#2103 - Sam Morril

    Sam Morrill and Joe Rogan bond over their love for late-night Mexican and Italian food, emphasizing the importance of delicious cuisine and the memories it creates in specific cultural establishments.

    en-usFebruary 15, 2024

    About this Episode

    Sam Morril is a stand-up comic, writer, and actor. He's the co-host of the "We Might Be Drunk" podcast with Mark Normand. Catch his special, "Sam Morril: Same Time Tomorrow," on Netflix. 


    🔑 Key Takeaways

    • Balancing personal desires and team goals is crucial in both comedy and sports, and building camaraderie with fans and teammates is essential for success.
    • To succeed, focus on your strengths, avoid distractions, and possess a unique mindset like elite athletes. Intense focus, dedication, and self-understanding are essential.
    • Professional athletes must possess intense focus, composure, and attention to detail while dealing with the pressures of performing in front of crowds. The role of parents in shaping an athlete's career is also explored.
    • Hunger, drive, and a disadvantaged background can give athletes an extra edge in combat sports, but natural talent also plays a significant role. Adapting to new skills can be challenging, but some athletes excel while others struggle.
    • In any competitive field, it is crucial to expand your skills, take on new challenges, and continually evolve to achieve success and fulfillment.
    • Comedy relies on live crowds to shape performances and comedians aim to captivate and engage their audience, creating a constantly evolving and immersive experience.
    • The cancelation of John Stewart's show by Apple TV raises concerns about self-censorship in media and highlights the importance of platforms that enable free expression without fear of external repercussions.
    • The combination of news and entertainment blurs the line between factual reporting and sensationalism, raising questions about the integrity and purpose of news media.
    • Podcasts offer a refreshing alternative to scripted morning shows, allowing for longer, unedited interviews that create genuine connections and deeper discussions. People are drawn to compelling content, regardless of attention spans.
    • Engaging in longer conversations and exploring culinary cultures online can boost inspiration, curiosity, and appreciation for diverse cuisines, transforming cooking and dining into an art form.
    • Sam Morrill and Joe Rogan bond over their love for late-night Mexican and Italian food, emphasizing the importance of delicious cuisine and the memories it creates in specific cultural establishments.
    • The Sopranos changed the way we view characters and storytelling, blending violence, comedy, and compelling performances to create one of the greatest shows in television history.
    • Comedy movies need to strike a balance between irreverence and relatability, as they face challenges due to increasing sensitivity in society. Despite this, the genre still holds a special place and may make a comeback.
    • Adam Sandler's movies offer a much-needed break from reality and remind us of the importance of finding joy and laughter in our lives.
    • It is important to maintain a balance between staying connected and taking breaks from technology to avoid addiction and mindless scrolling. Seek intellectual stimulation through alternative sources like podcasts and books on tape.
    • The growing need to question the extent of surveillance and control, as well as critically evaluate the trade-offs, becomes evident in light of privacy risks posed by predictive technology and the potential loss of privacy in a cashless society.
    • Technology brings numerous benefits but also presents complex implications, highlighting the potential future of brain stimulation and the trade-offs between convenience and personal freedom.
    • Success in business often requires a unique mindset and relentless work ethic, as exemplified by individuals like Elon Musk and Steve Ballmer. Embracing unconventional behavior can lead to extraordinary achievements in one's respective industry.
    • Effective leadership involves inspiring and motivating employees, while also recognizing the significance of history and the preservation of diverse cultures.
    • The entertainment industry often prioritizes profit and star power over accurate representation, which can lead to a disconnect between movie characters and their real-life counterparts. This can also have harmful consequences for actors' physical and mental well-being.
    • While technology offers many benefits, we must be cautious of the potential physical and psychological harm that could arise from interactions with robots and the emotional toll of remote warfare. Ethical awareness is crucial in advancing technology responsibly.
    • Highly skilled gamers could potentially have an impact on real-life combat scenarios, challenging our traditional notions of warfare and highlighting the crossover between gaming and conflict. However, potential implications and consequences need to be considered.
    • In the comedy world, it is essential to prioritize talent and character over factors like gender or ethnicity, and create an inclusive and safe environment for all comedians.
    • Not all therapists are mentally stable or morally sound, highlighting the potential for abuse of power and manipulation within the field. It's crucial to be cautious and discerning when seeking therapy.
    • Express concerns respectfully, avoid labeling, approach interactions cautiously, and be self-aware to maintain healthy and conflict-free relationships.
    • Challenging environments can actually benefit comedians, teaching them to handle disruptions and connect with audiences on a deeper level.
    • It's important to exercise caution when interacting with unfamiliar people and to be mindful of the unintended consequences that harmless actions can have in certain situations.
    • Movies can be loved or heavily criticized, highlighting the power of critics and the subjective nature of reviews. Good writing and audience engagement are vital, and diverse opinions enrich the film industry.
    • Personal taste in movies is subjective, and it's crucial to respect and appreciate the diverse viewpoints and interests of others.
    • Influential individuals can manipulate industries to protect their own interests, leading to the marginalization of sustainable resources and the outlawing of certain substances.
    • Even comedy legends have their flaws, but their contributions to their craft and their influence on society should not be overlooked.
    • The comedy community values support and respect for fellow comedians, creating a positive and nurturing environment that sets it apart from other entertainment spheres.
    • Our upbringing shapes our perception of relationships, highlighting the importance of questioning preconceived notions and being aware of the dangers of false accusations and manipulation.
    • The Freddie Arbuckle case demonstrates the dangers of hearsay and bias, while the Joe Rogan and Sam Morrill discussion highlights the value of personal improvement and adaptability in the face of change.
    • Stay true to your craft, be relatable and adaptable, connect with diverse audiences, embrace self-made opportunities, and always remain funny and resilient.
    • The digital age offers opportunities for marginalized communities to be heard, but also highlights the need for regulation and accountability to protect individuals from harmful content and privacy infringement.
    • It's best for public figures to never engage with negative comments, focus on positivity, and embrace discomfort for personal growth in their craft.
    • Fostering a supportive comedy community is crucial for comedians to grow and succeed. Joe Rogan's goal is to create an environment at his club, The Store, where comedians can thrive and focus on their craft.
    • Gradually introduce new jokes, gauge audience reaction, and connect through universal themes to grow as a comedian. Honest and supportive fellow comedians are vital for continuous growth and adaptability.
    • Joe Rogan's journey teaches us that true success in the entertainment industry comes from staying true to oneself, focusing on personal growth, and building genuine connections with the audience.
    • Engaging books and audiobooks like the Gray Man series offer complete escapism and entertainment, allowing readers to immerse themselves in action-packed adventures for relaxation and distraction.
    • Stay vigilant and learn to identify red flags in order to protect yourself from online scams and fraud. Verify information before engaging in any online transactions or relationships.
    • Taking care of our bodies and minds is essential, especially in demanding professions. Regular exercise, healthy habits, and a disciplined routine can improve overall health and performance, preventing degradation and enhancing resilience. Proactive measures can mitigate sickness, fatigue, and enhance creativity and performance in all aspects of life.
    • Comedians like Sam Morrill employ various techniques, such as stimulants and changing joke order, to fuel their creativity and embrace the process of writing a new hour.

