Victoria Police track down car-jacker after 4 state manhunt

    enJune 06, 2024

    Podcast Summary

    • Manhunt, Dementia Test, Shorten, SwimmingA manhunt resulted in an alleged carjacker's extradition while medical researchers developed a new dementia test with high accuracy. Bill Shorten may leave politics for diplomacy, and swimming skills are crucial for children, especially during winter.

      A manhunt across four states led to the extradition of an alleged carjacker from Victoria to Brisbane. Meanwhile, Australian medical researchers have developed a new test for dementia with over 80% accuracy, which could predict the disease up to nine years before it occurs. Bill Shorten might be leaving his cabinet position for a diplomatic posting in Europe, while nearly half of 12-year-old Australian children cannot float for two minutes, emphasizing the importance of consistent swimming lessons. Additionally, winter is an excellent time to maintain and build upon swimming skills for children.

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