlights the impact of mentors and critics in the development of a comedian's career.

    • The unique rewards and challenges of stand-up comedyStand-up comedy brings joy, release, and therapeutic benefits, while requiring passion, dedication, and appreciation for the audience's laughter.

      Stand-up comedy is a truly unique and fulfilling profession that brings joy and release to both performers and audiences. Pauly Shore and Joe Rogan reflect on the specialness of being able to make a living doing what they love, and the sense of luck and gratitude they feel for it. They discuss how comedy provides a respite from stress and acts as a stress reliever, highlighting its therapeutic qualities. Additionally, they appreciate the opportunity to connect with audiences and bring about a collective sense of joy and laughter. They also acknowledge the behind-the-scenes work and challenges involved in running a successful comedy club. Overall, this conversation emphasizes the passion and dedication required to pursue stand-up comedy and the unique rewards it provides.

    • Dave Chappelle: Extraordinary Comedy and Unmatched Connection with the Audience.Dave Chappelle's ability to consistently deliver fresh and captivating performances, combined with his unique perspective and relentless work ethic, sets him apart as a comedic legend deserving of the highest praise.

      Dave Chappelle's stand-up comedy and his ability to connect with his audience is extraordinary. Pauly Shore expresses his admiration for Chappelle's talent and work ethic, highlighting his ability to consistently deliver fresh and engaging performances. Shore emphasizes that Chappelle's Netflix specials remain captivating even after multiple viewings, setting him apart from other comedians. Shore believes that Chappelle's relaxed demeanor and unique perspective contribute to his success and make him stand out as a comedian. Furthermore, Chappelle's commitment to his craft is evident as he constantly tours and fine-tunes his material. Ultimately, Chappelle's impact on the comedy scene is celebrated, and he is recognized as a comedic legend deserving of the highest praise.

    • The Benefits of Vitamin Drip Therapy and a Look into a Vibrant Las Vegas SceneVitamin drip therapy can provide hydration and essential vitamins when feeling unwell, while downtown Las Vegas offers a vibrant bar scene and great restaurants beyond the focus on casinos. Pauly Shore humorously mentions his connection to Nicolas Cage.

      Pauly Shore and Joe Rogan discussed the benefits of getting a vitamin drip through an IV. They agreed that it is especially beneficial when feeling unwell as it provides hydration and essential vitamins. Pauly mentioned seeing Adam Ray, a fellow comedian, trying it as well. The conversation also touched upon the vibrant bar scene and great restaurants in downtown Las Vegas, which is often overlooked due to the focus on casinos. Pauly shared his experience living next to Nicholas Cage, who introduced him to his high school friend. Joe Rogan and Pauly found it amusing how Nick Cage embraces his extravagant lifestyle, and Pauly jokingly mentioned having pictures and videos of Nick that he cannot share due to a humorous fake NDA.

    • Nicholas Cage: An Appreciated Actor with Admirable Personal QualitiesNicholas Cage is highly regarded for his talent as an actor and is admired for his personal qualities, making him a well-liked figure in the entertainment industry.

      Nicholas Cage is highly regarded as an actor and is well-liked by his peers. Pauly Shore and Joe Rogan express admiration for Cage's talent and the range of movies he has been in. They also mention that Cage is a good person to hang out with and has a sensitive side. Another noteworthy point is Cage's decision to stay off social media, which is seen as a smart move. The conversation also touches on other topics such as the movie "Pig," Vegas comedy clubs, and the Gallagher brothers' dispute over the Gallagher act. In summary, the key takeaway is that Nicholas Cage is appreciated for his acting skills and personal qualities.

    • Talented impersonators and cover bands bring beloved musicians to life, captivating audiences of all ages.Tribute acts not only honor the original artists but also introduce a new generation to timeless music, creating a bridge between old and young fans.

      There are incredibly talented impersonators and cover bands out there who can almost perfectly mimic the voices and performances of famous musicians. This was evident in the discussion about impersonators of Prince, Rod Stewart, and Steve Perry. Arnell Pineda, for example, showcased an incredible imitation of Steve Perry's voice and received praise even from long-time fans. It was also interesting to note that these cover bands and impersonators often attract a younger audience, introducing them to classic rock music. This conversation highlights the impact and success of these tribute acts and the appreciation they receive from both new and old fans.

    • The Heroin-Musician Connection: A Fine Balance Between Inspiration and DangerHeroin's allure for musicians stems from its potential to unlock creativity, but the dangers and tragic consequences emphasize the importance of caution and finding alternative sources of artistic expression.

      There is a prevalent connection between heroin and musicians. Many well-known artists, such as Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain, and Lane Staley, struggled with heroin addiction. It seems that heroin holds a certain allure for musicians, possibly offering a way to reach another level of creativity or escape. However, the conversation also highlights the dangers associated with heroin use, as it can lead to tragic outcomes, including death. It's important to approach substances like heroin with caution, as its effects can be both fascinating and devastating. Additionally, the conversation touches on the idea that discomfort and insecurity can be catalysts for artistic expression, rather than relying on substances to enhance creativity.

    • Joe Rogan's Comedy Approach and Concern for Global Political TensionJoe Rogan emphasizes the importance of exploring different angles in comedy, while also discussing the need to prevent potential catastrophic events through necessary steps.

      Joe Rogan emphasizes the importance of exploring various angles when generating ideas for comedy. He explains that he starts by forcing an idea and then exacting and chopping it up to make it funny enough. He also mentions that he writes on a subject and explores different angles to find humor in it. He listens to his performances and tries different approaches to improve his jokes. Additionally, Joe records everything on his phone as a reference for his material. The conversation shifts to a discussion on the current global political tension, highlighting the concern for a potential nuclear war. Joe emphasizes the role of the military industrial complex and the need to prevent such catastrophic events by taking necessary steps.

