Sunken Cities, Ancient Wars, and Catastrophes by Billy Carson

    enJune 08, 2024

    Podcast Summary

    • Ancient civilizations' advanced understandingAncient civilizations possessed advanced knowledge of metaphysical reality, balance and harmony of nature, and the ability to reach higher states of consciousness. We can learn from them to bridge the ancient spiritual side with the modern one.

      The ancient civilizations, particularly those before around 12,000 years ago, were advanced in their understanding of the universe and possessed capabilities that have not been fully understood or replicated in modern times. They were the "masters of reality," with knowledge of metaphysical reality, balance and harmony of nature, and the ability to reach higher states of consciousness. These civilizations were not just primitive hunter-gatherers, but rather, they understood the universe in a holistic and spiritual way. We can learn from them to build a brighter future by bridging the ancient spiritual side with the modern one. It's essential to reconnect with the ancient past and reverence these civilizations to gain a deeper understanding of our own role in the universe.

    • Ancient wisdom and energyBy reactivating ancient sites and creating sanctuaries around them, we can unlock the knowledge and wisdom of the past and apply it to the present, leading to a new golden age

      The ancient civilizations around the world, even in unusual places like Machu Picchu, held a deep understanding of energy and the earth's energetic nodal points. This belief can be a guiding principle for us today, as we strive to bridge the gap between the ancient and modern worlds. By creating sanctuaries around ancient sites and reactivating them, we can unlock the knowledge and wisdom of the past and apply it to the present. This journey of self-discovery and realization of our inner power is crucial for humanity to create a new golden age. We are our own saviors, and the ancient past holds the keys to unlocking our potential. The puzzle pieces of this knowledge have been scattered around the world, waiting for us to put them together and remember who we truly are.

    • Personal growth and authenticityEmbrace your authentic self, acknowledge inner shadows, find inner peace, and create a nurturing environment for personal growth to attract your goals.

      True personal growth and fulfilling one's destiny requires introspection, self-awareness, and embracing one's authentic self. This journey involves acknowledging and addressing inner shadows, finding inner peace, and creating a nurturing environment for personal growth. It's important to recognize when one is not living in alignment with one's passion and purpose, and to trust the intuition and universe to guide the way. Becoming the embodiment of one's goals is the key to attracting them, rather than simply chasing after them. The speaker's personal experience of leaving a successful business to pursue his passion and create Forbidden Knowledge TV serves as an inspiring example.

    • Underwater civilizationsUnderwater civilizations like Dwarka in India and Alexandria in Egypt have been discovered, some possibly due to sudden geological events such as tsunamis and rising ocean levels. Unexplored underwater cities off Cuba may hold more mysteries.

      Our oceans hold many mysteries, including sunken cities that date back thousands of years. These civilizations disappeared due to massive ocean events such as tsunamis, deluges, and rising ocean levels. One example is Dwarka off the western coast of India, where underwater temples and cities have been discovered. Another is Alexandria, Egypt, with its submerged statues and pillars. Pre-dynastic civilizations, which existed before 4,000 years ago, are particularly intriguing. One of the most mysterious underwater cities is located off the western tip of Cuba, but efforts to explore it have disappeared without a trace. Plate tectonics and crustal displacement theory may explain how these cities ended up underwater. It's important to remember that these geological events are not happening gradually as we've been taught, but rather, they can occur suddenly and dramatically.

    • Ancient catastrophic eventsAncient civilizations may have built structures to balance Earth's energy and prevent grid overloads due to severe geological movements and catastrophic events like earthquakes and cosmic impacts, leaving behind enigmatic structures and artifacts, some of which still pose a mystery, and they may have had advanced knowledge and prepared by creating libraries and sending out their greatest sages.

      The Earth's geological movements and catastrophic events, such as earthquakes and cosmic impacts, are much more severe in the ancient past than what we experience today. These events could cause massive damage, leaving behind signs like burn marks and vitrified structures. Some ancient civilizations may have built structures, like the great pyramids, to balance the Earth's energy and prevent grid overloads. These events could have led to the creation of enigmatic structures and artifacts, some of which still pose a mystery, like the radioactive stone boxes found in various locations around the world. The ancient civilizations may have had advanced knowledge of these events and prepared for them by creating libraries and sending out their greatest sages to preserve knowledge for future generations.

    • Ancient wondersThe greatest structures around the world, like the pyramids and Laura caves, were likely built as time capsules, challenging our understanding of what was possible during ancient times, and possibly with divine intervention.

      The construction of ancient wonders like the pyramids of Giza and the Laura caves defies conventional explanations. While theories like levitation, antigravity, and the power of the mind are intriguing, they may not be the only logical options. The size and weight of the stones used, the precision of their alignment, and the seemingly impossible construction timelines challenge our understanding of what was possible during those times. The stories passed down by indigenous peoples, who claim the structures were built in a short period and with divine intervention, add to the mystery. The greatest structures around the world, from the pyramids to the Laura caves, were not built by man as we know it. Instead, they were likely created as time capsules that will leave future generations in awe of the engineering and ingenuity of our ancestors.

    • Ancient human lifespans and genetic modificationsAncient civilizations may have genetically modified humans to limit their lifespans to around 120 years to prevent accumulation of too much power and wisdom

      Ancient civilizations, as depicted in texts like the Book of Enoch, Sumerian King List, and Egyptian King List, had much longer lifespans than modern humans, potentially reaching thousands of years. This extended lifespan allowed for a significant accumulation of wisdom and technological advancements, including genetic modifications. The ancients may have manipulated human genetics, such as removing chromosome number two and adding telomere caps, to limit human lifespans to around 120 years. This theory could explain why humans are the only primates with 46 chromosomes instead of the standard 48. The competition mindset and suppression of knowledge may have shortened human lifespans to prevent individuals from gaining too much power and wisdom. If humans could collaborate and work together, we could potentially unlock incredible advancements and create a new golden age.

    • Forbidden Conscious AwardsRenowned speakers, VIP yacht cruise, publishing signing, and awards ceremony offer education, inspiration, and glamour at the Forbidden Conscious Awards weekend in Miami.

      The Forbidden Conscious Awards weekend in Miami, Florida, on August 3rd and 4th is an unmissable event for those seeking education, inspiration, and glamour. With renowned speakers, a VIP yacht cruise, a publishing signing, and the second annual awards ceremony, attendees will be immersed in a transformative experience. Additionally, the emphasis on unlocking the inner power and potential within each person aligns with the ancient myth of Adapa, reminding us that we hold the greatest power in the universe. The weekend promises to be a beginning, not an end, as we tap into our dormant gifts and embrace our role as co-creators of this planet. Make sure to secure your tickets early and check out Matthew Lacroix's series on Forbidden Knowledge TV for more enlightening content.

    • Anunaki secretsAncient Anunaki civilization holds secrets to unlocking individual potential and understanding past, important to focus on personal growth and share knowledge, old systems and ways of thinking are unsustainable, destiny to transform and evolve, embrace change and work together for a better future.

      We are living in a pivotal time in history where individuals have the power to make a positive impact on the world. The old systems based on fear and control are ending, making way for a new age of consciousness and enlightenment. It's important to stay grounded, focus on personal growth, and share knowledge and guidance with others. The Anunaki, an ancient civilization, hold secrets that can help us unlock our own potential and understand our past. Empires and old ways of thinking are unsustainable, and it's our destiny to transform and evolve. So, let's embrace the change, learn from the past, and work together to create a better future. And don't forget to check out the "Anunaki Ancient Secrets Revealed" for more insights.

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