Podcast Summary

    • Parental Influence: Shaping David Moyes' Career Path and Approach to Life.Parents play a significant role in shaping their children's career paths and approach to life through their dedication, passion, values, and principles.

      David Moyes was shaped by his upbringing in Glasgow, particularly by his father who worked as a shipbuilder and a teacher while also managing a famous boys club football team. His father's dedication and passion for coaching amateur football left a lasting impression on Moyes. Additionally, Moyes highlights the importance of his parents' influence on his values and principles. They instilled in him the importance of education and a strong work ethic. Moyes acknowledges that while he may not have recognized it at the time, his parents played a significant role in shaping his career path and approach to life. This conversation emphasizes the impact parents can have on their children and the lasting influence they can leave.

    • David Moyes' upbringing and passion for football shaped his journey in the sport.Moyes' parents provided support and guidance, allowing him to choose his path, while his father instilled important skills that continue to benefit him in his career.

      David Moyes was raised in a supportive and encouraging environment by his parents. They allowed him to choose his own path and guided him in values like respect, trust, and truthfulness, which he believes are essential in building strong relationships. While his parents were not necessarily pushy, Moyes admits that his father had always hoped he would become a football player. As Moyes grew older, his passion for football became more evident, and he started playing for Celtic Boys Club, where he experienced success and represented his school and Scotland. Despite uncertainties about his future in football, Moyes always aimed to be involved in the sport, even if it meant working with youth teams or coaching. From his father, he learned valuable skills like planning, organization, and commitment, which he still carries with him today.

    • The Power of Attention to Detail and Professionalism in Dressing WellPaying attention to small details like appearance and dressing professionally can have a significant impact on success and professionalism.

      Attention to detail and professionalism, even in small things like appearance, can make a significant impact in various aspects of life. David Moyes emphasizes the importance of dressing well and looking prepared for games, as it not only enhances one's image but also conveys a message of commitment and dedication. He shares the example of Manchester United’s rule of always wearing a shirt and tie for away games, which reflected their approach to the game. This demonstrates that small psychological advantages, such as dressing professionally, can contribute to success and create a statement of professionalism. Additionally, Moyes highlights the influence of his early days at Celtic, where winning with style was ingrained in him, shaping his perspective on the game and his desire to find ways to win. These experiences taught him the fundamentals of success and the value of continuous learning and improvement.

    • Building a Winning Culture: Confidence, Motivation, and Continuous ImprovementA winning culture in a club or team entails a strong belief in one's abilities, constant effort to stay at the top, and learning from the struggles and challenges faced by clubs lacking a winning culture.

      A winning culture in a club or team is characterized by confidence, motivation, and a drive to constantly improve. When a club has a habit of winning, there is a sense of walking in every morning with pride and a strong belief in one's abilities. It requires a constant effort to stay at the top and not become complacent. On the other hand, experiencing the struggles and challenges of clubs that lack a winning culture is also important in shaping one's journey as a football manager. It allows for a more comprehensive understanding of different aspects of the game. Ultimately, becoming a successful football manager does not follow a specific formula and can be achieved through various paths, whether as a former player or someone who has never played the game.

    • Evolution of Management: From Aggressive Coaching to Open CommunicationSuccessful management today requires balancing accountability and support, maintaining a positive work environment, and continuously adapting to stay relevant and effective.

      The approach to management has evolved significantly over the years. In the past, Scottish managers were known for their intense and aggressive coaching styles, often resorting to screaming and harsh treatment. However, in today's world, there has been a cultural shift towards more open communication and a less confrontational approach. Managers now recognize the importance of maintaining a positive work environment and building strong relationships with their team members. While some level of toughness and constructive criticism is still necessary, constant praise can make individuals complacent. Adaptation and continuous learning are essential for managers to stay relevant and effective in their roles. Overall, the key takeaway is that successful management today requires a balance between accountability and support.

    • The Importance of Effort, Dedication, and Character in Identifying TalentWhen searching for talent, it is crucial to prioritize individuals who show genuine dedication, love for the game, and a strong work ethic. Assessing character and values is just as important as statistical data and price considerations.

      When it comes to finding great talent and players, effort and dedication play a crucial role. David Moyes emphasizes the importance of looking for individuals who put in the effort, love the game, and have a genuine dedication to it. He shares that he always wanted to see his players' eyes and determine if they were willing to work hard and take criticism. While statistics and price may be factors to consider, it is the scouts and agents who bring potential players forward. However, it is essential to dig deeper to understand the character and background of a player, assessing if they possess the right qualities and values. This conversation highlights the significance of effort, dedication, and character when identifying talent.

