Medibank could be fined $2.2m for every customer who had data stolen

    enJune 05, 2024

    Podcast Summary

    • Criminal, Cybersecurity casesFormer Jetstar pilot testifies in his own defense for murder, Medibank faces $22M lawsuit over data breach, Paddy's Food Group hacked, rental market shows improvement

      There have been significant developments in both criminal and cybersecurity cases in Australia. In the criminal sphere, former Jetstar pilot Greg Lynn will testify in his own defense in the Victorian Supreme Court for the murder of two campers, while Medibank faces a lawsuit over a massive data breach that exposed personal information of 9.7 million customers, potentially leaving them vulnerable to identity theft. The maximum penalty for Medibank could reach $22 million. Meanwhile, in the realm of cybersecurity, Paddy's Food Group became the latest victim of hackers, with thousands of documents, including sensitive financial information, stolen. On a positive note, the rental market is showing promising signs of improvement, with the vacancy rate increasing for the third consecutive month, providing more rental choices for tenants in most capital cities. These developments underscore the importance of robust security measures and the potential consequences of data breaches, as well as the evolving dynamics of the rental market.

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