Podcast Summary

    • The Spirit of Texas: Freedom, Culture, and MindsetTexas represents a unique blend of freedom, culture, and resilience, showcasing the importance of preserving human life and cultural heritage in the face of rapid societal changes and advancing technology.

      Texas is a place where people can experience true freedom and a sense of history. The conversation between Dale Brisby and Joe Rogan highlights the unique culture and mindset found in the state. They discuss the importance of cowboy hats, the lack of unnecessary rules, and the brutal history of Texas. They also touch on the rapid changes in society and the potential dangers of advanced technology, particularly artificial intelligence. Through their conversation, it becomes clear that Texas embodies a spirit of independence, resilience, and a connection to the past. It serves as a reminder that human history can change rapidly, but the value of human life and the preservation of cultural heritage remain paramount.

    • Progress and Challenges in Today's World.Addressing poverty, improving nutrition education, and questioning mainstream narratives are crucial for making meaningful impact and taking control of our diet for better health.

      The world is full of problems, but we have also made progress in various areas. While we no longer have to worry about starving to death, we now face the challenge of being too fat and eating ourselves to death. However, instead of focusing on one-size-fits-all solutions like eliminating meat to save the planet, it is important to consider the bigger picture. By addressing issues such as poverty and improving nutrition education, we can have a more meaningful impact. Moreover, it is crucial to question mainstream narratives and recognize the manipulation of information by industries like the sugar industry, which misled people into believing that saturated fat, rather than sugar, was the cause of heart disease. Taking control of our diet by reducing our consumption of carbs and sugar can have significant health benefits.

    • The Importance of Discipline and Focus in Pursuing SuccessStay dedicated and consistent, prioritize your craft, and avoid distractions to achieve excellence in any field or goal.

      Staying disciplined and focused in your pursuits is crucial for success. Whether it's Joe Rogan's commitment to his comedy career or Tim Kennedy's intense workout routines, these individuals embody dedication and consistency. They understand the importance of repetition and muscle memory, ensuring that they can execute their skills flawlessly. While they may have different approaches, they all recognize the need to prioritize their craft and avoid distractions. This lesson can be applied to any field or goal - staying disciplined and putting in the necessary work is essential for achieving excellence. So, find your passion, stay focused, and commit to the journey of continuous improvement.

    • Embrace the Unknown: Exploring New Passions and Unconventional AdventuresTrying new things can lead to exciting experiences and personal growth. Don't limit yourself to one hobby, be open to exploring different interests and stepping out of your comfort zone.

      Trying new and different things can bring excitement and fun into our lives. Just as Dale Brisby, a rodeo enthusiast, finds stand-up comedy intriguing, we should never limit ourselves to one passion or hobby. We should be open to exploring various interests and activities, even if they seem unconventional or outside of our comfort zones. Whether it's attempting comedy, riding a bull, or engaging in crowd work, stepping into the unknown can lead to incredible experiences and personal growth. Life is full of opportunities to challenge ourselves and discover hidden talents, so let's embrace unfamiliar paths and enjoy the unpredictable journey ahead.

    • The Risks and Consequences of Extreme Sports: Rodeo and FightingExtreme sports like rodeo and fighting can lead to serious physical injuries and long-term effects on one's body and identity. Transitioning into a different phase of life after the fighting career is over can be challenging.

      Participating in extreme sports like rodeo or fighting comes with significant risks and potential long-term consequences. Dale Brisby highlights the physical dangers of rodeo, from broken bones to concussions and the unseen effects of CTE. Similarly, Joe Rogan discusses the toll that fighting can take on a person's body and identity. Both sports require a deep passion and love for the fight, with competitors craving the thrill and excitement that comes with it. However, it's important to acknowledge the potential physical and mental toll these activities can have, as well as the challenges of transitioning into a different phase of life once the fighting career is over.