    • The Importance of Selecting the Right FitSelecting individuals who blend in and have the necessary qualities is vital in both sports and business, as it leads to stability, prevents wasted time and resources, and ultimately contributes to success.

      Selecting the right fit, whether it's for a football team or a business, is a challenging task. David Moyes, a football manager, emphasizes the importance of bringing in individuals who will blend in and be a part of the team. He considers Nigel Martin as his best ever signing because of the stability he provided over several years. However, Moyes admits that he has made mistakes in selecting players and missed out on potential talents. Steven Bartlett, a businessman, agrees that hiring is always a guessing game, even with experience. Both understand that making quick decisions and avoiding indecision is crucial to prevent wasting time and resources. Ultimately, finding the right fit requires evaluating a person's drive, energy, love for the game or industry, and their willingness to put in the work.

    • The Importance of Hiring and Culture in Business and FootballTrusting personal judgment and following a proper recruitment process, as well as creating a strong team culture, are essential for success in hiring and building a successful future for a club or business.

      Hiring people and creating a positive culture is challenging but crucial for success in both business and football. In business, CEOs often have more control over the hiring process, while in football, owners and boards often have a say in signing players. However, it is important for managers to trust their own judgment and follow a proper process in player recruitment. Additionally, creating a strong team culture is vital for new signings to thrive. In the case of David Moyes and West Ham, they aim to build a new future for the club by embracing their new stadium and engaging with the local community. This involves attracting exciting players and fostering a sense of unity and pride among young fans.

    • David Moyes' vision for West Ham's future successDavid Moyes aims to change the culture, address shortcomings, and build on success, with a holistic approach that prioritizes the team's future success above personal pressure.

      David Moyes aims to change the culture at West Ham and build on the success they have achieved in the past couple of years. He believes there is room for improvement and potential for the team to compete at the top of the table. Moyes recognizes the need for a holistic approach, not just acquiring new players, but also making wider changes and addressing shortcomings in the squad. He takes into account his experience and longevity in the football industry, understanding the importance of seizing opportunities and making necessary decisions. While he acknowledges the pressure of potentially losing his job, he remains focused on doing what he believes is right for the team's future success.

    • The journey of a young manager in the competitive industry of football management.Young managers should focus on gaining experience, finding supportive people, and staying committed to striving for greatness in the early stages of their careers.

      Young managers often experience more worry and pressure in their early careers. David Moyes shared that when he was younger, he felt a greater sense of concern about his performance and job security. However, as he gained experience and confidence, he started worrying less and focusing more on the love he has for the game. Moyes emphasized the importance of having supportive people and a bit of luck at the beginning of one's journey. Furthermore, he expressed his desire for long-term success and a legacy filled with trophies and achievements. Ultimately, Moyes highlighted the significance of staying in a job and continuously striving for greatness, even as one gets older in the highly competitive industry of football management.

    • Unexpectedly chosen as Manchester United's manager, Moyes faces conflicting emotions while keeping the news secret.Despite the unexpected nature of the offer, Moyes accepted the role as Manchester United's manager and was determined to make a successful transition.

      David Moyes unexpectedly became the next manager of Manchester United after being approached by Sir Alex Ferguson. Moyes did not initially believe the call was about a managerial position, assuming it was related to player transfers. However, he was shocked to learn that Ferguson was retiring and had chosen him as the successor without any interview process. Moyes struggled with the fact that he couldn't disclose this information to anyone until it was officially announced. While Moyes felt honored to be chosen, he also had conflicting emotions because he couldn't inform Everton's owner, with whom he had a close relationship. Despite the suddenness of the opportunity, Moyes accepted the role willingly and was determined to prove himself as a successful manager.

    • David Moyes' Regretful Stint as Manager of Manchester UnitedMoyes underestimated the challenges of following a successful dynasty, highlighting the importance of experience and readiness in handling massive opportunities. Respect for Manchester United's consistent selection of excellent managers is acknowledged.

