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    • India's Election ResultsIndia's election results dealt a significant blow to PM Narendra Modi and his BJP party due to their divisive rhetoric towards Muslims and attempts to stoke anti-Muslim sentiment among Hindu voters. Rahul Gandhi's Congress party gained ground, while key US primary elections in New Jersey and Montana saw victories for Democrats Andy Kim and Jon Tester, respectively.

      India's election results dealt a significant blow to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his BJP party, which had been expected to easily win the election. Modi's divisive rhetoric towards India's Muslims and attempts to stoke anti-Muslim sentiment among Hindu voters did not resonate with the electorate. Rahul Gandhi, a politician with India's main opposition party, the Indian National Congress, expressed that the country does not want Modi and his ally Amit Shah to continue leading the country. Meanwhile, in the US, primary elections in New Jersey and Montana saw key victories for representatives Andy Kim and Jon Tester, respectively. These races could determine control of the Senate in November. Additionally, a deceased New Jersey congressman inexplicably won his Democratic primary. For more details on these stories and the elections in five other states and DC, check out our newsletter.

    • MDMA for PTSD, birth control access, AI risks, Mexico City sinkingMDMA's use for PTSD faces opposition, birth control access is under threat, AI industry raises concerns, Mexico City faces sinking buildings

      The use of MDMA (ecstasy) to treat post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is facing significant opposition from experts, with the FDA yet to make a decision. The panel voted that the evidence supporting its effectiveness is insufficient, and the risks to patients outweigh the benefits. This could be a setback for those advocating for the use of psychedelic drugs for mental health disorders. Meanwhile, access to birth control is under threat in the US, with conservative activists spreading misinformation and conflating various forms of contraception with abortion drugs. This issue is gaining attention ahead of the November elections, with senate Democrats set to hold a test vote on enshrining the right to birth control. Additionally, workers in the artificial intelligence industry have raised concerns about the potential dangers of AI, including increased inequality, misinformation, and even significant death. They are calling for greater transparency, whistleblower protections, and government oversight to hold tech companies accountable. Lastly, Mexico City is experiencing rapid sinking, with over half of its water supply coming from underground sources. The removal of water causes soil to compact, leading to buildings sinking, including Latin America's oldest cathedral.

    • Sinking cities, Doctor Pepper successThe earth is causing parts of cities like Mexico City, New York City, Washington DC, and Houston to sink, while Doctor Pepper has become the second best-selling soda in the US despite its mysterious name and recipe.

      The earth is undergoing significant changes, causing sinking in various parts of the world including Mexico City, New York City, Washington DC, and Houston. This irreversible process is due to historical water drainage methods. Meanwhile, in the world of beverages, Doctor Pepper has surpassed Pepsi to become the second best-selling soda in the US, with both brands making up 8.3% of the market, while Coke leads with 19.2%. The success of Doctor Pepper, a brand known for its mystery and unique flavors, may come as a surprise to some. The cause of its name and the secret of its recipe remain unknown, and it has even gained a cult following online. Despite its enigmatic reputation, Doctor Pepper continues to attract consumers and thrive in the market. Stay tuned for more in-depth news analysis on the Post Afternoon News podcast, where we explore Anthony Fauci's legacy following his recent congressional testimony. Don't forget to leave us a nice rating or review! I'm Hannah Jule, and we'll meet you back here tomorrow.

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