Outrageous Video from Last Night’s Disaster # 1012 (Ep 1012)

    Julian Castro's proposals for decriminalizing illegal border crossings and canceling free market insurance could lead to open borders and a welfare state. Trump's response to Putin was seen as a troll move. Twitter's new policy could limit conservative voices on the platform.

    enJune 28, 2019

    About this Episode

    In this episode I address the winners and losers from the disastrous Democrat debate. I also address a bold new attack by a prominent social media company on open speech. Finally, I discuss the Supreme Court’s latest decision and why we lost John Roberts. News Picks:Explosive new documents reveal the Obama Administration’s efforts to undermine Trump days before his inauguration.  President Trump’s team destroys the Dems for their poor debate performance.  Twitter unveils a system for downgrading tweets. Be careful. Conservatives blast Chief Justice John Roberts. Socialist New York City Mayor De Blasio does the unthinkable in Miami.  Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices

    🔑 Key Takeaways

    • During the debate, Democrats' commitment to raising middle-class taxes became a major issue, damaging their public image and potentially impacting voter support.
    • Bernie Sanders proposes raising taxes for middle class while offering free healthcare, disregarding potential consequences, and maintaining inconsistent lifestyle
    • Centuries of free market action show pricing is the better approach to allocating scarce resources, despite difficult choices, as rationing inevitably follows government intervention in pricing mechanisms
    • Identity politics can lead to conflict and division within the liberal movement by requiring constant identification of new victims and assuming their interests align, ultimately leading to the movement eating its own.
    • During the Democratic debate, Harris accused Biden of working with segregationist senators, damaging his reputation and raising questions about his wokeness. Identity politics is cannibalistic and may harm Biden's support from the liberal base if he can't adapt.
    • The Democratic Party is facing internal strife due to a focus on identity politics, causing concern among rational Democrats and hindering effective debate responses.
    • Bernie Sanders' radical political beliefs surface, while Pete Buttigieg faces confusion over religious attacks on the GOP.
    • Politicians should focus on rational policies and respect diversity instead of attacking each other's beliefs
    • Firearm owners can benefit from U.S. Law Shield's free defender reports to avoid legal issues, while union workers should be aware of potential healthcare plan changes under certain presidential candidates.
    • During the debate, several Democratic candidates signaled their support for healthcare coverage for illegal immigrants, potentially leading to open borders and an unsustainable welfare state, and risking canceled healthcare plans for some Americans.
    • Julian Castro's proposals for decriminalizing illegal border crossings and canceling free market insurance could lead to open borders and a welfare state. Trump's response to Putin was seen as a troll move. Twitter's new policy could limit conservative voices on the platform.
    • Twitter's warning labels and Supreme Court's left-leaning decisions are alienating conservatives, potentially leading to loss of trust and market share.
    • Despite his past deference to agencies, Roberts questioned their reasoning on adding a citizenship question to the census, leading to uncertainty about his ideology and the conservative majority on the Supreme Court.

    📝 Podcast Summary

    Democrats face backlash over potential middle-class tax hikes

    During the latest Democratic debate, the candidates once again showed their alignment with far-left policies, with Bernie Sanders asking a question that has historically not resonated positively in American politics: whether their healthcare plans would raise middle-class taxes. While there were no clear winners from the Republican perspective, this question proved to be a major disaster for the Democrats, highlighting their commitment to potentially raising taxes on the middle class. Additionally, Gen U Cell was promoted as a solution for those looking to improve their jawline and reduce signs of aging, offering a free gift and express shipping with the code Dan25 at checkout.

    Bernie Sanders' Radical Proposals

    Bernie Sanders is a presidential candidate who proposes raising taxes for the middle class while offering free healthcare with no premiums, deductibles, or copayments. Despite the unpopularity of this stance, Sanders is a firm believer in his policies and is not just using them for political gain. He also shows disregard for the potential consequences of his proposals, such as rationed healthcare and increased taxes. Sanders' hypocritical lifestyle, including flying first class and eating foie gras, further highlights his inconsistency. It is highly unlikely that more than 30-40% of Democrats support his radical proposals. The fundamental economic principle that all resources are scarce is crucial to understanding the implications of Sanders' plans.

    Two ways to allocate scarce resources: pricing or rationing

    The allocation of scarce resources is a fundamental economic issue, and there are only two ways to approach it: through pricing (capitalism and free markets) or rationing (socialism and government control). The speaker argues that suggesting a pricing system will price people out defies centuries of free market action and leads to the inevitable outcome of rationing. The debate among democratic candidates regarding healthcare, according to the speaker, is a prime example of this issue. While some suggest government intervention in the pricing mechanism, the speaker argues that this will inevitably lead to rationing, as seen in single-payer healthcare systems overseas. The world is full of difficult choices, and it's important to acknowledge that there is no third way when it comes to resource allocation.

    Identity politics can be cannibalistic for those in power

    Identity politics, as a strategy for seeking power, can be inherently cannibalistic due to its nature. It has been effective in the past, but the temptation to use it can be overwhelming for those in power. However, the second problem is that it's cannibalistic because it requires constant identification of new victims, assuming their interests align. This can lead to conflict when interests do not align, as seen in examples like the New York school system and the black community's stance on illegal immigration. Kamala Harris, for instance, uses the charge of racism as a weapon, but she also employs a "G.I.J" approach, implying an accusation without making a direct statement. Ultimately, the use of identity politics as a weapon can lead to the liberal movement eating its own.

