Podcast Summary

    • The Importance of Proper Recovery for AthletesProper recovery, including patience, specialist care, and a healthy diet, is essential for athletes to fully heal and return to peak performance. Rushing the rehabilitation process can result in further damage or slower recovery.

      Taking the time to recover properly from an injury is crucial for athletes. Joe Rogan and Aaron Rodgers discuss the importance of allowing the body to heal and not rushing the rehabilitation process. They share stories of athletes who have pushed themselves too hard, resulting in further damage or slower recovery. Rodgers, after suffering a significant injury, took the time to focus on his rehab and work with specialists, including using a hyperbaric chamber and stem cell therapy. He also emphasized the importance of a healthy diet to aid in the healing process. This serves as a reminder that patience and proper care are necessary for athletes to fully recover and return to top form.

    • Prioritizing Health and Recovery: Aaron Rodgers' DecisionAaron Rodgers chooses to prioritize his long-term health and recovery, recognizing the importance of fully healing and minimizing the risk of reinjury while maintaining a balance between competitiveness and well-being.

      Aaron Rodgers made the decision to prioritize his long-term health and recovery over rushing back to play. Despite feeling good and being able to perform quarterback activities, he recognized that he still lacked certain abilities and strength due to his injury. While some athletes may push themselves to come back sooner, Rodgers understood the importance of giving himself enough time to fully heal and avoid the risk of reinjury. He acknowledged his age and the fact that he is nearing the end of his career, but he didn't want to miss an entire season either. Ultimately, his decision shows a balance between competitiveness and smart decision-making for his well-being.

    • Joe Rogan and Aaron Rodgers cover a range of topics, from admiration for fighters to frustrations with government control and insider trading in politics.Transparency and accountability are crucial in politics, and action must be taken to address issues and create a more equitable society.

      Joe Rogan and Aaron Rodgers discuss various topics during their conversation, including Joe's admiration for fighters like Joe Diaz and their discussion about the intense competition in the Cuban athletic program. They also talk about upcoming fights and express their frustrations with government control, particularly in California. Additionally, they touch on the issue of insider trading by politicians, highlighting the unfairness of their exemption from consequences. This conversation emphasizes the need for transparency and accountability in politics, as well as the importance of taking action to address these issues for a more equitable society.

    • Uncovering Corruption: Money, Politics, and MediaFinancial institutions, special interest groups, and big pharma hold excessive power, leading to corruption, compromised decision-making, and misinformation. It is crucial to address these systemic issues for a more transparent society.

      The current system of money, politics, and media is deeply corrupt and detrimental to the well-being of society. Joe Rogan and Aaron Rodgers discuss how financial institutions manipulate values and profit at the expense of the greater good. They also highlight the undue influence of special interest groups on politicians, compromising their decision-making. Additionally, they point out the need to address the control that big pharma has over the media, shaping and controlling the narrative for their benefit. This combination of corruption, greed, and misinformation has led to significant consequences, such as the increase in chronic diseases and all-cause mortality rates. It is essential to recognize and challenge these systemic issues to strive for a more transparent and equitable society.

    • Joe Rogan and Aaron Rodgers on the Media's Lack of Investigative Reporting and Critical Thinking around COVID-19Open conversations and access to information are crucial in approaching public health issues with caution and skepticism, as media narratives should be questioned and alternative viewpoints should be considered.

      Both Joe Rogan and Aaron Rodgers express their concerns about the lack of investigative reporting and critical thinking in the media regarding the COVID-19 pandemic and vaccines. They highlight the consequences of speaking out against the mainstream narrative, including loss of friends, allies, and financial support. They question the motivations behind suppressing alternative treatments and dismissing valid concerns. They discuss the severe vaccine injuries experienced by themselves and others, emphasizing the need for open conversations and access to information. They criticize the media for demonizing those with differing viewpoints and for not questioning established authorities. Their key message is that future attempts to control narratives and public health should be approached with caution and skepticism.

