SNME 336 - The Atomic Week ft. Bryan Clark

    enJune 09, 2024

    Podcast Summary

    • WWE vs AEW media narrativesCompetition between WWE and AEW leads to media narrative manipulation, with accusations of false news leaks and talent signings aiming for Hollywood success

      There seems to be a heated competition between WWE and AEW in the world of professional wrestling, with each side trying to control media narratives. The Wrestling Observer's Dave Meltzer claimed that WWE intentionally leaks false news to damage AEW, but lacked evidence to back up the accusation. Meanwhile, Tiffany Stratton, a wrestler from AEW, signed with Paradigm Talent Agency for representation in various fields, with hopes of following in the footsteps of successful wrestlers-turned-Hollywood stars like Dwayne Johnson, John Cena, and Dave Batista. In WWE news, Ricochet is expected to leave the company when his contract expires, and Roman Reigns was mysteriously absent from the last SmackDown before SummerSlam. In NJPW, Tetsuya Naito will challenge Jon Moxley for the IWGP World Heavyweight Championship at Forbidden Door. The wrestling world is buzzing with these developments and more, making for an exciting week in pro wrestling.

    • Defining Faces and HeelsClearly establishing good guys and bad guys is essential for fan engagement and investment in wrestling storylines. WWE must solidify roles and maintain tension through despicable heels and rising talents' captivating performances.

      The establishment of clear-cut good guys (faces) and bad guys (heels) is crucial for engaging wrestling matches and storylines. Currently, there's uncertainty regarding the face in the world title picture, making it challenging for fans to connect and invest emotionally. WWE's international events add complexity, as regional favorites can shift roles. To build tension, heels should be fully embraced as despicable characters, while up-and-coming talents like Liv Morgan and Braun Breaker need to solidify their roles in the division. The success of these wrestlers will depend on their ability to captivate audiences and maintain their respective positions.

    • Small wrestlers in professional wrestlingCarefully using smaller wrestlers in professional wrestling can lead to organic fan support despite losses, as long as they receive TV time and opportunities to establish themselves.

      The use of smaller wrestlers like Carmelo Hayes in professional wrestling requires a careful approach to avoid fan backlash. While they may lose matches against prominent wrestlers, the key is to ensure they receive TV time and opportunities to establish themselves. This strategy, though engineered, can lead to a seemingly organic fan shift to supporting the smaller wrestler as a babyface. Meanwhile, Brian Clark, formerly known as Adam Bomb, shared his experiences in the wrestling industry during a one-on-one interview with Donnie De Silva. Clark, who debuted in the old AWA and went on to wrestle in various promotions, including WCW and WWF, discussed his career highlights and shared humorous anecdotes. The full interview can be found by subscribing to Sunday Nights Main Event podcast and searching for the episode featuring Brian Clark.

    • Health and Wellness in WrestlingWrestler Brian Clark prioritizes physical and mental wellness through daily workouts, cold plunges, and considering stem cell therapy to perform pain-free and feel good mentally, despite varying perceptions in the industry.

      Brian Clark, also known as Brian Cage in the wrestling world, prioritizes physical and mental wellness through daily workouts, cold plunges, and considering stem cell therapy. His dedication to maintaining his health is not only to perform pain-free but also to feel good mentally. However, the perception of his size and abilities in the wrestling industry varies between fans and promoters. While fans may see him as the perfect wrestler due to his size and agility, promoters may have different visions for how to utilize his talents based on the roster and storylines. Clark's focus on health and wellness is a testament to his commitment to his career and personal growth.

    • Size challenges for professional wrestlersSize doesn't determine success in professional wrestling, as big men bring unique presence and believability to matches despite travel and logistics challenges

      Size and physical limitations can present challenges for professional wrestlers, especially those who are larger than average. The industry has evolved, and the demand for high-flying, agile performers has increased. However, there is still a place for big men on the roster, as they bring a unique presence and believability factor to the matches. Despite the struggles with travel and logistics, these wrestlers should not be overlooked and deserve a spot on the card. The industry's shift towards smaller wrestlers does not mean that big men are automatically behind the eight ball. The believability factor and the ability to captivate audiences remain crucial, regardless of size. The challenges faced by big wrestlers are not insurmountable, and with determination and hard work, they can overcome them and make a name for themselves in the industry.

    • Career progression in professional wrestlingInsufficient interview time and ineffective manager pairings hindered the interviewee's growth as a singles wrestler, but they found success in tag team wrestling and overseas titles.