    Kamala Harris uses identity politics against Joe Biden

    During the Democratic primary debate, Kamala Harris criticized Joe Biden's past work with segregationist senators on the busing issue, implying racist charges. This tactic, known as identity politics, is used when an opponent cannot be attacked on policy grounds. The second rule of identity politics is that it is inherently cannibalistic and will eventually turn against the user, requiring them to find new victim classes. This attack was damaging for Biden, with CNN commentators questioning his wokeness despite his record as Barack Obama's vice president and the most liberal president in American history. Biden may struggle to regain support from the liberal base if he cannot adapt to the language and demands of the modern social justice warrior crowd.

    Identity politics dividing the Democratic Party

    The Democratic Party is being consumed from within by identity politics, with even those who have been long-standing members and leaders, like Joe Biden, being criticized as not "woke" enough. This was evident during a debate where Biden cut himself off, unable to effectively respond to accusations. The party's focus on identity politics is causing concern among many rational Democrats, with some expressing disbelief and frustration. It's important to remember that the debate excerpt discussed is only a part of the larger issue, and there's more to come regarding other candidates, such as Bernie Sanders. Additionally, the show was brought to you by Common Comfort, a weighted blanket that provides relaxation and helps improve sleep quality.

    Exploring Relaxation Tools and Political Debates

    The Calming Comfort Blanket offers a unique cooling and weighted experience designed to promote relaxation and better sleep. Made from bamboo fibers, the blanket draws moisture away from the body and promotes airflow to help regulate temperature. Available in various weights and sizes, it's an effective tool for reducing stress and anxiety. Meanwhile, in politics, Bernie Sanders' radical beliefs continue to surface, with his recent comments on healthcare and abortion rights. Sanders' stance on these issues, under the threat of government force, highlights his commitment to far-left policies, making him a dangerous candidate for some. Elsewhere, Pete Buttigieg's attempt to attack the Republican Party for using religious language was met with confusion, as the Democratic Party stands for the separation of church and state and welcomes people of all religious beliefs or none.

    Politicians using religious language to justify policies can be divisive

    During a political discussion, the use of religious language to justify policies, such as separating families at the border and housing children in facilities, can be perceived as hypocritical and divisive. Instead of focusing on sane and rational policies, some politicians are attacking each other's beliefs, which goes against the principles of freedom of religion and the belief in the inherent value of every life. It is essential to advocate for policies that address the root causes of issues, such as child trafficking, while respecting the diversity of beliefs and backgrounds in our society. Instead of attacking each other, we should work together to find common ground and create solutions that benefit everyone.

    Understanding Legal Pitfalls for Firearm Owners and Healthcare Changes for Union Workers

    U.S. Law Shield is a company that not only defends firearm owners in legal situations but also provides valuable educational resources to help prevent incidents. Their free defender reports, worth $100, are essential for responsible firearm owners to understand potential legal pitfalls. Meanwhile, in the political sphere, the question of abolishing private health insurance in favor of a government-run plan was raised during a recent show. Union workers, who typically have high satisfaction with their healthcare plans, may be impacted if their preferred plans are canceled under a potential presidency of Bernie Sanders, Kamala Harris, or Elizabeth Warren. It's crucial for individuals to consider the potential consequences of such changes, especially if their unions have lobbied for specific benefits.

    Candidates support healthcare for illegal immigrants, potentially obligating US taxpayers to pay for global healthcare

    During the Democratic presidential debate, several candidates raised their hands in support of providing healthcare coverage to illegal immigrants, which could potentially obligate US taxpayers to pay for the health care of the entire globe. This moment was criticized as a major misstep, as it could lead to open borders and an unsustainable welfare state. The speaker was particularly surprised and disappointed by the number of candidates who supported this policy, as they risked losing the support of voters who value a secure and self-sufficient economy. The speaker also highlighted the potential ramifications of this decision for those who had previously lobbied for healthcare benefits, who now risk having their plans canceled due to the expansion of government-funded healthcare. Overall, this moment underscored the importance of considering the long-term consequences of political decisions and the potential impact on taxpayers and the economy.

    Democratic debates: Open borders, welfare state, and free speech

    During the Democratic debates, Julian Castro advocated for decriminalizing illegal border crossings and advocated for the cancellation of free market insurance in healthcare. These proposals, if implemented, could lead to open borders and a welfare state, as well as a healthcare system collapse. Additionally, President Trump was criticized for not telling Russian President Putin not to meddle in the election during a bilateral meeting, but Trump's response was seen as a troll move. Furthermore, Twitter announced a new policy to potentially downrank some of Trump's tweets with a warning label, further limiting conservative voices on the platform. These developments highlight the ongoing political and technological challenges facing the US, with debates over immigration, healthcare, and free speech continuing to dominate the national conversation.

    Twitter and Supreme Court alienating conservatives

    Both Twitter and the Supreme Court are making decisions that are alienating large groups of people, specifically conservatives. At Twitter, the implementation of warning labels on potentially abusive tweets, which will mostly affect conservatives, effectively censors those tweets and makes them irrelevant. The Supreme Court, with Chief Justice John Roberts' swing votes that lean left, has lost the confidence of many conservatives who feel betrayed by decisions like saving Obamacare. The consequences of these actions, whether it's the loss of market share for social media companies or the erosion of trust in the Supreme Court, are only a matter of time. It's important to note that these developments should be concerning for all individuals who value free speech and a fair judiciary.

    Roberts' Inconsistent Rulings on Deferring to Agencies

    Chief Justice John Roberts has shown inconsistency in his rulings, particularly in the area of deferring to regulatory agencies. In one case, he deferred to the agencies' interpretation of their own rules, but in another, he did not trust their reasoning for adding a citizenship question to the census. This inconsistency has led some to question Roberts' ideological leanings and his status as a conservative justice on the Supreme Court. Despite this, President Trump has attempted to delay the printing of census documents in response to the court's decision on the citizenship question. Ultimately, Roberts' actions have left some questioning the existence of a conservative majority on the court.

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