    • Joe Rogan and Dale Brisby discuss Donald "Cowboy" Cerrone's potential in acting, his passion for teaching cowboy skills, and his bravery in facing challenges.Joe Rogan and Dale Brisby admire Donald "Cowboy" Cerrone's courage and skill in multiple areas of his life, from his potential in acting to his dedication to teaching cowboy skills and managing dangerous situations.

      Both Joe Rogan and Dale Brisby agree that Donald "Cowboy" Cerrone would be perfect for movies due to his rugged appearance. They mention how Randy Couture successfully transitioned from fighting to acting and believe Donald could do the same. Additionally, they discuss Donald's passion for his kids' camp during the summer, where kids learn various cowboy skills. The conversation takes a turn when Joe shares a terrifying story about Donald getting trapped in a cave while cave diving. This prompts a discussion on the importance of managing panic and being desensitized in emergency situations, which fighters and rodeo riders often experience. Overall, the takeaway is that both Joe Rogan and Dale Brisby have a deep respect for Donald's bravery and toughness in various aspects of his life.

    • Gaining Perspective on Pain and ChaosRecognize the fragility of life, appreciate the good times, and make conscious choices that align with your passions to shape your own journey.

      Experiencing pain and chaos can provide valuable perspective. The conversation between Dale Brisby and Joe Rogan touches on the horrors of witnessing violence and the vulnerability of the human body. It highlights the importance of recognizing the fragility of life and appreciating the good times. Dale Brisby's upbringing in the rodeo world showcases the physical and mental challenges of the sport. Despite being surrounded by a partying culture, Dale chose to avoid that path and stay focused on his passion. The cautionary tale of cocaine addiction serves as a reminder of how one wrong choice can drastically alter the course of a person's life. Overall, the discussion emphasizes the significance of personal choices and the impact they have on one's journey.

    • Awareness and caution in substance use and farming practices.It is crucial to be informed about the risks of substances like alcohol and Xanax, and to prioritize sustainable and healthy farming practices for our overall well-being.

      We should be cautious about the substances we put into our bodies. Both alcohol and Xanax can have serious consequences and addictive tendencies. We shouldn't take them lightly just because professionals recommend them. It's important to understand the potential risks and make informed decisions about our health. Additionally, the discussion about glyphosate in our food brings awareness to the importance of sustainable and healthy farming practices. While there may not be conclusive evidence on the long-term effects of glyphosate, it's essential to consider the potential dangers and advocate for further research. Ultimately, prioritizing natural and responsibly sourced foods can contribute to our overall well-being.

    • The Reality of Animal Life in the Wild vs. Raised for MeatChoosing to consume meat can provide animals with a better life and a quick, painless death compared to the brutal and painful reality faced by animals in the wild.

      The reality of life and death for animals in the wild is often far more brutal and painful than the quick and humane death they experience when raised for meat. Many people have the misconception that not eating meat is somehow saving animals from suffering, but the truth is that nature is far more cruel. Animals in the wild face horrific deaths at the hands of predators or through starvation and exposure. On the other hand, pasture-raised animals enjoy a good life, eating grass and living without worry, until the day they are humanely slaughtered. Even older animals that are not suited for prime steaks still offer usable meat, albeit tougher to chew. Overall, choosing to consume meat can be seen as giving animals a better life and a quick, painless death.

    • Age and processing method influence beef tasteBeef taste and tenderness depend on age and processing. Bull riders face a choice between safety and maintaining the cowboy tradition, highlighting the allure of bravery without helmets.

      The age and processing method of beef can greatly impact its taste and tenderness. Joe Rogan and Dale Brisby discuss how an older cow can offer a different flavor profile, and Brisby even compares it to the taste of elk steak. However, Brisby prefers to cook his steaks in a consistent manner to judge them fairly. They also touch on the use of helmets in bull riding, where the tradition of not wearing one is seen as a sign of bravado and cowboy authenticity. While wearing a helmet is strongly recommended for safety reasons, there is still a certain allure and admiration for those who choose to ride without one.