      David Moyes had the opportunity to manage Manchester United, the biggest club in the world, but he wished he had looked closer at the details before accepting the job. He trusted Manchester United because of their values as a football club, such as giving their managers time and prioritizing young players. However, Moyes realized that historically, managers who followed those who had built a dynasty often struggled to maintain that success. In hindsight, Moyes believes he may have needed more experience and readiness to handle such a massive opportunity. He acknowledges that Manchester United has consistently chosen incredibly good managers, and he respects their current manager.

    • The Challenges of Taking over Manchester United After Sir Alex FergusonBuilding a successful team requires not only a strong manager, but also a supportive CEO and a positive culture within the club. However, time is crucial for implementing necessary changes and fully transitioning the team.

      Taking over a successful team like Manchester United after Sir Alex Ferguson is a difficult task. David Moyes acknowledges that it's not always the boss's fault when things go wrong and attributes part of Manchester United's struggles during his time as manager to the transition period the club was going through. He highlights the importance of having a strong CEO like David Gill, who had a personal relationship with the staff and created a positive culture within the club. Moyes believes that values and small gestures, such as remembering birthdays, matter in maintaining a successful environment. However, despite his initial trust in the club, Moyes feels that he was not given enough time to implement necessary changes and fully transition the team.

    • The importance of delivering bad news with respect and empathyTreating people with dignity and kindness should be a priority when delivering bad news, regardless of the circumstances.

      Proper communication and respect are crucial when delivering bad news, especially in a professional setting. David Moyes expressed his disappointment with how he was informed of his departure as the manager of Manchester United. He believed that the club could have handled it better by showing more empathy and consideration. Steven Bartlett shared similar stories from former players who felt let down by the club's lack of respect during their send-offs. This conversation highlights the importance of delivering bad news in a compassionate and professional manner, regardless of the circumstances. It serves as a reminder that even in difficult situations, treating people with dignity and kindness should be a priority.

    • Facing Criticism and Reinventing Yourself: David Moyes' Journey as a Manager at Manchester UnitedDespite the immense pressure and scrutiny, it is crucial for managers to find ways to reinvent themselves, shut off external noise, and maintain focus and resilience in the face of adversity.

      Being a manager at a big football club like Manchester United comes with immense pressure and scrutiny. David Moyes shares his experience of facing criticism and the toll it took on him personally. He mentions that losing his job was a difficult period and he had to find ways to reinvent himself and stay up to date with the game. Moyes also highlights the impact of social media in today's world, where criticism and opinions are amplified on a global scale. Despite the challenges, Moyes emphasizes the importance of finding coping mechanisms and shutting oneself off from the external noise to maintain focus and resilience in the face of adversity.

    • The Price of Professional Success: Impact on FamilyProfessional success can take a toll on the well-being of family members, and it is important to recognize and support them as they often bear the consequences.

      The toll of professional success extends beyond the individual to their family. Both Steven Bartlett and David Moyes share their experiences of the impact their careers have had on their loved ones. Bartlett highlights the emotional toll of abuse on a sibling, emphasizing the importance of considering the well-being of family members. Moyes opens up about the pressures of being a manager and the effect it had on his family life. He reflects on the contrasting emotions of winning and losing and how they influenced his behavior. This conversation reminds us that professional success comes at a cost, and we should acknowledge and support those affected by it, especially family members who often bear the brunt of the consequences.

    • Embracing Continuous Improvement and Adaptability in LeadershipSuccess in any leadership role requires constant challenge and improvement, adaptability to changing circumstances, and consistent effort to make a difference every day.

      Success in any role requires constant challenge and improvement. David Moyes emphasizes the importance of not getting complacent, always striving to be better, and making a difference every day. He believes that being a CEO or boss means constantly bringing work home because it's not something that can be easily left behind. Steven Bartlett agrees with this idea and adds that hindsight can often lead to quick diagnoses of failures, but in reality, even great managers like Jose Mourinho and Louis van Gaal have struggled at Manchester United. Both agree that the competition from clubs like Manchester City and Chelsea has posed a challenge for Manchester United. Overall, the key takeaway is that continuous improvement, adaptability, and managing expectations are crucial for success in any leadership position.

    • Building Success in Football: The Importance of Character and StrategySuccess in football goes beyond money and individual talent. Investing in players with good character, strategic acquisitions, and a strong support system are key factors in achieving sustainable success.

