#1491 - Bill Burr

    The protests against racial injustice hold the potential for positive change, with widespread support and vocal criticism indicating a shift towards a better future. However, staying focused and holding law enforcement accountable are crucial in addressing systemic issues.

    en-usJune 12, 2020

    About this Episode

    Bill Burr is a standup comedian and also hosts his own podcast called “The Monday Morning Podcast”. Look for him in the new film "The King of Staten Island" available for streaming everywhere, and also on the 4th season of his show "F Is for Family" streaming only on Netflix, both available on June 12.

    🔑 Key Takeaways

    • Adapting to life's changes, whether it's embracing the need for a bigger car or navigating uncertain times like COVID-19, teaches us the importance of learning and growing from our experiences.
    • The occupation in Seattle is precarious, with concerns over a warlord's authority, openly carried guns, lack of supplies, and the likelihood of casualties.
    • Artists must be vigilant in protecting their creative and financial independence by being cautious when entering into business agreements and maintaining ownership of their work.
    • Podcasters should be cautious of signing deals that may take away their ownership and creative control, as maintaining ownership and control can lead to greater long-term benefits.
    • Aspiring entrepreneurs and artists should prioritize maintaining control over their work and be cautious of exploitative agreements to safeguard their interests and avoid being taken advantage of.
    • The entertainment industry is rife with corruption, exploiting artists for financial gain. It is important to be aware and cautious of such exploitation, as well as potential risks when exploring unknown territories.
    • Supporting comedy clubs is crucial for the recovery of the entertainment industry, as laughter plays a vital role in improving people's mental well-being during challenging times.
    • Wearing a mask is a simple act of courtesy and respect for others, and it is important to prioritize the well-being and safety of others by following guidelines from health organizations.
    • Approach news with an open mind, seek multiple perspectives, and question media narratives to avoid falling into the toxic environment created by biased news channels.
    • Open-mindedness and dialogue are crucial in overcoming prejudice and fostering empathy, as highlighted by Bill Burr and Joe Rogan's conversation on the dangers of biased reporting and the importance of understanding diverse perspectives.
    • The protests against racial injustice hold the potential for positive change, with widespread support and vocal criticism indicating a shift towards a better future. However, staying focused and holding law enforcement accountable are crucial in addressing systemic issues.
    • Deescalation and effective communication skills are crucial in preventing unnecessary violence and conflicts, especially when it involves authority figures.
    • Always be aware of your surroundings, recognize potential dangers, and make responsible choices. Avoid blindly following the crowd and question the actions and motives of others in intense situations.
    • Despite the danger, Joe Rogan and Bill Burr find humor in their wild and reckless past, cherishing the memories as entertaining anecdotes of a more daring time.
    • Fighting in hockey is not just about violence; it serves as a way to police the game and ensure player safety, with a unique acceptance and code of conduct within the sport.
    • Hunting is a challenging and intense activity that requires skill and precision. It is important to ensure clean kills and avoid causing unnecessary harm to animals. The predatory abilities of animals are awe-inspiring and fascinating.
    • The conversation highlights the conflicting viewpoints on training animals for circuses, raising concerns about their welfare and well-being.
    • Safety measures in motorsports cannot fully protect against all injuries, highlighting the need for proper safety equipment and training. Appreciating the skills of professional racers while recognizing the risks involved is essential.
    • Joe Rogan and Bill Burr find exhilaration in risky activities like racing cars and flying helicopters, appreciating the confidence and control exhibited by the drivers and pilots. They prioritize thrill and mechanical engagement over speed.
    • Bill Burr and Joe Rogan's conversation on the beauty and allure of the 67 Cadillac Eldorado showcases their shared love for classic cars and the pleasure they find in admiring and discussing them.
    • Joe Rogan and Bill Burr share their passion for vintage cars and discuss interesting modifications like disc brakes and power steering, preferring resto-mod cars that blend classic design with modern technology. They appreciate less mainstream models and admire the joy of owning vintage cars, despite the high prices.
    • Bill Burr's appreciation for the unconventional extends to his love for unique cars, as he seeks something different and cooler, standing out from the crowd.
    • Individual preferences and societal influences shape our perceptions of beauty and taste, with discussions on car design and attraction towards women's physical features serving as examples.
    • Society's perception of pubic hair has shifted influenced by pornography, but individuals like Joe Rogan and Bill Burr emphasize the importance of maintaining it as a symbol of femininity and for intimate situations.
    • Joe Rogan and Bill Burr advocate for spending quality time with family and supporting small local restaurants, as it fosters a sense of community, belonging, and creates cherished memories.
    • Boxing legends face tough opponents at the end of their careers, and the conversation explores the challenges they encountered, the passion for the sport, and the difference between boxing and stand-up comedy.
    • Boxing's golden era left an indelible mark on Joe Rogan and Bill Burr, who admire the courage of boxers and acknowledge the physical and mental challenges they face in the ring.
    • Acknowledging personal issues and actively working on self-improvement is vital for personal growth, even if it means facing discomfort and challenges.
    • The conversation emphasizes the significance of friendship, perseverance, and personal growth in the pursuit of goals and passions, while highlighting the motivation that feedback from fans can provide.
    • Addressing past traumas and seeking professional help are crucial for maintaining mental and emotional health, despite the discomfort that may come with self-reflection activities like meditation.
    • The importance of self-reflection and acknowledging one's flaws to become a better parent and role model for children.
    • Trying something new can be challenging and rewarding, even for experienced professionals. Self-reflection and embracing one's own thoughts and experiences can lead to personal growth.
    • Understanding and accepting who you are, identifying areas for improvement, and finding a balance between self-indulgence and responsibility are crucial for personal growth and happiness.
    • Finding a balance between living wild and being stoic is crucial for physical and mental well-being, as emphasized by Joe Rogan and Bill Burr.
    • Authenticity is crucial in a yoga class as it allows students to connect with the instructor and enjoy the experience. Genuine instructors create a positive environment for all participants to thrive.
    • When faced with physical challenges, a determined mindset can help us overcome exhaustion and push through to achieve our goals, even in the face of seemingly insurmountable obstacles.