    • The Physical Toll and Risks of Bull RidingBull riding is a dangerous sport that can result in severe injuries, but adrenaline and thrill drive bull riders to continue despite the risks. Proper training and safety precautions are crucial.

      Bull riding is an extremely dangerous and high-risk sport. The conversation between Dale Brisby and Joe Rogan highlights the physical toll and injuries that bull riders experience, including broken bones, dislocated shoulders, and surgeries. The video of Jacobs Crowley breaking his neck serves as a reminder of the severe and potentially life-altering injuries that can occur in the sport. Despite the risks, Dale Brisby and other bull riders are drawn to the adrenaline and thrill of bull riding, which they find difficult to replicate in any other aspect of their lives. However, it is important to note that bull riding should not be attempted without proper training and safety precautions.

    • The Differences Between Bull Riding and Bullfighting in RodeoBull riding is about staying on the bull's back, while bullfighting involves distracting the bull after the rider is bucked off. Both activities are dangerous but offer a unique sense of adventure and passion for the rodeo lifestyle.

      Bullfighting and bull riding are two different activities in the rodeo world. Bull riding involves the rider trying to stay on the bull's back for a certain duration, while bullfighting involves distracting the bull after the rider is bucked off. The role of the bullfighters is to ensure the rider's safety by diverting the bull's attention away from them. However, bullfighting can still be incredibly dangerous, with the risk of serious injuries or even death. The passion for the rodeo lifestyle runs deep among those involved, and it offers a unique sense of adventure and connection to nature that many are unwilling to trade for a more comfortable or financially lucrative life.

    • The Ranching and Rodeo Lifestyle: A Passionate and Fulfilling Way of LifeThe ranching and rodeo lifestyle may not be financially rewarding, but the deep satisfaction, connection to the land and animals, and sense of purpose it brings make it truly rewarding.

      The ranching and rodeoing lifestyle holds a powerful appeal for people. It's not just a job, but a passion and way of life that brings deep satisfaction. The dedication and love that cowboys and ranchers have for their work is something that many people find intriguing and inspiring. The desire to understand and experience that passionate fulfillment is what drives the interest in shows like Yellowstone. The ranching and rodeo community may not be high-paying, but the fulfillment it brings goes beyond financial gain. It's about a connection to the land, animals, and a sense of purpose. And despite the challenges and misconceptions, the future of agriculture and rodeoing looks bright as long as people's interest and appreciation continue to grow.

    • Varying Perspectives on Money and PassionEngaging in challenging activities that bring fulfillment can provide a healthier perspective on life's challenges and a greater appreciation for adversity. Money may hold different values for different individuals, but passion should always be prioritized.

      Money holds different values and meanings for different people. Rodeo cowboys, like Dale Brisby, view money as a way to keep score and gain access to prestigious events, such as the NFR. For ranch cowboys and day workers, money is an essential but precarious resource that needs to be managed wisely due to the high costs associated with their work. However, both cowboys and individuals who engage in activities they love, like jujitsu, prioritize passion and fulfillment over financial gain. Engaging in intense, challenging activities like jujitsu or rodeoing can actually make everyday life seem easier in comparison, as they provide a constant high watermark for difficulty. This can lead to a greater appreciation for adversity and a healthier perspective on the everyday challenges of life.

    • The Dangers of Random Encounters: Prioritizing Personal Safety and Avoiding ConflictEngaging in random encounters with strangers can be dangerous, so it's important to prioritize personal safety and avoid unnecessary conflicts by understanding the risks and seeking self-defense training.

      Engaging in random encounters with strangers, whether in the street or in a road rage situation, can be extremely dangerous and unpredictable. Dale Brisby and Joe Rogan discuss how some people have a delusional belief that they can fight trained professionals and end up seriously injured or worse. They emphasize the importance of self-defense training, but also highlight that even with training, it's best to avoid confrontations whenever possible. They note that some individuals may be dealing with personal issues or may even be armed, which further adds to the potential risks. The key message is to prioritize personal safety and avoid unnecessary conflicts with strangers.

