How a Waitress at Denny’s Built a Billion Dollar Beauty Brand: This Incredible Story Will Unlock Your Purpose!

    enJune 08, 2023

    Podcast Summary

    • The Importance of Self-Belief in Uncertain TimesTrust in your abilities and take action towards your goals, rather than letting doubt and uncertainty hold you back. Look to successful examples like Jamie Card Lima for inspiration.

      Believing in oneself is crucial in moments of uncertainty and change. It is natural to feel overwhelmed when thinking about the future, but it is important not to let doubt take over. Whether it is a college student unsure about their future or someone starting a new venture, it is important to have faith in one's abilities and not let hesitation hold them back. Mel's guest, Jamie Card Lima, who sold her company for a billion dollars, is a prime example of how believing in oneself can lead to success. Rather than focusing on the doubts and uncertainties, it is important to trust the journey and take action towards one's goals.

    • Jamie Kern Lima's inspiring journey to creating a billion dollar company with belief and perseveranceOvercoming doubt and uncertainty is key to success. Confidence in oneself and hard work can lead to achieving one's dreams, regardless of privilege or resources.

      Jamie Kern Lima's success story shows that with hard work, determination, and the belief in oneself, anyone can overcome obstacles and achieve their dreams. Her journey from being a waitress at Denny's to creating a billion dollar company, It Cosmetics, is an inspiring example of cultivating belief in one's ideas and intuition. The feeling of doubt and uncertainty is common when pursuing one's dreams, but pushing through despite these emotions is key to success. Jamie's story serves as a reminder that success is not solely reserved for those with privilege or resources, but rather it is attainable through perseverance and confidence in oneself.

    • Setbacks as Opportunities for Growth and PurposeLife's setbacks can lead to growth and purpose. Our steps are ordered even when it doesn't make sense. Serving others who struggle like us and learning along the way can lead to big successes.

      Setbacks in life can often lead to opportunities for growth and greater purpose, even when it feels like we are off the path we're supposed to be on. Purpose is not always tied to a specific job or achievement, but can be found in serving others who are going through the same struggles we once faced. Our steps are ordered and everything in life is happening for us, even when it doesn't make sense. Learning to connect with people is important to prevent them from leaving, but ultimately getting the operations right is crucial to a successful business. Little things we learn along the way can lead to big successes in the future.

    • Fulfillment in Small Actions and Finding PurposePurpose can be found in small actions like connecting with people and treating everyone with respect. Believing that every moment helps towards the purpose is a tool that can lead to success and growth.

      Finding fulfillment in life does not necessarily require achieving a big end goal. Purpose can be found in small everyday actions, such as connecting with someone who is lonely, treating everyone with respect and kindness, and being seen exactly as you are. Every experience, even the painful ones, can be a tool in building your understanding and getting equipped for your purpose. Believing that the steps are ordered and that every moment is helping you is a major tool in pursuing your purpose. Jamie Kern Lima's story shows that purpose can lead to success and growth in unexpected ways, as her cosmetics company attracted millions of customers who felt seen and connected with her message of worthiness and empowerment.

    • Overcoming Self-Doubt and Fear to Create a Makeup Line for Rosacea SufferersPursue your gut feeling and purpose despite fear and doubt; addressing unmet needs can create impact in the marketplace.

      Jamie Kern Lima's struggles with rosacea while working as a news anchor led her to create her own makeup line, realizing that there were many others who felt underserved by the beauty industry. She overcame self-doubt and fear to pursue her gut feeling, which was fueled by the realization that the current standards of beauty made her feel inadequate. This realization led her to create a makeup line that catered to people with skin issues like hers, thus demonstrating how following one's purpose can lead to creating impact and addressing unmet needs in the marketplace.

    • How Finding Your Purpose is Connected to Identifying a Pain PointIdentifying a pain point in your life and creating something to help others is key to finding your purpose. Don't let excuses hold you back - your struggles could be the key to fulfilling your potential.

      Finding your purpose comes from identifying a pain point or setback in your life and using it to create something that helps both yourself and others. It's about focusing on the bigger picture of impacting people beyond just launching a product, or solving a personal problem. Jamie Kern Lima's success with IT Cosmetics and the real beauty movement demonstrates how being the first to introduce a unique and meaningful idea can change the way people think about an issue. Don't let self-pity or excuses hold you back, and remember that there are always others out there dealing with the same struggles. Your pain could be the key to discovering your purpose and fulfilling your potential.

    • Embrace your uniqueness and trust your ideasYour authenticity is what sets you apart, don't let fear hold you back from pursuing your purpose. Trust in yourself and take risks, even if it means facing rejection or failure. Don't live with regret.

      Don't doubt your aha moments or ideas just because someone else may have done it before. There's only one of you in the entire universe, which means that no one has ever done it the way you're going to do it. Authenticity is key and if it's authentic to you, it's by definition never been done before. So, don't be surprised if not everyone gets it right away or if you face rejections. Trust in yourself, lean on why you have to do it and take the risk, even if it means facing failure or embarrassment. Don't live with the pain of regret by not pursuing what feels like your purpose.