    📝 Podcast Summary

    Shifting Perspectives: From Small Cars to SUVs and COVID-19 Uncertainty

    Having children and a family can drastically change one's perspective on practical matters, such as the need for a larger car like an SUV. Bill Burr shares his realization that once you have car seats and all the necessary items for kids, a spacious vehicle becomes essential. This shift in perspective helps him understand why people opt for bigger cars, even if they initially seemed unnecessary. Additionally, the conversation touches on the topic of COVID-19, highlighting the uncertainty surrounding the virus and the contrasting opinions on how to approach it. Bill Burr reflects on his time during the pandemic and how it allowed him to introspect and confront unresolved childhood issues. Overall, the conversation emphasizes the importance of adapting and learning from life's experiences.

    Unstable Situation in Seattle: Potential Dangers and Risks

    The situation in Seattle, with the occupation of the six-block area, is not likely to end well. Joe Rogan and Bill Burr discuss the unstable nature of the situation, emphasizing the potential dangers and risks involved. They mention that the area is being run by a warlord and that openly carrying guns is a problem. Bill Burr raises concerns about the lack of supplies and how the occupation will eventually come to an end, either through waiting them out or by force. Despite the uncertainty surrounding the outcome, both agree that casualties are likely, with Joe Rogan predicting that four people will die.

    Protecting Artists in the Entertainment Industry

    In the entertainment industry, corporate entities often take advantage of artists and content creators by using unfair accounting practices and attempting to own a portion of their work. This pattern of exploitation can lead to young artists being robbed of their creative and financial independence. It is crucial for creators to be cautious when entering into business agreements and to protect their own interests. The conversation highlights the importance of artists maintaining ownership of their work and being aware of attempts to manipulate and control their content. Ultimately, artists must be willing to grind and persevere in order to maintain control over their creative endeavors and avoid falling victim to opportunistic corporate practices.

    The importance of ownership and caution in podcast deals.

