#1409 - Joey Diaz

    Don't underestimate individuals who bring a different approach, even if they become subjects of jokes or criticism.

    en-usJanuary 13, 2020

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    Joey “CoCo” Diaz is a Cuban-American stand up comedian and actor. Joey also hosts his own podcast called “The Church of What’s Happening Now” available on Spotify.

    🔑 Key Takeaways

    • Finding humor in unexpected moments can bring joy and camaraderie, even in stressful situations like sales meetings or treacherous driving.
    • Reliable car brands like Subaru, Toyota, and Lexus provide value for money, while advancements in car technology ensure high-quality performance. Trustworthiness and reliability are crucial factors when choosing a car.
    • The car industry constantly evolves due to competition, leading to significant changes, challenges, and adaptations by companies, ultimately impacting consumer choices and innovation.
    • Appreciation for the innovation and creativity in the automotive industry, even in the absence of internet convenience in earlier times.
    • The 1968 Mustang was a visually appealing car with a powerful Shelby GT 500 version, competing with other popular cars like the Camaro and Corvette. It has evolved significantly in terms of power and technology over the years.
    • Personal preferences in car brands and the desire for a reliable and impressive vehicle are prominent in the evolving car industry, with Tesla standing out for its self-driving capabilities.
    • Bruce Lee's impact on martial arts and immigrants brought hope and inspiration, symbolizing that anyone, regardless of their size, can make a significant impact and instill enthusiasm in their pursuits.
    • In a world obsessed with new talent, we must remember the value of experience, loyalty, and finding joy in our craft.
    • Establishing a structured routine with writing, workouts, and social interaction can enhance a comedian's performance and overall effectiveness.
    • Self-reflection and personal growth are essential for becoming better individuals. Understanding the consequences of our actions and learning from our past experiences can lead to personal evolution.
    • Don't underestimate individuals who bring a different approach, even if they become subjects of jokes or criticism.
    • Embracing new experiences and challenging preconceived notions is essential for growth and improvement, as demonstrated by the UFC revolutionizing martial arts styles.
    • Popular shows and movies from the past addressed sensitive topics, but they may not be accepted today due to changing societal norms. Media must adapt to reflect these changes.
    • We must navigate the complex legacies of historical figures, acknowledging both their positive contributions and morally questionable behavior, to gain a nuanced understanding of their impact on society.
    • Laughter not only relieves stress but also strengthens bonds between individuals. Engaging in activities that make us laugh can bring immense joy and change our lives for the better.
    • Music has the ability to bridge the gap between generations, creating a sense of joy and inspiration by combining the greatness of the past with the potential of the future.
    • In today's digital age, Joey Diaz and Joe Rogan remind us to slow down and reconnect with music through physical mediums, appreciating the artistry and personal connection they offer.
    • Incorporate music into everyday activities to enhance enjoyment and relaxation, treating it as an event and finding suitable times for exercise.
    • The documentary serves as a reminder of the disturbing content found online and the need for vigilance in navigating the internet, as well as raising questions about the justice system and its investigations.
    • Workplace harassment, especially towards women, is a pervasive problem that transcends industries and time periods, necessitating constant attention and efforts to address and combat it effectively.
    • It is crucial to address and hold accountable those responsible for child molestation in the Catholic Church, while also recognizing the need for vigilance and caution in trusting individuals with the safety of our children.
    • Religious institutions, particularly the Catholic Church, must address corruption and lack of accountability, including allegations of child abuse and molestation. Transparency, reform, and justice are essential to protect the vulnerable and hold perpetrators accountable.
    • Don't trust blindly and always question the actions and motives of people in positions of authority, even if they are religious or claim to have strong beliefs.
    • Be cautious of potential predators, trust your gut when something feels off, and prioritize personal safety by surrounding yourself with trusted individuals.
    • The influence of power, money, and fame can lead to the acceptance of inappropriate or illegal behaviors in certain communities, highlighting the importance of social norms and the potential consequences of deviating from them.
    • Our society holds different views towards sexual misconduct based on the perpetrator's gender and fame can lead to self-destructive behaviors, highlighting the need to question societal double standards.
    • It is crucial for individuals in the entertainment industry to stay true to their values and not succumb to the pressures of money, fame, and power, while also promoting greater accountability and awareness to prevent exploitation and misconduct.
    • When discussing sensitive topics, it's crucial to consider different perspectives and societal judgments, while recognizing the importance of consent and individual agency.
    • Joey Diaz's struggle with a persistent fungal infection highlights the importance of considering past events and future possibilities in gambling, while recent sports upsets serve as a reminder of unpredictability.
    • Unpredictability of fights and the significance of evaluating multiple factors before placing bets to increase chances of winning and maximizing potential profits.
    • Despite doubts about his motivation and lifestyle, McGregor's past victories and fighting spirit make him a formidable opponent who should not be underestimated in his comeback.
    • McGregor's success relies on motivation, leg kicks can disrupt his fighting style, Woodley vs Edwards winner could challenge for top contender, and size differences affect welterweight fights.
    • Proper training, preparation, and risk assessment are crucial in minimizing the dangers associated with dangerous stunts, such as catching bullets in one's teeth, and high-risk sports like boxing.
    • Duran's relentless aggression and superior boxing skills made him a dominant force, leaving a lasting impact on Leonard and solidifying his status as an intelligent fighter.

