Podcast Summary

    • Discover the Secrets to Affordable Travel with Scott's Cheap FlightsPlan ahead, be flexible, and follow Scott's tips to save money and enjoy frequent, affordable vacations.

      Scott's Cheap Flights offers a solution to the obstacle of high-priced plane tickets, allowing you to travel more often. Scott Keyes, the founder, specializes in finding cheap flights and shares his tips in his new book. He discusses the advantages of taking frequent vacations, emphasizing the importance of planning trips well in advance for psychological benefits. He also debunks misconceptions about ticket pricing and provides strategies for booking cheap flights. Scott recommends adopting a flight-first approach rather than focusing on the destination. He reveals the best time window for cheap flights, the benefits of itinerary flexibility, and the cheapest days to fly. By utilizing Scott's strategies and taking advantage of mistake fares, you can make travel more affordable and fulfill your desire to explore the world.

    • Discover the surprising benefits of vacations and how to overcome booking stress.Vacations are essential for personal growth and fulfillment, and with affordable flights and simplified booking processes, everyone can experience the joy of exploring new destinations and activities.

      People need to take more vacations, not just for the sake of relaxation, but also for personal growth and enjoyment. Despite the desire to travel more, Americans have been taking fewer vacation days over the years. One reason for this is the stress and complexity of booking flights, which prevents people from planning their trips and leads to anxiety. By offering affordable flight options and simplifying the process, Scott Keyes aims to help people overcome these barriers and take the vacations they desire. Additionally, Keyes emphasizes that vacations are not just about relaxing on a beach, but about exploring new destinations and engaging in activities that align with individual interests and personalities. By prioritizing vacations and experiencing different travel experiences, people can enhance their enjoyment and personal fulfillment.

    • Discover the secret to ultimate travel satisfaction with more vacations!Taking more affordable vacations allows for self-discovery and increased enjoyment in travel experiences, without the pressure for perfection.

      Taking more vacations can lead to increased satisfaction with your travel experiences. By going on multiple trips, you have the opportunity to figure out what types of destinations and activities you truly enjoy. Cheap flights are a great way to enable more vacations, allowing you to explore different places without breaking the bank. Taking smaller, cheaper vacations also reduces the pressure to have a perfect experience and allows for more relaxation and flexibility. Additionally, breaking up your vacations throughout the year instead of having one big trip can prevent disappointment and provide a more positive outlook. Overall, taking more vacations and utilizing affordable travel options can enhance your enjoyment and help you discover the places that truly resonate with you.

    • Why You Should Swap Paris for Lesser Known DestinationsPlanning multiple trips to off-the-beaten-path places brings more happiness and fulfillment compared to popular tourist destinations, as the anticipation of a trip plays a significant role in overall enjoyment.

      If you have multiple trips a year, it's worth taking a chance and exploring less popular destinations that might resonate with you personally. These off-the-beaten-path places can often provide some of the most memorable experiences. While popular tourist destinations like Paris and London may initially seem exciting, they often don't live up to the hype. Additionally, the anticipation of a trip plays a significant role in our overall happiness and enjoyment. Research shows that we experience more joy in the weeks and months leading up to a trip, as well as in the weeks and months after we return, compared to the actual trip itself. By planning trips further in advance and having multiple vacations to look forward to, we can prolong the happiness and fulfillment associated with travel.

    • Discover the shocking truth about airfare prices and how they can change in a blink!Airfare prices can vary greatly and change rapidly, so be patient when prices are high and act quickly when they are low.

      Airfare prices are highly volatile and can fluctuate significantly from day to day. Unlike other goods, such as a gallon of milk, airfare is not static and can change in orders of magnitude within a short period. This volatility is due to unique characteristics of airfare, such as the limited seats available on each flight and the unpredictability of traveler bookings. As consumers, it is important to stop thinking of airfare as a stable commodity and instead recognize that today's expensive flight could become tomorrow's cheap flight, and vice versa. Furthermore, it is advised to be patient when fares are expensive and to act quickly when they are cheap because the prices can change rapidly.

