362. Dark Parody and Villainous Clowns | Matt Walsh

    Zucker suggests leaving kids with body dysmorphia alone until they turn 18, as 80% of them may turn out to be gay. Destroying the ideal of sexual identity may create problems. Oppression of the gay community is happening at the hands of trans activists.

    enJune 01, 2023

    About this Episode

    Dr. Jordan B. Peterson and political commentator Matt Walsh discuss his landmark documentary, “What Is A Woman?,” its inception and purpose, how the trans movement has distorted culture and endangered children, the realities of being mobbed, and how Matt continues to push the envelope with his ongoing endeavors.


    Matt Walsh is a popular writer, speaker, and one of the Right's most influential voices. He is the host of “The Matt Walsh Show,” and author of the best-selling children’s book Johnny the Walrus. His documentary “What is a Woman?” has become a cultural phenomenon and one of the most talked-about documentaries of 2022.


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    🔑 Key Takeaways

    • Matt Walsh sheds light on social issues and highlights the challenges faced by content creators on YouTube due to vague rules and trans activism, while emphasizing the importance of returning to sanity and family values.
    • The transgender issue distorts reality, harms individuals, takes away opportunities from women, and disregards the truth. It is a cause of concern for parents and threatens the very fabric of society. The media's selective reporting adds to this complex issue.
    • Denying the biological reality of sex can lead to a psychological epidemic, especially in young women. Conservatives not addressing this issue leaves room for exploitation of good intentions.
    • While LGBT identities are on the rise, sexual practices remain unchanged among youth. However, there is an epidemic of decreased sexual activity in certain countries. Rather than arguing against opposing views, asking for explanations exposes privileged ideas. Clinical psychology requires rigorous research and analysis.
    • Clinical psychologists reject subjective identification and emphasize the need for multiple converging methods to diagnose mental health issues and understand the nuances of identity. A one-size-fits-all approach is not effective in today's complex world.
    • It is important to distinguish between criticizing the absurd claims and behaviors promoted in the name of political correctness and inclusivity, while being empathetic towards individuals who are struggling with their gender identity or influenced by such claims. Public attention, satire and punishment may be necessary for those propagating harmful ideas, but it is important to avoid ridiculing individuals who are confused or struggling.
    • It's important to distinguish between victims and perpetrators. Harmful ideologies deserve scrutiny and those victimizing others must be held accountable. Our sympathy should be with innocent victims and we must acknowledge that most people learn from victimization and reject perpetration as a bad idea.
    • It is important to question and understand our fundamental beliefs, and to be able to articulate them beyond cultural norms in order to avoid semantic confusion and be immune to intellectual preying.
    • Mobbing is a severe consequence of being openly honest in society due to semantic confusion and ideological influences. Expressing the truth about gender issues is slowly becoming more open, despite fear.
    • Negative emotions and cultural factors contribute to suicide risk, not just clinical factors. Common sense should be used in gender transformation surgery to prevent sterilization and a lack of stable identity.
    • Transgender individuals face societal difficulties and exploitation, mutilating a person's body does not improve their identity, and children should be protected from irreversible decisions regarding their gender identity.
    • Before undergoing any surgical interventions, individuals must exhaust all other options and receive ethical psychotherapy and minimal necessary intervention. Society must prioritize protecting children and adults from unnecessary and potentially harmful surgeries.
    • Gender dysmorphia should not be medicalized and children should be given the time and space to explore their gender identity without invasive interventions. The LGBT community needs to address internal conflicts and prioritize the well-being of individuals over ideology.
    • Zucker suggests leaving kids with body dysmorphia alone until they turn 18, as 80% of them may turn out to be gay. Destroying the ideal of sexual identity may create problems. Oppression of the gay community is happening at the hands of trans activists.
    • Pursuing immediate self-gratification without any conceptual framework is not true freedom. Having a clear map with a destination and pathway to reach it is the key to true freedom.
    • Focusing too much on individual preferences and subjective feelings can lead to negative consequences and a breakdown of societal cohesion. Identity must be negotiated socially, not forced upon others.
    • A healthy identity can be defined without reliance on affirmation from others, especially when it comes to core aspects like gender, which can have life or death consequences. It is vital to maintain a healthy sense of self without succumbing to social norms.