    Podcasters should be cautious of signing deals with networks or companies that want ownership or a large percentage of their podcast profits. Bill Burr and Joe Rogan highlight the importance of owning your content and being aware of potential pitfalls in the industry. They discuss how some networks and managers can take advantage of podcasters by charging high commissions or not delivering on their promises. They emphasize the power of word-of-mouth and organic growth in the podcasting world, suggesting that new podcasters should avoid signing deals that may rob them of their creative freedom and financial success. Ultimately, maintaining control and ownership of your podcast can lead to greater long-term benefits.

    Protecting Your Interests in Business and Avoiding Exploitative Deals

    Owning your own business comes with its own set of challenges and risks, especially when dealing with outside investors or partners. Bill Burr and Joe Rogan discuss how some people try to take advantage of talented individuals by demanding a large chunk of their earnings or manipulating financial agreements. They emphasize the importance of maintaining control over one's own work and not falling victim to exploitative deals. They also highlight the benefits of podcasting as a platform that allows them to share their experiences and advice with others in similar situations. Overall, they stress the need for aspiring entrepreneurs and artists to be cautious and protective of their own interests in order to avoid being taken advantage of.

    The Corrupt and Exploitative Nature of the Entertainment Industry

    The entertainment industry, including Hollywood and the music business, can be incredibly corrupt and exploitative. It is highlighted that people in powerful positions prioritize money over the well-being and fair compensation of artists and performers. The conversation touches on how musicians like Elvis Presley were taken advantage of, and how the music industry continues to exploit artists by taking a large portion of the revenue generated. Additionally, the discussion reveals the dangers of living in certain areas, such as encountering mountain lions in the wilderness. It serves as a reminder to be cautious and aware of potential risks when venturing into unfamiliar territories.

    Bill Burr and Joe Rogan discuss the future of comedy and the importance of supporting struggling venues and the entertainment industry.

    Bill Burr and Joe Rogan are discussing their plans for the future, particularly in relation to their careers in comedy and live performances. They express their intention to support struggling venues and help the entertainment industry recover from the impact of the pandemic. Bill Burr mentions his plan to do shows at the Troubadour, a venue he has a deep attachment to and wants to keep going. They also discuss the classification of comedy clubs and the importance of comedy for people's mental well-being. Joe Rogan highlights the need for a distinction for comedy clubs and argues that they should be considered essential businesses. They both share their optimism for the future and the potential for a resurgence of comedy after times of crisis. Overall, the conversation emphasizes the significance of supporting the arts and the positive impact of laughter in difficult times.

    Joe Rogan and Bill Burr discuss differing opinions on mask-wearing during the pandemic.

    Wearing a mask during the pandemic shouldn't be seen as a sign of weakness or fear, but rather as an act of courtesy and respect for others. Joe Rogan and Bill Burr discuss their differing opinions on mask-wearing, with Burr emphasizing the importance of following guidelines from the CDC and World Health Organization. He criticizes those who choose not to wear masks and then make fun of others who do. Rogan, on the other hand, admits to initially being scared and panicking during the pandemic but now believes in making informed decisions rather than succumbing to hysteria. Ultimately, the conversation highlights the need to prioritize the well-being and safety of others by wearing masks.

    The dangers of biased news and the need for critical thinking

    Both news channels, CNN and Fox, contribute to a toxic and divisive environment. People tend to blindly support their side without considering valid points from the other side. Bill Burr and Joe Rogan discuss how the news often presents biased perspectives and fails to provide a complete picture of events, leading to misunderstandings and misinterpretations. They highlight the importance of understanding the context and not jumping to conclusions based on limited information. Additionally, the conversation sheds light on media ownership and how it can influence public opinion, calling for more regulations to avoid manipulation. Ultimately, the key takeaway is to approach news with critical thinking, seek diverse perspectives, and question narratives presented by media outlets.

    Challenging Biased Reporting and Promoting Dialogue: Bill Burr and Joe Rogan Discuss the Changing Media Landscape

    The media landscape has changed in recent years, with reporting being overshadowed by biased op-ed pieces. Both Bill Burr and Joe Rogan express their dissatisfaction with mainstream channels like CNN and the divisive narratives they often promote. They discuss a specific incident involving a man aggressively confronting young protesters, highlighting the dangers of prejudiced perspectives and the need for understanding. Bill Burr emphasizes the importance of engaging in dialogue rather than resorting to cancel culture, acknowledging that people can change their views if given the opportunity to reflect on their actions. The conversation ultimately underscores the significance of open-mindedness, critical thinking, and the potential for growth and empathy even in the face of intense disagreements.

