ProgPhonic 154: Featuring – Jane Getter Premonition

    enJune 06, 2024

    Podcast Summary

    • Progressive Rock MusicExplored Jane Getter Premonition's Division World and other artists' music, emphasizing the importance of supporting diverse progressive rock artists.

      During this episode of progphonic on progrock.com, we explored progressive rock music and featured the artist Jane Getter Premonition and their newest album titled "Division World." We also listened to tracks from other artists like The Musery, Fido, Shearwater, and Life Signs. Notable mentions include "Listen" from The Musery's album "Moving Forward," Fido's "Last" from "The Great Leap," Shearwater's "Landscape at Speed" from "The Golden Archipelago," and Life Signs' entire set. The episode also highlighted the importance of supporting and listening to various progressive rock artists, both old and new. Overall, the show provided a diverse range of progressive rock music for listeners to enjoy.

    • Jane Getter Premonition's Division WorldJane Getter Premonition's Division World is a versatile and musically deep album, showcasing jazz, prog, and rock influences, powerful vocals, and guitar skills. Standout tracks reflect societal issues, while others highlight jazz rock infusion.

      Jane Getter Premonition's new album, Division World, showcases the band's versatility and musical depth. With influences from jazz, prog, and rock, Jane Getter's guitar skills and powerful vocals shine on this more song-oriented album. Standout tracks like "Another Way," "Dissipate," and "Division World" reflect on the recent pandemic and societal divisiveness, while others, like "Compass," showcase their jazz rock infusion. With production and engineering at a high level, Division World is a must-listen for progressive rock fans. Additionally, shoutouts were given to other artists and their recent releases, including Rain, Illuminae, and Andy Edwards.

    • Progressive Rock MusicProgrock.com offers a wide range of progressive rock shows featuring various artists and their works, including Jane Getter Premonition, Karma Moy, Son of Man, Groove Therapists, and more.

      Progrock.com is a platform for progressive rock music enthusiasts, offering various shows featuring different artists and their works. During the segment, Jane Getter Premonition's new album "Division World" was highlighted, along with upcoming performances by Karma Moy at Fusion ProgFest and Son of Man on Peter Prague's show. Greek progressive rock and metal outfit, Groove Therapists, were introduced with their latest album "Monologue" and the track "Broken Dreams." Listeners were encouraged to explore various shows, including Mark Burnell's psych ward for psychedelic music and Dave's fusion show. The segment showcased the diverse range of progressive rock music available on Progrock.com.

    • Radio show lineupThe radio show features a diverse lineup of programs including carpool karaoke, top 10 lists, niche music, and interactive shows with artists from overseas. Listeners can access all shows as podcasts on progrock.com.

      Mark Manforti, the station owner, shared his carpool karaoke experience with a popular song, inspiring the radio show to include it in their set. The set also featured the track "District of Dignity" from the album "Monumento." Upcoming shows include Chuck Simons' top 10, Nikki's Niches, and Chuck with gamer prog. Chuck's shows offer unique experiences, such as interacting with artists from overseas. The station's lineup includes Metal Mischief with DJ Scott Lokey, Ian Carr's post avant jazzcore happy hour, and DJ Mo's Music Unframed. The radio show played a set of progressive metal with Finnish band Wheel's "Discipline" and Chicago-based technical progressive band The Untold's "Albatross." Listeners can catch all shows on podcasts by visiting the podcast page on progrock.com.

    • New Music ShowcaseThe podcast featured new releases from Dave Foster Band, Pigeons Playing Ping Pong, dopapod, Looking Glass Lantern, and Polaris, showcasing a diverse range of progressive sounds in each artist's new direction.

      During the podcast, new music was showcased from various bands, including the Dave Foster Band with their album "Delegate Things," Pigeons Playing Ping Pong and their album "Day and Time," dopapod and their albums "Phobia" and "Boston's Own," and Looking Glass Lantern with their single "Sweet Victorian 1, the coaching in." The DJ expressed excitement about the bands' new directions, particularly the progressive shifts in the music of Outrun the Sunlight. The set ended with Polaris from Belgium, whose album "Atlantean Shores" was also highlighted. Overall, the podcast provided a diverse range of new music for listeners to discover. Tune in every Thursday to hear more new music on Podkvonic.

    • Progressive Rock RadioListeners from around the world engaged with host Richard Reyes on Progphonic, a weekly show on Progrock.com, through music requests and feedback. The show featured music from Glorious Wolf and emphasized the importance of staying connected to our origins.

      Richard Reyes, the host of Progphonic on Progrock.com, had a lively and engaging weekly show where he interacted with listeners from various parts of the world. He expressed his gratitude to his listeners, especially those from Prague, and mentioned ways to contact him for requests or feedback. The show featured music from the Dutch progressive rock band, Glorious Wolf, and the outro track, "beautifully broken," from their album "Mysterious Traveler," was played as they bid farewell. The lyrics of the song resonated with themes of reconnecting with the earth and the importance of not losing touch with our origins despite material wealth. Overall, the show was filled with great music, insightful discussions, and a warm, welcoming community of progressive rock enthusiasts.

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