386. The Laptop From Hell | Miranda Devine

    The suppression of the Hunter Biden laptop story and FBI involvement in briefing social media platforms highlights the need for transparency and accountability to protect election integrity.

    enOctober 05, 2023

    About this Episode

    Dr. Jordan B Peterson  and writer Miranda Devine discuss her 2021 book “Laptop from Hell: Hunter Biden, Big Tech, and the Dirty Secrets the President Tried to Hide.” They delve into Hunter Biden’s depravity, the corruption of his family's business dealings, how they built and maintain their regime, the insane and far-reaching coverup from the deep state to the mainstream media, and the unfortunate aftermath for not just those directly involved, not just American citizens, but innocent people all across the world who find themselves in the midst of political and physical warfare.


    Miranda Devine is an Australian radio host, columnist, and writer who now lives in New York. She has written for the The Sydney Morning Herald, the Sun-Herald, the Daily Telegraph, Sunday Telegraph, the Sunday Herald Sun, the Sunday Times, and the New York Times. Her 2021 publication, “Laptop from Hell: Hunter Biden, Big Tech, and the Dirty Secrets the President Tried to Hide,” details who Hunter Biden is, his drug addiction, his supposed dealings with his father both when he was vice president and now, and their manipulation of the establishment media to censor dissidents and suppress the opposition.


    Dr. Peterson's extensive catalog is available now on DailyWire+: https://bit.ly/3KrWbS8



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    "Laptop from Hell: Hunter Biden, Big Tech, and the Dirty Secrets the President Tried to Hide" (Book): https://www.amazon.com/Laptop-Hell-Hunter-Secrets-President/dp/163758105X


    Miranda Devine on X https://twitter.com/mirandadevine?ref_src=twsrc%5Egoogle%7Ctwcamp%5Eserp%7Ctwgr%5Eauthor 

    🔑 Key Takeaways

    • Hunter Biden's careless actions surrounding his laptops not only raise questions about his family's business dealings but also highlight potential implications for his father's presidential campaign. The episode reveals a larger cover-up and collusion, raising concerns globally.
    • The revelations surrounding Joe and Hunter Biden's behavior raise concerns about their integrity and judgment, highlighting the importance of transparency and ethical conduct in positions of power.
    • Joe Biden's carefully crafted persona and family image serve his political agenda, but mask troubling dynamics and a penchant for self-aggrandizement.
    • Hunter Biden's business ventures relied heavily on his connections, raising doubts about the legitimacy and sustainability of his endeavors, while Jordan Peterson's children actively contribute their talents to their business projects.
    • Miranda Devine's book on Hunter Biden's laptop is backed by substantial evidence, including direct sourcing from the laptop and conversations with Hunter's associates. Despite dismissal attempts, legal actions and the absence of defamation suits validate the authenticity of the information.
    • The laptop incident exposes the government's intentions and priorities, as well as the control and censorship exerted by social media platforms, illustrating the complexity of information dissemination and narrative control.
    • Important figures and institutions failed to take appropriate action and respond to the evidence, highlighting a disturbing lack of accountability and responsibility within positions of power.
    • The allegations of corruption, involvement of the CIA, and the collapse of a case raise questions about accountability in Ukraine's government, highlighting the need for transparency and integrity.
    • Former prosecutor Shoken's claims of corruption investigations and lack of evidence against him raise doubts about Biden's motives for his removal and actions in Ukraine.
    • The Hunter Biden laptop story faced obstacles and social media censorship, highlighting potential cover-ups and raising suspicions about the extent of corruption and influence.
    • The suppression of the Hunter Biden laptop story and FBI involvement in briefing social media platforms highlights the need for transparency and accountability to protect election integrity.
    • The alleged collusion between influential entities and their suppression of opposing narratives brings into question the integrity and independence of institutions, calling for transparency and accountability in their relationship with political interests.
    • Trump's America-first approach and skepticism towards international intervention upended long-held Cold War mentalities, sparking resistance from those deeply entrenched in the deep state.
    • Critical thinking and vigilance are necessary when assessing credibility of information and intentions of powerful entities.
    • Joe Biden's actions suggest he has prioritized his family's financial interests and wealthy corporations over the working class, raising concerns about conflicts of interest and favoritism towards China.
    • Hunter Biden's involvement in suspicious business deals and connections with unsavory individuals raise concerns about the potential ethical implications and personal gains for the Biden family.
    • Evidence suggests Joe Biden's involvement in his son's business dealings, highlighting the need for transparency and thorough scrutiny to address potential conflicts of interest and ensure accountability.
    • Biden's involvement in Ukraine policy and allegations of his family's financial gains raise concerns about potential compromises, highlighting the need for understanding the situation and staying informed before the upcoming election.