    📝 Podcast Summary

    Alcohol, Cigars, Comedy, and Sports: A Candid Conversation with Sam Morrill and Joe Rogan

    The podcast episode featuring Sam Morrill and Joe Rogan covers a range of topics, from their personal preferences for alcohol and cigars to the dynamics of comedy and the camaraderie in sports. They discuss the joy of performing in clubs versus theaters, with Sam Morrill sharing a humorous encounter with a drunk audience member. They also touch on the relationship between male comedians and their female fans, highlighting the popularity of Rogan's podcast among women. Additionally, they delve into the world of sports, particularly basketball, and how the players' camaraderie has changed over time. Ultimately, the conversation emphasizes the importance of balancing individual and team goals, recognizing the dance between personal desires and the best course of action in a team sport.

    Embracing Your Role for Success

    Knowing your role and embracing it is crucial for success in any field, whether it's basketball, comedy, or golf. Being self-aware and understanding what you excel at allows you to channel your energy and focus towards that specific area, leading to better performance. It's important to avoid wasting energy on unnecessary distractions or trying to be something you're not. Additionally, it's worth noting that elite athletes, like Michael Jordan or Tiger Woods, often possess a unique mindset and drive that sets them apart from others. Their relentless pursuit of excellence and ability to turn even the smallest slights into motivation is what propels them to the top of their respective fields. Ultimately, success requires intense focus, dedication, and a deep understanding of oneself.

