#2040 - Eddie Bravo

    Critical thinking is crucial in evaluating claims and seeking reliable information. Prioritize well-being by making informed choices based on scientific evidence, rather than relying on unfounded theories or beliefs.

    en-usSeptember 27, 2023

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    Eddie Bravo is a champion martial artist, founder of 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu, musician, stand-up comic, and author. He's the host of "Look Into It - with Eddie Bravo" podcast.


    🔑 Key Takeaways

    • Injuries can greatly affect a team's performance, highlighting the importance of teamwork and depth in a roster. Advancements in medical treatment provide hope for improved recovery in the future.
    • Prioritize safety, be aware of surroundings, and advocate for common-sense regulations to protect well-being.
    • Thoughtful drug legislation is essential for consistency, while expertise is crucial when venturing into unfamiliar territories.
    • Proper promotion and branding, leveraging the UFC's platform, can elevate kickboxing's recognition and popularity, while exciting tournaments and unique aspects like MMA gloves create a thrilling spectator experience.
    • Kickboxing and bare-knuckle fighting offer a unique and intense combat experience with more precise striking, increased risk of injuries, and the potential for engaging tournaments.
    • Combat sports have become more technical and strategic, offering new opportunities for fighters and fans. Training and preparation are crucial when transitioning to new fighting styles, and the sports continue to evolve and provide opportunities for all.
    • Stepping outside our comfort zones, taking risks, and continuously learning can lead to unexpected rewards and success, as exemplified by Mark Kerr's story.
    • Developing guard passing skills is crucial in MMA as it allows fighters to overcome defensive guards, establish dominant positions, and secure victory.
    • MMA rules are constantly evolving to find a balance between safety and allowing effective techniques in the sport, as demonstrated by discussions on kneeing a downed opponent and 12 to 6 elbows.
    • The conversation reveals the inconsistencies in combat sports rules, emphasizing the need for clearer regulations and methods to prevent advantages gained through greasing.
    • Critical thinking is crucial in evaluating claims and seeking reliable information. Prioritize well-being by making informed choices based on scientific evidence, rather than relying on unfounded theories or beliefs.
    • Vladimir Putin's strong influence and control over Russia's political system raises doubts about the country's true democratic nature, requiring a critical and skeptical understanding.
    • Stay informed, question the status quo, and be aware of potential manipulation to protect the values of freedom and democracy.
    • By addressing homelessness, crime, and high taxes in California, safety can be improved, law and order restored, and taxpayers can see the value in their contributions.
    • Sports provide a necessary escape and bring joy as forms of leisure, allowing us to indulge in excitement and competition while taking a step back from everyday life.
    • The world of sports, including pool, martial arts, and grappling, showcases exceptional talent from various countries, highlighting the global diversity and enjoyment these sports bring.
    • Craig Jones' exceptional skills in grappling and leg locks are highly respected by experts. However, caution must be taken as these moves can lead to injuries.
    • Success in modern-day MMA requires a well-rounded skill set, including striking and wrestling abilities, due to the evolution of the sport.
    • The conversation shines a light on the incredible skill and dedication needed to excel in MMA, showcasing the complexity of the sport and the importance of training and adaptability.
    • Defense, timing, and the ever-changing dynamics of MMA fights are essential. Masvidal's organization brings new excitement to the sport, making live fights an exhilarating experience.
    • Continuous growth, adaptation, and perseverance are crucial in achieving greatness in any field, as demonstrated by Anderson Silva and Fabrice Verdum's journey in MMA.
    • Despite the potential dangers, passionate individuals push their limits in martial arts and extreme sports, driven by their love for the thrill and challenge, fully aware of the risks involved.
    • Respect and understand the environment we venture into, as witnessing animals in their natural habitats can be fascinating but also comes with inherent risks.
    • It is crucial to be cautious and aware of the threats posed by these creatures, as they can bypass barriers meant to protect humans and cause severe injuries or even death.
    • Hunting and cooking wild boars can not only control their population but also provide a sustainable and delicious source of meat, showcasing human adaptability in the face of challenges.
    • Animals possess their own instincts and thought processes, which can lead to surprising and amazing behaviors, such as baboons' calculated decisions and cats' strong bonds with humans.
    • Proper nutrition is crucial for pets' overall well-being. Switching to raw or real food can significantly improve their health and prevent destructive behaviors caused by processed pet food.
    • Prioritizing safety measures and using proper protective equipment in hazardous work environments is crucial for maintaining good health. Adopting healthier habits, such as intermittent fasting and a carnivore diet, can positively impact well-being and performance.
    • Pay attention to what you eat and how you care for your body to optimize energy levels and physical performance. Small meals and proper stretching routines can make a significant difference.
    • Stretching and unlocking specific muscles gradually can improve flexibility, reduce pain, and potentially help individuals avoid surgery while achieving optimal performance.