    Hope, Optimism, and Accountability: Looking Towards a Better Future in the Fight Against Racial Injustice

    There is hope for positive change to come out of the protests against racial injustice. Both Bill Burr and Joe Rogan express optimism that widespread support from white people and vocal criticism from some police officers indicate a potential shift towards a better future. However, they also acknowledge the need for careful focus and avoid letting other groups exploit the movement for their own agendas. They discuss the importance of peaceful protests and the necessity of holding law enforcement accountable through better training and higher standards. The conversation ends with a discussion on the disturbing actions of the police officer responsible for George Floyd's death and the importance of addressing systemic issues within the police force.

    Importance of Deescalation and Avoiding Violence in Tense Situations

    Deescalation is crucial in diffusing tense situations. Both Joe Rogan and Bill Burr discuss the importance of avoiding violence and aggression, particularly in situations involving authority figures like police officers or bouncers. They highlight the negative consequences that arise when individuals with power choose to escalate conflicts instead of finding peaceful resolutions. Racism is identified as a significant issue in the country, but the conversation emphasizes that the problem extends beyond race to include individuals who abuse their power and exhibit sociopathic behavior. They stress the need for individuals in positions of authority to possess strong communication and deescalation skills in order to prevent unnecessary violence and further exacerbation of conflicts.

    The Dangers of Mob Mentality and Uncontrolled Environments

    Mob mentality and dangerous situations can lead to unexpected and regrettable consequences. Both Joe Rogan and Bill Burr discuss instances where group dynamics and unpredictable events escalated rapidly. From Bill Burr's experience of feeling the energy in a bar and witnessing fights to Joe Rogan's account of a wild party turning into chaos and violence, it becomes evident that large gatherings and certain environments can easily spiral out of control. These situations serve as cautionary tales, highlighting the importance of staying aware of our surroundings, recognizing the potential dangers, and making responsible choices. It also emphasizes the need to avoid blindly following the crowd and always questioning the actions and motives of others in intense situations.

    Nostalgic Tales of Youthful Chaos and Adventure

    The speakers are reminiscing about wild and dangerous times they had in their youth. Joe Rogan and Bill Burr share stories of chaotic fights, crazy nights out, and intense drug experiences. Despite the insanity of these situations, they look back on them with humor and nostalgia. They recall moments of violence, revenge, and mind-altering substances, finding entertainment in the absurdity of it all. These stories serve as a reminder of their reckless and carefree youth, where they were fearless and willing to take risks. While the experiences may have been perilous, they now serve as amusing anecdotes of a wilder time in their lives.

    The Complexity of Fighting in Boston's Hockey Scene

    Boston, particularly in the past, had a high occurrence of fights compared to other places. Bill Burr and Joe Rogan discuss how Boston's sports scene, especially hockey, contributed to the prevalence of fighting in the city. They highlight the unique acceptance of fighting in hockey and how it is seen as a way to police the game and maintain player safety. The conversation also touches on the code of conduct and unwritten rules within hockey that dictate when and how fights should happen. This conversation sheds light on the complexity behind fighting in hockey and challenges the common perception that it is simply about violence.

    The Thrill of Hunting: Skill, Challenge, and Clean Kills

    Hunting can be a nerve-racking and intense experience that requires skill and precision. Joe Rogan explains that hunters aim to shoot offhanded and without resting, to challenge themselves and elevate their heart rate. Meanwhile, Bill Burr admits his lack of knowledge about hunting but finds intrigue in the emotional aspect of hunting shows. They both agree that causing unnecessary harm or suffering to animals is a concern, emphasizing the importance of clean kills. The conversation then shifts to discussing the predatory nature of animals like bears and praying mantises. Ultimately, the key takeaway highlights the fascinating abilities of these creatures and the awe-inspiring precision they exhibit in the wild.

