WSIU News Morning Update for June 5, 2024 in Carbondale, IL

    enJune 05, 2024

    Podcast Summary

    • Illinois taxes, contraception, measlesIllinois Democrats raise taxes on gambling to generate $235M for state spending and infrastructure, Senator Durbin advocates for contraception rights, and Illinois ends largest measles outbreak since 1990 through collaborative efforts

      Illinois Democrats are increasing taxes on certain forms of gambling to generate an estimated $235 million in revenue for the state's budget. This includes hikes on sports betting and video game terminals. The funds will be allocated towards both general state spending and infrastructure projects. Meanwhile, Illinois Senator Dick Durbin is urging the Senate to support the Right to Contraception Act, which aims to codify the constitutional right to use contraception recognized in the landmark Griswold v. Connecticut decision. In other news, Illinois has declared the end of its largest measles outbreak since 1990, with no new cases reported for over 42 days. The outbreak, which began in March and was mainly linked to a Chicago shelter for new arrivals, was contained through quarantine measures, expanded lab testing, and vaccination promotion. Illinois lawmakers and health departments worked together to prevent the spread of the disease through contact tracing, reorganizing mass events, and providing clinical support at shelters.

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