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    Podcast Summary

    • Metal Mischief on Progrock.comEvery Monday, listeners can tune in to Progrock.com for two hours of metal music hosted by DJ Scott Loki, featuring special guests and curated sets from progressive rock musicians.

      Every Monday from 10 to noon Central Time on progrock.com, listeners can tune in for two hours of metal mayhem hosted by DJ Scott Loki. This metal mischief features special guests and curated sets from musicians in the progressive rock genre. Recently, Charlie Bramwell, the lead vocalist of Age of Distraction, curated a set of songs for the show following the release of their debut album, A Game of Whispers. The god of mischief and progressive rock are intertwined, as metal emerged from the chaos of the universe, just like how mischief and rock bring excitement and unpredictability to our lives. Join in on the metal mischief every Monday on progrock.com.

    • Hard Rock Genre DiversityThe hard rock genre showcases a range of emotions and styles, from introspective to cheerful to dark, and endures as a popular genre due to its ability to evoke strong emotions through music.

      The discussed music set showcases a range of hard rocking tunes that evoke strong emotions, from the introspective "Bleed and Scream" by Eclipse, to the cheerful "Master Plan" with "Spirit Never Die," and the darker "Meaningless" by Pain of Salvation. The set also includes classics from Iron Maiden, Devin Townsend, Starbreaker, and Symphony X. Each song offers a unique listening experience, demonstrating the depth and diversity of the hard rock genre. Additionally, the discussion highlights the enduring appeal of these bands and their ability to evoke strong emotions through music.

    • Metal Mischief radio showThe Metal Mischief radio show introduced listeners to various artists and bands, including Age of Distraction, Saint Quentin, and Caridion, and featured interviews and music from their latest albums.

      The Metal Mischief radio show featured interviews and music from various artists and bands, including Age of Distraction and their new album "A Game of Whispers." The core members of the band were introduced, and a few songs were played. Charlie, the vocalist, was a guest on the show and will be back the next day for a full interview. The new album was praised for its appeal to both prog rockers and prog metal fans. Additionally, the show highlighted Saint Quentin from Germany and their song "Something's Written on the Wall" from their 2013 album "Reality." Lastly, Caridion from New Zealand was showcased with their track "State of Mind" from their 2023 album "Havva." Overall, the radio show provided listeners with a diverse range of music and opportunities to learn more about the artists behind the tunes.

    • Power Struggles, IdentityThe 2023 Metal releases explored themes of power struggles and identity, with artists like The Anchorete, Velcro Cranes, In This Moment, and others expressing these themes in their music.

      During this episode of Metal Mischief, a series of songs were played, all released in 2023. The first set included "Stay" by The Anchorete and "Afterlife part 2" by Velcro Cranes. A trilogy of more psychedelic and space rocky tracks followed, featuring Combine at Robotron's "Froha Zunkunft." The children's pleas for control were echoed in Army of Me by In This Moment from their god mode album. Pretty Reckless' "Death by Rock and Roll" and They Watches from the Moon's "Space Angel" were also part of this set. The recurring theme seemed to be a struggle for power and identity, with the world belonging to no one in particular. Both listeners and musicians, including Mark Burnell and Ian Cars, contributed to the show's diverse selection.

    • Progressive Rock Radio ShowDJ Scott Lokey's Metal Mischief radio show on progrock.com showcases diverse progressive rock genres, keeps listeners engaged with unexpected shifts, and airs weekly at 10 central with interviews and standalone singles.

      DJ Scott Lokey's radio show, Metal Mischief, showcases a diverse range of progressive rock genres, from progressive metal to traditional and symphonic, keeping listeners on their toes with unexpected shifts in music style. The show airs every week at 10 central on progrock.com. Additionally, Ian's show is mentioned to come up at 2 central the same day, and the show lineup includes New at Noon, Mark 140's epic, and an interview with prog handyman Dave Kirsner. The show ended with a standalone single from the UK band Liquid State. DJ Scott Lokey, like the mischievous god Loki, keeps listeners engaged with his unpredictable playlist and entertaining commentary. Tune in to Metal Mischief for a thrilling ride through the world of progressive rock.

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