    • Shifting Trust: The Rise of Alternative News SourcesQuestioning mainstream media and prioritizing critical analysis of information is vital for making informed choices about our health and well-being.

      Mainstream media's credibility has hit an all-time low, with people losing trust and turning to alternative platforms for information. The landscape has shifted, and long-form conversations and independent journalists are now considered more reliable sources of news. The mainstream media's attempts to monetize their services have failed, with people unwilling to pay for a product they no longer believe in. Furthermore, the conversation touches on the issue of prioritizing profit over health, as pharmaceutical companies push drugs with severe side effects, even on children. Additionally, the accessibility of healthy food is a concern, as cheaper processed foods dominate the market. Overall, it's crucial to question and critically analyze the information presented to us by mainstream media and make informed choices about our health and well-being.

    • Challenging misinformation and control in climate change and the food system.We should question the narratives pushed by media and big corporations, and be aware of the control and misinformation surrounding climate change and the food we consume.

      There is a lot of misinformation and control surrounding various aspects of our lives, such as climate change and the food system. Aaron Rodgers and Joe Rogan highlight the fact that different rules are applied to different countries, and there is a push to control our food choices and convince us to only buy certain products. They question the validity of claims that growing our own food emits more carbon, when it actually helps convert carbon dioxide to oxygen. They also discuss the dangers of pesticides and herbicides sprayed on food, as well as the corrupt practices of companies like Monsanto and Bayer. However, they remain hopeful that people are slowly waking up to these issues and questioning the narrative pushed by the media and big pharma.

    • Protecting Privacy and Questioning Personal Freedoms in Today's WorldThe conversation highlights the growing threat to privacy and personal freedoms, urging individuals to question government surveillance and the erosion of rights in the name of national security.

      Privacy and personal freedoms are under threat in today's interconnected world. The conversation between Joe Rogan and Aaron Rodgers touches on the infiltration of Marxism, government surveillance, and the erosion of privacy rights. They discuss how encryption no longer guarantees security, with instances like Bezos' phone hack and possible access to signal accounts. The Patriot Act and indefinite detention are cited as examples of government overreach in the name of national security. The discussion also delves into the consequences of war, highlighting the innocent civilians caught in the crossfire, such as in Gaza. Ultimately, the conversation emphasizes the importance of safeguarding privacy and questioning the motives behind curbing personal freedoms.

    • The changing landscape of important discussions: from dismissed to openly debated.Growing skepticism towards established systems and a demand for transparency in society as people gain access to more information.

      The conversation around important topics, such as conspiracy theories and alternative political options, has changed over the past 15 years. What was once considered crazy or ignored is now being discussed openly. People like Joe Rogan and Bob In Jeremy have been talking about these things for a long time, and now it seems like more people are starting to pay attention. The two-party system is being questioned, and there's a desire for more options. The trust in the media, education system, and even the government is deteriorating, as people have more access to information and can see through the inconsistencies. With the rise of artificial intelligence and increasing access to information, the hope is that lying and deception will become virtually impossible, leading to a more transparent society.

    • Balancing Support and Safety in Gender Transition CareGender affirming care must prioritize the well-being and safety of individuals, balancing support for self-expression with critical thinking to prevent exploitation and regret.

      The concept of gender affirming care and the rise of gender transition clinics have raised concerns about the manipulation of vulnerable individuals, particularly children. The increasing number of cases where individuals regret transitioning has led to devastating consequences for their physical and mental well-being. The profit-driven nature of the gender transition industry is also alarming, with doctors earning substantial amounts for each procedure. While it is important to support individuals in their self-expression, we must also consider the potential for abuse and exploitation. The lack of nuance in the current discourse surrounding gender identity can have unintended consequences, such as allowing perpetrators to exploit transgender rights for their own gain. It is crucial to strike a balance between compassion and critical thinking to ensure the well-being and safety of all individuals involved.