    • Understanding and Controlling Road RageRemain humble and calm while driving to prevent road rage incidents and unnecessary conflicts.

      Road rage often stems from a combination of heightened awareness and personal pride. When you're driving, you're in a state of constant decision-making and quick movements, which can easily lead to frustration and anger when someone makes a "stupid" decision that affects you. Walking around, on the other hand, doesn't elicit the same response because there's less pressure to react quickly. The key is to remain humble and not let your emotions take control, understanding that getting angry and behaving aggressively serves no purpose and can lead to regret. By practicing humility and letting small inconveniences go, you can maintain peace and avoid unnecessary conflicts on the road.

    • Pursue Your Passion and Gain Recognition.Follow your passion, focus on improvement, and embrace your own niche. Gain approval by being true to yourself and let success and opportunities follow.

      Creating your own thing and doing what you love can lead to success and recognition. Dale Brisby and Cameron Haynes both started out doing something they enjoyed without thinking about it as a career. They focused on having fun and improving along the way. Through social media platforms like YouTube, they were able to create their own niche and gain a following. This allowed them to have creative control and be true to themselves without outside influences. They proved themselves to be undeniable and gained the approval of their audience. This led to opportunities like Netflix and sponsorships. The key is to follow your passion, do what you love, and let the mob approve of you.

    • The Key Factors for Success in Challenging EndeavorsFinding passion, dedicating oneself, and executing fundamentals are essential for success in high-pressure situations, regardless of the job or physical demands. Overcoming fear and controlling emotions lead to satisfying achievements.

      Finding passion, work ethic, and executing fundamentals in high-pressure situations are key factors for success, whether it's in rodeo, bull riding, fighting, or any difficult endeavor. It's not about the job or the physical demands, but rather about doing what you love and being dedicated to it. Joe Rogan and Dale Brisby discuss how leaving a traditional job allowed Dale to work even harder doing what he's passionate about. They also highlight the importance of staying healthy, controlling emotions, overcoming fear, and executing the fundamentals. The rush and addictive nature of these challenging activities come from the satisfaction of keeping emotions in check and succeeding in the midst of pressure.

    • The Thrill of Facing the Most Dangerous BullJB Mauney's unwavering determination and courage to repeatedly face the dangerous bull Bushwhacker highlight the importance of pushing oneself to the limit and persevering in the face of immense challenges.

      JB Mauney, a professional bull rider, demonstrated a fearless mentality and unwavering determination by continuously picking the most dangerous bull in the world, Bushwhacker, 13 times despite only riding him successfully once. This showcases the unique cowboy factor and highlights the thrill and pressure that comes with bull riding. It also emphasizes the importance of pushing oneself to the limit and persevering, even in the face of immense challenges. JB's choice to repeatedly face Bushwhacker exemplifies his extraordinary courage, as riding such a powerful and unpredictable animal is an incredibly risky endeavor. His story reminds us that success often requires taking bold risks and having unwavering belief in oneself.

    • Exploring the Potential of Stem Cell Therapy for Healing InjuriesStem cell treatments show promise in helping people recover from certain injuries, but accessing these treatments in the US can be challenging. Exploring alternative options and educating ourselves on the benefits of stem cell therapy is important.

      Stem cell treatments can offer significant healing potential for certain injuries, such as back and disc issues. While traditional surgery may be the go-to option for many doctors, stem cell treatments have shown promising results in helping people recover and heal. However, accessing these treatments in the United States can be challenging due to resistance and regulations. Many individuals have had to travel to countries like Mexico, Panama, and Colombia to receive stem cell treatments. It's important to explore alternative options and educate ourselves on the potential benefits of stem cell therapy when considering treatment for certain conditions.