    • Why the price of airfare has nothing to do with distance.The price of airfare is not determined by flight distance, but by a combination of factors including airport location and volatility in airfare prices.

      The price of airfare is not directly correlated to the distance of your trip. Scott Keyes explains that flying from different airports can yield the same fare despite vastly different flight distances. Many people assume that clearing their cookies or using incognito mode while searching for flights will result in lower prices, but this is a misconception. Scott tested this theory and found that the fare remained the same regardless of how many times he searched. He also explains that airlines don't monitor individual searches to jack up prices, but rather airfare prices are constantly changing due to volatility. Taking a flight-first approach, rather than a destination-first approach, can help find cheaper deals when searching for flights.

    • Save money and explore new destinations by prioritizing cheap flightsBy adjusting your approach to travel planning and prioritizing cheap flights, you can save money and discover hidden gems around the world. Start by looking for cheap flights from your home airport, decide on an affordable destination, and find dates that work for your schedule with the available cheap fares. Embrace the serendipity of finding unexpected, affordable trips and explore multiple locations for the price of one.

      If you prioritize cheap flights and adjust your approach to travel planning, you can save a significant amount of money and discover unexpected destinations. Instead of choosing a destination first and then searching for flights, start by looking for cheap flights available from your home airport. Then, decide which of those affordable destinations interests you the most. Finally, find dates that work for your schedule with the cheap fares available. By reordering your priorities and considering cheap flights as the top priority, you can take advantage of incredible deals and have the opportunity to explore multiple locations for the price of one. Embrace the serendipity of finding unexpected, affordable trips and discover hidden gems around the world.

    • Want to save money on flights? Here's a foolproof strategy!Flexibility and strategic planning are key to finding affordable flights; prioritize price, consider alternative airports, and utilize the Goldilocks Windows approach for better deals.

      Being flexible and strategic in your approach to booking flights can lead to significant savings. Scott Keyes emphasizes the importance of prioritizing price when searching for flights, even before choosing a destination. However, he acknowledges that not all trips allow for such flexibility. In these cases, timing becomes crucial. Keyes recommends utilizing the Goldilocks Windows approach, where specific time frames before travel are more likely to offer cheaper flights. Additionally, he suggests considering alternative airports and checking airlines like Southwest separately for potentially better deals. By being intentional about these factors, even when faced with limited flexibility, travelers can still find ways to save money and get the best possible deals on flights.

    • This family saved $10,000 on flights with this simple trick!Being flexible with your travel plans, including considering nearby airports, can lead to significant cost savings and shorter travel times.

      Being flexible in your travel plans can save you both money and time. By keeping an eye on nearby airports, you may find significantly cheaper flights that are worth the extra drive. In one example, a family of five saved $10,000 by purchasing tickets from Chicago to Bali instead of Detroit. Despite the additional car ride, their total travel time was actually shorter compared to flights from Detroit with multiple connections and long layovers. Additionally, injecting flexibility in your travel plans can include changing the airport you fly out of or even the airport you fly into. This could involve driving a few hours or adjusting your arrival time to save money or make the trip more enjoyable. So, even if you don't have complete flexibility, finding ways to incorporate some flexibility can result in significant benefits.

    • The Goldilocks Model: The Perfect Time to Buy Plane TicketsIt's best to book flight tickets one to three months in advance for most flights, avoiding booking too early or too late. The misconception of cheaper fares on certain days no longer holds true, and flexibility in dates and planning in advance allows for more affordable flights.

      It is best to follow the Goldilocks model when buying flight tickets, which is booking one to three months in advance for most flights. Booking too early or too late can result in more expensive fares. Airlines are counting on business travelers to buy last-minute tickets at high prices, so waiting until the last minute is not advisable. Additionally, the misconception that booking flights on a certain day will result in cheaper fares is no longer true. Airfare is now set algorithmically and can change daily or even hourly. Generally, the cheapest days to fly are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Saturday, but there are no guarantees. It is also important to consider seasonality, as summer and holidays tend to be more expensive. Traveling during less popular times of the year can lead to finding very cheap tickets. Overall, flexibility in travel dates and planning in advance can lead to more affordable flights.

