Steve Swift's Rambling Mid Atlantic Reviews 005 - All Change In Mid Atlantic

    enJune 10, 2024

    Podcast Summary

    • Wrestling six-man tag team matchPredictions on the outcome of a six-man tag team wrestling match between Don Coddler, Brian Adidas, Piston Paz Watley, Angelio Mosco Junior, Mike Starbuck, Bobby Bass, and Kurt Von Hesse remain uncertain.

      I, Don Coddler, have been exploring various topics on YouTube, including my thoughts on Prince's music and the Atlantic title in wrestling. Last time we met, I predicted that Angelio Mosco Jr. would continue his winning streak in the Atlantic title. However, he no longer holds the championship and is now participating in a six-man tag team match. The team consists of Don Coddler, Brian Adidas, Piston Paz Watley, and Angelio Mosco Junior, against Mike Starbuck, Bobby Bass, and Kurt Von Hesse. While I recognize two of the names, the outcome of the match remains to be seen. Previous discussions on this channel have revolved around predicting the longevity of champions based on viewership and storylines. Stay tuned to find out who will emerge victorious in this six-man tag team match. Note: I apologize for any confusion regarding the names mentioned in the discussion. It appears that there may have been some misunderstandings or miscommunications regarding the names of the wrestlers. I will make sure to clarify any future mentions to avoid any confusion for the audience.

    • Wrestling promosIntense promos between wrestlers added drama to the wrestling episode, with Tolly Blanchard's informative commentary and the assassin's desire to face Jimmy Valiant standing out

      This wrestling episode featured various matches and promos, including a drop kick demonstration by Ampere and a commentary by Tolly Blanchard with his $10,000 prize. The assassin and Paul Jones had a heated promo about Jimmy Valiant, possibly referring to Angelo Mosca's father and Adrian Street. The episode introduced several wrestlers and their unique styles, but the Ric Flair episode was considered better. Tolly Blanchard's commentary was sweet and informative, but his $10,000 prize remained safe due to his unbeatable record within the time limit. The assassin's promo was intense, with a clear desire to face Jimmy Valiant. Overall, the episode showcased the excitement and drama of professional wrestling.

    • Wrestling performancesUnique personalities and intense matches make for exciting wrestling performances, as demonstrated by Jerry Quarternelly's challenge against Kamala and Jason Walker.

      The wrestling scene features various characters, some new and some familiar, engaging in intense matches. Jerry Quarternelly faced a two-on-one match against Kamala and Jason Walker. Kamala, a Ugandan giant with a tribal gimmick, was a massive specimen and put on a trans-type performance, much to the crowd's delight. Despite the handicap, Quarternelly was expected to lose, and he did, ultimately submitting to Kamala's power. Wahoo, last seen in June, was not mentioned in this context. The scene showcased the unique personalities and performances of the wrestlers, making for an exciting and engaging experience.

    • Professional wrestling discriminationDuring a wrestling match, an allegation of discrimination against a Native American wrestler was made but the outcome of the match and interference from another wrestler led to fan skepticism and controversy

      During a professional wrestling match between Wahoo McDaniel and Ric Flair, McDaniel accused Flair of denying him a title shot due to his Native American heritage. This angle was intriguing but required sensitivity. By July, this issue seemed to be forgotten as McDaniel had become the new US champion after winning the belt from Flair's steamboat during a questionable match. Fans were unhappy with the outcome, but the referee could only call what they saw. Tully Blanchard interfered in the match, using a chair to help McDaniel win, which further angered fans. Despite the controversy, McDaniel claimed he earned the title shot to wrestle Flair, but fans remained skeptical due to the contentious manner in which he obtained the belt.

    • Free Birds vs. Ivan Koloff and Don KeldanThe Free Birds, led by Terry Gordy and Buddy Roberts, eagerly challenged the tag team champions Ivan Koloff and Don Keldan, but they weren't the only contenders as The Outlaw, managed by Gary Hart, also sought a shot at them. Gordy's arrogance and patience contrasted with the Free Birds' wild and money-driven personas.