    The Challenges of Being a Professional Athlete: Focus, Composure, and Pressure

    Being a professional athlete, especially in sports like golf and tennis, requires immense focus and the ability to shut out distractions. Not only do these athletes have to perfect their technique and skill, but they also have to maintain composure and concentrate on the tiniest details of their game. The pressure to perform in front of large, loud crowds adds another layer of difficulty to their pursuit. Additionally, the conversation explores the role of parents in shaping their children's athletic careers, raising questions about how much is too much when it comes to pushing a child towards success. From Tiger Woods to LeBron James, the discussion highlights the sacrifices and challenges that come with excelling in the world of sports.

    The Impact of Hunger and Natural Talent in Combat Sports

    Having a hunger and drive to succeed can make a significant difference in combat sports and other physically demanding professions. Coming from a comfortable background may lack the necessary level of anger and aggression needed to excel in these fields. It's the individuals who come from nothing, those who have an extra gear and a different mindset, who often rise to the top. However, natural talent also plays a role, as seen with boxers like Kimbo Slice who had both a disadvantaged background and exceptional skills. Adapting to new skills, such as grappling, can be challenging for athletes specialized in another area. Some athletes excel in learning new skills, while others struggle to transition from their controlled style.

    The Power of Versatility and Continuous Growth in Competitive Fields

    In order to excel in any competitive field, whether it's mixed martial arts or comedy, you can't afford to have any weaknesses. Joe Rogan and Sam Morrill discuss the importance of being well-rounded and versatile in your skills. Just like in MMA, where having both a strong ground game and stand-up skills is essential, in comedy, you need to be able to do more than just stand-up or one type of performance. They emphasize the need to challenge yourself, try new things, and constantly evolve as an artist. They also talk about the importance of taking breaks and not burning yourself out. Overall, the key takeaway is that diversifying your skills and maintaining a fresh perspective can lead to greater success and fulfillment.

    The Dynamic Relationship Between Comedy and Audience Interaction

    Comedy is a unique art form that heavily relies on audience interaction and response. Unlike other art forms such as music or film, comedians rely on live crowds to shape their performances and determine what works and what doesn't. The audience becomes an integral part of the editing process, creating a dynamic relationship between performer and viewer. Additionally, comedy is often dissected and studied, but the formal study of the art form is still growing. While there are aspects of tension release and hypnosis involved in comedy, it goes beyond that, with comedians aiming to captivate and engage their audience. It is a constantly evolving and immersive experience for both the performer and the crowd.

    The Cancelation of John Stewart's Show and the Issue of Self-Censorship

    John Stewart's show being canceled by Apple TV highlights the issue of self-censorship in media. Stewart wanted a platform to express his thoughts during the election season, but Apple didn't want him to say anything that might get them in trouble. This raises questions about freedom of speech and the influence of foreign powers on content decisions. It also brings to attention the irony of Apple distributing apps that often cause trouble while limiting a comedian's speech. Stewart's careful choice of words and skillfulness in delivering his message is admired by many. Ultimately, the situation points to the need for platforms that allow individuals to express themselves without fear of repercussions from external forces.

    The Dangerous Blend of News and Entertainment

    The blending of news and entertainment can be dangerous. While news organizations should have the ability to make money, the combination of news and entertainment blurs the line between factual reporting and sensationalism. News is meant to be serious and informative, not entertaining. However, the rise of 24/7 news coverage has led to a demand for constant engaging content, resulting in the inclusion of unnecessary banter and fake talk. This has created a fake and uncomfortable atmosphere that is unique to mainstream television. Moreover, when comedians like Sam Morrill intentionally disrupt news segments with controversial jokes, it highlights the absurdity of the current state of news media. While it may be entertaining, it raises questions about the integrity and purpose of news reporting.

    Ditch the Scripted Morning Shows and Embrace Podcasts for Authentic Conversations

    Traditional morning shows and interview formats can be restrictive and lack authenticity. The hosts and guests often have to conform to a specific script and avoid uncomfortable topics. Real connections and genuine conversations are rare in these settings. However, podcasts, like Joe Rogan's show, offer a refreshing alternative. They provide a platform for longer, unedited interviews, allowing for deeper discussions and a more relaxed atmosphere. While some may argue that people have short attention spans, the success of podcasts disproves this notion. People are drawn to content that piques their interest, and they're willing to listen for hours if the conversation is compelling. So, ditch the scripted morning shows and embrace the freedom and authenticity of podcasts.