    📝 Podcast Summary

    The Impact of Injuries on Team Fate in Football

    Injuries can drastically impact the fate of a team in sports like football. The conversation between Joe Rogan and Eddie Bravo highlights the significance of injuries, as both Aaron Rogers and Nick Chubb suffered major injuries that affected their respective teams. Despite all the hype surrounding Rogers joining the Jets and the Browns' strong start on paper, these injuries brought setbacks and uncertainty. However, the resilience and determination of the teams were evident as they rallied together and continued to compete. This highlights the importance of teamwork and depth in a roster, as one player's injury can change the entire course of a season. Additionally, the discussion touches on the advancements in medical treatment, showing the hope for improved recovery and regeneration of tissues in the future.

    Unpredictable accidents and the need for caution and advocacy.

    Accidents can happen at any moment, and the consequences can be devastating. The conversation between Joe Rogan and Eddie Bravo touches on various tragic incidents, including sports injuries, car accidents, and drug-related incidents. It highlights the unpredictability of life and the importance of being cautious and aware of our surroundings. The discussion also sheds light on the dangers of driving under the influence of drugs and the absurdity of certain drug laws that criminalize harmless substances while allowing more dangerous ones. Ultimately, this conversation serves as a reminder to prioritize safety, both for ourselves and for those around us, and to advocate for common-sense regulations that protect people's well-being.

    Inconsistency and Complexity: Drug Laws, Crime Rates, and Unexpected Opportunities

    The conversation highlights the inconsistency and complexity surrounding drug laws and their enforcement. The discussion moves from Tommy Chung's imprisonment for selling weed to the decriminalization of marijuana and other substances in Oregon. The hosts also touch upon the dangers of fentanyl and the risks associated with purchasing drugs from unregulated sources. The conversation then shifts to the crime rate in Japan and the strict gun control laws in place. Finally, the hosts discuss their involvement in a kickboxing event and the unexpected offer to commentate on a tournament despite their limited knowledge in the field. This takeaway illustrates the need for thoughtful and consistent drug legislation and the importance of expertise when engaging in unfamiliar subjects.

    Unlocking the Untapped Potential of Kickboxing: The Role of Promotion and Marketing

    Kickboxing, particularly high-level kickboxing, has untapped potential in the combat sports world. Despite its history and presence in organizations like K1 and Glory, kickboxing has never reached the heights it could have. The key to unlocking this potential lies in proper promotion and marketing. By leveraging the UFC's promotional machine and branding it as UFC Kickboxing, the sport could gain the recognition and popularity it deserves. Additionally, tournaments like the absolute heavyweight tournament showcased in the conversation can be highly entertaining and engaging for audiences. The exciting combination of elite fighters, intense wars, and the use of smaller MMA gloves add an extra level of excitement to kickboxing.

    The Excitement of Kickboxing and Bare-Knuckle Fighting

    Kickboxing and bare-knuckle fighting offer unique and exciting experiences for fans and fighters alike. The conversational exchange between Eddie Bravo and Joe Rogan highlights their enthusiasm for these combat sports and their belief that they provide a different level of excitement compared to traditional boxing or MMA. They attribute this excitement to the absence of gloves, which allows for more precise and strategic striking, while also acknowledging the increased risk of cuts and injuries. Additionally, they suggest that incorporating tournaments in kickboxing and bare-knuckle fighting, as seen in organizations like 1 FC and K-1, can further engage audiences and attract attention. The discussion showcases their admiration for fighters like Mike Perry, who excel in the intensity and rawness of bare-knuckle combat.

