New blood test tracks brain recovery after sport-related concussion

    enJune 08, 2024

    Podcast Summary

    • Concussion diagnosisMonash University's blood test to monitor biomarkers for concussion severity and recovery is awaiting approval, potentially revolutionizing concussion management in professional sports.

      While Sydney residents face ongoing flood threats, there's some positive news on the horizon with more accurate concussion diagnosis on the way. Monash University is awaiting approval for a blood test that monitors biomarkers to help determine concussion severity and recovery. This objective measure could revolutionize concussion management in professional sports. Meanwhile, geopolitical tensions continue as the US apologizes for a military aid delay and offers additional assistance to Ukraine, while Australians face economic challenges with rising secondhand goods purchases and reduced vehicle registration costs. In sports, the Dragons look poised for three consecutive wins after a close first half against the Tigers, who are now on a nine-game losing streak. The Rabbitohs and Titans face off today, followed by the Cowboys and Warriors.

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