    📝 Podcast Summary

    Humorous Reflections on Inappropriate Pictures, Sales Meetings, and Driving in Hazardous Weather: Finding Humor and Camaraderie in Tough Situations.

    Joey Diaz and Joe Rogan have a lighthearted and humorous discussion about various topics including sending inappropriate pictures, attending sales meetings, and driving in hazardous weather conditions. They also touch upon their experiences with Subaru cars and why they believe Subarus are popular in snowy areas. Although the conversation may appear random and chaotic, it highlights the importance of finding humor and camaraderie in tough situations, such as stressful meetings or treacherous driving conditions. Overall, the key takeaway is that sometimes unexpected and light-hearted moments can break the monotony and bring joy to our lives.

    A Discussion on Car Reliability and Top Brands

    The conversation revolves around cars and the reliability of different car brands. Joe Rogan and Joey Diaz discuss their experiences with various car models and their durability. They highlight Subaru, Toyota, and Lexus as reliable brands that provide value for money. They also mention the advancements in car technology and the improved performance of modern cars. The conversation emphasizes that all cars today are of high quality and it's difficult to find a "shitty" car. They also touch upon the leasing options and favorable deals available for car buyers. Overall, the conversation highlights the importance of reliability and the trustworthiness of certain car brands.

    Evolution of the Car Industry: Competition, Challenges, and Adaptation

    Different car companies have competed and made significant changes in the industry over time. It started with Volkswagen's small van called "the thing," which became rare and valuable. Subaru then entered the market with their car called the Justia Three cylinder to compete with Hyundai's Mutmobile. Hyundai's affordable pricing disrupted the market, leading other companies like Subaru to adapt and create their own versions. Mitsubishi faced backlash in the US due to their involvement in World War II, but later made a successful comeback with the Eclipse. The conversation also highlights how some cars, like the Suzuki Samurai, faced safety issues despite being popular and affordable. Ultimately, the conversation reveals the ever-evolving nature of the car industry and the impact of competition on innovation and consumer choices.

    The Unique Mazda RX-7 and its Rotary Engine: A Discussion on Car Enthusiasm and Innovation

    There is a discussion about cars, specifically the Mazda RX-7 and its rotary engine. While there are some personal anecdotes shared, the conversation highlights the uniqueness of the Mazda RX-7 and its distinctive engine design. Joe Rogan expresses curiosity about why other car companies did not adopt this type of engine. The conversation also touches on the intelligence and knowledge of car enthusiasts, as well as the evolution of cars over time and the impact of the internet on car development. Overall, the key takeaway is the appreciation for the innovation and creativity in the automotive industry, even without the convenience of the internet in earlier times.

    The Underrated Design and Power of the 1968 Mustang

    The 1968 Mustang had a beautifully designed rear end, which is often underrated in terms of automotive design. It had a contoured and updated look, making it aesthetically pleasing. Additionally, the Shelby GT 500, as one of the most powerful versions, had around 400 horsepower, which was considered significant during that time. The Mustang was competing with cars like the Camaro and Corvette. Furthermore, the conversation briefly touches upon the movie "Ford Vers Ferrari," which features the GT 40 race car. Today, the Shelby GT 500 is an impressive car with 760 horsepower and a price tag of around $72,000-$73,000. The conversation also mentions the advancements in car technology, such as LCD clusters and the introduction of electric Mustangs.

    The Evolution of the Car Industry: Controversy over Brand Extensions and the Success of Tesla

    The car industry is evolving and facing controversy over brand extensions. Joe Rogan expresses his concerns about using established names like Mustang and Corvette for SUVs, suggesting that separate names should be created instead. The conversation also highlights the success of Tesla, with its valuation surpassing that of GM and Ford combined. Joey Diaz discusses his admiration for Tesla, particularly its self-driving capabilities. They also touch upon the quality and reliability of different car brands like Honda, Toyota, and Cadillac. Throughout the conversation, the emphasis is placed on personal preferences and the desire for a reliable and impressive vehicle.

    The Inspiring Influence of Bruce Lee on Martial Arts and Immigrants

    Bruce Lee had a significant impact on people, especially immigrants, by giving them hope and changing martial arts. His presence in the TV show The Green Hornet and his movies brought inspiration to many individuals. Bruce Lee's influence was so strong that it led to packed movie theaters and martial arts schools. He symbolized the idea that even the little guy could have hope and make an impact. Although it may be exaggerated to claim that he could beat boxing legend Muhammad Ali, it is undeniable that Bruce Lee brought a newfound enthusiasm and drive to the world of martial arts.

    Valuing experience, loyalty, and personal enjoyment in the entertainment industry.

    Joey Diaz is passionate about supporting long-standing comedians and actors who have honed their craft over the years. He expresses frustration with people who overlook the talent and experience of these individuals in favor of newer and flashy performers. Joey also shows loyalty to his friends and takes offense when they are disrespected, showing a strong sense of camaraderie and loyalty. Additionally, he highlights the importance of finding a balance in life, such as taking the time to enjoy movies during flights or dedicating focused time for writing. Overall, this conversation emphasizes the value of experience, loyalty, and finding personal enjoyment in one's craft.

    The Importance of Routine for Comedians on the Road

    Establishing a structured routine while on the road can greatly benefit a comedian's performance. Joey Diaz emphasizes the importance of focusing on writing during travel time and prioritizing physical workouts to stay mentally sharp. Joe Rogan agrees, stating that he always has better sets when he works out before a show. They both acknowledge that the demands of family and other responsibilities limit their availability for shows on certain days. Furthermore, they discuss the significance of self-care, such as interacting with locals, leaving generous tips, and engaging in social activities before performances. Ultimately, by implementing a well-rounded schedule that includes writing, physical exercise, and social interaction, comedians can optimize their performance and overall effectiveness.

    Evolving Through Comedy and Learning from Mistakes

    The speaker, Joey Diaz, reflects on his experiences in comedy and the concept of "me tooing" someone. He emphasizes the importance of learning from past mistakes and evolving as an individual. Diaz uses explicit language and shares a personal anecdote about his infatuation with an older woman, demonstrating the intensity of his emotions at the time. However, he acknowledges the irrationality of his actions and recognizes that his behavior was not acceptable. This conversation highlights the need for self-reflection, personal growth, and understanding the consequences of one's actions. It emphasizes the importance of learning from our past to become better individuals.

    Recognizing Steven Seagal's Aikido Skills and Unique Contribution to Martial Arts Movies

    While Joey Diaz and Joe Rogan had a lighthearted discussion about Steven Seagal's movies and his unique running style, they acknowledged his legitimate Aikido skills. Despite making fun of him, they recognized that Seagal was a legitimate Aikido practitioner and brought a different approach to martial arts movies, particularly in "Above the Law." They highlighted how Seagal showcased a hybrid system of martial arts, combining Aikido techniques with punches, strikes, and knife hand strikes. However, the effectiveness of Aikido compared to other martial arts like wrestling and jujitsu remains a topic open for debate. Overall, this conversation reminds us to not underestimate the skills and contributions of individuals, even if they may be subject to jokes or criticism.

    The UFC's Impact on Martial Arts Perception

    The UFC revolutionized people's perception of martial arts styles. In the 1980s and 1990s, world-class martial artists like Joe Rogan and others were practicing styles like kung fu, thinking they were effective. However, once the UFC came around, it became clear that these styles were not the best way to fight. The conversation also touches on various TV shows and movies, reminiscing about actors like Jan Michael Vincent and discussing popular shows like "Wings" and "Good Times." Overall, the takeaway highlights the importance of learning from new experiences and being open to challenging preconceived notions, as the UFC did for martial arts.

    Challenging Comedy: The Evolution of TV Shows and Movies.

    Popular TV shows and movies from the past may contain content that is considered offensive and inappropriate by today's standards. The conversation highlights how certain shows like Sanford and Sons and Archie Bunker pushed the boundaries of comedy, addressing sensitive topics such as racism, sexuality, and stereotypes. However, it is acknowledged that these shows would not be accepted in today's world due to the potential for backlash and accusations of transphobia or offensive content. The conversation also emphasizes the changing societal norms and the need for media to adapt and evolve to reflect these changes while still entertaining audiences.

    Examining the Complexity of Historical Figures: Balancing Their Contributions and Questionable Behavior

    The actions and beliefs of historical figures can often be complex and contradictory. It highlights the challenge of reconciling the positive contributions of individuals with their morally questionable behavior. The discussion about Disney, Kate Smith, and Fritz Haber demonstrates that even renowned figures and inventors can have problematic pasts or be associated with racist or unethical ideas. It prompts us to question how we should handle the legacy of these individuals and their contributions to society. While it is important to acknowledge the negative aspects, it is also crucial to recognize the positive impact they may have had. This discourse encourages us to critically evaluate historical figures and consider the nuanced nature of their legacies.

    The Power of Laughter and Humor in Our Lives

    Laughter and humor hold immense importance in our lives. It is compared to basic necessities like sleep and food, and once we learn to laugh at ourselves, our lives change completely. Laughter helps relieve stress, which is known to be the number one killer. By engaging in activities that make us laugh, such as watching comedy movies or stand-up shows, we can experience one of the greatest feelings a person can have. Moreover, laughter can also create bonds between individuals, such as between a parent and their child, when they enjoy watching movies together and laugh at the humor in them.

    The Power of Music: Connecting Generations Through Timeless Classics and New Talent.

    Music from different eras holds a special place in our hearts. Old classics have a way of capturing both the greatness of the song itself and the historical significance it carries. The conversation highlights how movies and artists like Pixar and Chris Pratt incorporate timeless music into their work, creating a connection between different generations. It also acknowledges the talent of artists like Miley Cyrus, who has the potential to revolutionize the music industry. By appreciating the past while embracing new talents, we can find joy and inspiration in the power of music.

    Rediscovering the Joy of Tangible Music: Joey Diaz and Joe Rogan Discuss Nostalgia and Appreciation

    There is a sense of nostalgia and appreciation for the old ways of enjoying music and entertainment. Joey Diaz and Joe Rogan discuss the process of rolling joints, listening to albums, and the decline of physical media like CDs and records. They express admiration for the artistry and effort put into album covers and the experience of reading the lyrics and notes while listening to music. They also highlight the loss of tangibility and personal connection with music in the transition to digital formats. The conversation emphasizes the value of taking the time to appreciate and engage with music in a meaningful and immersive way.

    Different Ways to Enjoy Music and Find Relaxation in Various Activities

    Music can be enjoyed in different ways and can create unique experiences. Joe Rogan mentions how he rarely just listens to music, but rather incorporates it into various activities like driving, working out, or flying. He emphasizes the idea of treating music as an event, like sitting down with a cup of coffee to truly listen and appreciate it. On the other hand, Joey Diaz talks about his anxiety and need to stay active in the evening due to past experiences. Additionally, they discuss their workout routines and how they find different times of the day suitable for exercising. Overall, the conversation highlights the diverse ways in which people engage with music and the importance of finding enjoyment and relaxation in various activities.

    Exploring the dark side of the internet and the chilling realities of crime, "Don't Fuck With Cats" sheds light on twisted individuals and questionable circumstances.

    The documentary "Don't Fuck With Cats" is a captivating and disturbing series that delves into the dark side of the internet and the twisted individuals who explore it. The hosts discuss how the show reminds them of the bizarre and unsettling content that used to circulate online in the early 2000s. They also touch upon another intriguing topic, the comeback of forensic pathologist Michael Baden, known for his impressive investigative skills. The conversation highlights the absurdity surrounding the death of Jeffrey Epstein and the questionable circumstances surrounding the investigation. Overall, the key takeaway reminds us of the chilling realities that exist within the realms of crime, online communities, and the justice system.

    Workplace Harassment: A Persistent Issue That Demands Attention

    Workplace harassment, particularly towards women, has been a long-standing issue that is only now starting to receive significant attention. The discussion highlights how individuals in positions of power, such as Roger Ailes, have been able to exploit their authority to manipulate and harass women in the workplace. It is clear that the issue of sexual harassment extends beyond a single industry or time period, with implications for various fields and throughout history. The conversation also suggests that the changing dynamics of modern workplaces, where strangers are randomly hired and forced to work alongside each other, may contribute to a higher risk of harassment. This conversation serves as a reminder that addressing and combating workplace harassment is an ongoing challenge that requires continued vigilance and awareness.

    Child Molestation in the Catholic Church: Uncovering a Troubling Reality

    There is a significant issue of child molestation within the Catholic Church, particularly involving priests. While not all priests are pedophiles, there is a certain percentage at the top that perpetuates this behavior. It is alarming that many cases go unpunished, with accused priests being moved to different dioceses to avoid prosecution. This conversation also highlights the importance of being cautious and vigilant when it comes to trusting individuals with the safety of our children. It is necessary to question and investigate allegations rather than turning a blind eye. The conversation also raises concerns about other professions and the potential for similar issues if such a high percentage of individuals were involved in child abuse.

    Addressing Corruption and Lack of Accountability in Religious Institutions

    There are deeply rooted issues within religious institutions, particularly regarding the Catholic Church, that need to be addressed. There is evident corruption and lack of accountability, with numerous allegations of child abuse and molestation by clergy members. It is shocking and disturbing that these crimes have been covered up and perpetuated for years, with minimal consequences for those involved. The conversation highlights the power dynamics and arrogance within the Church, with priests being revered and unquestioned, even when they make mistakes or display inappropriate behavior. The outdated and elaborate outfits worn by priests are criticized, as they serve no purpose other than to create a façade of superiority. There is a need for transparency, reform, and justice within religious institutions to protect the vulnerable and hold perpetrators accountable.

    The Hypocrisy of Religious Figures and Charismatic Leaders Exposed

    Appearances can be deceiving, especially when it comes to religious figures and people with strong beliefs. Both Joey Diaz and Joe Rogan share stories about individuals who preached one thing but behaved differently behind closed doors. This reveals the hypocrisy that can exist within religious institutions and the potential dangers associated with blindly following charismatic leaders. It also highlights the importance of trust and being cautious of those who may manipulate others for their own personal gain. The conversation serves as a reminder to question and critically analyze the actions and motives of those who hold positions of authority, regardless of their proclaimed values or affiliations.

    Stay vigilant and trust your instincts.

    It is important to be cautious and aware of potential predators or manipulative individuals who may attempt to take advantage of our vulnerability or trust. Both Joey Diaz and Joe Rogan shared personal experiences where they were targeted by older individuals who initially appeared friendly and trustworthy, but later revealed sinister intentions. These stories highlight the need for vigilance and the importance of listening to our instincts when something doesn't feel right. It also serves as a reminder to prioritize personal safety and surround ourselves with trusted individuals who have our best interests at heart. Being aware of potential dangers and maintaining open communication with others can help prevent harmful situations.

    Examining Power, Money, and Fame in Societies

    The presence of power, money, and fame in certain communities can lead to the acceptance of behaviors that may be considered inappropriate or illegal in other contexts. Examples of individuals engaging in exploitative relationships were discussed, such as the case of a crazy old gay man involved with a young man for financial gain. The conversation also touched on the subject of prostitution, questioning whether it is more accepted in the gay community compared to the straight community. It was suggested that there may be fewer arrests of gay prostitutes, but this may be due to lower numbers rather than a difference in societal attitudes. Additionally, the conversation highlighted the dark side of the entertainment industry, with stories of rock stars engaging in reckless behavior fueled by drugs and alcohol. Overall, the conversation sheds light on the importance of social norms and the potential consequences of deviating from them.

    Exploring Perceptions of Sexual Misconduct and the Influence of Gender and Fame

    Our society often has different perceptions and attitudes towards the sexual misconduct committed by men and women. While the discussion delved into the disturbing allegations against R. Kelly, it also highlighted the contrasting reactions we might have if the genders were reversed. It's important to recognize this double standard and question why our perspectives on sex crimes can be so influenced by the perpetrator's gender. Additionally, the conversation touched upon the detrimental effects of fame and the pressure it puts on individuals, using Michael Jackson as an example. It serves as a reminder that fame can lead to self-destructive behaviors and the loss of one's true identity.

    The Pitfalls of Compromising Integrity in the Entertainment Industry

    Individuals in the entertainment industry can often get caught up in a cycle of compromising their values and integrity for personal gain. Many promising comics and actors may start off with genuine talent and passion, but when they become entangled in a world of power and influence, their true abilities and performances suffer. The allure of money, fame, and opportunities can blind them to the unethical behavior happening around them, and some may even willingly turn a blind eye. This conversation highlights the importance of staying true to oneself and not allowing external pressures to compromise personal values, as well as the need for greater accountability and awareness within the industry to prevent exploitation and misconduct.

    Unpacking the complexities of sex work and its societal implications.

    The topic of sex for money is complex and multifaceted. Joe Rogan and Joey Diaz discuss the various perspectives and factors involved in this issue. They mention that it would only be acceptable if it was a woman's choice and understood as a consensual transaction. However, they acknowledge that societal judgment and assumptions often come into play. They also touch on the dangers of sex trafficking and false accusations related to this industry. The conversation then takes a shift towards a lighter topic, discussing massages and foot fungus. Overall, this conversation highlights the importance of considering the nuances and different angles when discussing sensitive and controversial topics.

    Joey Diaz's Fungal Infection Troubles and Unpredictable UFC Betting Strategies

    Joey Diaz is facing a health issue related to a fungal infection. Despite trying various treatments, he hasn't been successful in getting rid of it. He describes resorting to grinding his toenails using auto body tools to manage the problem. He also mentions the challenges of aging and the changes in his body, including the smell of his urine. The conversation then transitions to discussing UFC betting and strategies. The main point here is that when it comes to gambling, it is important to consider past and future events in order to make informed decisions. Additionally, recent upsets in sports emphasize the unpredictability of outcomes.

    Analyzing odds and dynamics in upcoming fights and highlighting the importance of considering various factors before making betting decisions.

    The upcoming fights have varying odds and interesting dynamics to consider. It is noted that Diego Ferreira is the favorite over Anthony Pettis, suggesting that there may be inside knowledge about his skills. The conversation then shifts to discussing the fight between Holly Holm and Rachel Pennington, with Holm being the favorite. However, Pennington is recognized as a tough fighter with past impressive wins. The conversation also touches on the money odds for the Donald Sharon and Conor McGregor fight, highlighting the potential profits for betting on either fighter. Overall, the key takeaway emphasizes the unpredictability of fights and the importance of considering various factors before making betting decisions.

    McGregor's Potential for Resurgence and Redemption

    Conor McGregor's ability to handle pressure and his previous knockout victories showcase his potential for resurgence in his upcoming fight. Despite his fame and fortune, McGregor has the opportunity to prove himself once again and reclaim his crown in the octagon. It is questioned whether McGregor's lifestyle and financial status have affected his motivation and training, but if he maintains his physical abilities and adopts an attitude of wanting to prove himself, we could witness a successful comeback. Although there is uncertainty about the outcome of the fight, McGregor's past victories and his opponent's previous losses highlight the competitiveness of the match. Ultimately, McGregor should not be underestimated, as he has faced formidable opponents before and emerged victorious.

    McGregor's motivation and leg kicks, Woodley vs Edwards fight, and McGregor's potential match against Usman.

    Connor McGregor's motivation and training are crucial factors in his success as a fighter. McGregor's ability to shine in the spotlight is well-known, but whether he can regain his past intensity and aggressive fighting style remains a question. Furthermore, the importance of leg kicks in fighting McGregor is highlighted, as they can disrupt his preferred fighting stance and create opportunities for attack. The conversation also explores the upcoming high-stakes fight between Tyron Woodley and Leon Edwards, emphasizing that the winner could potentially challenge for the number one contender spot. Lastly, the discussion touches on the possibility of McGregor fighting Usman and the size differences between fighters in the welterweight division.

    The Importance of Training and Risk Consideration in High-Risk Activities

    Certain dangerous stunts, such as catching bullets in one's teeth, require extensive practice and skill to minimize the risk of harm. Joe Rogan and the others discuss the various methods used by performers like David Blaine and Chung Ling Su to protect themselves during these stunts. They also delve into the risks associated with boxing, particularly in the lower weight divisions where dehydration and extreme weight cutting can lead to serious complications. It becomes evident that both the stunts and boxing carry inherent dangers, and even in the heavyweight division, fatalities have occurred. The conversation underscores the importance of proper training, preparation, and consideration of risks in such high-risk activities.

    The Epic Battle: Duran vs Leonard

    The fight between Roberto Duran and Sugar Ray Leonard in Montreal was a wild and chaotic match that is considered one of the greatest boxing matches in history. Duran was a relentless and savage boxer, constantly pressuring Leonard and not giving him any chance to breathe or move. Leonard, on the other hand, let his ego get the better of him and tried to engage Duran in close fighting, which favored Duran's style. Despite Leonard changing his strategy in the rematch, Duran still had a strong impact on him and even taunted him after the fight. Duran's anger and aggression, combined with his technical boxing skills, made him an intelligent and dominant fighter.

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