      During a wrestling promotion, the Free Birds, consisting of Terry Gordy and Buddy Roberts, were eager to challenge the tag team champions Ivan Koloff and Don Keldan, but they weren't the only ones. Terry Gordy, also known as Bam Bam, was waiting patiently for his chance to face them. In the ring, the Outlaw, who had recently become the mid-Atlantic champion, confidently faced Keith Larson. The Outlaw's manager was Gary Hart. The Free Birds' promos showcased their eagerness for wild fights and making money, while Terry Gordy exuded arrogance and patience. The discussion also mentioned that Trolley had intended to target Wahoo instead of Steamboat during an earlier event, but had missed by about 10 feet. Overall, the wrestling scene was filled with tension and anticipation for upcoming matches.

    • Wrestling commentary bias, unnecessary wordsDuring wrestling commentary, biasness and use of unnecessary words can impact viewers' perception of the match, with repetitive moves and passing time potentially diminishing their impact.

      During a wrestling match commentary, Tully praised Bob Coddle but noted his biasness. The term "tortology" was mentioned, which refers to unnecessary words or concepts. The wrestling match itself featured a few moves, including a high cross body and a back souplay, but there wasn't much action. Keith Larson used a headlock multiple times and attempted a pin from a slam, but it was unsuccessful. The commentary also mentioned the influence of Soli and the passing of time, making some moves look less impressive. Overall, the commentary highlighted the biasness of one commentator and the repetitive nature of some wrestling moves.

    • Pro Wrestling PromosImprovisational banter during pro wrestling promos can lead to entertaining but disjointed conversations, while determined teams like Renegades aim to impress despite challenges

      During professional wrestling promos, performers like Avian Street and Paul Jones engage in improvisational banter, sometimes leading to entertaining but disjointed conversations. In this specific instance, Avian Street criticized Paul Jones and spoke of encounters with Kamala and another opponent. However, the quality of the promo was not up to par, and fans were left wanting more. Meanwhile, Mark Youngblood and the Renegade, featuring Jay Youngblood, were also discussed as a team looking to make an impact. Despite some pronunciation challenges, the Renegades were determined to carry off their opponents. Overall, these promos showcase the unique and unscripted nature of professional wrestling, adding to the excitement and unpredictability of the sport.

    • Wrestling promos and storylinesRenegade delivered a better promo than Mark Jungler, Kolov dominated a match and refused to release a submission, and potential triple threat and Road Warrior involvement were teased.

      During this wrestling event, there were several notable moments. The Tag Team Champs were called out, with Renegade delivering a better promo than Mark Jungler, who seemed uninterested and a bit stiff. The conversation then shifted to Nikita Kolov facing Mike Jackson, with Kolov dominating the match and refusing to release a submission hold despite the bell ringing. Elsewhere, Pistol Pez and Moscow Junior expressed their desire to challenge the Tag Team Champs, potentially leading to a triple threat match. The Fabulous Freebirds also mentioned the possibility of the Road Warriors joining the mix. Overall, the wrestling action was filled with intense matches, memorable promos, and intriguing storylines.

    • Wrestling teams' strengths and dynamicsDuring a wrestling discussion, the unique strengths and dynamics of various teams were highlighted, with Moscow Jr and Pistol Pez showcasing focus and communication, while the Free Birds favored for their wrestling prowess but with moments of comedy

      During a wrestling discussion, Pistol Pez and Moscow Jr were discussed as they prepared to face the tag champions. Moscow Jr expressed his desire to regain the title, but remained calm and focused. Pez, on the other hand, was highlighted for his ability to communicate, as Moscow Jr is not known for his speaking skills. The Free Birds were also discussed, as they faced off against Roger Bond and Gary Royal (or Woody Roberts and Bam Bam Gordy). The Free Birds were favored to win due to their wrestling prowess, but there were moments of comedy during the match, such as Bond falling against the ropes and the crowd laughing. Overall, the conversation highlighted the unique strengths and dynamics of various wrestling teams.

    • Mid-Atlantic wrestling sceneUnexpected defeats, returns, and new talent kept viewers engaged in the Mid-Atlantic wrestling scene, despite some soft moments and a lack of wrestling action in one episode.

      The mid-Atlantic wrestling scene featured various wrestlers and storylines, including Robert's unexpected defeat by Gordy using an open pile driver, the return of Paul Jones and the Assassin, Kamala being described as a demolition team, and Ivan Kolov and Don Karnodal not wrestling that night. The episode ended with a promo rather than a wrestling match, leaving some viewers wanting more action. Despite some soft moments, the excitement of new wrestlers like Kamala and Nikita Kolov kept viewers engaged, looking forward to what the rest of the year would bring.

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