    The Evolution and Excitement of Combat Sports

    Combat sports, such as MMA, bare knuckle fighting, and wrestling, have evolved tremendously over the years. These sports have become more technical and strategic, with fighters showcasing a wide range of skills and techniques. The development of different fighting styles, like combat jujitsu, has brought about new opportunities and excitement for both fighters and fans. Tournaments, like the 16-man tournament in the early days of UFC, have proven to be thrilling and captivating, allowing viewers to witness the rise of unknown fighters. Additionally, the discussion highlights the importance of training and preparation, especially when transitioning to a new fighting style like bare knuckle. Ultimately, the takeaway is that combat sports continue to evolve and offer a diverse range of opportunities for athletes and fans alike.

    Embracing Challenges: Mark Kerr's Inspiring Journey

    Mark Kerr's story highlights the importance of adapting and embracing new challenges. Despite initially being hesitant about entering the world of fighting, Kerr eventually took a chance and participated in an eight-man tournament in Brazil. Even though he experienced a series of setbacks, including injuries and financial issues, Kerr's determination and skill allowed him to come out on top. This shows that sometimes, the greatest rewards come from stepping outside of our comfort zones and taking risks. Kerr's journey also reinforces the significance of continuous learning and improvement, as he focused on developing specific grappling skills that would help him succeed in different scenarios. Overall, Kerr's story serves as an inspiration to embrace new opportunities and never give up, no matter the obstacles.

    The Importance of Guard Passing in MMA

    A key strategy in MMA is the ability to pass the guard. Eddie Bravo and Joe Rogan discuss how Mark Kerr's refusal to develop guard passing skills ultimately led to his defeat against Igor Vovchanchyn. Despite being able to take Igor down multiple times, Kerr couldn't finish him because he couldn't pass his guard. Igor's defensive guard and kickboxing background made it difficult for Kerr's ground and pound strikes to have a significant impact. This fight highlights the importance of not only having strong takedowns and ground skills, but also the ability to effectively pass the guard in order to secure a victory.

    The ongoing debate on controversial techniques and rules in MMA

    There is a debate surrounding certain techniques in MMA and the rules that govern them. Joe Rogan and Eddie Bravo discuss the question of whether kneeing a downed opponent in the head should be allowed, citing examples from past fights as well as discussing other controversial moves like 12 to 6 elbows. They both argue that these techniques should be permitted because they can potentially end fights more effectively and efficiently. While there are differing opinions on what should be allowed, it is evident that MMA rules are constantly evolving, with organizations like 1 Championship implementing their own rules regarding knees on the ground. Ultimately, the discussion highlights the ongoing effort to find a balance between safety and allowing effective techniques in the sport.

    The Complexities of Combat Sports Rules and Regulations

    The rules and regulations surrounding combat sports, like MMA, can be complex and sometimes inconsistent. The conversation between Joe Rogan and Eddie Bravo reveals that certain moves, such as 12 to 6 elbows and up kicks to a grounded opponent's body and legs, are legal in Colorado but not in the UFC. This leads to confusion and questioning of the rules. They also discuss the issue of greasing, which involves applying substances like Vaseline to the body to make it slippery. The discussion highlights the need for clearer rules and perhaps the use of rash guards or spats to eliminate the advantage gained from greasing. Overall, the conversation sheds light on the intricacies of combat sports regulations.

    Debunking Misconceptions and Conspiracy Theories

    There are widespread misconceptions and conspiracy theories surrounding certain topics, such as the use of chemicals in swimming pools and the presence of fluoride in drinking water. It is important to be critical and question the validity of such claims. While it may seem plausible or alarming at first glance, it is essential to seek out reliable information and scientific evidence. Taking care of our overall health, including dental hygiene, is crucial and should not solely rely on questionable practices or substances. By staying informed and making informed choices, we can prioritize our well-being and avoid falling victim to unfounded theories or beliefs.