    • Protecting Children and Avoiding Harmful InfluencesIt is crucial to safeguard children from harmful ideologies and activities, as well as to be cautious of subtle introductions of controversial ideas in educational institutions and certain groups.

      The conversation highlights the concern of normalizing the acceptance of minor attracted persons, which is seen as sick and disturbing. It is mentioned that this issue is sometimes subtly introduced in universities and certain groups support it. The conversation then shifts to discussing the influence of money and the trend of being "woke" in pushing these agendas. They discuss the development of the brain and how young men often lack judgment, which is exploited by getting them involved in certain activities. The conversation also touches upon the dangers of ideological thinking and the potential cult-like behavior associated with it. Ultimately, the key message conveyed is the importance of protecting children and avoiding harmful influences.

    • Questioning the Power of Predictions in Popular CultureWhile shows like The Simpsons may seem to have predicted certain events, it's important to fact-check and approach these claims with skepticism due to the influence of media on our perceptions of reality.

      Predictions made on shows like The Simpsons should be taken with a grain of salt. While it's intriguing to see how they seem to have predicted certain events like the Apple Vision Pro and Trump's escalator moment, it's important to fact-check these claims. The viral image of The Simpsons supposedly predicting Trump's win is simply not true. However, the discussions around these predictions shed light on the power of creativity and the ability to tap into cultural trends. It also raises questions about the influence of media on our perceptions of reality. Ultimately, it's crucial to approach these predictions with a critical lens and not to jump to conclusions based solely on what we see in popular culture.

    • The Importance of Self-Sufficiency in Times of CrisisPrioritize self-sufficiency by learning essential survival skills and preparing for potential disruptions to ensure resilience in the face of a major catastrophe.

      Self-sufficiency is crucial for survival in times of crisis. The conversation between Aaron Rodgers and Joe Rogan highlights the vulnerability of our society in the face of a major catastrophe. The loss of access to power and basic resources like water and food can quickly lead to chaos and desperation. History has shown that only a small percentage of the population can adapt and endure under such circumstances. The discussion also touches on the idea that civilizations in the past may have been more advanced than us but faced extinction. It serves as a reminder that we should prioritize learning essential skills and preparing for potential disruptions to ensure our own resilience.

    • Exploring Ancient Technologies and Advanced Civilizations with Aaron Rodgers and Joe RoganThis conversation emphasizes the intrigue surrounding ancient civilizations, their advanced technologies, and the importance of further investigating and questioning mainstream historical narratives.

      There is a fascination with ancient technologies and structures, such as the pyramids in Egypt. Aaron Rodgers and Joe Rogan discuss theories and ideas about how these massive stones were moved and the advanced technologies that may have been used. They speculate about the existence of an advanced civilization and the possibility of harnessing free energy from the atmosphere. They also question the narrative presented by mainstream history and point out anomalies in architecture, like the structures built during the World's Fair. This conversation highlights the curiosity surrounding ancient civilizations and the need for further exploration and research to uncover the truth behind these mysteries.

    • The Power of Comedy in Challenging Societal NormsComedians play a crucial role in society, as they fearlessly address taboo topics, challenge ideologies, and encourage critical thinking through humor, fostering dialogue on important subjects.

      Society needs comedians and individuals who are willing to push back against cultural trends and societal norms. Comedians, in particular, play a vital role in addressing taboo topics and bringing up discussions that others may shy away from. They serve as the sacred clowns of society, challenging ideologies and offering a different perspective on various issues. While many individuals may fear losing their jobs or being excluded from their communities for expressing their opinions, comedians have the freedom to push boundaries and question societal norms. Their ability to provide humor while addressing important subjects is crucial in fostering critical thinking and opening up dialogue on various topics.

    • Challenging Narratives and Seeking the TruthCritical thinking, questioning information, conducting independent research, and being open-minded are essential in navigating through manipulation, misinformation, and hidden agendas promoted by certain institutions.

