#2031 - Luis J. Gomez

    Being mindful of others' emotions and taking proper care after surgery are essential for a successful career and overall well-being.

    en-usSeptember 06, 2023

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    Luis J. Gomez is a stand-up comic, writer, and producer. He's a host of multiple podcasts, including "Legion of Skanks" with Big Jay Oakerson and Dave Smith, and "Real Ass Podcast" with Zac Amico. Watch his new stand-up special September 5 on YouTube.


    🔑 Key Takeaways

    • Society's changing views and laws on marijuana have increased its acceptance and availability, while also prompting contemplation about the relationship between humans and nature.
    • Music and substances can have varying effects on individuals, and assumptions should not be made without further exploration and understanding.
    • The conversation emphasizes the need for more research and education on the dangers of smoking weed, while also discussing safer alternatives like edibles.
    • CBD can have potential negative effects when combined with certain medications and in high doses. More research is needed to fully understand its impact on the body and the potential benefits of different strains and cannabinoids.
    • Open-mindedness and curiosity pave the way for unexpected learning opportunities, enabling Joe Rogan to engage in meaningful dialogues and broaden his understanding of various subjects and perspectives.
    • Social media's influence on society demands the promotion of open dialogue and fair exchange of ideas while navigating potential risks of censorship and manipulation.
    • Manipulation and interference in elections through social media is not new and has been used by various individuals and organizations. It is important to understand that this phenomenon is not limited to social media alone and has historical precedent. Additionally, the emergence of conspiracy theories can result from unexplained incidents during protests.
    • Limiting screen time and prioritizing meaningful face-to-face interactions can improve personal relationships and well-being in the age of false engagement and constant online validation.
    • Society needs to be cautious of the negative impacts of technology addiction and the ethical implications of integrating technology into the human body.
    • Joe Rogan values safety and practicality over the thrill of new experiences, preferring to wait until technologies have been thoroughly tested and perfected before embracing them. He prioritizes being fully present and aware in the moment.
    • Staying alert and responsible while driving can prevent accidents and reduce the risk of high insurance costs, while also treating others with respect is vital for a good reputation.
    • Being mindful of others' emotions and taking proper care after surgery are essential for a successful career and overall well-being.
    • Jiu-Jitsu offers both physical and mental rewards, fostering personal growth and building strong connections. However, it's important to remain open-minded, continuously learn, and recognize the value of other skills in self-defense.
    • Being tough is not about aggression or fighting, but about self-awareness and the ability to protect oneself and others. True toughness and masculinity are shaped by personal experiences and societal pressures.
    • Stay grounded and balance amidst rapid change; critically evaluate information, avoid conspiracy theories and prioritize stability and contentment in life.
    • Trolling can have both humorous and harmful effects, highlighting the need for online users to stay grounded, question information, and think critically in the face of division and propaganda.
    • Don't blindly trust pharmaceutical drugs. Question their safety and effectiveness, do your own research, and make informed decisions about your health.
    • The fear and panic surrounding AIDS during a certain time period was fueled by misinformation and the portrayal of AIDS in movies and health classes, highlighting the need for accurate education and awareness.
    • HIV and AIDS are complex diseases with differing opinions among experts. Maintaining overall health and seeking accurate information are important in combating these diseases.
    • While some people remain devoted to COVID-19 precautions, others advocate for adapting and trying new things, emphasizing the importance of flexibility even in the face of fame and success.
    • Comedians need to actively test and adjust their material based on audience reactions to improve their skills and confidence, while performance in challenging situations and having multiple comedy venues can greatly aid in their growth and development.
    • Marijuana affects individuals differently, and while some believe it should be decriminalized, others share positive experiences with its use. The conversation also emphasizes the importance of travel and exploration.
    • Create lasting memories with loved ones and educate yourself about the legalities of activities to make the most out of life.
    • Legalizing and regulating drugs is crucial to ensure safety and accountability in the industry, and to minimize the risks and potential harm caused by consuming illegal drugs, particularly by children.
    • Approach mind-altering substances cautiously and consider the potential consequences before experimenting, and contemplate the risks and consequences of advancing technologies like artificial intelligence.
    • We must carefully weigh the advantages and risks of technology to ensure a balanced future for humanity.
    • Parenthood brings a shift in priorities, creating a sense of responsibility and love for protecting children while allowing them to face and overcome challenges.
    • Jiu-jitsu is a versatile martial art that improves physical strength, offers self-defense skills, and emphasizes technique over physical strength, making it suitable for individuals of all body types and athleticism levels.
    • Jujitsu not only improves physical fitness but also enhances self-defense skills, boosts confidence, reduces anxiety, and provides a much-needed break from modern life distractions.
    • It is important to explore different workout approaches and find what suits your preferences and goals to stay motivated and consistent.
    • Bert Kreischer's journey exemplifies the transformative power of perseverance and self-improvement, showcasing that positive change is possible in any aspect of life.