    • Understanding the Physical Consequences of Pushing Your Limits and the Importance of Taking Care of Your BodyIt's important to recognize that everyone's body is different and susceptible to wear and tear. Setting personal goals and striving for improvement, while considering our individual limitations, can lead to higher achievements in our own lives.

      Pushing your physical limits and enduring discomfort can lead to long-lasting physical consequences. Dale Brisby's experience with back and hip pain highlights the importance of taking care of your body and finding alternative methods to stay in shape. While individuals like Cam Haines may be able to handle intense physical activity without apparent injuries, it's crucial to recognize that everyone's body is different and susceptible to wear and tear. Moreover, this conversation emphasizes the significance of setting personal goals and striving for improvement, even if it means adjusting our expectations and pushing our boundaries. Ultimately, having individuals like Tim Kennedy and Cam Haines in the world helps raise the bar and inspire us to reach for higher achievements in our own lives, regardless of the level of intensity.

    • The Power of a Supportive CommunityBuilding a tribe of like-minded individuals in your profession or passion is essential for inspiration, motivation, and overcoming challenges, as success doesn't happen in isolation.

      Having a supportive community is crucial in any profession or passion. Whether it's in the world of comedy or rodeo, having like-minded individuals who understand and share your journey is invaluable. They provide inspiration, motivation, and a sense of belonging. Just like Joe Rogan and his fellow comedians have the Comedy Store as their clubhouse, rodeo cowboys have their camaraderie on the road. This support system helps them overcome challenges, push themselves further, and find meaning in what they do. It reminds us that success doesn't happen in isolation; it requires a tribe of people who lift us up and help us thrive. So, seek out your tribe, whether it's in your profession, hobby, or passion, because together, you can achieve even greater heights.

    • Avoiding Misinformed Judgments through UnderstandingIt is important to listen to and understand others' passions, even if they seem difficult or controversial, in order to challenge our own assumptions and avoid making judgments based on lack of knowledge.

      We should not be quick to judge something we do not understand. When people have a passion for something that may seem difficult or controversial to others, it is important to listen to them and gain a deeper understanding. This is because often the controversy stems from a lack of knowledge and assumptions that are unfounded. For example, in the case of rodeo and ranching, people may make assumptions about the treatment of animals without truly understanding the practices involved. It is crucial to recognize that animals have different pain tolerances and behaviors than humans, and what may seem painful or cruel to us may not affect them in the same way. By seeking to gain knowledge and understanding, we can challenge our own perceptions and avoid making misinformed judgments.

    • The Importance and Complexity of Prioritizing Humans and AnimalsIt is essential to understand that humans and animals have different levels of importance, and while some prioritize their own species, it is important to recognize the complexities and natural instincts that shape these priorities.

      Humans and animals hold different levels of importance. While animals are cherished by many, humans ultimately value their own species above all else. It is a natural instinct for animals to prioritize their own kind as well. However, there are misconceptions and lack of education that lead to animosity between those who prioritize animals and those who prioritize humans. It is important to recognize that humans are part of the cycle of life and have managed to separate themselves from the harsh realities of nature. Although some people may consume meat without knowing its origin, it is not fair to judge others who hunt for their own food. While there is a certain level of connection and understanding that comes with tending to animals as a cowboy, death is an unavoidable part of life for both humans and animals.

    • Recognizing the Importance of Traditional Activities and Expanding PerspectivesTrying new activities and gaining firsthand experience can lead to a better understanding and appreciation of traditional activities, such as hunting, which provide both a connection with nature and a sustainable source of nutrient-rich food.

      Humans have a deep connection to activities that were essential for survival in the past. Whether it's hunting, farming, or cowboying, these activities are ingrained in our DNA and played a crucial role in the evolution of our society. While some may find these activities uncomfortable or strange, it's important to remember that just because something is new or unfamiliar doesn't make it wrong or evil. Often, people form opinions based on limited experiences rather than knowledge. Trying new things and gaining firsthand experience can lead to a better understanding and appreciation of these activities. Hunting, for example, not only provides a sense of connection with nature but also offers a sustainable source of food that is nutrient-rich and energizing.

