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    The art and wisdom of changing teams | Heidi Helfand (author of Dynamic Reteaming)

    The art and wisdom of changing teams | Heidi Helfand (author of Dynamic Reteaming)

    Heidi Helfand is the author of Dynamic Reteaming, which outlines practical strategies for orchestrating successful team and company org changes. Her work is informed by more than 20 years in the tech industry at notable companies like AppFolio, Procore, and Expertcity/GoToMeeting. Today, she dedicates her efforts to sharing her knowledge through workshops, comprehensive courses, and consultative services, helping organizations navigate and optimize their team structures. In this episode, we discuss:

    • The importance of reteaming and reorging

    • The benefits of embracing reteaming

    • The five patterns of reteaming: one by one, grow and split, merging, isolation, and switching

    • Examples of successful reteaming

    • Why stable teams are not always ideal

    • How change can lead to great career opportunities

    • The RIDE framework for decision-making

    • Advice on how to set up isolated teams for success

    • The anti-patterns of reteaming and the challenges that can arise

    • Tactical tips for becoming a better listener

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    Where to find Heidi Helfand:

    • X: https://twitter.com/heidihelfand

    • LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/heidihelfand/

    • Website: https://www.heidihelfand.com/

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    In this episode, we cover:

    (00:00) Heidi’s background

    (03:40) How Heidi got involved with reteaming and reorgs

    (07:37) Advice for people dealing with reorgs

    (11:56) The benefits of change and the RIDE framework

    (17:11) The five patterns of reteaming

    (20:00) The power of isolation

    (27:38) Advice on how to be successful by isolating small teams

    (33:27) Supporting and protecting internal startups

    (34:33) The one-by-one pattern

    (36:44) The grow and split pattern

    (39:20) The merging pattern

    (42:14) The switching pattern

    (50:18) Anti-patterns of reteaming

    (52:49) Embracing change and growth

    (58:48) How to become a better listener

    (01:01:28) Lightning round


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