    đź“ť Podcast Summary

    Evolving Attitudes Towards Marijuana and the Connection Between Humans and Nature

    Attitudes towards marijuana have significantly changed over the years, with it now being legal and widely available in places like New York City. The story highlights the contrast between the past experiences of buying weed illegally and the present ease of access. It also touches on the potential consciousness and communication of plants, which sparks an interesting discussion. While the plant consciousness theory remains debatable, it introduces the idea of empathy towards nature and treating plants with respect. Overall, the key takeaway is that societal perceptions and laws regarding marijuana have evolved, leading to greater acceptance and availability, and the conversation provokes contemplation about the connections between humans and nature.

    The Effects of Music on Plant Growth and the Power of Assumptions

    Music can affect the growth of plants, with classical or jazz music leading to increased growth and harsher metal music causing stress. The vibrations of metal music can be too intense for plants and overstimulate their cells. However, while this explanation seems plausible, Joe Rogan questions whether plants actually dislike the music or if it is simply an assumption. The discussion then takes a detour into discussing how music was used as a form of torture and entertainment for people like Manuel Noriega. The conversation also touches upon the topic of drug laws, with Joe Rogan advocating for a more informed and honest approach towards substances like marijuana. Overall, the key takeaway is that music and substances can have both positive and negative effects, and individual experiences may vary.

    Exploring the risks, misconceptions, and alternatives of smoking weed

    Taking a break from smoking can provide a different perspective and clearing of the brain. Luis Gomez expresses concerns about the potential health risks of smoking weed, particularly the fear of developing lung cancer. Joe Rogan agrees that there is a lack of discussion regarding the link between weed and cancer. They also discuss the misconception that natural cigarettes, such as American Spirits, are safer when in reality they pose similar risks. The conversation highlights the impact of smoking laws in reducing the number of young smokers. They also touch upon the shift in societal perception of weed, now more widely accepted and used for medicinal purposes. Switching to edibles is considered a safer alternative to smoking, although the effects on the liver remain uncertain. Ultimately, it shows that the dangers and effects of smoking require further examination and education.

    Considerations and Complexity Surrounding CBD and Medication Use

    There are potential negative effects associated with the use of CBD and certain medications, and it's important to consider individual productivity levels while under the influence. CBD may cause liver damage in high doses or when combined with specific medications. However, the exact impact of CBD and its interaction with the body is still being researched. Additionally, the conversation highlights the complexity and variability of information available on the internet. Furthermore, the discussion touches upon the potential benefits of marijuana in protecting the liver and aiding with nausea caused by cancer treatment. It emphasizes the need for more research to fully understand the effects of different strains and cannabinoids.

    Embracing Curiosity: Joe Rogan Explores Diverse Topics with Experts

    Curiosity and open-mindedness can lead to incredible learning opportunities. Through their conversation, Joe Rogan and Luis Gomez discuss a range of topics, from the medicinal benefits of CBD to the potential dangers of asteroids. Despite being a comedian, Joe Rogan's genuine interest in various fields allows him to engage in meaningful dialogues with experts and gain knowledge in unexpected areas. His podcast serves as a platform for accidental education, where he learns from a broad range of subjects and diverse individuals. This highlights the importance of being open to new information and perspectives, as it can broaden our understanding of the world and shape our thinking.