    📝 Podcast Summary

    Jordan Peterson and Matt Walsh Discuss Social Issues and Big Tech Censorship

    Jordan Peterson interviews writer and documentarian Matt Walsh, discussing the latter's hit documentary, What Is a Woman? and other social issues like the abuse of compassion, healthcare and education professionals without ethics, the trauma suffered by children due to deception, return to sanity, and family matters. Matt's podcast has gained traction, and he has over 2 million subscribers on YouTube. However, demonetization continues to be a challenge. Rules of companies like YouTube are intentionally vague and opaque. Trans issues are a common point of conflict. Surprisingly, YouTube left Peterson alone despite his open opposition to trans activists while his daughter's account was demonetized for two years.

    The transgender issue and its impact on truth and society.

    The transgender issue is an attack on truth itself, since it tries to sell a false narrative to people. It not only harms individuals by mutilating their bodies but also takes away opportunities from women and dehumanizes them. The issue matters as it distorts the very fabric of reality and disregards the truth, which is essential in any society. It is a cause of concern for parents whose children are forced to live in a culture that has lost touch with basic facts and is troubling for everyone. The media chooses to target certain individuals each year and make an example of them, while others are left unpunished for similar or even worse offenses.

    Jordan Peterson on Gender Confusion and Biological Reality

    The question of 'what is a woman' occurred to Jordan Peterson and he believes that sexual differentiation is the most fundamental of category errors, biologically speaking. Confusion about gender identity could cause a psychological epidemic, especially in young women who are more susceptible to negative emotions and transformation. Peterson warns against denying the biological reality of sex and believes that the ideology of mutable gender is a slight of hand. The increase in the number of young people identifying on the LGBT spectrum does not necessarily mean a change in sexual behavior. Conservatives dropping the ball on this subject only help to exploit the good intentions of those who want to be polite.

    Examining Sexual Practices and Gender Identity

    Despite the rise in LGBT identities, there's no evidence that actual sexual practices among young people have changed. However, young people are having less sex than they were 20 years ago, which has reached epidemic proportions in places like Japan and South Korea. The film 'What is a Woman?' was structured around the question of what a woman is, which is a basic yet powerful question. Instead of making arguments against the other side, asking them to explain their claims is a more effective way of exposing their ideas as privileged. Clinical psychology is a rigorous discipline that requires scientific research and statistical analysis, unlike medicine where physicians don't analyze scientific papers.

    The Importance of Multiple Approaches in Diagnosing Mental Health Issues and Understanding Identity.

    Clinical psychologists reject subjective identification and use multiple converging methods to diagnose mental health issues. Identity negotiation is a crucial aspect of social interactions, and subjective identification cannot be relied upon as the sole diagnostic tool. The silence of psychologists on the issue of subjective identification in relation to gender and identity politics is concerning. The rise of totalitarian ideology leads to a rise in the dominion of the evil clown and everything turns into a parody. The documentary 'What is a Woman?' posed a difficult question in a satirical manner, but the shift towards more serious conversations highlights the complexity of the issue. It is essential to gather multiple perspectives and approaches in diagnosing mental health issues and understanding the nuances of identity.

    Balancing Criticism and Empathy in Dealing with Political Correctness and Gender Identity

    It is important to ridicule and question the absurd claims being made in the name of political correctness and inclusivity, without ridiculing individuals who are confused or struggling. Individuals who propagate such claims and ideas deserve to be called out, satirized and punished for their actions. Jordan Peterson highlights the need for negative public attention, satire and punishment for individuals like Will Thomas and Dylan Mulvaney, who compete against women in sports while claiming to be women themselves. However, it is also important to have sympathy for individuals who are victims of such claims and behaviors. Elliot Page, for instance, deserves sympathy as an individual struggling with gender identity, even though her behavior deserves criticism as a model and influencer who promotes mutilation and contributes to the misery of other misguided young women.