    The Power of Long Conversations and Culinary Cultures on the Internet

    Listening to long conversations, even on unconventional topics, can be energizing and engaging in ways that shorter, more addictive content like TikToks and Instagram reels cannot replicate. These conversations, whether about Egypt or food, have the power to connect with and stimulate the human mind, leaving us more inspired and curious about the subjects discussed. Moreover, the internet and platforms like YouTube have played a role in expanding people's exposure to various culinary cultures, making every city now host to a vibrant food scene. This, in turn, has elevated cooking and dining to an art form for many, helping us appreciate and find pleasure in finding unique diners and trying different cultural dishes.

    A Conversation on Late-Night Food and Cultural Experiences

    Both Sam Morrill and Joe Rogan have a love for late-night food, particularly Mexican and Italian cuisine. They discuss their cravings for good pizza and share their admiration for Dave Portnoy's pizza reviews. They also express their preference for New York-style pizza, highlighting places like Arturo's and the authenticity of Mulberry Street's old Italian hole-in-the-wall spots. The conversation takes an interesting turn as they discuss the history of mob boss John Gotti and the allure of the dangerous atmosphere surrounding his old social club. Overall, the key takeaway is the shared appreciation for delicious food and the unique experiences tied to specific eateries and cultural destinations.

    The Sopranos: A groundbreaking and iconic show that humanized a mob boss and revolutionized television.

    The Sopranos was a groundbreaking show that humanized a mob boss and made us root for a murderer. Despite its violent and intense moments, it also had comedic elements, resembling a satire at times. The show's growth and development throughout its seasons was remarkable, with compelling storylines and phenomenal performances by the actors. The opening montage and theme song became iconic, getting viewers pumped for each new episode. The Sopranos marked a golden age in television, similar to the impact that certain movies had on Hollywood in the 60s and 70s. It remains one of the greatest shows of all time, alongside other classics like The Godfather and Taxi Driver.

    The challenges faced by comedy movies in today's sensitive society

    Comedy movies have taken a hit in recent times. The conversation between Joe Rogan and Sam Morrill highlights the challenges faced by comedy films in today's society. People are becoming increasingly sensitive, leading to a rewatching of old films to avoid offending others. Comedy movies need to strike a balance between being irreverent and having relatable characters with heart, like the films made by directors like the Farrelly Brothers. However, the genre has seen a decline, leaving fans with fewer options for comedic entertainment. The discussion also touches on the timeless humor of Rodney Dangerfield, showcasing his ability to constantly deliver funny one-liners. Despite the challenges, comedy movies still hold a special place in people's hearts, and the hunger for such films may eventually make a comeback.

    Adam Sandler's movies: a lighthearted escape and reminder of the power of laughter.

    Adam Sandler's movies, despite being criticized by some, provide a much-needed escape and entertainment. They offer a wholesome and comforting experience, particularly during difficult times like the pandemic. These films, filled with funny and silly moments, help us disconnect from the world's problems and find joy in laughter. Additionally, Sandler's comedic style, though seemingly immature, showcases a vulnerability that resonates with audiences. Beyond his films, Sandler himself is known for being incredibly nice and down-to-earth. Furthermore, the discussion touches on other movies like "Zohan" and recommendations for French and American films. Ultimately, Sandler's movies remind us of the importance of lighthearted entertainment and the power of laughter in our lives.

    Finding Balance in a Digital World

    Our increasing reliance on technology, especially smartphones, presents a catch-22 situation. If we disconnect, we risk missing out on important events and losing our connection with friends. On the other hand, if we stay connected, we become addicted and waste our time on mindless scrolling through social media. The endless stream of nonsense in front of our faces is neither nourishing nor exciting for our minds. However, there are antidotes to this, such as podcasts and books on tape, which offer intellectual stimulation and a break from the constant digital bombardment. It's crucial to find a balance and not let technology control our lives, even as it becomes more invasive and capable of reading our thoughts.

    Privacy concerns and the limitations of encrypted platforms like Snapchat are highlighted through a conversation, shedding light on surveillance and control in an increasingly digitized world.

    Our private conversations and messages are not as secure as we may think. This conversation between Joe Rogan, Sam Morrill, and Speaker 3 highlights how even supposedly encrypted platforms like Snapchat can be intercepted, raising concerns about privacy and surveillance. This incident of a British man being acquitted over a bomb hoax message sent to his friends brings attention to the potential use of predictive technology and monitoring of communication for key target words. As we willingly give away more of our personal information and freedoms for convenience and security, there is a growing need to question the extent of surveillance and control. The prospect of brain chips and a cashless society through central bank digital currency further emphasizes the potential loss of privacy and the need to critically evaluate the trade-offs.