    Putin's Dominance and Doubt in Russia's Political Landscape

    Russia's political landscape has been heavily influenced by Vladimir Putin since he took office in 2000. Despite claiming to have democratic processes, Putin's control and influence over the country are undeniable. This is evident through his ability to maintain power by stepping down temporarily and then resuming his role as president. Additionally, there are questionable circumstances surrounding opposition against Putin, such as the plane crash of a key figure attempting a coup. This raises doubts about the true nature of Russia's political system. The confusion surrounding the transition from the Soviet Union to modern-day Russia adds another layer of uncertainty. Overall, understanding the political dynamics in Russia requires careful examination and skepticism.

    The Threat of Foreign Influence and Manipulation in Politics

    There are concerns about foreign influence and manipulation in political affairs. The conversation highlights the possibility of long-term strategies by countries like Russia and China to gain control and undermine the United States. It raises questions about the motivations behind certain political decisions and the extent of the influence of unseen forces. The discussion also touches upon the idea of a "great awakening" versus a "great reset" and the confusion surrounding these competing narratives. Ultimately, the takeaway is the importance of staying informed, questioning the status quo, and being aware of potential manipulation in order to preserve the values of freedom and democracy.

    Addressing Homelessness, Crime, and Taxes in California

    Both Joe Rogan and Eddie Bravo highlight the issues California faces with homelessness and crime. They agree that eliminating homeless encampments, providing shelter and counseling, and addressing violent offenses are crucial steps to improve safety and restore law and order. Joe Rogan emphasizes that cleaning up these issues and making LA safe again could garner support for a potential presidential candidate. However, they express concern over the high taxes in California, particularly the 14% state tax, which they believe should come with tangible benefits. They discuss the need for a balanced approach to taxation, where taxpayers can see the value in what they're contributing.

    The Escape and Joy of Sports

    Sports, like football and pool, serve as distractions from our everyday lives. They provide entertainment and allow us to escape from the stresses of the world. While some may argue that they were initially created to divert attention from more pressing issues, they now exist as forms of leisure that bring people joy. Whether it's cheering for your favorite team or watching an intense game of pool, these activities offer a break from reality and allow us to indulge in excitement and competition. So, while it's important to stay informed about important matters, sometimes it's necessary to take a step back and enjoy the simple pleasures that sports can bring.

    Global Diversity and Talent in Pool, Martial Arts, and Grappling

    The world of sports, specifically pool and martial arts, showcases exceptional talent from various countries. The conversation discussed the remarkable skills of pool players from China, the Philippines, and Taiwan, highlighting the admiration and enjoyment they bring to the game. Similarly, the Rutolo brothers and Mikey Musumeci were mentioned as rising stars in the world of grappling and jiu-jitsu. Furthermore, the discussion delved into the comprehensive nature of martial arts competitions, such as 1 FC, which incorporates elements like Muay Thai, kickboxing, and MMA. This integration allows athletes to excel in their chosen disciplines while engaging in exciting cross-disciplinary matchups. Overall, the conversation emphasized the global diversity and talent present in these sports.

    Craig Jones: The Master of Leg Locks and Grappling

    Craig Jones is recognized as one of the best in the world when it comes to grappling and leg locks. His skills and techniques are highly admired by experts like Eddie Bravo and Joe Rogan. The highlight of his performance was during the Quintette team tournament, where he did a remarkable behind-the-back toehold move. However, it's important to note that such moves can result in injuries. Despite this, both Eddie and Joe share their own experiences with ankle injuries and the recovery process. Additionally, the conversation shifts towards other fighters such as Vinny Magalhaes and Lee Murray, who have made their own mark in the world of combat sports.

    Difficulty finding specific videos online and the challenges of transitioning from grappling to MMA.