      Success in football does not solely rely on buying top players or spending excessive amounts of money. David Moyes expresses his desire to see a football culture where money is not always the key to success. He believes that it is important to invest in players with good characters who are willing to work hard for the team. He cites the example of Newcastle United, a club that made smart and strategic player acquisitions, resulting in incredible momentum and success. Moyes emphasizes the significance of having a team with a solid foundation and consistency, rather than relying solely on individual talent. Additionally, he credits his wife Pamela for being a crucial pillar of support throughout his career, highlighting the importance of having a strong and supportive partner in achieving success.

    • The Power of a Supportive PartnerA supportive partner can provide emotional support and stability, making a significant difference in one's career and personal life.

      Having a supportive partner can make a significant difference in one's career and personal life. David Moyes emphasizes the importance of his wife's support during the hard times of his football managerial career. She stood by him and provided emotional support, even when the job brought embarrassment and criticism. Moyes expresses gratitude for her understanding and the way she knows when to speak and when to stay silent. He believes he couldn't imagine his life without her, highlighting her crucial role in his professional and personal success. The conversation also touches upon the sacrifices and lack of family time that come with being a football manager. Overall, it is evident that a supportive partner can be a source of strength and stability throughout one's journey.

    • Personal Relationships, Managerial Challenges, and Public PerceptionDavid Moyes values personal relationships, believes in giving managers time, and highlights the impact of public perception on his departure from Manchester United.

      David Moyes values his relationship with Pamela and acknowledges the challenges of being away from her while he is in London. He expresses gratitude for the great times they have had together and hopes for more in the future. Steven Bartlett expresses admiration for David Moyes as a manager and regrets how quickly Manchester United has changed their managers in the past. He believes in giving managers time to understand and make their mark on a new system or organization. David Moyes also expresses his frustration with the misconceptions surrounding his departure from Manchester United. He highlights the issue of trying to correct untruths once they have been written, emphasizing the power and impact of headlines. The conversation provides insight into personal relationships, managerial challenges, and the impact of public perception.

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    He might be known as the ‘Sexiest Doctor Alive’ but his true talent is fighting against the ugly side of medical misinformation.  Doctor Mike is a family medicine doctor and YouTube’s #1 Doctor. He has over 25 million followers on social media and is also the host of ‘The Checkup with Doctor Mike’ podcast.  In this conversation, Doctor Mike and Steven discuss topics such as, the errors in the biggest online health trends, which popular diets are destroying your health, the real truth about calorie counting, and the one thing that helped Dr Mike cure his depression.  00:00 Intro 02:01 Helping People Make Better Health Decisions 05:10 Why Have People Resonated With You And Your Approach True Medical Information 09:54 How Do You Check The Evidence Of The Studies You Share? 11:56 The New Health Trends: Optimisation, Longevity, Anti-Ageing 16:17 Lifestyle Changes Is The First Doctor's Advice 18:14 Do Shortcuts Exist In Medicine? 19:03 What's Your Take On Calories In, Calories Out 21:02 How To Make A Diet Stick 23:16 The False Illusion Of A Good Body Equals Good Health 26:46 Calories In And Calories Out Does Work 28:49 The Benefits Of Exercising 30:21 Where Is The Direction Of Travel With Our Health? 32:51 What Would Happen If There Was A Deadlier Pandemic Than Covid 34:41 Is Vaping Dangerous? 39:27 The Real And Painful Reason Why I Started Boxing 41:32 Losing My Mum 47:07 What's The Best Way To Heal From Grief? 49:49 Your Journey With Mental Health & Social Media Bullying 54:05 The Best Advice I Received From My Therapist 55:55 Are Certain People More Prone To Get Addicted To Social Media? 57:12 Have You Considered Quitting Social Media?? 58:25 Are Vitamin Supplements Good For Us? 59:45 Can We Get All Our Nutrients And Vitamins From Foods? 01:03:36 Do Prebiotics And Probiotics Work? 01:05:19 We Should Listen To The Health Advice Our Grandmothers Told Us 01:08:15 Mentioning Experts That Are Wrong 01:10:46 People Are Losing Trust In Doctors Because Of This 01:18:28 Look After Your Children, We Need This Out Of Schools 01:25:09 Are You A Deep Thinker? 01:27:39 How Do You Deal With So Much Loss And Grief? 01:29:01 What Was Your Hardest Day? 01:33:53 How To Save Someone's Life Doing CPR 01:41:23 I Asked The Doctors To Stop Doing CPR On My Mother 01:43:29 Last Guest Question Here is a link to an article discussing the inefficiency of the anti-depression drug, Paxil: https://bit.ly/3X867q2  Follow Doctor Mike:  Instagram - https://bit.ly/3V4pJsy  Twitter - https://bit.ly/4bVeidJ  YouTube - https://bit.ly/3yPtKcQ  Watch the episodes on Youtube - https://g2ul0.app.link/3kxINCANKsb My new book! 'The 33 Laws Of Business & Life' is out now - https://smarturl.it/DOACbook Follow me: https://beacons.ai/diaryofaceo  Sponsors: ZOE: http://joinzoe.com with an exclusive code CEO10 for 10% off Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices

    Charlemagne tha God: A Woman Molested Me As A Kid! I Cheated On My Soulmate! Psychedelics Are Fixing My Depression!

    Charlemagne tha God: A Woman Molested Me As A Kid! I Cheated On My Soulmate! Psychedelics Are Fixing My Depression!
    He’s never hidden from the truth or been shy about expressing his opinion, now he brings the same honesty to his rocky journey to fame.  Charlamagne Tha God is co-host of the American radio programme ‘The Breakfast Club’ on Power 105.1, reaching 8 million listeners each month. He is also a New York Times best-selling author and CEO of the Black Effect Podcast Network.  In this conversation, Charlamagne and Steven discuss topics such as his difficult relationship with his father, the moment that changed his whole life, coming to terms with childhood molestation trauma, and how he went from being fired 4 times to one of the world’s biggest radio hosts.  00:00 Intro 02:17 "Get Honest Or Die Trying" 04:09 What Made Charlamagne? 08:56 Charlamagne's Father's Impact On His Relationships 12:11 Charlamagne's Sexual Abuse 16:28 Charlamagne's Troubled Youth 22:16 Role Models For Men 27:58 The Man Charlamagne Wants To Be 30:41 The Route Of Charlamagne's Anxiety 33:50 Reaching Personal Rock Bottom 36:53 Working In The Radio 38:30 Getting Fired 4 Times 42:21 Panic Attacks & Depression 48:17 Dealing With Grief And Suicide 56:13 Charlamagne's Infidelity 58:34 Growing With Therapy 01:00:32 What's Help You To Heal? 01:02:07 What's The Cost Of Living With The Lies? 01:05:44 Disconnecting From Social Media To Be Original 01:08:00 What's Your View On Trump? 01:11:50 Healing And Rebuilding The Relationship With His Father 01:14:19 How Is Charlamagne Doing? 01:18:06 The Importance Of Living A Life Of Service 01:22:19 The Dangers Of Materialism 01:24:02 Last Guest Question You can purchase Charlamagne’s book, ‘Get Honest or Die Lying: Why Small Talk Sucks’, here: https://amzn.to/4aOVnQZ  Follow Charlamagne:  Instagram - https://bit.ly/3Vd9daV  Twitter - https://bit.ly/3KgGrA6  Watch the episodes on Youtube - https://g2ul0.app.link/3kxINCANKsb My new book! 'The 33 Laws Of Business & Life' is out now - https://smarturl.it/DOACbook Follow me: https://beacons.ai/diaryofaceo Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices

    Moment 163: Happiness Expert Reveals The One Type Of Person You Should NEVER Date

    Moment 163: Happiness Expert Reveals The One Type Of Person You Should NEVER Date
    In this moment, happiness scientist and expert, Arthur C Brooks, discusses what people get wrong in their search for romantic happiness. According to Arthur, the biggest mistake people make when searching for their romantic partner is looking for an exact copy of themself. This is one of the reasons that dating apps are so unsuccessful, as their dating profile will rigidly select people with the same preferences as them, allowing no surprises and potential to experience different qualities. Instead, people are better off looking for someone who complements and completes them and their qualities. This is why many happy marriages will be between people with different qualities, such as an introvert and an extrovert. These sorts of relationships celebrated their difference rather than partners trying to change each other to be more like them, as Arthur says that this is a killer of relationships Listen to the full episode here - Apple- https://g2ul0.app.link/FTXkeOG5PJb Spotify- https://g2ul0.app.link/8uB3oAL5PJb Watch the Episodes On Youtube - https://www.youtube.com/c/%20TheDiaryOfACEO/videos Arthur C Brooks: https://arthurbrooks.com/ Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices

    The Exercise Neuroscientist: The Shocking Link Between Exercise And Dementia! Coffee Is Destroying Your Brain! Our Brains Have Been Hacked! - Dr Wendy Suzuki

    The Exercise Neuroscientist: The Shocking Link Between Exercise And Dementia! Coffee Is Destroying Your Brain! Our Brains Have Been Hacked! - Dr Wendy Suzuki
    Learn the secret to unlocking your brain’s full potential from over 25 years of brain research.  Dr Wendy Suzuki is a Professor of Neural Science and Psychology at New York University and the bestselling author of books such as, ‘Good Anxiety’ and ‘Healthy Brain, Happy Life’.  In this conversation, Wendy and Steven discuss topics such as, how a single drop of sweat from exercise can improve your brain function, the 4 things that can enhance your memory, the shocking brain benefits from cold showers, and how to reduce your risk of dementia by 50%.  00:00 Intro 02:18 The Importance of Healthy Brain 02:58 Why People Need To Look After Their Brains 04:23 How To Keep Your Brain Healthy 07:09 Learning This About The Brain Changed My Life 10:37 My Father's Dementia Journey 12:37 You Can Grow New Brain Cells 16:01 How Learning Changes The Structure Of Your Brain 18:43 You Can Improve Your Brain Health At Any Point - Here's How 22:28 What's Causing Dementia & Alzheimer's 24:24 How Does Memory Work? 24:53 How To Improve Your Bad Memory 26:35 The Different Types Of Memory 27:35 How To Remember Things Better 28:49 The Memory Palace Technique 37:19 The Best Exercise For Your Brain 42:04 How To Be Better At Speaking And Memory 43:37 The Effects Of Coffee On Our Brains 45:09 What Lack Of Sleep Is Doing To Your Neurons 46:58 The Best Diets For An Optimal Brain 47:48 The Shocking Benefits Of Human Connections 49:15 Neuroscientist Recommends This Morning Routine For Optimal Brain Function 50:31 What Are The Worst Habits For Your Brain? 51:41 Does Mindfulness Help The Brain? 52:21 What Social Media Is Doing To Your Brain 55:46 What To Do About Social Media And Phone Addiction 59:21 Anxiety Levels Are Increasing 01:04:02 Where Do We Experience Anxiety In The Brain? 01:06:22 How To Turn Down Our Stress Levels 01:08:18 What Do Emotions Do To Our Brain And Body? 01:11:22 Does The Brain Change When We're In Love? 01:14:13 What You Learn From Going Through Grief 01:29:26 What Is The Best Quality Of Humanity You can purchase Wendy’s book, ‘Good Anxiety’, here: https://amzn.to/3UGw5OA  Follow Wendy:  Instagram - https://bit.ly/3wIeNZw  Twitter - https://bit.ly/3V3gHNL  Watch the episodes on Youtube - https://g2ul0.app.link/3kxINCANKsb My new book! 'The 33 Laws Of Business & Life' is out now - https://smarturl.it/DOACbook Follow me: https://beacons.ai/diaryofaceo   Sponsors: PerfectTed: bit.ly/PerfectTed-DOAC with an exclusive code DIARY10 for 10% off Uber: https://p.uber.com/creditsterms Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices

    The Divorce Expert: 86% of People Who Divorce Remarry! Why Sex Is Causing Divorces! If They Say This, Do Not Marry Them!