    The Implications of Technological Advancements and Connectivity

    Technological advancements and connectivity have significantly changed our lives, both positively and negatively. The conversation highlights the potential future of brain stimulation, where individuals can enhance their cognitive abilities and even enable paralyzed individuals to use their minds to navigate computers. However, it also raises concerns about the intrusive nature of such technology and the loss of personal freedom. The conversation further explores how people have embraced technology despite initial resistance, such as smartphones becoming ubiquitous. It emphasizes the trade-offs between convenience and personal freedom, as well as the challenges of maintaining self-sufficiency in a world where food systems and specialized labor play crucial roles. Ultimately, it suggests that while technology brings numerous benefits, it also presents complex implications for society.

    Unconventional Mindsets: The Key to Success in Business

    Being successful and innovative in business often requires a unique and intense mindset. Elon Musk, the head of companies like SpaceX and Tesla, exemplifies this with his constant stream of ideas and relentless work ethic. His mind is constantly firing and he is willing to go all-in to achieve his goals. This level of success is not common and requires a special kind of person. Similarly, other notable CEOs like Steve Ballmer of Microsoft have exhibited unconventional behavior that sets them apart from the norm. While these individuals may not always fit the mold of a "normal" person, their dedication and drive have enabled them to achieve extraordinary success in their respective industries.

    Leadership Styles: From Pushing Limits to Friendliness

    Passion and determination can take different forms in leadership. While some leaders, like Musk and Jobs, push their employees to their limits to achieve greatness, others, like the CEO mentioned in the conversation, take a more friendly and enjoyable approach. Both styles have their pros and cons, but what remains important is the ability to inspire and motivate employees to reach their full potential. Additionally, the conversation highlights the significance of history and the impact it has on our understanding of the world. The mention of Native American history serves as a reminder of the tragedies that have occurred and the importance of preserving and respecting diverse cultures.

    Balancing reality and entertainment in film industry choices.

    Historical accuracy and representation can sometimes be compromised for the sake of selling tickets or casting well-known actors. This conversation touches on the portrayal of characters in movies and how they may not always accurately reflect the real individuals they are based on. The discussion also points out the privileges that famous actresses may have, allowing them to take on roles that may not align with their physical appearance. Additionally, the dangers of extreme weight loss or gain for roles are highlighted, emphasizing the potential harm that actors may subject themselves to in order to fully portray a character.

    Examining the Dangers of Advanced Technology

    The conversation touches on the potential dangers of advanced technology, specifically in relation to AI and robots. Joe Rogan and Sam Morrill discuss the risks involved, highlighting the physical and psychological harm that could result from interacting with robots. They ponder the possibility of robot-human relationships and the consequences if the robots were to turn violent. Additionally, they mention the emotional toll that drone operators may experience due to their involvement in remote warfare. While they acknowledge the benefits of technology, they caution against overlooking the potential negative impacts it could have on individuals and society as a whole. Overall, the discussion emphasizes the need for careful consideration and ethical awareness when it comes to advancing technology.

    Gaming Technology and the Future of Warfare

    Advancements in gaming technology have the potential to impact warfare in significant ways. The conversation between Sam Morrill and Joe Rogan highlights the idea that highly skilled video game players could potentially use their abilities to operate real weapons and drones in combat scenarios. With the right equipment and interface, these individuals could cause significant damage on the battlefield. It raises the question of whether the next war could be fought and won by those with the quickest fingers instead of traditional soldiers. This concept challenges our traditional notions of warfare and highlights the potential crossover between gaming and real-life conflict. However, it's essential to consider the potential implications and consequences of merging gaming skills with real-world combat.

    Embracing Diversity in Comedy: Talent and Character Over Preconceived Notions

    There is a diverse range of individuals in every field, including comedy. It is important not to judge others based on factors like gender, sexual orientation, or ethnicity, but rather on their talent and character. In the comedy world, what truly matters is being funny and cool to be around. Women in comedy face unique challenges, from dealing with prejudice about the topics they choose to discuss to facing potential danger while on the road. It is crucial to create a safe and accepting environment for all comedians, regardless of their gender or background. Ultimately, comedy should be a place where talent and humor outweigh any preconceived notions or biases.