    Bears in Circuses: Fascination vs Ethical Concerns

    Bears can be trained to ride bikes and perform in circuses, but the methods used to train them may raise ethical concerns. Bill Burr expresses his fascination with bears riding bikes, but also questions the treatment and conditioning techniques of these animals. Joe Rogan explains that bears are trained through food incentives, but Bill Burr raises doubts about the potential mistreatment and humiliation that might be involved. They also discuss the dangerous nature of bears, their strength, and their natural instincts. The conversation ultimately highlights the conflicting viewpoints on the training and performance of animals in circuses, and the need to consider their welfare and well-being.

    The importance of safety measures in motorsports and the thrill of intense competition in MotoGP.

    Safety equipment in motorsports has come a long way, but it still cannot fully protect against all injuries. While airbags in motorcycles provide some protection, they do not safeguard the most vulnerable part of the body, the brain. This highlights the importance of having proper safety measures in place when participating in high-speed activities like racing. Additionally, the conversation emphasizes the thrill and excitement of motorsports, particularly in MotoGP, where there are constant passing maneuvers and intense competition. Learning to ride on a track with all the necessary gear is essential for maximizing both enjoyment and safety. Overall, it's crucial to strike a balance between appreciating the incredible skills of professional racers and recognizing the inherent risks involved in fast-paced activities.

    Adrenaline Junkies: Joe Rogan and Bill Burr on Risky Thrills

    Both Joe Rogan and Bill Burr appreciate the adrenaline and excitement that comes with risky activities. They specifically discuss their fascination with racing cars and flying helicopters. They admire the confidence and trust exhibited by the drivers and pilots in these extreme situations. Joe Rogan describes the thrilling experience of driving his old, manual Porsche, while Bill Burr talks about his desire to fly a faster plane compared to the helicopter he currently operates. Both individuals acknowledge that these activities sacrifice speed for the thrill and control they provide. Despite the potential dangers involved, they find joy and excitement in experiencing the raw power and mechanical aspects of these endeavors.

    Bill Burr and Joe Rogan's Passion for Vintage Cars Shines Through in Their Discussion of the 67 Cadillac Eldorado

    Bill Burr and Joe Rogan share a mutual love for vintage cars, particularly the 67 Cadillac Eldorado. They discuss the beauty and allure of this car, admiring its lines and the perfection of its back end. Bill expresses his desire to own one, but mentions that he dislikes convertibles. They both agree that the car would suit Bill's style and even joke about him needing an olive complexion and a paper boy hat to match. Joe suggests that Bill should get one and offers to let him park it at his place. They also discuss upgrading the car's suspension for a smoother ride. This conversation highlights their shared passion for classic cars and the joy they find in discussing and appreciating them.

    Joe Rogan and Bill Burr's Love for Classic Cars and Unique Modifications

    Joe Rogan and Bill Burr have a shared passion for classic cars with unique modifications. They discuss various car models and modifications they find interesting, such as disc brakes, power steering, and cab over engine trucks. They express a preference for resto-mod cars that combine classic design with modern technology. Bill Burr particularly appreciates less mainstream cars like the GMC RV and the Ford Galaxy, while Joe Rogan mentions the ICON thriftmasters as an example of a fully upgraded car that still maintains its original aesthetic. Their conversation highlights the joy and admiration they both find in vintage cars, despite the inflated prices that can come with certain models.

    Bill Burr: A Fan of the Unconventional

    Bill Burr appreciates and is intrigued by unusual and unique things. He compares his fascination with rare car models to being a fan of a band and not just their popular songs. He believes that after a while, one seeks something different and cooler, rather than settling for what everyone else has. Bill Burr mentions his preference for certain car models' interiors and backsides, highlighting his attention to detail and specific features. Overall, this conversation emphasizes Bill Burr's inclination towards the unconventional and his desire to stand out, whether it be through his taste in cars or his comedic preferences.

    Joe Rogan and Bill Burr's Views on Cars and Physical Attractions

    Both Joe Rogan and Bill Burr have strong opinions and preferences when it comes to cars and physical attractions. They discuss their love for certain cars from different eras, expressing how the design and features have changed over time. They also delve into the shift in societal beauty standards, particularly focusing on the attraction towards women's physical features. They attribute this change to a combination of cultural influences, such as the dominance of white people and the influence of media, including music videos and the decline in popularity of pubic hair. Overall, this conversation highlights how individual preferences and societal norms can evolve and shape our perceptions of beauty and taste.

