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    • Complex issues with far-reaching impactsPlans to abolish inheritance tax and concerns among armed officers are examples of complex issues with significant societal impacts, despite not directly affecting everyone.

      While inheritance tax only affects a small percentage of the population, its unpopularity is widespread due to the common misconception that more people will be subjected to it. Rishi Sunak's plans to gradually abolish this tax reflect this perception. Meanwhile, in London, concerns among armed officers following a murder charge against one of their own have led to a number of them handing in their guns. Elsewhere, the attorney general who investigated Jeffrey Epstein's sex crimes has spoken out, revealing the compelling evidence against JP Morgan for enabling Epstein's trafficking of girls. These stories illustrate the complexity and impact of issues that may not directly affect everyone but can create significant ripples in society.

    • Discussing rule updates and historic space discoveriesHome Secretary Braverman travels to discuss potential migrant crisis rule updates, while a historic asteroid sample collection mission ends, providing insights into the solar system's origins. England progresses in Rugby World Cup, and flexible health insurance plans and discounted shipping solutions are available.

      As the world continues to evolve, so too must our international rules and frameworks. Home Secretary Suella Braverman is traveling to Washington to discuss the migrant crisis and the need for potential updates to rules designed over half a century ago. Meanwhile, in the realm of science, a historic mission to collect a sample from asteroid Bennu comes to an end today. This discovery could provide valuable insights into the early formation of the solar system and the origins of life on Earth. In other news, England is making strides in the Rugby World Cup, while UnitedHealthcare Tri Term Medical plans offer flexible, budget-friendly coverage for those in between jobs or during open enrollment periods. And for businesses, stamps.com offers a no-brainer solution for mailing needs with significant discounts on USPS and UPS shipping. As we navigate the changing times, it's important to stay informed and make the best decisions for ourselves and our businesses.

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    Ep 106- A Change Gon' Come

    Ep 106- A Change Gon' Come
    On this episode: We welcome Madan Vice President Kamala Harris and the old man she came to the inauguration with. We were blessed by an amazingly talented young poet Amanda Gorman, and were reminded of the grace of former first lady Michelle Obama. The two-term club had some shade for Donny Two Times. The first Black Secretary of Defense was confirmed by a large bi-partican majority excluding Missouri’s treasonous junior senator. Chuck Schumer is excited for the impending Impeachment trial. Continued on the next episode…

    Show Prologue:
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    CUT DA CAP || E13 || The LOX vs DipSet (LIVE REACTION)

    CUT DA CAP || E13 || The LOX vs DipSet (LIVE REACTION)

    This Week On "CUT DA CAP" We Switched It Up And Did A Live Reaction To The LOX vs DipSet On Verzuz. What An Iconic Moment For The Culture And New York. Pardon For Any Audio Issues. New Episodes 11Am Every Friday Tune In.

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    0:01 - CDC Hook Challenge
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    40:18 - WAL Apparel Commercial
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