    Finding specific videos or clips online can be a frustrating and difficult task, especially when they are behind paywalls or inaccessible on certain platforms. Eddie Bravo and Joe Rogan try to find a video of a flying armbar, but their search proves unsuccessful. This leads to a discussion about the challenges of transitioning from grappling to MMA, the importance of striking and wrestling skills in the UFC, and the unique techniques and abilities of different jiu-jitsu champions. The conversation highlights the evolution of the sport and the need for a well-rounded skill set in order to succeed in modern-day MMA.

    A Conversation on the Impressive Skill and Strategy of MMA Fighters

    The conversation between Joe Rogan and Eddie Bravo revolves around impressive displays of skill in mixed martial arts (MMA). They discuss various fighters and their techniques, highlighting moments of exceptional talent and strategy during matches. The key takeaway here is the appreciation for the level of skill and dedication required to excel in MMA. From flying armbar submissions to leg lock defense, the conversation showcases the complexity and depth of this combat sport. It also emphasizes the importance of training, preparation, and adaptability for fighters in order to succeed against high-level opponents. Overall, the discussion serves as a reminder of the awe-inspiring performances that can be witnessed in the world of MMA.

    A Passionate Discussion on MMA Fights, Leg Locks, and Strategy

    The conversation between Eddie Bravo and Joe Rogan touches upon various topics such as MMA fights, leg locks, and Bare Knuckle Boxing. They discuss the technique and strategy behind the fights, highlighting the importance of defense and knowing when to let go. Additionally, they mention the impact of Baronacle and how it changes the dynamics of MMA fights. They express their support for Masvidal's organization and the thrill of watching fights live. Overall, the conversation showcases their shared passion for MMA and their excitement for upcoming events.

    Perseverance and Evolution: The Path to MMA Legend

    Perseverance and evolution are key in achieving success in any field. Both Anderson Silva and Fabrice Verdum faced their own challenges before becoming legends in MMA. They started with their respective strengths in jiu-jitsu, but their striking skills were initially lacking. However, they didn't give up. They continued to train, improve their skills, and adapt to the sport. Over time, Anderson Silva's jiu-jitsu became formidable, and Fabrice Verdum developed knockout power with his striking. Their ability to withstand setbacks and keep pushing forward ultimately led to their dominance in their weight divisions. This example serves as a reminder that continuous growth, adaptation, and perseverance are crucial in achieving greatness.

    Embracing the Risks: The World of Martial Arts and Extreme Sports

    The world of martial arts and extreme sports can be filled with unexpected dangers. From brutal fights in the UFC to risky activities like big wave surfing, individuals put their bodies on the line for their passion. Whether it's dealing with devastating injuries like broken ankles or the constant threat of shark attacks, these athletes face risks that most people wouldn't dare to encounter. However, their love for their respective sports drives them to push boundaries and challenge themselves beyond measure. While these activities may seem scary and dangerous, there are still individuals who choose to embrace them, fully aware of the potential consequences.

    The Power of Nature: Awe-Inspiring and Terrifying Encounters with Wild Creatures.

    Nature can be both awe-inspiring and terrifying. The conversation highlights the dangerous encounters humans can have with sharks, anacondas, crocodiles, and other wild creatures. It reminds us how important it is to respect and understand the environment we venture into. While it's fascinating to witness animals in their natural habitats, it also comes with inherent risks. The examples shared, such as the Jaguars hunting crocodiles or the Tiger attacking a man on an elephant, serve as reminders of the untamed power of these creatures. Living in a city may shield us from such encounters, but it also disconnects us from the raw beauty and primal instincts found in nature.

    The dangers of encountering crocodiles and alligators in the wild.

    Encountering dangerous animals in the wild can have severe consequences. Eddie Bravo and Joe Rogan discuss instances where people have been attacked by crocodiles and alligators, resulting in life-altering injuries and even death. They emphasize the importance of being cautious and aware of the threats posed by these creatures, regardless of any precautions taken. The conversation also highlights the unpredictable nature of these animals, as they have been known to find clever ways to bypass barriers meant to protect humans. The discussion serves as a reminder that nature can be unforgiving, and it is crucial to exercise caution and respect when venturing into the wild.