      There is a history of manipulation, misinformation, and hidden agendas when it comes to certain institutions and the narratives they promote. Joe Rogan and Aaron Rodgers discuss various instances where the truth has been obscured and important information has been suppressed. From the false narratives surrounding individuals like Robert Kennedy, to potential cover-ups of racially motivated hate crimes, and the use of mind control experiments, it is clear that critical thinking and seeking out alternative perspectives are crucial. This conversation highlights the importance of questioning the information we are presented with, conducting our own research, and being open-minded to new perspectives, even if they challenge our preconceived notions.

    • The Disturbing History of Government Manipulation and ControlGovernment organizations like the CIA have a history of manipulating and controlling individuals through mind control experiments, the use of psychedelic drugs, and even involvement in figures like the Unabomber. The extent of their power and control raises serious questions about their operations, which likely continue to this day.

      There is a dark history to organizations like the CIA and their manipulation of human beings. From running clinics and conducting mind control experiments to using psychedelic drugs like LSD to influence individuals' minds, our government has engaged in disturbing practices. Even figures like Ted Kaczynski, the Unabomber, were involved in these programs and developed a belief that technology would be the end of mankind. The connections between these organizations, government figures, and even the assassination of JFK raise serious questions about the extent of their power and control. It's clear that these operations were successful, so it's likely they are still happening today. The lack of transparency and reluctance to release important files only adds to the mystery.

    • Examining Concerns in the Political Landscape: Joe Rogan and Aaron Rodgers Discuss Terrorism, Immigration, and Corruption.Joe Rogan and Aaron Rodgers highlight the need for change in the political system, emphasizing transparency, accountability, and the removal of money from politics to improve the overall landscape.

      There are serious concerns regarding the political landscape and its impact. The conversation between Joe Rogan and Aaron Rodgers highlights issues such as terrorism, immigration, crime, and corruption. Both individuals express their frustrations with the system, questioning the motives and decisions made by those in power. They discuss the need for change, mentioning the possibility of an independent candidate and the importance of removing money from politics. Additionally, there is a discussion about the flaws in the election process, such as the lack of a national holiday for voting and the debate around voter ID and paper ballots. Overall, the conversation emphasizes the need for transparency, accountability, and an improved political system.

    • The Unanticipated Impact of the Internet and the Need for Responsible Decision-MakingSociety's limited understanding of technology's true impact led to a lack of effective regulation. Responsible decision-making and foresight are crucial in navigating the advancements of technology and addressing potential challenges.

      The rapid rise of technology, particularly the internet, caught society off guard and they were unable to regulate it effectively. Joe Rogan and Aaron Rodgers discuss the lack of understanding and foresight in the early days of the internet, suggesting that if the true impact of technology had been known, it may have been handled differently. They raise the question of whether society could have taken a different direction, not solely driven by profit and competition. The conversation also touches on UFO sightings and the government's secrecy surrounding it, highlighting the fear of accountability and the potential alliance with extraterrestrial races. Overall, it emphasizes the need for responsible and informed decision-making as technology continues to advance.

    • Government Accountability and the Search for Extraterrestrial LifeThe conversation reveals concerns about government transparency and the potential misallocation of funds, while also exploring the possibilities of extraterrestrial life and our place in the universe.

      There are significant questions and concerns surrounding the government's use of funds and the potential for misallocation and financial misconduct. The conversation between Aaron Rodgers and Joe Rogan highlights the lack of transparency and accountability in government spending, with billions of dollars potentially unaccounted for. This raises the question of who is responsible for these decisions and whether Congress was aware of these actions. Furthermore, there are discussions about the possibility of extraterrestrial life and the impact it may have on religious beliefs and ideologies. The existence of advanced beings from other dimensions or planets is considered, along with the notion that our current understanding of technology might be viewed as magic by future generations. Overall, this conversation sheds light on the mysteries and complexities of government activities and our place in the universe.