    📝 Podcast Summary

    Hunter Biden's Laptop Controversy: Implications and Questions Raised

    Hunter Biden's actions surrounding his laptops raise questions about his family's business dealings and the potential implications for his father, Joe Biden, as he announced his presidential candidacy. The timing of dropping off the laptops just a week before the announcement appears suspicious and careless. It suggests that Hunter was either inadvertently or purposely exposing sensitive information that could implicate his family. The laptops contained not only incriminating evidence against Hunter himself but also documents related to the company Burisma, which appeared frequently. The story sheds light on the extensive cover-up by the Deep State, collusion with media companies, and the potential global impact of political and psychological warfare. This episode raises concerns not just for those directly involved but for innocent people worldwide.

    Questionable Behavior and Family Influence: Joe and Hunter Biden's Troubling Actions

    The actions and choices of Joe Biden and his son Hunter raise serious questions about their integrity and judgment. The laptop revelations show a disturbing pattern of behavior, with Hunter involving himself in questionable activities such as homemade pornography and engaging with strippers and hookers. Joe Biden's enabling of his son's addiction and lavish lifestyle only adds to the concerns. It is puzzling why a loving father would put his addicted son in a position of power and access to unaccountable cash. The extensive network of influence peddling and favoritism within the Biden family is deeply troubling, casting doubts on their moral character and fitness for public office. The laptop material exposes a world of corruption and exploitation that demands further scrutiny and accountability.  Overall, this revelation highlights the need for transparency and ethical conduct among those in positions of power.

    Revealing the Facade: Joe Biden's Manipulative Image and Troubling Family Dynamics

    Joe Biden has carefully crafted a persona of being a good family man and working class hero, but it is all a facade. His life and family image are constructed to mimic the Kennedy clan, and he creates stories about himself to self-aggrandize. He has lived in a delusional fantasy world, even before his current cognitive challenges. Furthermore, his family dynamics are troubling, with his fatherly role being mercurial and inconsistent. His stepmother Jill Biden doesn't seem to favor his son Hunter, which adds to the burden and instability. It becomes evident that Joe Biden cynically exploits his family for his own political gain, as seen in the staged photo op after his wife's tragic death.

    Comparing the Influence of Connections on Hunter Biden and Jordan Peterson's Children in Business Ventures

    Hunter Biden's business ventures lacked substance and were primarily dependent on his connections rather than his own abilities. While he has a legal degree and some artistic talent, his ventures were not focused on creating a product or providing a valuable service. Instead, it seems that his access to his father, Joe Biden, and other influential figures played a significant role in the opportunities he received. This raises questions about the legitimacy and sustainability of his business endeavors. On the other hand, the involvement of Jordan Peterson's children in his business reflects a different approach, where opportunities are aligned with their talents and they actively contribute to the projects.