    • Flight search engines don't matter - here's why booking directly does!It's best to book flights directly with the airline for federal protections, easy itinerary changes, and a simpler travel experience.

      While flight search engines like Expedia, Kayak, and Google Flights may have different user interfaces, the actual results are generally the same across the board. So, it's not a significant factor in finding the best fares. However, when it comes to booking your flights, it's advisable to book directly with the airline. This is because booking directly with the airline provides certain federal protections, such as the 24-hour rule that allows you to cancel your purchase and get a full cash refund within 24 hours. Additionally, booking directly with the airline makes it easier to handle any changes or issues with your itinerary, as you can deal directly with the airline rather than going through a middleman. By differentiating where you search and where you book, you can have a simpler and more convenient travel experience.

    • You Won't Believe How This Simple Trick Can Save You Money on Flights!By using the 24-hour rule and Southwest Airlines, travelers can freeze flight prices, consult with travel partners, wait for better deals, and potentially save money on flights.

      Using the 24-hour rule and Southwest Airlines as an arbitrage tool can help travelers save money and take advantage of cheaper flights. By booking a flight with a good fare and then canceling it within 24 hours, travelers can freeze the price and have time to decide if they want to proceed with the trip or not. This is particularly useful when you need to consult with a travel partner or wait for better deals. Additionally, using Southwest Airlines allows you to set a price ceiling, as their flights are free to cancel and the funds can be used as travel credit for future trips. By monitoring prices and canceling/re-booking, travelers can potentially save money and take cheaper trips.

    • The Secret Air Travel Hack That Saves You Tons of MoneyBy strategically planning layovers, using the Greek island strategy, and keeping an eye out for mistake fares, travelers can score heavily discounted tickets to popular destinations.

      Utilizing layovers and exploring different airline options can significantly reduce the cost of air travel. By taking advantage of the Greek island strategy, travelers can save money by booking flights to a major hub, such as Athens, and then easily continuing on to their desired destination within Europe. Additionally, being open to mistake fares can lead to incredible deals on flights. Mistake fares occur more often than people realize and are often honored by the airlines. By staying vigilant and keeping an eye out for these opportunities, travelers can score heavily discounted tickets to popular destinations. It's important to be creative and proactive in searching for cheaper alternatives, as airlines typically do not sell tickets for rival airlines.

    • Don't Miss Out on This Travel Hack: How to Score Mistake Fares Before They're Gone!Act fast to secure mistake fares and save up to 50% on flights by booking during the fall season.

      If you come across a mistake fare, it's important to act quickly and book it right away. These mistake fares can disappear within seconds once they are fixed. Additionally, if you're looking for cheaper flights, it's better to hold off on traveling during the summer and consider traveling in the fall or beyond. Prices for flights tend to be 50% lower or more during the fall season. Despite the current high prices due to pent-up travel demand and other factors, flight prices will eventually go back to normal fall levels. It's advisable to book your flights in advance to secure the cheaper fares and give yourself something to look forward to.

    • The secret to finding cheap flights: book during the offseason!To save money on flights, avoid peak travel seasons and book in advance during the opposite season.

      If you want to find cheap flights, it's best to avoid flying in the middle of summer when fares are most expensive. Planning well ahead is crucial to securing good deals, and a smart strategy is to book flights during the opposite season. Just like winter coats are cheapest to buy in the summer, winter holiday flights are also much cheaper when purchased during the summer. By booking Christmas and New Year's flights in advance, you can save a significant amount of money compared to waiting and booking at the same time as everyone else. So, if you're looking for affordable flights, consider booking in the offseason and take advantage of the savings.