    • The Benefits of a Carnivore Diet and the Caution of NoodlingAdopting a carnivore diet can improve mental clarity, increase energy levels, and reduce inflammation by eliminating processed foods. However, caution and knowledge are necessary when participating in the thrilling activity of noodling.

      Adopting a carnivore diet can have numerous health benefits. By eliminating processed foods, sugars, and breads, and focusing on protein and fat, individuals may experience improved mental clarity, increased energy levels, and reduced inflammation. The carnivore diet essentially functions as an elimination diet, removing potential irritants and allowing the body to adapt to ketosis. While occasional indulgences like fruit or the occasional cheat meal may not be detrimental, the main focus should be on avoiding processed foods. Additionally, the practice of noodling, or catching catfish with one's bare hands, can be a thrilling experience but requires caution and knowledge of the environment to ensure safety.

    • Thrills and Connections: Noodling for Catfish and Elk HuntingEngaging in activities like noodling for catfish and elk hunting can provide adrenaline rushes and opportunities to witness nature firsthand, offering a unique adventure and connection to the natural world.

      Both noodling for catfish and elk hunting offer unique and exhilarating experiences. Noodling requires grabbing the fish with your bare hands, providing a rush of adrenaline, while elk hunting allows you to witness the natural behaviors of these majestic creatures. Both activities have their own appeal and can be thoroughly enjoyable. Additionally, Dale Brisby highlights the importance of cooking catfish quickly after catching them to prevent spoilage. He also mentions the possibility of bleeding the fish to enhance the taste. While these activities may not be for everyone, they offer a distinct sense of adventure and connection to nature that can be highly rewarding.

    • The art and mindfulness of bow hunting elkUnderstanding anatomy, techniques, and behavior are essential for ethical and effective shots. Bow hunting offers a unique connection with nature and a sense of escape from daily stresses. Learning experiences are valuable, regardless of experience level.

      Bow hunting, specifically elk hunting, requires a deep understanding of not just the equipment and techniques, but also the anatomy and behavior of the animals. It's counterintuitive to use a more distant pin when the target is close, but this accounts for the arc of the arrow and ensures a straight shot. Experience and knowledge are crucial in making ethical and effective shots, as seen in Joe Rogan's example. Bow hunting provides an escape from daily stresses, requiring intense focus and mindfulness in the moment. It's a different way of life that brings a sense of clarity and connection with nature. Even with inexperience, the excitement and learning experiences are valuable.

    • Contrasting Mindsets in Hunting Whitetail and ElkHunting requires discipline, adaptability, and continuous learning to improve skills over time, whether it be patience and mental fortitude for whitetail or physical exertion and stalking skills for elk.

      There are different approaches and mindsets when it comes to hunting. Joe Rogan and Dale Brisby discuss the contrasting experiences of hunting whitetail and elk. While whitetail hunting requires patience and mental fortitude, elk hunting involves physical exertion, stamina, and stalking skills. They both acknowledge the unique challenges and rewards of each method. Furthermore, they emphasize the importance of continuous learning and practice in honing hunting skills. Joe Rogan mentions his experience as a bowhunter and how it has evolved over time, highlighting the significance of mastering shooting techniques and gaining confidence. Overall, the key takeaway is that hunting demands discipline, adaptability, and a willingness to improve one's skills over time.

    • The Importance of Bow Tuning and Expert Knowledge in ArcheryHaving a reliable bow shop and knowledgeable experts is crucial for archery enthusiasts to ensure equipment safety and improve skills for accurate target hitting.