    When sympathy becomes a vice

    Sympathy and compassion become vices when someone crosses the line from being a victim to becoming a perpetrator. People who promote harmful ideologies deserve scrutiny, mockery, and criticism. The sympathy goes to the innocent kids who are caught up in such ideologies through no fault of their own. The victims of this stuff get our sympathy, and we must be all the more angry at the people who are victimizing them. Most people learn from their victimization that victimizing is a bad idea, and that's one of the pieces of evidence that people are essentially good even though they're strongly tempted to evil.

    The Challenge of Articulating Fundamental Beliefs

    The documentary investigating gender ideology found a lack of ability in people to articulate their fundamental beliefs beyond nonverbal axioms. The shared set of assumptions among cultures and traditions create a semantic confusion that is preyed upon by intellectuals who should know better. This lack of ability is revealed when people are put on the spot with preposterous questions. However, when the documentary team went to traditional tribes in Kenya, they found a different response as it was so obvious to them that they had no trouble talking about it. The key takeaway here is that it is important to question and understand our fundamental beliefs and to be able to articulate them well, beyond simply following cultural norms.

    The Fear of Being Mobbed and the Truth about Gender Issues

    The fear of being mobbed and facing the consequences of being openly honest is prevalent in society due to semantic confusion and leakage of post-modern/ne0-Marxist ideas from the academy through media. Mobbing can cause catastrophic intensity and severe consequences such as isolation, nervous breakdown, physical illness, and being canceled for telling the truth. People are afraid, and it's not surprising to be mobbed, as some mobs are willing to do pretty much anything to destroy you. It can lead to genocides when you get them before they get you because they're coming for you. However, people are slowly becoming more open about expressing the truth about gender issues despite their fear.

    Jordan Peterson and Matt Walsh discuss suicide risk and gender transformation surgery.

    Jordan Peterson and Matt Walsh argue that attributing the proclivity for suicide to clinical phenomena like body dysmorphia or gender dysphoria is an absolute misreading of the clinical literature. They claim that the underlying proclivity for negative emotion is what leads to the risk of suicide, which can be modified by the culture. Additionally, the American Psychological Association has no valid long-term outcome studies on the consequences of gender transformation surgery. Peterson and Walsh suggest that common sense should be used in these situations, as young children forfeiting parts of themselves that they do not yet understand can lead to sterilization and a lack of stable identity. Transforming an unstable identity into a stable one is not always appropriate.

    The complexities and dangers faced by transgender individuals and the importance of protecting children.

    Transgender individuals face difficulties in integrating into society and establishing relationships due to the complexity of the situation. These difficulties can lead to exploitation and abuse by sexual predators online. Mutilating and desecrating a person's body does not improve their beauty or identity. People should not be forced into hormonal treatment or surgical transformation against their will, especially children. The conversations around transgender issues have led to cultural and political progress. It is important to protect children from making irreversible decisions and give them the chance to develop and grow before making life-altering choices regarding their gender identity.

    Protecting Children and Adults from Unnecessary Surgery

    Child protection is crucial, and as a society, we must do everything in our power to safeguard their interests. Even if federal laws are passed against child castration mutilation, it doesn't end the conversation when it comes to adults, who can be victims too. When it comes to plastic surgery, enhancing body parts that someone already possesses is different from creating body parts that they don't possess and cannot. The fact that someone wants a fake penis or their healthy body parts removed is proof that they are mentally unwell and require psychological counseling. Ethical psychotherapy and minimum necessary intervention should be the rule of thumb before surgical intervention becomes an option. It is crucial to exhaust every other option before making any decisions related to surgical interventions.

    The Ethics of Sex Transition Surgery and Gender Dysmorphia Treatment

    The right to perform sex transition surgery should be permanently removed from the domain of what physicians are allowed to offer as a service since it violates the medical principle to treat and heal ailments, which is not the case in gender dysphoria. Eradicating trans ideology is not about killing trans people, but rather to protect them from being victimized by it. The LGBTE community is not a community by definition as their letters don't exist peacefully without conflict. The proper default treatment for kids with gender dysmorphia is to leave them alone until they are 18, according to Ken Zucker, a world-renowned expert on gender dysmorphia. Zucker's career was destroyed by the narcissistic activists despite his non-political approach to transgender matters.