    Recent Episodes from The Art of Manliness

    The Laws of Connection — The Scientific Secrets of Building Stronger Relationships

    The Laws of Connection — The Scientific Secrets of Building Stronger Relationships

    Everyone has heard about the incredible benefits that come to mind, body, and spirit from having strong relationships. The quality of our social ties has a huge impact on our physical and mental health and our overall feeling of flourishing.

    Yet many people still struggle to create these strong relationships in their lives, and often figure that things like weakening communities and digital technology are to blame.

    But my guest says that the barriers to establishing bonds with others may actually be more psychological than physical, and he shares research-backed tips for breaking through them in his new book, The Laws of Connection: The Scientific Secrets of Building a Strong Social Network. Today on the show, David discusses how we can feel lonely even when we're surrounded by people if we don't have what he calls a "shared reality." We then discuss ways to build that shared reality with others. We talk about why frenemies are so bad for you, how to overcome the "liking gap," why you might want to interrupt someone to connect with them, the need to be aware of the novelty penalty in conversations, why you should stop telling white lies, and much more.

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    The Art of Manliness
    enJune 10, 2024

    Remembering D-Day 80 Years Later

    Remembering D-Day 80 Years Later

    On D-Day, June 6, 1944, 160,000 troops participated in the invasion of Normandy. Today just a few thousand of these veterans are still alive, with the youngest in their late nineties. As their voices, and those of the million combatants and leaders who swept into motion across Europe 80 years ago, fall silent and pass from living history, Garrett Graff has captured and compiled them in a new book: When the Sea Came Alive: An Oral History of D-Day.

    Drawing on his project of sifting through and synthesizing 5,000 oral histories, today Garrett takes us back to what was arguably the most consequential day in modern history and helps unpack the truly epic sweep of the operation, which was hard to fathom even then, and has become even more difficult to grasp with the passage of time. We talk about how unbelievably involved the planning process for D-Day was, stories you may never have heard before, a couple of the myths around D-Day, and the sacrificial heroism born of this event that continues to live on.

    Resources Related to the Podcast

    Connect With Garrett Graff

    Black and white image of soldiers during D-Day with the title
    The Art of Manliness
    enJune 05, 2024

    Why You're So Bad at Giving and Receiving Compliments (And How to Fix That)

    Why You're So Bad at Giving and Receiving Compliments (And How to Fix That)

    Over a decade ago, I remember reading a story that stuck with me. I think it was connected to the famous Harvard Study on Adult Development that studied a group of men across their lifetimes, but I can no longer find the reference. A much-beloved doctor, upon his retirement, was given a notebook filled with letters of praise and appreciation from his patients. After he received it, he put it up in his attic, and never opened it or read the letters.

    I've often thought of this story since I first heard it, wondering about what motivated the doctor's behavior, and the larger question of why praise is typically welcomed and makes us feel good, but can also make people feel uncomfortable or embarrassed.

    In today's episode, I take a stab at answering this question with Christopher Littlefield, a speaker and consultant who specializes in employee appreciation. But first, we talk about the power of recognition, why we can be so stingy in giving compliments, how compliments can go wrong, and how we can offer them more effectively. We then turn to why getting compliments can make you cringe, how people deflect them and how this deflection affects relationships, and how to get better at receiving compliments graciously.

    Resources Related to the Podcast

    Connect With Christopher Littlefield

    The Art of Manliness
    enJune 03, 2024

    A Guide to Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

    A Guide to Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance

    This year marks the 50th anniversary of the publication of the book Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance by Robert Pirsig. It's a peculiar book, especially for a bestseller. Not a lot of it is actually about zen or motorcycle maintenance, it combines a travelogue, a father/son story, and philosophical musings, and the structure of its narration makes it hard to follow. Thus, it's the kind of book people often buy, start, and then put down without finishing.

    That's initially what happened to Mark Richardson, an author and automotive journalist who was born in the UK but has lived most of his life in Canada. But when the book finally clicked for Mark, he was so inspired by it that he actually undertook Pirsig's motorcycle pilgrimage himself. Mark shares that story in Zen and Now, which intersperses stories from his own road trip with an exploration of Pirsig's life and famous book.