    The Evidence Behind Hunter Biden's Laptop Claims

    There is substantial evidence to support the claims made in Miranda Devine's book about Hunter Biden's laptop. Devine states that she has sourced all the information directly from the laptop and verified it through conversations with Hunter's associates and former business partners who were mentioned in the emails and documents. She emphasizes that no one has been able to disprove or discredit the information presented in her book. Despite Hunter's attempts to dismiss the laptop as potentially Russian disinformation, he has taken legal action against individuals who exposed the material, further suggesting his acknowledgement of its authenticity. It is noteworthy that Devine has not faced any defamation suits, which adds credibility to her work.

    Uncovering Power Dynamics: The Laptop Story Reveals Government and Media Control

    The story of the laptop and its contents reveals a sequence of events that highlight the power dynamics within the media and the government. Mac Isaac, the laptop shop owner, stumbled upon sensitive material that made him nervous, leading him to report it to the FBI. However, his initial attempts were met with rudeness and rejection. It wasn't until months later that two FBI agents finally questioned him about the laptop. This delay raises questions about the government's intentions and priorities. Furthermore, the story's exposure by the New York Post was quickly suppressed by social media platforms, indicating a level of control and censorship imposed by the powers that be. All these events shed light on the complexities surrounding information dissemination and how certain narratives are controlled or silenced.

    Lack of Action and Response from Authorities and Media Regarding Crucial Evidence

    There was a lack of action and response from important figures and institutions regarding the evidence presented. The individual who discovered the evidence initially approached the FBI with hopes of it being used in a beneficial way, believing that the FBI would do the right thing. However, as time passed, nothing happened. This led to frustration and desperation, resulting in attempts to contact various Republicans and eventually turning to Rudy Giuliani. The evidence on the laptop was seen as having significant value and contained evidence of crimes. Despite attempts to get media attention, it took some time for the story to break. This highlights a concerning lack of action and response from those in positions of power and influence.

    Corruption, International Involvement, and Accountability: A Closer Look at Ukraine's Government

    There were allegations of corruption and interference in Ukraine's government, particularly during the Yankovich regime. The involvement of the CIA in the coup is mentioned, although the extent of their involvement remains unclear. It is pointed out that Mola Chesky, the owner of Bura, managed to keep his business and continue making money, despite other ministers fleeing the country with billions of dollars. Chesky was even able to put Americans like Hunter Biden and his friend Deon Archer on the board of his company. Furthermore, a scandal involving the collapse of a case against Chesky, which had been pursued by the British Serious Fraud Squad and FBI, raised questions about corruption within the Ukrainian prosecutor general's office. Victor Shoken, a well-known and successful prosecutor, was brought in to handle the situation. Overall, the key takeaway revolves around allegations of corruption, international involvement, and the need for accountability within Ukraine's government institutions.

    Controversy Surrounding Ukrainian Prosecutor Viktor Shoken's Firing and Biden's Involvement

    There is evidence suggesting that former Ukrainian prosecutor Viktor Shoken was a successful and non-corrupt prosecutor. He claims to have been investigating Bar Chesky and Barisma at the time he was fired. There are reports and warrants issued by Shoken that support his claims, including the seizure of properties belonging to Chesky. Furthermore, there is no evidence to refute Shoken's credibility or accuse him of corruption. However, Joe Biden, his allies, and certain media outlets have spread lies about Shoken, possibly to protect their own interests. It raises questions about the motives behind Biden's involvement in Shoken's removal and his subsequent actions in Ukraine.

    Challenges and censorship surround the Hunter Biden laptop story

    The process of uncovering and reporting on the Hunter Biden laptop story was met with challenges and obstacles along the way. Miranda Devine, a journalist, built a connection with Rudy Giuliani to gain access to information about Donald Trump. When Bob Costello sent her the story about the laptop, she saw its potential significance and shared it with her editor, Cole Allen, who decided to pursue it. Despite concerns and trepidation within the newsroom, Allen believed in the story and published it three weeks before the election. However, the story faced censorship on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, raising suspicions of a cover-up. It became clear that the story's cover-up is potentially bigger than the corruption it exposes, with Twitter's connections to former intelligence officials adding to the intrigue.