    Balancing Ideological Bias and Limitations in Social Media

    The control and censorship of social media platforms, like Twitter, are posing risks to freedom of speech and the sharing of diverse opinions. Elon Musk's purchase of Twitter offered some hope in balancing out the ideological bias in social media. However, the conversation highlights that many other platforms still operate with similar opinions and limitations on expression. The rapid and widespread use of social media has transformed society and made the world feel interconnected. Yet, there is a concern that social media is being misused as a tool for warfare and personal attacks. It is important for society to catch up with the impact of social media and find ways to promote open dialogue and a fair exchange of ideas while avoiding the dangers of censorship and manipulation.

    The Reality of Social Media Manipulation and Interference in Elections

    Social media manipulation and interference in elections is a reality. The Russians have been proven to use troll farms and manipulate algorithms to push their messages. Both Trump and Biden, along with many other individuals and organizations, have used massive social media teams to manipulate algorithms and get their messages in front of the most people. This is the game now. However, it's important to note that this manipulation and interference is not limited to social media alone. Throughout history, there have been instances where media organizations and other groups have disseminated controlled stories to sway public opinion. The conversation also highlights the fact that conspiracy theories can arise when unexplained occurrences such as piles of bricks are found during protests, leading to different hypotheses about their origins.

    Disconnect and Anxiety: The Impact of Online Engagement

    The internet and social media have fueled a sense of false engagement and heightened anxiety, leading to a disconnect between online interactions and real-life interactions. People can now pretend to care about issues without putting in the effort to truly understand and research them. This addiction to online validation and constant refreshes mimics the addictive nature of a slot machine. Additionally, the widespread use of screens and technology has led to a decline in face-to-face communication, particularly among younger generations. Taking a conscious approach to limit screen time and encourage meaningful interactions can have a positive impact on personal relationships and overall well-being.

    The Implications of Rapidly Advancing Technology

    Technology is advancing rapidly and has both positive and negative implications for society. While it's exciting to see advancements like recording brain waves and the potential for communication without words, it's also a cause for concern. The addiction to phones and lack of personal communication is a worrying trend, especially for the younger generation. Parents need to prioritize teaching discipline and limiting screen time for their children. Additionally, the conversation highlights the potential future integration of technology into the human body, which raises ethical questions and creates a divide between those who can afford advanced technology and those who cannot. It's important to stay informed and be mindful of the implications of these advancements.

    Joe Rogan's Cautious Approach to New Technologies

    Joe Rogan is cautious about taking risks when it comes to new technologies and adventures. He expresses skepticism about brain operations, space travel, and even self-driving cars. Joe prefers to wait until these technologies have been thoroughly tested and perfected before considering them. He values safety and practicality over the thrill of new experiences. While others may be enticed by the idea of venturing into space or trying out flying cars, Joe Rogan prefers to take a more cautious approach. He prioritizes being fully present and aware in the moment, rather than relying on automated or potentially dangerous technologies.

    Driving responsibly and treating others with respect is crucial to avoid accidents and maintain a good reputation.

    Luis Gomez has a problem with falling asleep while driving, which puts him at risk of accidents. Despite having advanced features in his Audi that help prevent accidents, he has still been involved in five accidents since he started driving again after living in New York City. His car insurance is now extremely high because of this. Additionally, Luis admits to being a bad driver and having a low Uber rating because he often treats Uber drivers poorly, especially when he's running late. This conversation brings attention to the importance of being alert and responsible while driving, as well as treating others with respect.

    Importance of empathy and self-care in service industry and recovery process.

    Being sensitive to others' experiences and emotions is important, especially in a service industry like Uber driving. It's easy to forget that a simple interaction or complaint can have a lasting impact on someone's livelihood and reputation. While it's natural to have moments of frustration or aggression, it's essential to consider the potential consequences and approach situations with empathy and understanding. Additionally, the story highlights the importance of patience and proper recovery after undergoing surgery. Rushing back into physical activities without allowing sufficient healing time can lead to further injuries and complications. Taking care of oneself and listening to medical advice is crucial for long-term well-being.