    If you've wanted to read Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance, but haven't been able to get into it, today Mark will offer an introduction to what it's all about. We discuss Pirsig's ideas on the metaphysics of quality and our relationship to technology, and how he tried to combine the ethos of Eastern and Western thought into a unified philosophy of living. We also get into why Mark wanted to recreate Pirsig's road trip, the joys of traveling by motorcycle, and what Mark learned along the way.

    Resources Related to the Podcast

    Connect With Mark Richardson

    The Art of Manliness
    enMay 29, 2024

    Tactics and Mindset Shifts for Making the Most of Life

    Tactics and Mindset Shifts for Making the Most of Life

    Note: This is a rebroadcast

    Matthew Dicks wears a lot of hats. Among other things, he’s a storyteller, communications consultant, writer, and schoolteacher. In order to excel in his professional life, as well as do what he loves in his personal life, he’s developed a set of strategies that help him be more creative and productive, and can be used by anyone who wants to start making the most of life.

    Matt writes about these tactics and mindset shifts in his latest book Someday Is Today: 22 Simple, Actionable Ways to Propel Your Creative Life, and he shares some of them with us today on the show, including why you need to think in minutes, be an eagle rather than a mouse, practice deliberate incuriosity, and always do your best to act like a decent human being. Along the way, Matt and I talk about why you should floss in the shower and how restaurants that make guacamole at your table are a great example of the folly of making a thing, a thing.

    Resources Related to the Podcast

    Connect With Matthew Dicks


    The Art of Manliness
    enMay 27, 2024

    The Shadows Over Men's Hearts and How to Fight Them

    The Shadows Over Men's Hearts and How to Fight Them

    There are a lot of unspoken challenges and hidden battles that men face in modern society. They often manifest themselves in a uniquely male malaise where a man feels apathetic, frustrated, cynical, and lost.

    Jon Tyson has thought a lot about the problems men face and has been on the ground trying to help them as a pastor in New York City. In today's episode, I talk to Jon about the sources of this male angst that he explores as the co-author of a new book, Fighting Shadows: Overcoming 7 Lies That Keep Men From Becoming Fully Alive.

    Jon and I discuss how men often try to solve their malaise and why those approaches don't work. We then explore some of the shadows men fight in their lives, including the shadows of despair, loneliness, unhealthy ambition, futility, and lust. Jon offers some advice to overcome these shadows, including sitting around a fire pit with your bros, taking time to develop your telos or aim as a man, and injecting a bit more playfulness in your life to counteract grumpy dad syndrome.

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    Connect With Jon Tyson

    Book cover of
    The Art of Manliness
    enMay 22, 2024

    Patton and the Bulge: Blood, Guts, and Prayer

    Patton and the Bulge: Blood, Guts, and Prayer

    General George S. Patton is known for his aggressive, action-oriented tactical brilliance.

    His character was also marked by a lesser-known but equally fundamental mystic piety.

    Those two qualities would come together in the lead up to and execution of Patton's greatest achievement during WWII: the relief of Bastogne during the Battle of the Bulge.

    Alex Kershaw tells this story in his new book Patton's Prayer: A True Story of Courage, Faith, and Victory in World War II. Today on the show, Alex shares how, when the Third Army's advance into Germany was stalled by plane-grounding clouds and road-muddying rain, Patton commissioned a prayer for better weather that was distributed to a quarter million of his men, and how that prayer became even more urgent after the commencement of the Battle of the Bulge. We also talk about Patton's qualities as a leader and a man, including his reading habits, how he combined a profane assertiveness with a pious faith and a belief in reincarnation, and what happened to him as the war came to a close.

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    Book cover of
    The Art of Manliness
    enMay 20, 2024

    Embracing the Strive State

    Embracing the Strive State

    We often think happiness will be found in the completion of a goal. We often think happiness will be found in ease and comfort. My guest says real joy is found in the journey rather than the destination, and that if difficulty and discomfort are part of that journey, that's all the better.