    The Dark Side of Therapy: Unstable Therapists and Abuse of Power

    In short, one big takeaway from this conversation is that not all therapists are mentally stable or morally sound. The story shared by Sam Morrill about being attacked by a therapist highlights the fact that individuals in positions of power, such as therapists, can sometimes abuse their authority and manipulate others. This raises important questions about the motivations and mental states of those who choose to enter the field of therapy. It serves as a reminder that intelligence and professional expertise do not necessarily equate to ethical behavior or personal integrity. It also emphasizes the need for individuals to be cautious and discerning when seeking therapy, as not all professionals may have their best interests at heart.

    The power of effective communication in relationships

    Effective communication is key in any relationship or interaction. It's important to express your concerns and issues without resorting to name-calling or laziness. Instead of simply labeling someone as "crazy," it's more constructive to explain why their behavior bothers you. Avoiding arguments and conflicts can help prevent situations from escalating into violence. It's crucial to approach interactions with caution and consider how different approaches could potentially change the outcome. Additionally, it's important to be self-aware and understand your own tendencies or reactions, especially when under the influence of alcohol. Maintaining open and respectful communication can lead to healthier relationships and prevent unnecessary conflicts.

    Comedians: Masters of Chaos

    Dealing with challenging and chaotic situations can mold and shape comedians, making them better able to handle unexpected disruptions during performances. Both Sam Morrill and Joe Rogan recount experiences in rough comedy clubs where heckling, aggressive behavior, and even physical threats were common. While these environments can be difficult and even dangerous, they also provide valuable training grounds for comedians, honing their ability to flow with whatever happens in the crowd. This ability to handle chaos and adapt to unexpected situations ultimately strengthens their performances and allows them to connect with their audiences on a deeper level.

    The dangers of engaging with unstable or aggressive strangers and the unpredictability of human behavior in unfamiliar situations.

    There are certain people in the world that it's best not to mess with. The conversation about encountering a questionable individual on a train platform highlights the potential dangers of engaging with strangers who show signs of instability or aggression. It serves as a reminder that even harmless attempts at humor or provocation can have unintended consequences with the wrong person. The story also brings attention to the unpredictable nature of human behavior and the importance of being cautious in unfamiliar situations. Additionally, the conversation about Tom Green emphasizes the fact that while some individuals may possess unique talents or creativity, they may still be underappreciated or overlooked in certain circles.

    The Power of Critics and the Subjectivity of Movie Reviews

    Opinions and tastes in movies can vary widely. While some may consider a movie like "Freddie Got Fingered" to be a great and hilarious film, others may heavily criticize it. This example highlights the power of critics and the impact they can have on a film's success. It also points out the subjective nature of movie reviews, as different individuals may have entirely different perspectives and preferences. The conversation also touches on the importance of good writing and the ability of a movie to engage and excite its audience. Ultimately, it reminds us that everyone's opinion matters and that diverse viewpoints contribute to the richness of the film industry.

    The subjectivity of movie preferences and the importance of respecting diverse viewpoints.

    Personal preferences in movies can vary widely, and it's okay to have different opinions. While Joe Rogan enjoyed the movie they were discussing and found it funny, Sam Morrill did not find it humorous and didn't think it lived up to the hype. This conversation highlights that taste in movies is subjective, and what one person finds entertaining, another may not. It also shows that people can have diverse interests beyond their primary passion, such as Sam's love for movies and his desire to explore different avenues in the entertainment industry. Ultimately, it's important to respect and appreciate the diverse viewpoints and interests of others.

    The Complexities of Success and the Power Dynamics in Industries

    Orson Welles, despite his brilliant talent and achievements like making Citizen Kane and War of Worlds, faced financial struggles and had to resort to unconventional ways to support himself, such as selling wine. This conversation also shed light on the influence of William Randolph Hearst, a powerful figure who demonized hemp and marijuana to protect his own paper mills and forests. This manipulation resulted in hemp, a sustainable and superior resource for fabric and paper, being marginalized and marijuana being outlawed even to this day. Overall, the conversation highlights the complexities of success, the power dynamics in industries, and the often overlooked consequences of influential individuals' actions.