    • Unraveling Ancient Encounters: Exploring the Connection Between Otherworldly Beings and Unfamiliar Phenomena.Ancient stories and psychedelic experiences hint at encounters with extraterrestrial beings or entities from other dimensions, but our limited understanding leaves room for speculation and exploration.

      The descriptions of otherworldly beings and encounters throughout history may actually be attempts to make sense of unfamiliar phenomena. These ancient stories and texts, often passed down through generations, are filled with vivid imagery and fantastical descriptions that can be interpreted in various ways. It's possible that these accounts are describing encounters with extraterrestrial beings or entities from other dimensions. The idea that psychedelic experiences can provide similar encounters suggests a connection between the human mind and these mysterious realms. While it's easy to dismiss these accounts as hallucinations or folklore, there may be more to these stories than meets the eye. Our limited perception and understanding make it difficult to fully comprehend the true nature of these encounters, leaving room for speculation and further exploration.

    • Standing Up for Beliefs Despite CriticismAaron Rodgers believes in the importance of using his platform to speak about important issues and encourages others to do the same, even in the face of disagreement and scrutiny.

      Aaron Rodgers believes it is important to stand up for what you believe in, regardless of the criticism or backlash. He recognizes the responsibility he has as a prominent public figure and athlete to use his platform to speak about important issues. Rodgers acknowledges that not everyone agrees with him or understands his viewpoints, but he is determined to continue the conversation and encourage others to speak up as well. He believes in the power of giving people the permission and courage to express their beliefs, especially when they align with his own. Despite facing scrutiny from the media, Rodgers remains steadfast in his convictions and refuses to be silenced.

    • Trust, Control, and the Role of Technology in Exposing LiesAdvancements in technology offer hope for restoring trust by exposing past lies and limiting the influence of money on media, ensuring access to real information becomes increasingly difficult to hide.

      There are concerns about trust and control in various industries. Joe Rogan and Aaron Rodgers discuss how people's trust in the government and pharmaceutical companies has been eroded due to past lies and the influence of money on media. They highlight the ideological shifts and compromises that have occurred. They also discuss the role of technology in providing access to real information and the potential for it to expose lies in the future. The key hope is that advancements in technology will make it increasingly difficult to hide the truth and limit access to information.

    • The Power of Information and the Role of Religion in SocietyAccess to information can challenge those in power, while religion provides structure and guidance in a secular society.

      Access to information and the transparency it brings can have a profound impact on society. It can make it increasingly difficult for those in power to manipulate and deceive the public. Additionally, the emergence of a new generation that grew up with the Internet presents a different understanding and reality of life, potentially leading to positive change. However, in a secular society with a lack of belief systems, people often gravitate towards ideologies and groups that provide a sense of order and guidance. Religion, despite its criticisms, has played a significant role in shaping moral compasses and providing structure. It highlights the need for a divine structure that encompasses love, truth, and a sense of purpose.

    • The importance of context in interpreting statements and the need for transparency and accountability in discussions about sensitive topics like Epstein Island.Critical thinking and reliance on reliable sources are crucial when discussing sensitive topics to avoid the spread of misinformation. Investigations into alleged crimes should not be ignored or hidden, regardless of political affiliations.

      There are discussions surrounding sensitive topics like the alleged Epstein Island and the potential release of a list of individuals involved. The conversation between Aaron Rodgers and Joe Rogan highlights the importance of context when interpreting statements made by public figures. Misinterpretation can lead to the spread of misinformation and assumptions. It is crucial to engage in critical thinking and seek reliable sources before drawing conclusions. The conversation also sheds light on the need for transparency and accountability regarding alleged crimes and powerful individuals involved. It is essential to address and investigate claims of corruption and exploitation, regardless of political affiliations. The Epstein case serves as a reminder that such investigations should not be overlooked or swept under the rug.

