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    enJune 06, 2024

    Podcast Summary

    • Perception of TimeSome quantum physicists suggest time is an illusion and beings in higher dimensions can see past, present, and future simultaneously, potentially allowing us to master time

      Time, as we perceive it, may not truly exist. While we use the concept of time to organize our lives, some quantum physicists argue that it's an illusion. We live in the third dimension, and beings in higher dimensions, like the fourth, can see the past, present, and future all at once. They view our world as a shadow of a higher dimension called a Tesseract or quasi-crystal. This perspective, if accepted, could potentially give us the ability to master time and maximize our potential on this planet. It's important to remember that this is a complex concept and not universally accepted in the scientific community. However, it's an intriguing idea that could lead to new ways of thinking about reality.

    • Multidimensional beingsAncient texts and quantum physics suggest the existence of multidimensional beings who could inhabit other dimensions and potentially interact with our universe.

      Our universe may not be limited to the three dimensions we experience, but rather, there may be multiple dimensions stacked on top of each other. These dimensions could be inhabited by beings who are able to phase through into our universe. Ancient texts from various civilizations suggest the existence of such beings, who are described as multidimensional and bilateral bipedal hominids. Quantum physics supports this theory, as it has discovered the existence of dimensions beyond the third. The idea that beings from higher dimensions could interact with our world has led to theories explaining paranormal phenomena. My research indicates that there may be life in these other dimensions, expanding our understanding of the universe and the potential for intelligent life beyond Earth.

    • Interdimensional BeingsThe Dogon tribe's beliefs about intelligent beings from Sirius B, who shared advanced knowledge about our solar system, have been confirmed by modern science. The universe's ether operates on error-correcting codes, and everything in the third dimension may be made of life and part of the permeating light.

      There are beliefs suggesting the existence of intelligent beings in our universe, not only in the third dimension but also in higher dimensions. An example of such beings is the Nomo from the Sirius Star System, according to the Dogon tribe. These beings reportedly shared advanced knowledge about our solar system, including the existence and properties of a white dwarf star in the Sirius B system, which was not discovered until decades later. Modern science has since confirmed this information. Notably, Professor James S. Gates, a theoretical physicist, discovered three-dimensional objects based on the Nomo's descriptions and found that the universe's ether, or everything around us, operates on error-correcting codes similar to those used in technology. Furthermore, the belief that everything in the third dimension is made of life and that we are part of the light permeating the universe is an intriguing concept worth considering. These ideas challenge our understanding of the universe and suggest that there may be more to discover beyond our current knowledge.

    • Perception of RealityOur perception of reality is an illusion created by the interaction of consciousness with slowed down light waves, and we are all connected as a fractal of the universe

      Our physical reality, including our bodies and objects around us, is an illusion made up of slowed down light waves. Atoms, which make up these objects, are mostly empty space. Our consciousness, which is also a form of light, interacts with these light waves and collapses them into solid matter through the repulsion of electromagnetic frequencies. We are all connected as a fractal of the universe, where every part contains the whole, albeit with less resolution. Our thoughts, which are expressed as light waves, can travel beyond our physical bodies and even connect to other realms and dimensions through conscious thought. This concept challenges our perception of reality and highlights the power of consciousness.

    • Entanglement and societal impactQuantum entanglement allows for the transmission of energy and information across vast distances, while societal issues like microplastics and chemical castration impact decision-making abilities, leading to groundbreaking inventions and environmental concerns.

      Our minds can connect and influence each other across vast distances, a concept now being acknowledged by mainstream quantum physicists. This phenomenon, known as entanglement, allows for the transmission of energy and information throughout the multiverse. Furthermore, the chemical environment of our society, with its prevalence of microplastics and potential for chemical castration, is contributing to decreased testosterone levels and impaired decision-making abilities in men. This interconnectedness of consciousness and physical environment presents opportunities for groundbreaking inventions, such as NFTs, and highlights the importance of addressing environmental issues for the betterment of humanity.

    • Forbidden Conscious AwardsAnnual event honoring individuals in the conscious community with categories for social media influencers, podcast hosts, actors, directors, and more. Keynote speaker is Billy Carson, with live performances, a halftime show, and VIP mixer featuring celebrity guests.

      The Forbidden Conscious Awards, an annual event starting July 30, 2023, aims to honor individuals who have significantly contributed to the conscious community. Categories include social media influencers, podcast hosts, actors, directors, and more. Billy Carson, also known as Forbidden Knowledge, will be the keynote speaker, and attendees will have the opportunity to vote for the winners. The event promises to be above the Oscars and Grammys, featuring live performances, a halftime show, and a VIP mixer with celebrity guests. Don't miss this opportunity to be part of this inspiring night and network with influential figures in the conscious community. To vote, visit forbiddenknowledge.com and cast your vote for your preferred nominees. Whether you're in-person or out of the country, your vote counts. Get ready for an unforgettable night filled with knowledge, entertainment, and networking opportunities.

    • Bidding Conscious Awards 2023Recognizing ethical and socially responsible businesses and individuals, networking opportunities, learning from industry experts, and supporting a cause

      The Bidding Conscious Awards 2023 is an event not to be missed as tickets are selling out quickly. This event is significant as it recognizes businesses and individuals who prioritize ethical and socially responsible practices. By attending, you'll have the opportunity to network with like-minded individuals and businesses, learn from industry experts, and support a cause that promotes conscious business practices. It's important to secure your ticket as soon as possible to ensure your attendance and be part of this inspiring and impactful event.

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