    Dr. Adam Fraser is a peak performance researcher and the author of Strive: Embracing the Gift of Struggle. Today on the show, we talk about what Adam calls the "strive state," where we have to grow and be courageous to tackle a meaningful challenge, and why this state is the source of the greatest fulfillment in life. We discuss why we often resist embracing the strive state and what happens when we don't have to struggle in life. We also talk about what successful strivers do differently.

    Resources Related to the Podcast

    Connect With Adam Fraser

    Book cover of
    The Art of Manliness
    enMay 15, 2024

    The Dude's Guide to Laundry: How to Save Time, Money, and Your Wardrobe

    The Dude's Guide to Laundry: How to Save Time, Money, and Your Wardrobe

    If you didn’t grow up doing your own laundry, once you headed out on your own, you probably just figured things out on the fly, hoped for the best, and have been doing things the same way ever since. But, while you may be getting the job done okay, you also might be making some mistakes that are costing you time, money, and cleaner clothes.

    In this episode from the Art of Manliness department of essential life skills, we’ll cover all the things you should have learned as a young man but never did, and how to do your laundry effectively. Our guide is Patric Richardson, aka the “Laundry Evangelist,” a laundry expert who runs how-to-do-laundry camps, hosts the television show The Laundry Guy, and is the author of Laundry Love. Today on the show, Patric shares the one cycle and water temperature you should use for all of your clothes, exactly how much detergent you should be using (which is a lot less than you think), how often you should wash your clothes (which is less often than you think), why you shouldn’t ever use dryer sheets (and what to throw in your dryer instead), how regardless of what the tag says, you can wash anything at home (including a wool suit), how to easily get rid of stains (including yellow pit stains), and many more tips that will save you time, money, and hassle in doing your laundry.

    Resources Related to the Podcast

    Connect With Patric Richardson

    The Art of Manliness
    enMay 13, 2024

    How to Get Better at Anything

    How to Get Better at Anything

    Life revolves around learning—in school, at our jobs, even in the things we do for fun. But we often don’t progress in any of these areas at the rate we’d like. Consequently, and unfortunately, we often give up our pursuits prematurely or resign ourselves to always being mediocre in our classes, career, and hobbies.

    Scott Young has some tips on how you can avoid this fate, level up in whatever you do, and enjoy the satisfaction of skill improvement. Scott is a writer, programmer, and entrepreneur, and the author of Get Better at Anything: 12 Maxims for Mastery. Today on the show, Scott shares the three key factors in helping us learn. He explains how copying others is an underrated technique in becoming a genius, why, contrary to the sentiments of motivational memes, we learn more from success than mistakes, why experts often aren’t good teachers and tactics for drawing out their best advice, why you may need to get worse before you get better, and more.

    Resources Related to the Podcast

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    Podcast #989 featuring the book cover of

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    Points Hacking: 7 Easy Ways to Earn Thousands of Points and Miles

    Points Hacking: 7 Easy Ways to Earn Thousands of Points and Miles

    The world of points and miles isn’t always straightforward, but this episode will teach you how to easily optimize your points and miles game by earning bonus airline miles and hotel points throughout the year on everyday and travel purchases. If you are looking for easy ways to earn miles fast, here are (7) brand partnerships you should know about. 

    Link to episode: https://thoughtcard.com/points-hacking/

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    • Thrifty Traveler for finding cheap flights. Use the promo code ‘TC10’ for $10 off your first year. 
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    Work With Me: 

    Need help growing and monetizing your podcast? Learn about my 1:1 podcast marketing coaching program. I help overworked and underfunded podcasters grow their audiences, improve their visibility and make more money by implementing long-term growth strategies.

    Email thethoughtcard@gmail.com for brand partnerships and business inquiries. 