      The lack of interview time and inappropriate manager pairings significantly hindered the career progression of the interviewee in professional wrestling. The interviewee felt that had they received more interview time and been paired with more effective managers, their character could have been better established and their skills could have been showcased more effectively. Additionally, the constant traveling and long hours on the road provided valuable experience, but the lack of proper training and preparation led to challenges in the ring. Ultimately, the interviewee found success in tag team wrestling and overseas titles, but they reflect on their career with a sense of what could have been if they had received more opportunities to grow and develop as a singles wrestler.

    • Lessons from ManagersManagers Sullivan, Cornette, and Heyman taught the speaker to be aggressive, bring the heat, and be believable in performances. Agents may judge based on attitude and appearance, not just performance.

      During the speaker's time in smaller wrestling territories, they learned valuable lessons from managers Kevin Sullivan and Jim Cornette, as well as Paul Heyman. These mentors emphasized the importance of being aggressive, bringing the heat, and being believable in their performances. The speaker also mentioned a light bulb moment about being a heel, which is to take away what the babyface wants. Additionally, the speaker noted that agents may judge wrestlers based on non-performance factors, such as attitude or appearance. Despite encountering a difficult agent, the speaker remained determined and eventually left to pursue opportunities in WCW.

    • Professional wrestling culture evolutionThe culture of professional wrestling has shifted towards collaboration and respect among wrestlers, resulting in a more positive work environment. The power bomb finisher's popularity showcases this change.

      The culture of professional wrestling has evolved significantly over the years, with a focus on collaboration and respect among wrestlers, rather than petty feuds and grudges. This change has led to a more positive and productive work environment, as seen in the experiences shared by the speaker. Another key point from the conversation was the impact and popularity of the power bomb finisher, which the speaker helped popularize in WWE. Despite some speculation about the role of Kevin Nash in taking the move away from him, the speaker maintains that there was no hard feelings and that Nash made good use of it. The conversation also touched on the unique execution of the power bomb, which required a different approach compared to other pick-up moves. The speaker described it as a fluid, continuous motion that utilized the quads and low back, making it a effective and visually impressive finisher for his character.

    • Effective wrestling movesPerfectly executed simple moves can be more effective than flashy ones, but believability and taking care of one's body are also crucial in wrestling.

      The most impressive moves in wrestling aren't always the flashiest or the most theatrical. Sometimes, the simplest moves, when executed perfectly, can be the most effective. The "meltdown" move, for example, is a quick and effective maneuver that makes sense from a physics standpoint. In contrast, some moves, like a leg drop or a flip over the top rope, may look impressive but can be detrimental to the wrestler's body in the long run. Additionally, the importance of believability in wrestling cannot be overstated. Even if a wrestler doesn't have a wide repertoire of moves, executing a few moves well and making the audience believe in the match can be more impactful than trying to do too much. As for the topic of unexpected opportunities in wrestling, the story of Gene Okerlund illustrates how even someone with no prior knowledge of wrestling can find success in the industry through hard work and charisma. However, success often requires more than just natural talent; improving and refining one's skills is crucial to lasting in the business.

    • Professional wrestling partnershipsUnexpected injuries can lead to successful tag teams, as trust, persistence, and the right partnership can create strong friendships and memorable performances

      The dynamic between professional wrestlers and their partnerships can lead to unexpected and successful tag teams. The discussion revolves around the pairing of Brian Adams and Brian Clark (aka Wrath), who came together during their recoveries from injuries. Brian Adams approached Clark with the idea of teaming up, which was initially met with hesitation. However, Adams' persistence paid off, and they formed a successful tag team with the name "Chronic." Brian Adams' idea and the office's approval led to a fresh start for both wrestlers, and they developed a strong friendship on and off the screen. Their chemistry resulted in entertaining performances and memorable moments, making their team a fan favorite. The success story highlights the importance of trust, persistence, and the right partnership in professional wrestling.

    • Professional Wrestling RelationshipsConstant bickering between wrestlers Chris Benoit and Eddie Guerrero made it difficult for the speaker to cope, leading him to leave the car and eventually get his own. The infamous coming out announcement was initially perceived as a joke. The WCW invasion angle could have been more successful with better planning and pairing.