      Having a reliable bow shop and knowledgeable experts to help with bow tuning is crucial for archery enthusiasts. Joe Rogan and Dale Brisby highlight the importance of having people who can recalibrate and fix equipment issues, ensuring confidence in the gear. They also discuss the potential dangers of bow malfunctions and how a loose or incorrectly positioned string can cause major problems. It is crucial to understand the mechanics of a bow and how to properly maintain it to avoid accidents. Furthermore, Brisby's experience highlights the importance of continually learning and seeking feedback from experienced archers to improve skills and become more confident in hitting targets at different distances.

    • Inspiring Stories of Resilience and TriumphAppreciate freedom, foster a culture of hard work and personal growth, and be inspired by individuals who have overcome extreme adversity to create better lives for themselves.

      The experiences and stories of individuals who have faced extreme adversity, such as Yonmi Park escaping North Korea and Dale Brisby's bull riding challenges, show us the resilience and strength of the human spirit. These individuals have no patience for victim mentality or nonsense because they have endured the horrors of totalitarian regimes and have fought to create better lives for themselves. Their stories serve as a reminder to appreciate the freedom and opportunities we have and to strive for a meritocracy where everyone has a chance to succeed. Instead of promoting entitlement or taking from successful individuals, we should encourage a culture of community, hard work, and personal growth.

    • Inspiring Others Through a Purpose-Driven LifeLeading a fulfilling life and being a role model can have a significant impact on others, motivating them to seek happiness and satisfaction while reinforcing the love of freedom to create a better world.

      Living your life as an excellent example can inspire others to make positive changes. People learn and grow by watching how you live and the values you embody. When you lead a fulfilling and purpose-driven life, it can motivate others to seek the same kind of happiness and satisfaction. By being a role model through your actions and words, you can make a significant impact on those around you. This is especially true in a country like America, where the love of freedom is deeply ingrained in its citizens. It's important to instill in people a reinforced love of freedom, as it makes it harder for the government or others to control and manipulate them. Ultimately, to create a better world, we should focus on giving people more opportunities to succeed and teaching them how to maximize their freedom and happiness.

    • Personal Safety: Individual Responsibility and PreparednessIn uncertain times, it is vital to prioritize personal safety and be prepared to protect oneself and loved ones, especially when trust in law enforcement may be compromised.

      The discussion highlights the importance of individual responsibility and preparedness when it comes to personal safety. Joe Rogan and Dale Brisby discuss how tragic events and incidents of violence can lead to a decrease in trust towards law enforcement and a potential need for individuals to protect themselves. They emphasize the significance of the Second Amendment and the right to bear arms, especially in times when law enforcement may not be able to respond in a timely manner due to defunding or other factors. It is a reminder that being prepared and taking measures to defend oneself and loved ones can be crucial in dangerous situations.

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    Il suono del teatro

    Il suono del teatro
    Viaggio in tredici puntate ai confini tra scena e musica prodotto da RADIOTRE – DSE (Dipartimento Scuola Educazione) nel 1986 e curato da Adriana Foti, ideato e realizzato da Carlo Infante e Luciano Meldolesi, rispettivamente autore e regista, con la consulenza musicale di Luigi Polsini.

    By: Rai


    Zdrowa rozmowa

    Zdrowa rozmowa
    „Zdrowa rozmowa” to podcast "Gazety Wyborczej". Lekko i z humorem podejmujemy tematy ważne, które w debacie publicznej często zyskują status jedynie „ciekawostek”, czegoś mało istotnego w porównaniu z polityką czy gospodarką. Pragniemy przenieść punkt ciężkości dyskusji o zdrowiu z leczenia chorób na ich prewencję, nadając jednocześnie pojęciu „wellness” naukowy sznyt. Zależy nam na demitologizacji tematów zdrowotnych, oddzielaniu faktów od fikcji, pomaganiu słuchaczom nawigować w gąszczu skomplikowanych, często sprzecznych, porad medycznych. Gospodyniami podcastu są dziennikarki "Wyborczej" Katarzyna Staszak i Margit Kossobudzka.

    By: Gazeta Wyborcza

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