    The Debate on Sexual Identity Among Kids with Body Dysmorphia.

    According to Zucker, kids with body dysmorphia should be left alone till they turn 18 as 80% of them end up being gay and there may be tension with their emerging sexual inclination. The collective notion of sexual identity should have an ideal of long-term, stable, monogamous, heterosexual, married, child-centered couples. Destroying this ideal may create problems for people on the periphery. Leftists do not define what replaces the existing notion of sexual identity before destroying it causing chaos. Radical activists claim that things are what they want at the moment which is the worst form of impulsive hedonism. Oppressing the gay community is occurring at the hands of trans activists rather than heterosexual monogamists.

    The Immature and Hedonistic Behaviors of Gender Ideology

    The celebration of Pride parades is not about replacing heterosexual monogamy with an alternative identity, but rather about being able to pursue immediate self-gratification without any conceptual framework. This pantheistic pagan anti-philosophy is immature and hedonistic, and analogous to the behavior of badly-behaved two-year-old children. Gender ideology creates anxiety by replacing unity of identity with a plethora of identities and purposes, which is equivalent to endless anxiety and anarchic chaos. Infinite choice is not freedom but leads to misery and a decrease in mental health. Anarchic chaos is not freedom and choice limitations are not transgressions against creative freedom. Freedom is not about the rapid multiplication and satisfaction of desire, but about having a map with a destination and a pathway to reach it.

    The Perils of Modern Dating and Self-Consciousness

    The modern dating world and the obsession with self-consciousness can lead to a paradox of choice, causing people to feel hopeless and overwhelmed by the abundance of options. Additionally, the emphasis on subjective feelings and constant self-awareness is a pathway to misery and anxiety. The left's insistence on compelling others to accept and prop up their self-perception is a sign that their identity construct is not functional. Any game that requires compulsion is a bad game. Overall, the key takeaway is that too much emphasis on individual preference and subjective feelings can lead to negative consequences and a breakdown of societal cohesion, and that identity must be socially negotiated rather than forced upon others.

    The Importance of a Well-Defined Identity and the Negative Effects of Seeking Affirmation.

    Having a well-defined subjective identity is important as it allows others to voluntarily play along with it. It is common for children to negotiate an identity that others want to be a part of to become popular and make friends. Seeking affirmation from others to convince oneself of a trait that one is insecure about is a common behavior, but it becomes problematic when it comes to the core aspects of one's identity like gender. Gender ideology has caused the most core aspects of an individual's identity to be wrapped up in life or death situations. The conversation also highlights how social norms have become moral crimes and how it has gone too far. It is essential to maintain a healthy and functional identity without seeking affirmation from others.

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    Dr. Patrick Moore has been a leader in the international environmental field for more than 45 years. He is a co-founder of Greenpeace and served for nine years as President of Greenpeace Canada and seven years as a Director of Greenpeace International. As the leader of many campaigns Dr. Moore was a driving force shaping policy and direction for 15 years while Greenpeace became the world's largest environmental activist organization.


    In recent years, Dr. Moore has been focused on the promotion of sustainability and consensus building among competing concerns. He was a member of the British Columbia government-appointed Round Table on the Environment and Economy from 1990 - 1994. In 1990, Dr. Moore founded and chaired the BC Carbon Project, a group that worked to develop a common understanding of climate change.


    In 2021 Dr. Moore published "Fake Invisible Catastrophes and Threats of Doom" exposing the fake news and fake science around 11 claims of disaster including climate change, coral reefs, polar bears, plastic, nuclear energy, and more.



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    “Fake Invisible Catastrophes And Threats of Doom” (Book) https://www.amazon.com/Fake-Invisible-Catastrophes-Threats-Doom-ebook/dp/B08T6FFY6S/ref=sr_1_1?dchild=1&keywords=fake+invisible+catastrophe&qid=1612915229&s=digital-text&sr=1-1