    The Benefits and Realities of Practicing Jiu-Jitsu

    Practicing Jiu-Jitsu is not only physically beneficial but also mentally rewarding. It provides a unique opportunity for personal growth, pushing individuals to face challenges and discover what they are truly capable of. Jiu-Jitsu creates a strong bond between practitioners, as it can be a shared interest and a way to connect on a deeper level. However, it is important to understand that Jiu-Jitsu is not the ultimate solution for self-defense in all situations. Other skills, like boxing or wrestling, can be equally valuable and unpredictable circumstances should always be considered. The key is to stay open-minded, continuously learn and adapt to various fighting styles, and respect the capabilities of others.

    Rethinking Toughness and Masculinity: Insights from Joe Rogan and Luis Gomez

    Our perception of toughness and masculinity is often based on misconceptions and societal expectations. Both Joe Rogan and Luis Gomez reflect on how their own training in martial arts has made them realize their own vulnerabilities and limitations. They realize that being tough is not about being aggressive or picking fights, but rather about having self-awareness and the ability to protect oneself and others. Additionally, they discuss how some aspects of law enforcement focus on monetary gain rather than ensuring public safety. This conversation highlights the importance of understanding the true meaning of toughness and masculinity, and how it can be shaped by personal experiences and societal pressures.

    Navigating the chaos: Finding stability and contentment in an ever-changing world

    The speed at which changes occur in our society can often leave people feeling overwhelmed and unable to keep up. This rapid pace of change, coupled with the constant flood of information and new issues to care about, can make it difficult for individuals to find a sense of stability and contentment in their lives. Additionally, the conversation touches on the fleeting nature of public attention, as the focus quickly shifts from one topic to another, often leaving important issues and tragedies forgotten. It also highlights the dangers of conspiracy theories and the importance of critically evaluating information before accepting it as truth. Overall, this conversation underscores the need for individuals to find balance in their lives and to stay grounded amidst the chaos.

    The impact of trolling and online chaos on individuals and society, and the importance of critical thinking in the digital age.

    Trolling and online chaos can have both humorous and detrimental effects. While trolling may provide some laughter and entertainment, it can also lead to hurtful and offensive behavior. The internet has become a platform where people can say mean things, but it's important to remember that it comes with the territory of living our dreams and being in the public eye. It serves as a reminder to stay grounded and not turn into negative personas. Moreover, the conversation highlights how various issues, like COVID, can become politicized and divided. The influence of social media and isolation exacerbates these divisions, making people more susceptible to propaganda. It underscores the need for critical thinking and questioning in the digital age.

    Questioning Pharmaceutical Drugs: The Importance of Skepticism and Research

    It is important to question and critically examine the safety and effectiveness of pharmaceutical drugs. While science and data are often cited as proof of their reliability, it is crucial to remain skeptical and curious, especially when it comes to new medications. The discussion highlights a past example, where a drug called AZT was believed to be safe and effective but ultimately ended up causing harm and even death to patients. This serves as a reminder to approach new treatments with caution and not blindly trust the claims made by pharmaceutical companies. It is essential to do our own research, listen to different perspectives, and make informed decisions about our health.

    The Fear and Misinformation Surrounding AIDS

    There was a genuine fear surrounding AIDS during a certain time period. People believed that anyone could get it, and it created a lot of anxiety and panic. The fear was fueled by misinformation and the portrayal of AIDS in movies and health classes. Additionally, there were individuals known as "bug catchers" who actively sought out the virus. This behavior was seen as deviant and dark, but perhaps driven by a desire to live on the edge or the fear of contracting the disease. However, it's important to note that these extreme cases were likely rare. The conversation also touches on the advancements in treatment and the concept of being undetectable and non-transmissible. Overall, the conversation sheds light on the complexity and impact of the AIDS epidemic.

    The complexity and differing opinions surrounding HIV and AIDS.