    The Controversies and Influences of Comedy Legends

    Comedy legends like Woody Allen, Fatty Arbuckle, Charlie Chaplin, and Buster Keaton faced their own controversies and challenges. While Sam Morrill expressed skepticism towards Woody Allen's self-deprecating humor and Joe Rogan disliked his ego, they also discussed Arbuckle's wrongful framing and Chaplin's complex persona. The conversation shifted to Chaplin's influential speech in "The Great Dictator," which still resonates today, highlighting the power of his artistry. Furthermore, the discussion touched upon the recognition of technological advancements and their potential impacts, referencing Ted Kaczynski's ideas. Ultimately, this exchange reminds us that even comedic icons are multi-dimensional individuals with their own flaws and significant contributions to their craft.

    The Power of Camaraderie in the Comedy World

    Being a comedian is not just about making people laugh on stage. It's about being part of a unique and sacred community of like-minded individuals who genuinely appreciate and support each other. Comedians understand the challenges and pressures of the industry, and they value the camaraderie that comes with it. However, this sense of unity doesn't always extend to other entertainment worlds, as seen in Joe Rogan's experiences with TV actors and the ruthless environment they faced. This suggests that the comedy fraternity fosters a different kind of bond, where respect and admiration for fellow comedians prevail. It reminds us that even in a competitive field, kindness and camaraderie can make all the difference in creating a positive and supportive community.

    A Discussion on Upbringing and Its Influence on Relationships

    Our upbringing can heavily influence our perception of relationships. Joe Rogan and Sam Morrill discuss how growing up in households with violence and dysfunction can shape our understanding of what is normal in a partnership. They mention the case of Fatty Arbuckle, a silent film star who was falsely accused of rape and murder. This story highlights the dangers of false accusations and the impact they can have on someone's life and career. Additionally, the conversation touches on the power of wealth and the potential for manipulation and blackmail. Ultimately, it is essential to question and challenge our preconceived notions about relationships and the world around us.

    The destructive power of public opinion and the importance of personal growth in the justice system and entertainment industry.

    The Freddie Arbuckle case highlights the inherent flaws in the justice system and the destructive power of public opinion. Despite lacking concrete evidence, Arbuckle's reputation was tarnished and his career was ruined. The case underscores how hearsay and biased perspectives can overshadow the truth, leading to devastating consequences for innocent individuals. Additionally, the discussion between Joe Rogan and Sam Morrill emphasizes the importance of focusing on one's own skills and improving as a comedian, rather than indulging in unnecessary conflicts or seeking validation from award shows. The evolving landscape of the entertainment industry also reminds us that change is inevitable and adaptation is crucial for success.

    Navigating Change in the Comedy Industry

    The comedy industry has undergone significant changes, with the traditional concept of success shifting. Joe Rogan and Sam Morrill highlight the challenges comedians face, from questionable award shows to the hijacking of the term "art" by pretentious individuals. They emphasize the importance of staying true to one's craft and not losing sight of what initially drew them to comedy. They stress the significance of being relatable and adaptable, taking their acts on the road and connecting with diverse audiences across the country. The conversation also touches on the evolving landscape of the entertainment industry, where comedians no longer need to rely solely on gatekeepers for recognition, opting for self-made opportunities through platforms like YouTube and streaming services. Ultimately, the key is to remain funny, resilient, and not become bitter amidst the changing industry dynamics.

    Balancing the Power of Platforms: Voices Amplified, Consequences Exposed

    The power and influence of platforms like YouTube and social media have both positive and negative consequences. On one hand, these platforms allow for more voices to be heard and for marginalized individuals to share their experiences. However, on the other hand, they also expose us to a wide range of problematic content, misinformation, and potentially dangerous individuals. The lack of regulation and the inability of algorithms to detect sarcasm or context often leads to censorship and the infringement of privacy. Moreover, the overwhelming amount of content and the potential for public shaming can be overwhelming and damaging to individuals. As we navigate this digital landscape, we must consider the balance between freedom of expression and the responsibility to ensure a safe and accountable online environment.

    Engaging with negative comments and trolls: A lesson for public figures

    Engaging with negative comments and internet trolls is not a wise decision, especially for public figures like Joe Rogan and Sam Morrill. They suggest that it's best to never engage with negative comments and to avoid reading them altogether. While it's part of the game of being in the public eye, it's unnecessary and detrimental to one's psychological well-being. Responding with negativity only escalates the situation, potentially causing harm to both the individual and their fans. Instead, focus on bringing positive energy and being genuine, like Bob Saget, who was remembered as a kind and warm person. Moreover, it's important to embrace the process of building a new hour in comedy, even if it feels uncomfortable, as it allows for personal growth and a more representative performance.