    Read My Books: 

    1. Affording Travel
    2. Traveling With a Full-Time Job
    3. Managing Your Money As A New Homeowner 
    4. Iceland: Nature, Nurture & Adventure 

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    59: Take Time to Heal

    59: Take Time to Heal

    Remember being young and seemingly impervious to injury, or, if injured, able to just walk it off? Dr. Brittney Davis, at Rock Valley Physical Therapy, says that so often she hears patients say, “I used to be able to do this.” But it takes keeping things in perspective as well as time to correct those things that can sometimes go wrong with our bodies, and Dr. Davis can help guide that process.

    North Liberty is the headquarters of local media, regional financial and national transportation companies and home to solar energy and tech startups, and entrepreneurs getting their big ideas off the ground.

    Get to know your new business community.

    Never Fast the Week Before Your Period! The Shocking Science About Intermittent Fasting & Women’s Health

    Never Fast the Week Before Your Period! The Shocking Science About Intermittent Fasting & Women’s Health

    In this episode, researcher, respected expert on intermittent fasting, and bestselling author of Fast Like A Girl, Dr. Mindy Pelz, is here to explain fasting—and, in particular, how it impacts women’s hormone health.


    Men and women’s hormones are different, and because of that, women MUST fast differently than men.


    Dr. Mindy is the first person who explained this to me, and this is why I wanted to have her on.


    I had no idea that fasting would screw up my estrogen and progesterone. Why? Because I first learned about fasting from a male.


    When I tried intermittent fasting, I wasn’t seeing the health benefits that everyone talks about. Now I know why.


    You’ve seen fasting advice trending on TikTok and in health articles; even your friends are talking about it (just like mine), and after this episode you will know exactly what fasting is, why you might want to do it, and what every woman needs to know to get started.


    I want you to get the right information from a respected female expert in this field.


    Everyone needs to hear this. 


    This conversation is loaded with research and resources, and as always, extensive show notes are available on melrobbins.com. You can find them for this episode here. (www.melrobbins.com/podcasts/episode-103)


    Today, Dr. Mindy Pelz reveals:


    • The scientific protocols you need so you can fast the right way.
    • How to fast with your 28- to 30-day cycle for hormonal, physical, and mental health (and what to do if you’ve lost your cycle, like me).
    • The hormone science about how the female body operates (no one talks about this).
    • How to manage PMS and why intermittent fasting may help.
    • The research that explains why fasting tanks your progesterone
    • How this relates to you if you are in menopause and have an irregular cycle.
    • What the 30-day reset is, and its powerful ability to transform your health.
    • How to incorporate fasting into your life (and never miss a good meal with your family and friends).
    • Why coffee doesn’t break a fast, but a frappuccino does.
    • 3 hacks to get started with a fast that will make your fasts more successful.
    • The 6 fasting windows and their unique and extraordinary health benefits.


    We are going to focus on the step-by-step guide for women, what to do, and why this matters, but we do cover fasting protocols and how-to advice that both genders need to know.


    I learned so much from Dr. Mindy, and as with all episodes, this is a free resource where you get to learn straight from somebody who has literally written the book on this topic. 


    I would definitely send this to absolutely anyone that needs to hear it.


    Xo, Mel 


    IMPORTANT: This podcast discusses fasting, and its advice may not be suitable for anyone with an eating disorder. If you have an existing health condition, are pregnant or nursing, or are taking medication, always consult your healthcare practitioner before going for prolonged periods without eating.


    In this episode:


    • 1:30: What exactly IS fasting and what is the purpose? (Hint: It’s NOT a diet trend.)
    • 5:45: What does fasting look like for a PhD who studies fasting?
    • 7:15: What’s okay to include during your fasting window?
    • 8:15: 3 simple hacks to help you get started with fasting.
    • 13:00: Who is fasting NOT for?
    • 16:10 Here’s how you may feel when you first try fasting.
    • 17:50: Women need to fast differently than men.
    • 18:45: How your hormones are impacted by intermittent fasting.
    • 25:00: Why most women were not successful when fasting was first introduced.
    • 30:15: How do you figure out your menstrual cycle if you use an IUD?
    • 34:20: Menopausal women can use the moon for what?
    • 38:50: 4 steps to determine which of the 6 types of fasting works best for you.
    • 42:00: How to make intermittent fasting more flexible.
    • 45:00: Limit these 3 foods when you’re fasting.
    • 47:50: 4 ways to break a fast.