    The Changing Perception of Pubic Hair

    There has been a cultural shift in societal perceptions of pubic hair, particularly among women. The introduction of pornographic content influenced this shift, as many individuals began to view pubic hair as unappealing or even disgusting. However, Joe Rogan and Bill Burr express their preference for women who maintain a little bush, as they feel it exemplifies femininity. They discuss the importance of maintaining pubic hair when there may be intimate encounters or situations where it will be exposed. While the conversation veers into other topics, such as Bill Burr's movie and the benefits of date nights, it's clear that the cultural perception surrounding pubic hair has changed over time.

    Embracing Family Time and Local Businesses

    Joe Rogan and Bill Burr emphasize the importance of family time and supporting local businesses. They both value the tradition of going out for meals and creating memories with loved ones. Bill Burr mentions the joy of having family dinners and exploring mom and pop restaurants, as it gives a sense of community and support to regular people. Joe Rogan shares his fond memories of a small restaurant owned by a married couple and expresses his love for mom and pop restaurants. Their conversation highlights the significance of cherishing these experiences and maintaining connections with local establishments, as they contribute to a sense of belonging and create lasting memories.

    The Admiration and Fascination for Boxing Legends

    Boxing legends like Sugar Ray Leonard and Marvin Hagler faced tough opponents towards the end of their careers. Terry Norris, a formidable boxer, proved to be a challenge for Leonard. The conversation also touches on the idea of retired athletes making comebacks, highlighting the difference between boxing and stand-up comedy. The discussion explores various fights and famous moments in boxing history, showcasing the passion and enthusiasm for the sport. The conversation concludes with a mention of Evander Holyfield's potential comeback and his impressive longevity in the sport. Overall, the conversation highlights the admiration and fascination that both Joe Rogan and Bill Burr share for boxing and its legends.

    Remembering the Golden Era: Joe Rogan and Bill Burr Discuss Iconic Boxing Moments and Fighters

    Boxing, especially during the "golden era," was filled with incredible moments and fighters. Joe Rogan and Bill Burr reminisce about the past fights they had witnessed, discussing iconic fighters like Julio Cesar Chavez, Evander Holyfield, and Mike Tyson. They reflect on the physicality of boxing, including the importance of proper training and the potential risks of weightlifting. Both express admiration for the courage displayed by boxers, acknowledging the mental and physical challenges they face in the ring. The conversation highlights the excitement and impact of boxing on both the fighters and the audience, emphasizing how these events shaped their memories and love for the sport.

    Embracing personal growth through self-reflection and addressing unresolved issues.

    Self-reflection and acknowledging personal issues is an important step towards personal growth. Bill Burr realizes that he has unresolved issues that he thought he had moved past, which is demoralizing. However, he understands that addressing these issues is necessary, even though it may be a challenging and uncomfortable process. Joe Rogan suggests that psychedelics, like mushrooms, can help separate oneself from their identity and provide a valuable opportunity for self-examination. Although Bill Burr jokes about doing it on the podcast, he acknowledges the importance of taking the time to work on oneself and not falling back into old habits. The conversation emphasizes the significance of confronting personal issues and continuously striving for self-improvement.

    Joe Rogan and Bill Burr's Reflections on Friendship, Archery, and Aging in the Entertainment Industry

    Joe Rogan and Bill Burr reminisce about a comedy club that used to be connected to a pool hall in Bellevue, Seattle. They discuss their admiration for a mutual friend named Cowen and his impressive archery skills. They also reflect on the challenges of aging in the entertainment industry and how feedback from fans can serve as motivation for self-improvement. Bill Burr shares his experience with shoulder injuries and the importance of patient rehabilitation. Ultimately, the conversation highlights the strong bond between Joe Rogan and Cowen, as well as the value of perseverance and personal growth in pursuit of one's goals and passions.