    HIV and AIDS are complex topics with differing opinions and beliefs among experts. While one biologist suggested that HIV is a weak virus and that compromised immune systems might be the cause of acquiring it, there are many other virologists who hold different opinions. The conversation also highlights the importance of overall health in fighting against diseases like HIV. The example of Magic Johnson, who has managed his HIV well through maintaining a healthy lifestyle, demonstrates this point. Moreover, the discussion raises questions about the accuracy of HIV testing in certain countries with severe poverty and malnourishment. Overall, this conversation reminds us of the ongoing challenges and fear surrounding diseases like HIV and the importance of seeking accurate information.

    The Contrasting Approaches to COVID-19 Precautions

    There is a segment of people who have formed a cult-like devotion to COVID-19 precautions, regardless of political affiliation. These individuals have fully committed to the narrative surrounding the pandemic and are unlikely to question or reconsider their stance. They not only follow these precautions themselves but also actively encourage others to do the same. This unwavering dedication has led them to embrace booster shots and other measures, further solidifying their beliefs. In contrast, the speakers in the conversation, particularly Luis Gomez, have opted for a less restrictive approach, continuing to live their lives, including traveling and doing comedy shows, with precautions in place. They highlight the importance of adapting and trying new things, even when faced with fame and success.

    The Importance of Testing Material and Audience Feedback in Comedy

    Comedians must continuously work on their material by testing it on stage and adjusting based on audience reactions. Writing jokes down and reciting them on stage without audience feedback is not an effective approach. The process of developing a joke starts with a small idea and a few punch lines, and then gradually expands through the comedian's performance and audience response. Difficult performance situations, such as check spots in clubs, can be challenging but ultimately help comedians improve their skills and confidence. Young comedians benefit from performing in tough rooms and gaining lots of experience. Additionally, having a vibrant comedy scene with multiple clubs and rooms, like in Austin, provides more opportunities for growth and development.

    Marijuana legalization and the differing perspectives on its effects and legality.

    Marijuana legalization has become more widespread in the United States, with over 40 states allowing it in some form. The conversation also highlights the fact that marijuana affects individuals differently, with some people enjoying its effects while others find it unappealing. However, the illegality of marijuana is seen as irrational by Joe Rogan, who believes it should be decriminalized. Luis Gomez shares his positive experiences with marijuana, particularly in Jamaica where it is now legally available both medicinally and recreationally. The conversation also touches on the importance of travel and the freedom to explore different destinations, which was emphasized during the pandemic restrictions.

    Cherishing Family and Staying Informed

    Creating meaningful experiences with loved ones is important due to the uncertainty of life. Luis Gomez expresses his fear of dying young and emphasizes the significance of his family and son having lasting memories. This perspective is praised as healthy and beautiful by Joe Rogan. The conversation also touches on the topic of marijuana legalization and the varying laws and regulations surrounding it. They discuss flying with weed and how TSA handles it, as well as the existence of illegal weed dispensaries. While some stores continue to operate without licenses, there is a possibility of a future crackdown. This conversation highlights the importance of cherishing moments with family and staying informed about the legalities of certain activities.

    Risks and Consequences of Illegal Drug Consumption

    There are significant concerns and risks associated with purchasing and consuming illegal drugs, particularly marijuana. Joe Rogan emphasizes that a large portion of illegal weed comes from cartel-operated grow operations, which may contain toxic substances. He also mentions the potential danger of unknowingly consuming drugs with harmful additives. Luis Gomez expresses fear regarding the safety of weed products, especially in relation to children mistakenly ingesting them. Both individuals acknowledge the potential long-term consequences and disruptions that could arise from accidental consumption of drugs, particularly by young children. This conversation highlights the importance of legalizing and regulating drugs to ensure safety and accountability in the industry, minimizing associated risks.

    Acid Trips and the Power of Ideas

    Taking excessive amounts of acid can lead to intense and potentially frightening hallucinations. Joe Rogan and Luis Gomez discuss their personal experiences with acid trips, highlighting the overwhelming and disorienting effects it had on them. They emphasize the importance of being cautious and responsible when experimenting with hallucinogens, as the mind-altering experiences can be unpredictable and long-lasting. Additionally, the conversation touches on the power of ideas and how they have shaped human civilization, raising questions about the potential risks and consequences of advancing technologies like artificial intelligence. Overall, this discussion serves as a reminder to approach mind-altering substances cautiously and to consider the potential consequences before experimenting.