    • The Benefits of Real, Raw Food for DogsFeeding dogs high-quality, natural food can improve their health and energy, with benefits such as weight loss, increased energy, and a reversal of aging signs. Switching to brands like Maeve and The Farmer's Dog is recommended.

      Feeding dogs real, raw food can have a significant positive impact on their health and energy levels. Joe Rogan and Aaron Rodgers discussed their experiences with feeding their dogs high-quality, natural food and noticed various improvements, such as weight loss, increased energy, and even a reversal of aging signs. They highlighted the importance of avoiding commercially processed dog food, which may not provide the necessary nutrients and could contribute to health issues like cancer. Both recommended brands like Maeve and The Farmer's Dog, which provide frozen raw food made from pure ingredients. Switching to real food not only enhances dogs' well-being but also helps prevent potential health problems in the long run.

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    Show Notes:

    Chapters: 0:01:36 Apple's Internal Document: Competitors as Examples 0:02:43 Apple's Knowledge of Google's Actions 0:04:09 Apple's Contradictory Thoughts on Privacy 0:05:19 Apple's Partnership with Google Raises Questions 0:07:09 Inshittification: Decreasing Quality of Online Platforms 0:07:58 The Clean Tag and Shitification 0:09:11 Adult Rating Concerns and Caution 0:09:46 Introduction and Warning about Political Topic 0:11:57 Analysis of Public Opinion on AI 0:12:28 Confusion and Mixed Messages in the Administration 0:12:45 Executive Order Expands Government Control over Private Industry 0:15:55 Bureaucracy's Takeover: A Bureaucratic Mess 0:18:05 Government's Interest in AI Systems for Government and Military Use 0:20:18 Government's Inability to Regulate and Develop AI Systems 0:21:49 Broad Scope of the Executive Order Raises Concerns 0:25:13 Importance of Content Creators and Parsing Information 0:29:57 AI Usage, Business Impact, and Paranoia 0:30:09 Privacy Concerns Surrounding ChatGPT 0:31:10 The Benefits and Risks of Using ChatGPT 0:33:32 Finding a Balance between Asset Protection and Effectiveness Links: Internal doc reveals Apple called Android a ‘massive tracking device’ in 2013 https://www.imore.com/apple/internal-doc-reveals-apple-called-android-a-massive-tracking-device-in-2013 White House Executive Order on Artificial Intelligence https://www.natlawreview.com/article/white-house-executive-order-artificial-intelligence Imagine If Joe Biden’s AI Executive Order Were Inspired by The Terminator https://www.wired.com/story/imagine-if-joe-bidens-ai-executive-order-were-inspired-by-the-terminator/ Kamala Harris announces AI Safety Institute to protect American consumers https://www.engadget.com/kamala-harris-announces-ai-safety-institute-to-protect-american-consumers-060011065.html Furthering our AI ambitions – Announcing Bing Chat Enterprise and Microsoft 365 Copilot pricing https://blogs.microsoft.com/blog/2023/07/18/furthering-our-ai-ambitions-announcing-bing-chat-enterprise-and-microsoft-365-copilot-pricing/ Guests: Web Bixby has been in the insurance business for 40 years and has been an Apple user for longer than that.You can catch up with him on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Eric Bolden is into macOS, plants, sci-fi, food, and is a rural internet supporter. You can connect with him on Twitterby email at embolden@mac.com, on Mastodon at @eabolden@techhub.social, and on his blog, Trending At Work. Brian Flanigan-Arthurs is an educator with a passion for providing results-driven, innovative learning strategies for all students, but particularly those who are at-risk. He is also a tech enthusiast who has a particular affinity for Apple since he first used the Apple IIGS as a student. You can contact Brian on twitter as @brian8944. He also recently opened a Mastodon account at @brian8944@mastodon.cloud. Mark Fuccio is actively involved in high tech startup companies, both as a principle at piqsure.com, or as a marketing advisor through his consulting practice Tactics Sells High Tech, Inc. Mark was a proud investor in Microsoft from the mid-1990's selling in mid 2000, and hopes one day that MSFT will be again an attractive investment. You can contact Mark through Twitter, LinkedIn, or on Mastodon. Jeff Gamet is a technology blogger, podcaster, author, and public speaker. Previously, he was The Mac Observer’s Managing Editor, and the TextExpander Evangelist for Smile. He has presented at Macworld Expo, RSA Conference, several WordCamp events, along with many other conferences. You can find him on several podcasts such as The Mac Show, The Big Show, MacVoices, Mac OS Ken, This Week in iOS, and more. Jeff is easy to find on social media as @jgamet on Twitter and Instagram, jeffgamet on LinkedIn., @jgamet@mastodon.social on Mastodon, and on his YouTube Channel at YouTube.com/jgamet. David Ginsburg is the host of the weekly podcast In Touch With iOS where he discusses all things iOS, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, Apple Watch, and related technologies. He is an IT professional supporting Mac, iOS and Windows users. Visit his YouTube channel at https://youtube.com/daveg65 and find and follow him on Twitter @daveg65 and on Mastodon at @daveg65@mastodon.cloud. Jim Rea built his own computer from scratch in 1975, started programming in 1977, and has been an independent Mac developer continuously since 1984. He is the founder of ProVUE Development, and the author of Panorama X, ProVUE's ultra fast RAM based database software for the macOS platform. He’s been a speaker at MacTech, MacWorld Expo and other industry conferences. Follow Jim at provue.com and via @provuejim@techhub.social on Mastodon. Support: Become a MacVoices Patron on Patreon http://patreon.com/macvoices Enjoy this episode? 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    Mychal Kendricks gets busted for insider trading and the Browns released him all in one day. Alize Cornet can't fix her shirt but the men can take off their shirts whenever they want. I call BS.Aaron Rodgers gets an extension that can reach up to $180M. Over $100M guaranteed.