    • The Importance of Passion, Hard Work, and Persistence in Pursuing Your Dream.Pursuing a dream may require risk and sacrifice, but with passion, hard work, and persistence, one can overcome challenges and setbacks to achieve success in their goals.

      Launching a startup or pursuing a dream is not always easy. It requires an immense amount of passion, hard work, and dedication. Sometimes it means risking everything, including one's savings and leaving a secure job. Jamie Kern Lima poured all of her savings and invested three years of her life into her dream, working tirelessly and passionately, and being scrappy and resourceful in creating her product and finding manufacturers. Her story shows that to be successful, one has to be willing to take risks, learn everything about the industry, and be persistent in reaching out to potential partners. One also needs to be patient and resilient in facing rejection and setbacks.

    • Trusting Our Intuition and Improving Decision MakingWe should build pattern recognition in decision-making by recalling past successful experiences and listening to our inner voice, despite facing opposition. Trusting our gut and believing in ourselves can improve our decision-making skills and lead to achieving our goals.

      Trusting our intuition is a lifelong journey, and we build that muscle over time. When faced with opposition in decision-making, we should think back to past situations where we trusted our gut and were successful, and develop pattern recognition for how it felt. This helps us stay connected to our intuition and improve our decision-making skills. Even when faced with numerous rejections or naysayers, we should not give up on our goals and continue to believe in ourselves. Self-doubt can be the loudest, but it is important to listen to our inner voice and remember why we started our pursuits, and what our gut is telling us.

    • Building Confidence in Our IntuitionTrusting our gut requires intentional listening, self-awareness, and making decisions that align with our true desires. Overcoming doubt and people-pleasing helps us discover our purpose and build confidence in our intuition.

      To trust our gut, we need to intentionally listen to our own intuition and ask for guidance. Women are often trained to doubt themselves and make decisions based on consensus or people-pleasing. Building the muscle of listening to our own unique desires and preferences can help us discover our purpose in life. Paying attention to moments in our lives when we trusted ourselves and when we didn't is a good start. We can also serve the person we once were by using our experiences of heartbreak and grief to guide us towards our purpose. By making decisions that align with what we truly want, we can strengthen our ability to listen to our intuition.

    • Using past struggles as inspiration for purposeNo matter what hardships we face, they can provide us with strength and clarity towards our true purpose in life. Use those struggles to help others facing similar situations.

      Hardships in life equip us with strength and purpose, to either carry the weight of our success or help someone else going through similar situations. The turning point in Jamie Kern Lima's journey to success was a painful rejection that shattered her self-doubt and fear. The investor's comment that women won't buy makeup from someone with her body and weight became a moment of clarity, helping her realize her purpose to create inclusive beauty products for all. Jamie's story teaches us to use our past struggles as sources of inspiration to find our true purpose and fulfill it by helping others who are going through similar hardships.

    • Trusting your intuition in the face of rejection and self-doubtBelieve in yourself and trust your inner voice, even in the face of rejection. Keeping going and staying motivated can lead to unimaginable success.

      In life, we often face rejections and self-doubt, and people might tell us that we are not the right fit or we don't have what it takes. But it all comes down to which voice we choose to listen to- the 'no' or the 'knowing' inside us. The key is to trust ourselves and our intuition, whether it comes from our own intuition, from our creator or the universe. It's easy to give up or believe in the rejection, but it's important to keep going, even though we may not know the next step. The knowing can serve as a motivation for us, and as Jamie Kern Lima's experience proves, it can lead to success beyond our imagination.

    • Trusting Your Intuition and Perseverance in the Face of Rejection.When facing rejection, trusting your intuition and persevering with encouragement from positive affirmations and successful stories can lead to opportunities and unexpected success.

      When facing rejection and uncertainty, it's important to trust your intuition to guide you towards the next right step. This may involve prayer, seeking guidance from the universe, or relying on your own intuition. Building a toolbox of positive affirmations and stories of perseverance from successful people who have faced rejection can also provide motivation to keep going. Jamie Kern Lima's persistence and faith in her vision allowed her to overcome three years of rejection and eventually become the most successful beauty brand on QVC. Showing up to opportunities even when facing past rejections can lead to unexpected success and opportunities.

    • Overcoming Obstacles and Succeeding with DeterminationBeing prepared, taking calculated risks, and persevering through challenges are essential to succeeding in business.

      Jamie Kern Lima's determination to succeed and willingness to take risks paid off when she finally got a meeting with a buyer and secured her first big break on QVC. However, this opportunity came with the pressures of having to sell enough product to meet the sales goal or potentially not come back. She also had to learn to navigate the challenges of consignment and making financial investments to cover manufacturing and shipping costs. Through this experience, Jamie learned the value of being prepared, taking calculated risks, and persevering in the face of obstacles. This lesson helped her successfully launch her business and continue to grow over the years.