      The speaker shared stories about his experiences traveling and working with Chris Benoit and Eddie Guerrero, two professional wrestlers with a contentious relationship. The speaker recounted how their constant bickling made it difficult for him to cope, leading him to leave the car and eventually get his own. He also discussed their infamous announcement about coming out as gay, which the speaker initially thought was a joke. Additionally, the speaker reflected on the WCW invasion angle in WWE, where he and Brian James had a short run, and expressed his belief that it was a rushed angle that could have been more successful with better planning and pairing them with other wrestlers. The speaker also shared his perspective on the demise of WCW, attributing it to the Time Warner AOL merger and the company's lack of interest in professional wrestling. Overall, the speaker's experiences highlight the challenges and complexities of the professional wrestling industry and the importance of effective planning and communication.

    • Wrestling IndustryBrian Clark, a wrestling personality, is enthusiastic about the current state of the wrestling industry, appreciates the dedication and old-school psychology of European talents like Drew McIntyre and Gunther, and values engaging with fans and protecting intellectual property.

      Brian Clark, a wrestling personality and creator of various wrestling characters including Adam Bomb, is excited about the current state of the wrestling industry, particularly the rising talents of European wrestlers like Drew McIntyre and Gunther. He appreciates their dedication to the craft and their ability to deliver old-school psychology in their performances. Additionally, Clark is passionate about engaging with fans and has merchandise available for purchase on various platforms. He also mentioned the importance of holding onto one's trademarks and intellectual property. Overall, Clark's enthusiasm for wrestling and appreciation for the industry's rising stars shines through in his conversation.

    • Professional Wrestling BookingComparing wrestlers and promising t-shirts aside, effective character development and booking are crucial in professional wrestling for audience engagement and entertainment value

      During a recent interview on TSN Radio, Donnie from Sunday Nights Main Event shared his admiration for wrestler Donnie Abraham, also known as "The Boston Badass." Brian Clark, another wrestling commentator, promised to send Donnie a t-shirt and autographed picture for Abraham after hearing him compared to Adam Cole. The conversation then turned to AEW and the controversial booking of Swerve Strickland as AEW champion, with critics arguing that the company's ranking system is not being used effectively. Chris Jericho's character development through the "Learning Tree" gimmick was also discussed, with Jericho being praised for his ability to make other wrestlers more interesting. Overall, the conversation highlighted the entertainment value of professional wrestling and the importance of effective character development and booking.

    • AEW's Frequent Use of Outside TalentAEW's frequent integration of talent from other wrestling promotions into their shows has led fans to feel that every week is a special event and the Forbidden Door pay-per-view has lost its exclusivity, also AEW's signing and underutilization of talent from other promotions leads to roster bloat and unnecessary expenses.

      The frequent integration of talent from other wrestling promotions into AEW has led some fans to feel that the Forbidden Door pay-per-view, which features matches between AEW and external wrestlers, is no longer a special event. The speaker noted that there hasn't been a week of AEW television without a performer from another company in the last two and a half years, making every week feel like a Forbidden Door event. This oversaturation of outside talent, according to the speaker, has led fans to feel spoiled and unimpressed, taking away from the excitement of the Forbidden Door pay-per-view. Additionally, the speaker criticized AEW for signing talent from other promotions and then not utilizing them, leading to a roster bloat and unnecessary expenses. The speaker also discussed the relationship between WWE and TNA, suggesting that it could be symbiotic or parasitic, depending on TNA's perspective. The speaker expressed excitement for upcoming pay-per-views, including NXT Battleground and TNA Against All Odds.

    • WWE Clash of the Castle matchesTriple threat tag team championship, Alba and Ayla's hometown advantage, Intercontinental Championship singles match, Sami Zainer vs Chad Gable, potential contract extension, main event: Cody Rhodes vs AJ Styles, possible third party involvement

      The WWE Clash of the Castle event on June 15th is shaping up to be an intriguing show with several key matches and storylines. One of the most anticipated matches is the triple threat tag team championship for the WWE women's tag team championship, featuring Bianca Belair and Jade Cargill versus Alba Fire and Ayla Don versus Shayna Bazer and Zoe Stark. The Irish team of Alba and Ayla, who are local to Glasgow, are expected to be massively over with the crowd. Another noteworthy match is the Intercontinental Championship singles match between Sami Zainer champion and Chad Gable, with rumors swirling about a possible contract extension for Gable. The main event is the undisputed WWE championship match between Cody Rhodes and AJ Styles, which could see Rhodes retaining or a surprise swerve with a third party involved. Overall, the event promises to deliver exciting moments and potential surprises.

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