    Suppression of Hunter Biden laptop story and FBI involvement raises concerns about election integrity

    The suppression of the Hunter Biden laptop story by Twitter and Facebook, with the possible involvement of the FBI, raises serious concerns about the integrity of the 2020 election. The excuse used by Twitter to shut down the story was that it violated their hacked materials policy, even though nothing about the story was hacked. It has now been revealed that the FBI had been briefing Twitter and Facebook about a potential hack and leak operation of Russian disinformation related to Hunter Biden. Additionally, the FBI had been spying on Rudy Giuliani, the president's private lawyer, since November 2019. This scandalous interference by social media platforms and law enforcement agencies highlights the need for transparency and accountability in protecting election integrity.

    Allegations of Collusion, Manipulation, and Censorship: Investigating Powerful Entities and Their Impact on Freedom of Information.

    There are allegations of collusion and manipulation by powerful entities such as the FBI, CIA, Facebook, Twitter, and even prestigious news organizations like the New York Times and Washington Post. These entities are accused of working together to suppress and censor information that goes against their desired narratives, violating the principles of the First Amendment. This collusion is concerning because it raises questions about the integrity and independence of these institutions. Additionally, the alignment between the security and intelligence community and left-wing Democrats, such as the Biden administration, seems unexpected. This situation highlights the need for transparency, accountability, and a closer examination of the relationship between these powerful entities and political interests.

    Trump's presidency challenged traditional conservative and neocon views, disrupting the status quo in international relations and causing a resistance to change in Washington.

    Trump's presidency challenged the conventional conservative and neocon worldview that has dominated Washington for decades. His America-first approach and skepticism towards international intervention and alliances disrupted the status quo. By questioning why the US should be the "policeman of the world" and demanding that NATO allies contribute more, he upended long-held Cold War mentalities. This approach also played out in his handling of Russia and the Middle East, where he pursued fresh thinking and upended narratives. However, his departure from the traditional neocon stance made him an existential threat to those deeply entrenched in the deep state. The controversial reaction from former intelligence officials exemplifies this resistance to change and highlights the power dynamics at play in Washington.

    Concerns of abuse of authority and trust in intelligence community and media

    There has been a concerning abuse of authority and trust within the intelligence community and media, particularly in relation to the Trump administration. The actions of certain individuals and organizations, such as the FBI, CIA, Facebook, Twitter, the Washington Post, and the New York Times, have raised questions about their motivations and integrity. This includes signing documents and spreading false information without proper evidence or due diligence, all in an attempt to undermine Trump. It is worrying to see a disregard for civil liberties and the use of fear-based tactics, similar to those seen in the climate change and COVID-19 debates. These actions highlight the need for critical thinking and vigilance when assessing the credibility of information and the intentions of those in positions of power.

    Joe Biden's Influence Peddling and Questionable Connections

    Joe Biden has been involved in an influence peddling operation that has benefited his family financially. Through his powerful positions in Congress, Biden and his family have used their connections and relationships to secure lucrative deals and support from wealthy corporations. This includes his son Hunter's questionable business dealings, which have raised concerns about potential conflicts of interest. Furthermore, Biden's relationship with China has been a cause for alarm, with allegations of him being too pro-China and instrumental in getting China into the World Trade Organization, negatively impacting American manufacturing. Despite Biden's public persona and claims to represent the working class, his actions suggest otherwise, benefiting the wealthy and corporate interests at the expense of ordinary citizens.

    Hunter Biden's questionable business dealings and associations raise concerns of moral hazard and potential personal benefit.

    Joe Biden's son, Hunter Biden, was involved in questionable business dealings, particularly with countries like China, Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and Romania. These deals often seemed to benefit the Bidens personally, raising concerns of a moral hazard. For instance, during a trip to China where Joe Biden was negotiating important affairs, Hunter Biden came home with a 10% stake in a Chinese firm worth billions of dollars. Furthermore, there were instances where Hunter was associated with unsavory individuals, and these individuals often faced legal consequences or disappeared. It is worth noting that the vice president's son would likely be under surveillance by the CIA or intelligence agencies, given the nature of his activities and personal struggles.