    Turning a Nuisance into a Delicacy: The Potential of Wild Boar in Florida

    The state of Florida is not just home to wild animals like alligators, but also to an overwhelming population of wild boars. These creatures, with their invasive nature and destructive habits, have become a serious problem for farmers and the agricultural industry. However, instead of just considering them a nuisance, there is potential to turn this situation into an opportunity. By hunting and cooking these wild boars correctly, they can actually provide a delicious source of meat, even surpassing regular pork in taste. It's a win-win situation, as it helps control the boar population while also offering a sustainable food resource. In the face of these challenges, innovative solutions like this demonstrate the adaptability and resilience of humans.

    The Intelligence and Instincts of Animals

    Animals like baboons and coyotes possess a level of intelligence and instinct that allows them to make calculated decisions. While baboons may steal and harm babies, they also understand that attacking humans would result in their own extermination. Similarly, coyotes have learned not to mess with humans, knowing that it would lead to their own demise. On the other hand, cats have shown incredible acts of protection towards babies and kids, highlighting their strong bond with their human family. These stories illustrate the complex and nuanced behaviors of animals, reminding us that they have their own instincts, thought processes, and emotional connections, which can sometimes surprise and amaze us.

    The Dangers of Processed Pet Food and the Benefits of Raw Feeding

    The story of Johnny the chicken-killing dog highlights the importance of providing proper and nutritious food to our pets. Joe Rogan shares how Johnny's diet of dry kibble led to destructive behavior and ultimately his demise. This conversation leads to a discussion about the harmful ingredients found in many pet foods and the positive impact that a switch to raw or real food can have on a pet's health. Joe mentions how his own dog, Marshall, experienced numerous health benefits after switching to frozen raw food. The conversation serves as a reminder that just like humans, animals can also suffer from the negative effects of processed and low-quality diets, emphasizing the importance of making informed choices about our pets' nutrition.

    Health hazards at work and the importance of safety measures and healthy lifestyle choices.

    Both Joe Rogan and Eddie Bravo have experienced the negative effects of working in environments with potential health hazards. They recalled their experiences of working with fiberglass and inhaling harmful particles without any protection, which led to discomfort and concerns about their health. This highlights the importance of prioritizing safety measures and using proper protective equipment in hazardous work environments. Moreover, their discussion also touched on the significance of maintaining a healthy lifestyle, such as intermittent fasting and eliminating carb cravings through a carnivore diet. These lifestyle choices have positively impacted their well-being and performance, showing the potential benefits of adopting healthier habits.

    The Impact of Nutrition and Body Care on Energy Levels and Performance

    What we eat and how we take care of our bodies can significantly impact our energy levels and physical performance. Eddie Bravo discovered that eating a large meal before working out can drain up to 80% of his energy, while a smaller meal or even just some vitamins and a protein bar only affects about 10-15%. This realization came after hearing about similar habits from other athletes like D.K. Metcalfe and Mikey Musa Mechie. Additionally, Eddie shares his experience with a unique stretching routine designed by Joe Hypenstein, an Olympic-level therapist. The routine focuses on unlocking locked muscles slowly and without any pain, resulting in a remarkable 80% improvement in Eddie's back pain. Ultimately, it's crucial to understand and listen to our bodies in order to optimize our performance and well-being.

    Unlocking Muscles: An Alternative to Surgery

    Stretching and unlocking muscles can be a effective alternative to surgery for injury recovery. Eddie Bravo shares his experience with a unique stretching method that goes beyond yoga to unlock specific muscles causing pain. The key is to stretch the muscle just a little bit, rest for a minute, and then repeat the process, gradually increasing the stretch. The philosophy behind this method is to allow the stretched muscles to fill with blood, slowly improving flexibility and reducing pain. Eddie Bravo emphasizes that there should be little to no pain during the stretching process, and it should be done slowly and consistently. This alternative approach can potentially help individuals avoid surgery and achieve ultimate human performance.

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