    Exploring Emotional Baggage and Therapy for Overall Well-being

    Addressing unresolved emotional baggage and seeking therapy can have a positive impact on overall well-being. Bill Burr opens up about his physical injuries and how they relate to his childhood experiences, highlighting the importance of understanding and dealing with past traumas. He mentions his ability to shut off emotions and perform when necessary, but acknowledges that this coping mechanism is not healthy in the long run. Joe Rogan suggests therapy and meditation as potential avenues for self-reflection and healing. However, Bill Burr admits to struggling with meditation due to the discomfort it brings. Ultimately, the conversation underscores the significance of addressing emotional issues and seeking professional help to maintain mental and emotional health.

    Bill Burr's Journey Towards Personal Growth and Parental Improvement

    Bill Burr is going through a period of introspection and self-reflection, realizing that he wants to work on certain aspects of his personality for the sake of his children. He acknowledges that he can be angry and stand-offish, which affects his ability to express love and affection towards others. This deeper understanding and desire for change seem to have been sparked by his recent experiences in acting and the challenges of portraying a character who has a strong emotional bond with his children. Bill Burr's openness about his struggles and willingness to confront his own faults highlight the importance of personal growth and the desire to be a better parent and role model.

    Stepping outside the comfort zone: Bill Burr's journey in acting

    Bill Burr initially struggled with the constraints and expectations of acting, feeling restricted by schedules and the need to portray genuine emotions. However, after two weeks on the film, he was able to relax and have a great time. He realized that stepping outside his comfort zone and trying something new, like acting, can be challenging but ultimately rewarding. He also learned that it's normal to have doubts and insecurities, even for experienced professionals like himself. Watching the initial cut of the movie and seeing how it all came together helped him appreciate the final product, despite some regrets about certain jokes or scenes. Additionally, being quarantined provided him with time for self-reflection and introspection, allowing him to embrace his own thoughts and experiences.

    Embracing Individuality and Living Authentically

    There is value in understanding and accepting who you are, as well as having the courage to live life on your own terms. Bill Burr expresses a sense of envy towards people who can simply be themselves and do what they want without overthinking or feeling restricted. Joe Rogan acknowledges that some people go through life without truly understanding themselves, but by identifying the things that need improvement, one can work towards personal growth and happiness. They discuss the allure of indulging in desires, whether it's enjoying food, alcohol, or other pleasures, and the importance of finding a balance between self-indulgence and responsibility. Ultimately, they highlight the significance of embracing one's individuality and finding a way to live authentically, even if it means going against societal norms.

    Embracing Wildness and Stoicism: Insights and Inspiration from Joe Rogan

    There is value and significance in both embracing wildness and living a more stoic lifestyle. Joe Rogan expresses admiration for the wild, free-spirited individuals like Lemmy, Bukowski, and Sam Kenneson, who live life with intensity and create great art. On the other hand, he is also fascinated by people who are stoic, like Russell Simmons, who practices yoga and meditation. These individuals provide insights and inspiration, each in their own unique way. However, both Bill Burr and Joe Rogan agree that it is important to strike a balance and find one's own version of yoga or stretching, as it contributes to physical and mental well-being, especially as one gets older.

    The Importance of Authenticity in Yoga Instruction

    Finding a yoga instructor who is genuine and true to themselves is important. Both Joe Rogan and Bill Burr share their experiences with yoga instructors who had different personalities. Bill Burr recalls a yoga instructor who would ignore him and focus on adjusting attractive women in the class, which initially annoyed him. However, he later found humor in the situation. On the other hand, Joe Rogan talks about a yoga instructor who seemed disingenuous and tried to sell his personality during the class. They both agree that authenticity is crucial in a yoga class, as it allows students to connect with the instructor and enjoy the experience. Additionally, they briefly mention the benefits of hot yoga and its positive effects on the body.

    The Power of Perseverance and Mental Strength

    Perseverance and mental strength can help one overcome physical challenges. The discussion about Bert running a marathon despite not training and Bill's experience of biking while intoxicated highlight the importance of a determined mindset. Both individuals pushed through physical exhaustion and reached a point where they believed they couldn't continue, but they found a way to keep going. This mentality is also observed in ultra marathon runners who reach a breaking point but manage to push past it and finish the race. It serves as a reminder that sometimes, when faced with seemingly insurmountable obstacles, we can tap into our inner strength and push through to achieve our goals.

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