    Want more resources? Go to my podcast page at melrobbins.com/podcast.




    #132 RIP Stephen Bonner, Breaking Limbs, The Rafael Lovato Jnr come back!

    #132 RIP Stephen Bonner, Breaking Limbs, The Rafael Lovato Jnr come back!

    Download The Bulletproof For BJJ App FREE TODAY!
    Android  https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bulletproofforbjj
    iOS.    https://apps.apple.com/au/app/bulletproof-for-bjj/id6444311790

    Did you love The Ultimate Fighter? Ever broken a bone?  Every week there is always new stuff popping, the boys capture the best of it and deliver it on a platter. 
    Tragedy strikes in the world of UFC with the loss of a true pioneer and legendary fighter, Joey brings the real talk around "Breaking Mechanics" to clear up the BS and a Legend of the BJJ game makes a huge comeback from the retirement bench.

    626: How “Turnkey” Rentals Can Help You Build Real Estate Riches Faster w/Zach Lemaster

    626: How “Turnkey” Rentals Can Help You Build Real Estate Riches Faster w/Zach Lemaster
    Turnkey rental properties have become a fan favorite for rookie real estate investors and investors who don't have enough time to manage their rehabs and rental properties. Turnkey real estate is marketed as a way for real estate investors to buy a rehabbed property, often with tenants and management in place, leaving them with just rent checks to collect. One company, Rent To Retirement, has become one of the most popular places to find turnkey investment properties—and for a good reason. Behind the helm is Zach Lemaster, former optometrist, and current real estate investor. After going through eight years of school, Zach was left with six figures in student loan debt and a job that required him to be on-site for the majority of his waking hours. Like most new real estate investors, Zach had hit a breaking point and realized he needed something else that could provide him income, without the time commitment. After shelling out a large sum on a wholesaling course, Zach began using his assignment fee profits and salary from his job to buy rental properties. Every year he would buy more and more rentals, allowing him to finally scale into what he calls “turnkey commercial” (triple net) properties that give him sizable rent checks without any of the management headaches. Zach has a real estate investing path worth repeating, and he explains how he did all of it in this episode. In This Episode We Cover: How to use wholesaling to make extra cash to invest in real estate The dos and don’ts of long-distance real estate investing (don’t make Zach’s mistake) When to reinvest rental property profits so you can retire even sooner The biggest challenges you’ll face when building a real estate portfolio  Turnkey rentals and why they’re a great option for busy investors The importance of a great property manager and how a bad one can ruin your deals And So Much More! Links from the Show BiggerPockets Youtube Channel BiggerPockets Forums BiggerPockets Pro Membership BiggerPockets Bookstore BiggerPockets Bootcamps BiggerPockets Podcast Get Your Ticket for BPCon 2022 David’s YouTube Channel Ask David Your Real Estate Investing Question Listen to All Your Favorite BiggerPockets Podcasts in One Place Subscribe to The “On The Market” YouTube Channel David’s BiggerPockets Profile David's Instagram Dave's BiggerPockets Profile Dave's Instagram Mastering Turnkey Real Estate—How to Build a Passive Portfolio 6 Pros & Cons of Investing in Turnkey Properties The Perfect Blueprint for Scaling Quickly in Real Estate Subscribe to The Rent to Retirement YouTube Channel Rent to Retirement Books Mentioned in the Show The Millionaire Real Estate Agent by Gary Keller The E-Myth by Michael Gerber Connect with Zach: Zach's BiggerPockets Profile Click here to check the full show notes: https://www.biggerpockets.com/blog/real-estate-626 Interested in learning more about today’s sponsors or becoming a BiggerPockets partner yourself? Check out our sponsor page! Learn more about your ad choices. Visit megaphone.fm/adchoices