    The Importance of a Supportive and Thriving Comedy Community

    In short, one big takeaway from this conversation between Joe Rogan and Sam Morrill is the importance of fostering a supportive and thriving comedy community. Joe Rogan emphasizes the need for comedians to have friends and connections in the industry, rather than isolating themselves as "islands." He believes that a comedy club should be a place where comics can hang out, work, and learn from one another. Rogan's goal with his own club, The Store, is to create the best environment for comics to develop and create, regardless of their level of experience. He wants to alleviate the financial pressures that often hinder artistic pursuits, allowing comedians to focus on doing what they love. Ultimately, by building a strong community and providing opportunities for growth, Rogan aims to make The Store a true haven for comedians.

    Incorporating New Material: A Comedian's Guide

    Being able to incorporate new material into a comedy routine requires confidence and skill. Sam Morrill explains how he likes to preface his new jokes and gradually work them into his set once he feels they are effective. This approach allows him to gauge the audience's reaction and adjust accordingly. Additionally, the conversation highlights the importance of supportive and honest comedians like Colin Quinn and Greg Giraldo, who were known for constantly introducing fresh material. Their ability to connect with audiences through universal themes and personal stories made them admired by fellow comedians. Overall, this discussion emphasizes the significance of continuous growth, adaptability, and maintaining a genuine connection with the audience.

    Finding Success in the Entertainment Industry: Authenticity Over External Validation

    The entertainment industry is filled with opportunities for individuals to sell their personalities and talents. Back in the day, comedians would perform on stage as a way to audition for sitcoms about themselves, often resulting in lucrative deals. However, these deals came with the price of constant meetings and dealing with the demands of the industry. Joe Rogan, for example, found success in the sitcom world but grew tired of the grind and the need for external validation. Instead, he pursued his passion for comedy, focusing on self-improvement and creating a genuine connection with his audience. This exchange between the comedian and the audience is what he truly enjoys and values in his career.

    The power of books and audiobooks in providing an escape from reality.

    Books and audiobooks can offer a much-needed escape from reality. Joe Rogan and Sam Morrill discuss the appeal of books like the Gray Man series by Mark Greaney and the thrill of getting lost in a story about a CIA assassin. They highlight how these books provide complete escapism and entertainment, allowing readers to immerse themselves in a world of action and adventure. They also touch on the prolific writing careers of authors like Stephen King, noting that their ability to consistently churn out books is impressive. Ultimately, their conversation emphasizes the importance of finding enjoyable and engaging content as a means of distraction and relaxation.

    The prevalence of online scams and fraud and the need for increased awareness and protection.

    Online scams and fraud are prevalent across various platforms, targeting both inexperienced internet users as well as educated individuals. The coordinated network behind these scams utilizes tactics like mass uploading and deep fakes to deceive people and extract money from them. These scams often prey on the vulnerable, exploiting their desire for financial security or personal connections. Even intelligent individuals can fall victim to these schemes, underlining the cleverness and sophistication of the scammers. Furthermore, as more people gain access to the internet, they become susceptible to these scams, highlighting the need for increased awareness and protection. It is essential to stay vigilant, learn to identify red flags, and verify information before engaging in any online transactions or relationships.

    Prioritizing Physical and Mental Health for Success and Well-being.

    Prioritizing our physical and mental health is crucial for success and well-being. The conversation between Sam Morrill and Joe Rogan highlights the importance of taking care of our bodies and minds, especially in professions like comedy or sports that can put strain on our physical and mental well-being. Regular exercise, healthy habits, and maintaining a disciplined routine can have a positive impact on our overall health and performance. It's essential to treat our bodies as vehicles that need proper maintenance to function optimally. By staying dedicated to self-care, we can prevent degradation and enhance our resilience. Taking proactive measures to stay healthy can mitigate sickness, fatigue, and even improve our creativity and performances in various aspects of life.

    Exploring Methods to Enhance Creativity: Comedian Sam Morrill's Approach to Writing Comedy

    When it comes to honing their craft and preparing for new comedy hours, comedians like Sam Morrill are willing to try different methods to enhance their creativity and focus. While some rely on stimulants like Adderall to help them block out distractions and dive deep into their writing process, others prefer to mix up their order of jokes and utilize the highs and lows of caffeine and booze. The process of starting from scratch and writing a new hour can be both wonderful and terrifying, as comedians find themselves going from being at their peak to feeling like they're starting all over again. However, despite the challenges, it is the love for the art form that keeps them going and embracing the process.

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