    • The Influence of Money and Entertainment in Politics and MediaGenuine, thoughtful communication and prioritizing the public's interests over personal agendas are crucial for improving the current state of politics and media.

      The current state of politics and media is heavily influenced by money and entertainment value. Both Pauly Shore and Joe Rogan agree that both sides of the political spectrum are flawed and that money has corrupted the system. They believe that news anchors and politicians alike are focused on their own personal gain rather than serving the public. The conversation also highlights the lack of effective communication in today's media landscape, with short clips and heated arguments dominating the narrative. Pauly Shore suggests that news anchors are merely acting and that their true selves are revealed once the cameras are turned off. Overall, the key takeaway is that there is a need for genuine, thoughtful communication and a focus on serving the public's interests rather than personal agendas.

    • The Strange and Complicated Role of News Anchors: Challenges, Flaws, and LimitationsUnbiased news reporting, avoiding false information, and recognizing the influence of social media are vital in today's society. Understanding the limitations of news anchors is crucial for an informed public.

      The job of being a news anchor is strange and complicated. News anchors are responsible for distributing news to the public, but often they read off a teleprompter and have limited knowledge about the topics they discuss. They are often recognized in public, even though their role is simply to read the news. Joe Rogan and Pauly Shore discuss the need for unbiased news reporting and the dangers of spreading false information. They also touch upon the influence of social media on people's opinions and the desire for fame in today's society. Overall, the conversation highlights the challenges and flaws in the news industry and emphasizes the importance of understanding the limitations of news anchors.

    • The Impact of Digital Platforms on Comedians and EntertainersThe rise of digital platforms has provided comedians and entertainers with more opportunities to showcase their talent and reach wider audiences, emphasizing the importance of adaptability in the entertainment industry.

      The rise of digital platforms and technology has provided comedians and entertainers with new opportunities to showcase their talent and reach wider audiences. Unlike in the past, where success often relied on traditional mediums like TV or movies, individuals can now utilize platforms like YouTube, Instagram, TikTok, and podcasts to express their creativity and gain recognition. This shift has allowed for more freedom and creativity, as comedians are not bound by the limitations or constraints of mainstream media. Additionally, the conversation highlights the importance of adaptability and staying ahead of emerging trends and technologies to continue thriving in the entertainment industry.

    • The Future of Technology and Its Potential ImpactsTechnology is rapidly evolving, with quantum computing and body implants on the horizon. Ethical considerations are important as these advancements have the potential to revolutionize our lives.

      Technology is rapidly advancing, and it has the potential to revolutionize various aspects of our lives. Quantum computing, for instance, is on the horizon and will have a profound impact on encryption and code-breaking capabilities. Companies like Microsoft, IBM, Google, and even China are in a race to develop the first real quantum computer. This competition signifies the importance of technological superiority in the future. Additionally, the conversation highlights the possibility of integrating technology into our bodies, such as implanting chips for various purposes. While these advancements offer exciting possibilities, it's crucial to consider the ethical implications and ensure that everyone is on the same page. The future of technology holds immense potential and will continue to shape our lives in ways we may not even imagine.

    • The Potential of Quantum Computers and its Implications on TechnologyQuantum computers have the potential to revolutionize computing power and communication methods, but it also raises concerns about privacy and security in the digital age.

      Quantum computers have the potential to be exponentially more powerful than any computer that currently exists. The CEO of Google and IBM are both working on developing their own quantum computers. These computers operate using atoms instead of the traditional ones and zeros, and can perform computations simultaneously in multiple universes. The size of the computer itself is incredibly small, resembling a microchip or stick. If properly cooled, these quantum computers could be a million times more powerful than any PC on Earth. Additionally, there is speculation about the possibility of using the earth's energy or other innovative methods to transmit messages between devices without relying on traditional networks. The evolution of technology has led to advancements like faster internet speeds and easy sharing of music and movies, but it has also raised concerns about privacy and security.

    • The Impact of the Internet and Digital Technology on the Music IndustryThe internet and digital technology have revolutionized the music industry, leading to changes in distribution, concerns about piracy, and new debates regarding the ethics of recreating deceased artists' work.

      The internet and digital technology have drastically changed the music industry, particularly in terms of distribution and piracy. The ability to download albums for free has disrupted the traditional model of selling records and has raised questions about the ethics of stealing music. The conversation also touches on the idea of recreating the work of deceased artists in a modern context, using AI or holograms. The prevalence of recording and sharing live performances has become a normal part of attending concerts, despite concerns about copyright infringement. The story of a fan editing together footage of a concert and facing legal consequences highlights the complexities of digital information and intellectual property rights.

    • The evolving relationship between performers and audiences in the age of technology and social media.While filming and recording performances at live events may breach contracts, it can also be seen as a way to promote events, gain new opportunities, and foster fan engagement for creative collaborations.

      Filming and recording performances at live events, such as festivals, is a common practice despite being a breach of the contract between the artist and the audience. This has been happening for a long time, with examples like the Beastie Boys intentionally encouraging it. While some may argue that events like Coachella are losing out by allowing fan-created videos to circulate, others see it as a way to promote the event and potentially gain new opportunities. Pauly Shore's experience with his own album and YouTube channel demonstrates the power of fan engagement and the potential for creative collaborations. Overall, it highlights the evolving relationship between performers and their audiences in the age of technology and social media.

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