    The Divorce Expert: 86% of People Who Divorce Remarry! Why Sex Is Causing Divorces! If They Say This, Do Not Marry Them!
    Divorce rates are dominant, but is there hope for a happily ever after? James Sexton is America's top divorce lawyer, and bestselling author of romantic advice books 'How to Stay in Love' and 'If You're in My Office, It's Already Too Late'. In this conversation, James and Steven discuss the number one reason for 99% of divorces, the link between sex and divorce, the glue that holds marriages together, and a ‘note hack’ that could save relationships.  00:00 Intro 02:02 I Am A Divorce Lawyer 02:37 How Many People Divorce 08:51 The Dynamics Between Gold Diggers And Millionaires 12:33 What's Prenups? And The Legalities Behind Marriage! 17:14 The Perfect Prenup 18:56 Disagreements Over Prenups 26:48 Are Prenups Legal? 28:34 The Most Shocking Prenup (Don't Get Fat) 29:59 Appearance As A Measure Of Love In A Relationship 32:33 Prenups With Fidelity & Cheating Clauses 37:30 Are Prenups On The Rise? 39:39 Are People Fake Happy? 44:18 Stop Comparing Your Relationships To Others 50:44 How To Prevent Divorce 55:25 "Happy Wife, Happy Life" 01:02:59 Is Sex The Biggest Cause Of Divorce? 01:07:53 Fixing The Marriage 01:09:36 Who Cheats More? 01:10:02 Who Wants More Sex? 01:13:05 Most Shocking Deceit 01:14:18 Why Husbands Like To Sleep With The Nannies 01:16:36 Killing To Get Out Of A Relationship 01:22:17 Have You Ever Cried? 01:24:29 Love And Loss 01:37:01 Seeing Relationships As Chapters 01:40:55 Have We Been Sold An Idyllic Lie? 01:44:34 Is Money The Biggest Cause Of Divorce? 01:48:59 Can You Hide Money? 01:50:16 You Are Liable For Debts 01:51:49 Winning The Lottery And Keeping Quiet 01:53:20 LGBT Rights & Divorces 01:59:19 Are Open Relationships The Answer? 02:02:00 Is Cheating Okay? 02:05:44 Should We Get Married? 02:13:14 Last Guest Question You can purchase James’s book, ‘How to Stay in Love’, here: https://amzn.to/4dTzdzI  Follow James: Instagram - https://bit.ly/4dFRX5v  Twitter - https://bit.ly/3wCXFV7  Watch the episodes on Youtube - https://g2ul0.app.link/3kxINCANKsb My new book! 'The 33 Laws Of Business & Life' is out now - https://smarturl.it/DOACbook Follow me: https://beacons.ai/diaryofaceo   Sponsors: Linkedin Ads: https://www.linkedin.com/doac24 Uber: https://p.uber.com/creditsterms Shop the Conversation Cards: https://thediary.com/products/the-cards  Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices

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    The TRUTH About Content Marketing

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    Ep 01 Retinoblastoma - I’m a Cancer Survivor

    Ep 01 Retinoblastoma - I’m a Cancer Survivor

    Imagine what life would be like if you had one eye. Would you work less or work harder?

    In this first episode of the Living Legacy Podcast Series, I begin by sharing the story where it all began: my cancer story.

    I share how a photograph my mother took lead to a diagnosis of Bilateral Retinoblastoma, how chemotherapy affected my hearing. Resiliency led me to not let my diagnosis and disabilities hinder my gift as a professional photographer and all the things I enjoy and have achieved to this day.

    Mentioned in the Podcast:

    • Ciara, Chris Brown
    • Cases of Retinoblastoma
    • Survival Rates of Retinoblastoma
    • Kodak Polaroid Camera
    • Nikon
    • Commercial Photography
    • World Cancer Day
    • Childhood Cancer Day

    To learn more about Retinoblastoma, visit www.wechope.org


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    Share your thoughts and suggestions using #livinglegacypodcast on social media!

    • Intro: 0:55
    • Retinoblastoma Story: 0:59
    • Ocularist who makes prosthetic eyes: 8:30
    • Life Advice: 11:30
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    • Medical Advice: 12:30
    • Doctor story on photoshopping the white glow: 12:50

    Episode 2 Part 1: The Yin and Yang of Emerging Leadership

    Episode 2 Part 1: The Yin and Yang of Emerging Leadership

    As a leader are you PROGRESSING or SUPPRESSING the leadership of your people? In Episode 2 Part 1 CPT Thompson and I discuss the two sides of how emerging leaders are recognized. On one hand how selfish and fearful "leaders" in higher positions suppress ideas and progressive vision, and on the other, humble and effective leaders that seek to recognize, acknowledge, and empower up-and-coming leaders in their organization. Welcome to The Tribe Has Spoken. Our mission is to help leaders grow and develop as people so that they can help develop the leaders of tomorrow.

    Welcome to The Tribe Has Spoken Leadership Podcast. Our mission as coaches is to help leaders build themselves into the person their people need them to be so that they can build servant leaders. If you desire to be a better leader and person today then you've found your tribe. 

    Thank you for joining us at The Tribe Has Spoken. I'd like to invite you to follow us on Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube so that you can keep up with our latest episodes. We hope your takeaways from our show empower you to be the leader you desire to grow into, as well as the leader your people need. Until next time, the tribe has spoken. Be blessed.
    “A gem cannot be polished without friction, nor a man perfected without trials.”
    - Seneca