    Concerns of Financial Benefiting and Conflicts of Interest for Joe Biden in Relation to His Son's Business

    There is evidence suggesting that Joe Biden directly benefited financially from his son Hunter's business dealings. This raises concerns about moral hazards and potential conflicts of interest for the president. Despite the White House's attempts to distance Joe Biden from his son's activities, testimony and evidence indicate that Joe Biden was involved and present during key meetings. The focus should not solely be on finding a check with Joe's name on it, but rather on recognizing the broader implications of these dealings, particularly in the context of the ongoing war with Russia and the corruption in Ukraine. The actions and connections of the Biden family deserve thorough scrutiny to ensure transparency and accountability.

    Concerns about Joe Biden's foreign policy decisions and potential compromises due to family's financial ties with adversarial countries.

    There are concerns about Joe Biden's foreign policy decisions and potential compromises due to his family's financial ties with adversarial countries. The mentions of Ukraine and Russia highlight these concerns. It is suggested that Biden's previous involvement in Ukraine policy did not yield any consequences for Russia's invasion of Crimea. Furthermore, allegations of his family's involvement and financial gains from various countries create suspicion regarding Biden's potential compromises. The conversation also remarks on the suppression of negative information about the Biden family by major social media platforms and the deep state. These factors contribute to a messy political landscape and underscore the importance of understanding the situation and staying informed, especially considering the upcoming election.

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    Bruce Pardy is executive director of Rights Probe, a law and liberty thinktank, and professor of law at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. He is a lawyer, academic, columnist, and outspoken critic of the illiberal managerial state, fighting at the front lines of the culture war inside the law. Bruce writes for the National Post, Epoch Times, and the Brownstone Institute, among others, and serves as senior fellow at the Fraser Institute, the Macdonald-Laurier Institute, and the Frontier Centre for Public Policy. He has taught at law schools in Canada, the United States and New Zealand, practiced civil litigation in Toronto, and served as adjudicator and mediator on the Ontario Environmental Tribunal. The legal ground, Bruce has written, is shifting beneath our feet. The individual is losing to the collective. An ever-expanding bureaucracy regulates life from cradle to grave, including private behavior and speech, in the name of common good. The law has become discretionary, arbitrary, and unequal. The end of Western liberal civilization, as we have known it, is conceivable.

    Konstantin Kisin is a Russian-British satirist, social commentator, and co-host of the TRIGGERnometry Youtube show. He is also the author of “An Immigrant's Love Letter to the West,” a Sunday Times bestseller. He has written for several publications, including Quillette, The Spectator, The Daily Telegraph, and Standpoint, on issues relating to tech censorship, woke culture, comedy, and other topics, but he currently publishes articles on his popular Substack. Kisin made headlines in 2018 when he refused to sign a "safe space contract" to perform comedy at a British college and again in 2023 when he participated in an Oxford Union debate on the motion of "This House Believes Woke Culture Has Gone Too Far." His speech at the debate received viral attention and has been seen by over 100 million people around the world.



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    441. TBD | Tor Nørretranders

    441. TBD | Tor Nørretranders

    Dr. Jordan B. Peterson sits down with author and speaker Tor Nørretranders. They discuss the entropy of emotion, the nature of pointlessness, the over-civilization of societal structures, how relationships shape perception, and why play might be the antithesis to tyranny.


    Tor Nørretranders is an independent author, thinker and speaker based in Denmark, serving an international audience. He has published over 30 books on topics ranging from society to human consciousness.



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    For Tor Nørretranders:


    The User Illusion:



    The Generous Man:



    Wild food and agriculture:





    Website https://www.tor.dk/


    Article “We Are Waking Up” : https://www.tor.dk/2019/05/06/we-are-waking-up/