    • The Importance of Authenticity and Risk-Taking in EntrepreneurshipTo achieve success in entrepreneurship, it is crucial to stay true to oneself and take risks despite the fear of failure. Believe in your product, take the unconventional route, and never accept a purchase order that could potentially lead to financial loss.

      Never accept a purchase order you can't afford to lose. Authenticity is the key to success, and inauthenticity guarantees failure every time. Taking risks and going with your own way of doing things is the pathway to purpose and success. In order to succeed, one must believe in their product and take risks to showcase its true potential, even if it means going against traditional norms. Fear and second-guessing can be overcome with a strong belief in oneself and their product. Trusting oneself and taking risks is necessary for success, and authenticity is the key to achieving it.

    • Overcoming Rejection and Anxiety to Build a Beauty BrandPersistence and belief in oneself can lead to success, despite facing rejection and doubt. Using demonstration and connecting with others can bring greater success and confidence. Fear should not hold us back from pursuing our dreams.

      The biggest beauty brand in QVC history was built by Jamie Kern Lima, who faced years of rejection and anxiety before finally succeeding. She learned the power of demonstration and connecting with real women during her live shows. With her persistence and belief in herself, she proved that no one can tell you that you're not the right fit. Success doesn't happen overnight, but rather it takes determination and grit. The fear of failure is real, but it shouldn't stop us from pursuing our dreams. Moreover, the high five habit could increase our confidence and make us more successful right out of the gate. It's important to remember that even successful people like Jamie Kern Lima faced rejection and doubt before achieving their goals.

    • The Positive Power of RejectionRejection can teach us valuable lessons and help us grow. Trust your instincts and appreciate the journey, even the tough moments. Sometimes a 'no' leads to something better.

      Rejection is not the end, it's just a beginning. We should trust our knowing even when it seems that things aren't going our way. A 'no' can teach us a purpose, a lesson, and build our strength and resilience. We need to appreciate the beautiful moments more when we've gone through the tough ones. Failure can sometimes be a gift in disguise and rejection may actually be God's protection, shielding us from something that wasn't meant for us. Look at the bigger picture and thank those who said 'no' to you as they might have unknowingly given you something much better in the end.

    • Finding Purpose Outside of Your Job and Embracing Life ChangesOur purpose can be discovered in personal experiences, philanthropic endeavors, and embracing change. True success is not just about monetary gain, but also impact and fulfillment in life.

      Your purpose can be found in the things you do outside of your job. True power and grace is about seeing the future ahead, not dwelling in the past. Rejections in relationships can protect you in the future. Jamie Kern Lima's real story is about helping women believe in themselves and see their worth. Purpose can be tied to personal experiences and turning them into strengths. Life changes can help identify one's true purpose and how they want to impact the world. Philanthropy can provide an opportunity for impact and purpose. Success is not just measured by monetary gain but also impact and fulfillment.

    • Taking action and lifting others can lead to success and happiness.Don't wait for perfection to start, take a step and adjust as needed. Help others and believe in yourself to create the success and happiness you desire.

      Don't wait for complete clarity to start something new, take a step and see how it feels. Waiting for perfection can be the biggest excuse for never trying. It's okay to take time to aim and ensure you're aiming at the right thing before letting go of the arrow. Help others and lift them up as this can lead to faster and richer success. Success and happiness are abundant and there is enough for everyone. It's important to tap into the incredible power inside you to create what you want in life and believe that you can.

    • Staying true to your unique intention and overcoming obstacles.Advocate for your dreams, continue to believe in them, and give yourself grace throughout the journey. Remember that you are worthy of achieving your greatest aspirations.

      It is important to stay connected to your unique intention and advocate for it, as it is yours alone. Others may not understand or see it the way you do, and that is okay. Keep walking towards it, talking about it, and believing in it. Only then will it become a reality. The journey may come with friction and bumps, as others may say no or not understand, but keep going anyways. Remember to give yourself grace and know that you are worthy of your greatest hopes and wildest dreams. This podcast reminds us that we are all in it together and to believe in ourselves.

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    Passionate, results-oriented entrepreneur and executive Jared Kahn—Co-Founder and CEO at TechEasy—has a proven track record in developing and executing corporate strategy, change management, operational excellence and stimulating efficiency, and growth. Jared is a problem-solver by nature with multi-dimensional expertise across organizational strategy, marketing, sales effectiveness, operational efficiency, financial planning and P&L ownership and is known for his ability to connect with team members and leaders of all levels.

    His company TechEasy provides nationwide, on-demand, expert tech and IT support, including computer repair, WiFi Services, smart home installations, TV mountings, and more. Brands like Apple, Google, and Amazon, as well as millions of customers, trust TechEasy to keep them up and running across all their devices.

    Jared explains how he is able to strike a balance between leveraging technology for efficiency while maintaining an ever-important human touch throughout the customer journey as well as how entrepreneurs can apply this approach to their own businesses. He also discusses how he has approached brand partnerships, and the lessons he's learned about building strong collaborations and strategic alliances that have contributed to TechEasy's growth and success.

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