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    130 - Dr. Cecelia Herbert Unveils the Secrets of Employee Experience

    130 - Dr. Cecelia Herbert Unveils the Secrets of Employee Experience

    Are you curious about the factors that shape the employee experience and its impact on organizations?   

    Join us on this episode where we dive into the fascinating world of employee engagement, management, and the repercussions of poor EX scores.   

    Our special guest is Qualtric's Dr. Cecelia Herbert, a renowned organisational psychologist and principal behavioural scientist.

    In this episode, Dr. Herbert explains the intricacies of employee experience, sharing valuable knowledge about its definition, key metrics, and its role in driving productivity and team effectiveness.   

    Discover the significance of employee engagement as a hero metric, and understand the three crucial components that contribute to a positive employee experience.  

    But what happens when employee experience scores stall?   

    Dr. Herbert unveils the reasons behind this phenomenon, debunking common misconceptions and shedding light on the true nature of these metrics. 

    Is it solely due to the ongoing struggle between remote work and office presence, or are there other underlying factors at play?   

    Get ready to uncover the data-driven insights and trends that shape employee experiences, not only in Singapore but globally.  

    Join us as we embark on an enlightening journey with Dr. Cecelia Herbert, unravelling the mysteries of employee experience and discovering the strategies for building a thriving and engaged workforce.   

    Don't miss out on this thought-provoking conversation that will revolutionize your understanding of employee experience management. 

    Learn more about Qualtrics EX Trends study here


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    Denise’s Opinions: Employee Values in a New Era

    Denise’s Opinions: Employee Values in a New Era

    In the wake of significant changes witnessed in recent years, a remarkable shift in the workforce has unfolded. With the retirement of Baby Boomers and a rise in Gen Z workers, businesses must really consider what employees value. Join Denise as she dives into the current trends in the workforce, shedding light on their effects on both employees and employers.  

    Denise explores the positive and negative aspects of workforce trends, such as the rise of remote and hybrid work models. She emphasizes how these new approaches can enhance overall well-being while also acknowledging their potential impact on mental health. From the importance of cultivating soft skills to the value of gathering employee feedback and championing diversity initiatives, Denise provides insights on creating a more enjoyable workplace and navigating through transformative changes. Catch valuable tips for preparing for the changing workforce in this episode of Denise’s Opinions!  

    About Your Host

    DCA Virtual Business Support President, Denise Cagan, has been working with small businesses for over 20 years. She has served on the boards of professional organizations such as Business Leaders of Charlotte (BLOC) and the National Association of Women Business Owners Charlotte (NAWBO). Denise is also a graduate of the Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Business Program, which is a program for small businesses that links learning to action for growth-oriented entrepreneurs.

    Recognized as a facilitator, problem solver, and builder, Denise enjoys speaking to business groups about social media for small businesses and motivating remote and work-from-home (WFH) teams. She holds a Bachelor of Science in Quality Systems Management from James Madison University. With extensive experience in outsourcing solutions that provide administrative, creative, marketing, and website support, she is able to help other small businesses grow and thrive.

    Connect with Denise

    DCA Virtual Business Support website.

    View and listen to Podcasts with Denise Cagan.


    557. When Is a Superstar Just Another Employee?

    557. When Is a Superstar Just Another Employee?

    The union that represents N.F.L. players conducted their first-ever survey of workplace conditions, and issued a report card to all 32 teams. What did the survey reveal? Clogged showers, rats in the locker room — and some helpful insights for those of us who don’t play pro football.


    For show notes, visit freakonomics.com/podcast/when-is-a-superstar-just-another-employee/



    Costco is not only Charlie Munger’s favorite company of all time (plus he’s on the board, natch), it’s an absolutely fascinating study in how seemingly opposite characteristics can combine to create incredible company value. For instance: Costco has the cheapest prices of any major retailer in America — and also the wealthiest customer base. They pay their hourly workers 30% above the industry norm (and give them excellent healthcare + 401k benefits) — and are almost 3x more profitable on labor than Walmart. Speaking of Walmart, Costco stocks 40x fewer SKUs than their Bentonville-based rivals — yet sells an average of 15x more volume of each. And oh yeah, practically all of Costco’s C-Suite started their careers as baggers and checkout clerks! Tune in for a mind-bending exploration of one of the world’s most iconic — and iconically unique — companies.


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    E140: How To Find Ultimate Fulfilment At Work: Marcus Buckingham

    E140: How To Find Ultimate Fulfilment At Work: Marcus Buckingham
    Marcus Buckingham, is one of the world's most in-demand career experts and the author of several best-selling business books including, ‘First, Break All The Rules’, ‘Nine Lies About Work’ and ‘Love + Work’. He is known as the world’s most prominent researcher on strengths and leadership at work, and today leads research at the ADP Research Institute. Marcus is used to consulting with teams at brands such as Disney, Coca-Cola, Microsoft and Facebook and focuses on strengths versus weaknesses, how to take feedback, how to build on strengths and identify leadership. From struggling with a stammer in his early teens, to becoming a prolific public speaker, Marcus opens up about how he overcame it as well as touching on many other insightful topics. We talk about how to become a great manager, how to make your employees happy and what a strength really is. I want to thank Marcus for his enthusiasm and true love for what he knows so much about. I hope you will learn something from this because I certainly did. Topics: Overcoming a stammer to become a public speaker Starting your journey in Physiology How do I know what a strength is? How do I ask a good question? The biggest predictor of employee satisfaction How to manage under performers Dealing with people that don't do things the way you do them Your book Love + Work Should we be dragged by what we’re good at in a job we hate? How did you overcome your job challenges? Promotions and helping people grow How to have a successful relationship The last guest's question Marcus' book: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Love-Work-Find-What-Rest-ebook/dp/B08T24QK35 Marcus: https://mobile.twitter.com/mwbuckingham https://www.instagram.com/marcusbuckingham/ Watch the episodes on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/c/TheDiaryOfACEO/videos Follow us on Telegram: https://t.me/diaryofaceo Sponsors: Huel - https://my.huel.com/Steven Craftd - https://bit.ly/3JKOPFx Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices