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    Episode 2

    Episode 2

    This week on the Awakening Podcast, Elevation Worship talks about their latest album, song-writing and worship leading, followed by a session with John Gray titled “Worshippers Unleashed” from Awakening Conference.

    Ep: 004 – Suicide

    Ep: 004 – Suicide

    Suicide. This isn't an easy topic to discuss for most, however in this episode I am going to share my personal views on loss, traumatic loss and suicide. This is going to be Raw and Real. Be sure to follow us on Facebook

    God Formed Man

    God Formed Man
    The first “toledot” of Genesis. The difference between the first two chapters of Genesis. How the world used to be. How did we get into the human predicament? The two components in the creation of man. When God created Paradise. When God brought Adam to the Garden.

    Our Enemies In Blue: Police and Power in America: Chapter 4 - Part 1

    Our Enemies In Blue: Police and Power in America: Chapter 4 - Part 1
    Kristian Williams' book, "Our Enemies In Blue: Police and Power in America" explores the history of policing including its roots in slave patrols and its evolution in the post-slavery US as a tool for controlling people of color and working people. Chapter Four, "Cops and Klan, hand in hand", explains the role of the police as a tool to prop up white supremacy, from slave patrols, to enforcement of white supremacist laws, to racial profiling.  It provides historical examples. Part 1 of 2



    We should be compassionately motivated to introduce people to Jesus and the life we’ve found in Him.

    When one of those who reclined at table with him heard these things, he said to him, “Blessed is everyone who will eat bread in the kingdom of God!” But he said to him, “A man once gave a great banquet and invited many. And at the time for the banquet he sent his servant to say to those who had been invited, ‘Come, for everything is now ready.’ But they all alike began to make excuses. The first said to him, ‘I have bought a field, and I must go out and see it. Please have me excused.’ And another said, ‘I have bought five yoke of oxen, and I go to examine them. Please have me excused.’ And another said, I have married a wife, and therefore I cannot come.’ So the servant came and reported these things to his master. Then the master of the house became angry and said to his servant, ‘Go out quickly to the streets and lanes of the city, and bring in the poor and crippled and blind and lame.’ And the servant said, ‘Sir, what you commanded has been done, and still there is room.’ And the master said to the servant, ‘Go out to the highways and hedges and compel people to come in, that my house may be filled. Luke 14:15-23 ESV

    Any church that isn’t seriously involved in helping fulfill the great commission has forfeited its biblical right to exist. - Oswald J. Smith

    Not called did you say? Not heard the call, I think you should say. Put your ear down to the Bible and hear him bid you go… William Booth

    It all starts with knowing Him for the sake of knowing Him.

    You can’t know Jesus and His love in the way we’re meant to know Him and not find a way to make Him known!

    If I say, “I will not mention him, or speak any more in his name,” there is in my heart as it were a burning fire shut up in my bones, and I am weary with holding it in, indeed I cannot. Jeremiah 20:9 ESV

    You are the light of the world, like a city on a hilltop that cannot be hidden. Mathew 5:14 NLT

    We shine more brightly when we shine together.

    For the Son of Man came to seek and save those who are lost. Luke 19:10 NLT

    Don’t shine a light on others, but for others.

    We can see Jesus through us reach our world, one strategic and intentional connection, conversation, and relationship at a time.

    Everyone should get to have a real relationship with a true God follower at least once in their lifetime.

    When I came to you, brothers, I did not come proclaiming to you the testimony of God with lofty speech or wisdom. I decided to know nothing among you except Jesus Christ and him crucified. 1 Corinthians 2:1-2 ESV

    Nothing is more meaningful than sharing first hand how God’s word and will have impacted your life.

    One of the most important prerequisites for an impactful witness is a grateful and surrendered life, which may be in itself the greatest witness of all.

    For I have a great sense of obligation to people in both the civilized world and the rest of the world, to the educated and uneducated alike. So I am eager to come to you in Rome, too, to preach the Good News. For I am not ashamed of this Good News about Christ. It is the power of God at work, saving everyone who believes. Romans 1:14-16 NLT