    The potential power and impact of robots and AI on governance and population growth.

    There is a fear and discussion around the idea of robots and artificial intelligence taking over governance and ultimately wiping out the human race. The concern is that robots, with their logical and emotionless nature, could potentially create a better society by eliminating wars and nuclear threats. However, the fear lies in the power that robots could have in controlling population growth and creating a weakened, sedentary human species. While having children is seen as a profound and fulfilling experience, there is also a growing trend of young people choosing not to have kids, which is causing concern about population decline. It is important to balance the potential benefits and risks of technology and consider the impact on future generations.

    The transformative journey of parenthood - from carefree to protective.

    Becoming a parent completely changes your perspective and priorities in life. Before having children, individuals may have a more carefree and anarchistic mindset, not overly concerned about the future or the problems of the world. However, once they become parents, their focus shifts towards protecting their kids and ensuring their well-being. This newfound sense of responsibility and love for their children brings about a heightened level of anxiety and fear for their safety. Parents realize the importance of creating a safe and challenging environment for their kids, allowing them to learn and grow from both victories and losses. Ultimately, being a parent requires a constant balancing act between wanting to shield their children from harm and wanting them to face and overcome challenges.

    Jiu-Jitsu: A Customizable and Practical Martial Art for Fitness and Self-Defense

    Practicing jiu-jitsu can improve physical strength and overall fitness while also providing a fun and interesting experience. Unlike other martial arts, jiu-jitsu allows smaller individuals to successfully overcome larger opponents, making it a practical self-defense skill. Additionally, jiu-jitsu is highly customizable, making it suitable for individuals of different body types and athleticism levels. It is a sport that emphasizes technique and knowledge rather than relying solely on physical strength. By engaging in jiu-jitsu training, individuals can develop muscle memory and learn effective techniques that can be applied in real-life situations. Ultimately, jiu-jitsu offers a multifaceted approach to physical fitness and self-defense.

    The Physical and Mental Benefits of Jujitsu

    Practicing martial arts, specifically jujitsu, can have significant benefits beyond physical fitness. Jujitsu teaches practitioners to defend themselves effectively, even in real-life situations, as it is trained with full force. This constant exposure to intense training prepares individuals to handle altercations on the street instinctively. Additionally, jujitsu helps reduce anxiety by boosting confidence in one's ability to protect themselves physically. It serves as an outlet for releasing pent-up energy and anxiety, allowing individuals to feel more at ease and focused. Similar to working out, jujitsu demands presence and self-improvement, giving individuals a much-needed break from the distractions of modern life. This combination of physical and mental benefits makes jujitsu a valuable practice for personal growth.

    Finding Your Perfect Workout Routine

    There are different approaches to working out, and it's important to find what works best for you. Luis prefers running outside because it helps him clear his mind and work through things, even though it may not be ideal for his knees. On the other hand, Joe finds that doing cardio on an echo bike while watching fights is effective for him. Joe also follows Pavel Tataline's philosophy of doing more reps with longer breaks to ensure perfect form and prevent muscle failure. Both Luis and Joe have their own preferences and goals when it comes to working out, highlighting the importance of finding a routine that suits your needs and motivates you.

    Bert Kreischer: From Struggles to Strength

    Bert Kreischer is an incredibly strong individual. Despite his previous struggles with alcoholism, he has managed to transform himself into a serious athlete through exercise and a healthier lifestyle. It is impressive that he can now bench press 225 pounds for 10 reps, showcasing his strength and determination. Moreover, Bert's positive transformation has not only improved his physical health but has also benefited his comedy career, as he is now coming up with new material and performing in front of large audiences. Overall, Bert Kreischer's story highlights the importance of perseverance, self-improvement, and the potential for positive change in one's life.

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