    All sports. One podcast. (even hockey)

    #49: Aaron Rodgers und der Free-Agency-Wahnsinn

    #49: Aaron Rodgers und der Free-Agency-Wahnsinn
    Die New York Jets und alle NFL-Fans warten seit Tagen gespannt (oder genervt) auf die Entscheidung von Star-Quarterback Aaron Rodgers. Tritt er zurück, bleibt er in Green Bay oder wechselt er wie zu erwarten in den Big Apple? Michael, Thomas und Detti lassen die ersten Tage seit dem Beginn der Free Agency Revue passieren und geben euch eine Übersicht zu den wichtigsten Deals, die bislang über die Bühne gingen. Dazu beantworten sie die Frage, wie die Zukunft von Lamar Jackson aussieht, welchen Quarterback die Panthers an Draftposition #1 auswählen könnten und ob die Atlanta Falcons gut beraten wären, Desmond Ridder eine Chance zu geben und ihr Kapital in die Verstärkung der Defense zu investieren. Unsere nächste Ausgabe – Folge 50! – erwartet euch in zwei Wochen. Foto Credit: IMAGO / ZUMA Wire

    Jane Slater | Week 11 Preview & Predictions

    Jane Slater | Week 11 Preview & Predictions
    Schrager is back this week recapping the Seahawks/Patriots game on Sunday night and what it means for both of the teams moving forward. Plus, could the Chiefs be a team that the Patriots need to worry about in the AFC? And who is to blame for the Packers struggles this season? Schags is joined by NFL Network reporter Jane Slater who is based in Dallas and follows the Cowboys closely. Following Tony Romo's strong and emotional press conferece where he gave Dak Prescott the vote of confidence to be the team's starting QB, where does the team go from here. Slater explains what this Cowboys team is like inside the locker room, the relationship they all have when it comes to the QB situation with Romo and Prescott, and Schrager explains how a key subtraction, not addition, has been the catalyst for this team this season. Then, Schrager goes through every game this coming weekend and gives you a preview and a prediction for every game! How will you team do?