Evening briefing Friday 7th June

    enJune 07, 2024

    Podcast Summary

    • Prime Minister's Behavior, CriticismThe PM faced criticism for leaving D-Day commemorations early and later asking for a large donation, with some finding his behavior strange during international tensions and the Biden administration's stance on fighting tyranny

      The Prime Minister, Rishi Sunak, faced criticism for leaving D-Day commemorations early and subsequently calling for a £5 million donation to a veterans charity. The Liberal Democrats expressed disappointment, but Sir Peter Westmacott, a former British ambassador, found the Prime Minister's behavior strange, especially during international tensions and with President Biden's clear message about fighting tyranny. Meanwhile, Penny Morden will represent the Conservatives in tonight's election debate, with several other party representatives present. A childminder, Karen Foster, admitted to shaking a baby boy to death in Lancashire and pleaded guilty to the manslaughter of nine-month-old Harlow Collins in 2022. Your History, a new podcast from The Times, explores the lives of influential people throughout history. Despite mistakes, it's essential to remember the value of learning from past events and the importance of supporting one another.

    • Missing doctor search, YouTube gun restrictionsDivers search for missing doctor Michael Mosley on Simi island while YouTube introduces new gun restrictions in response to child protection concerns, leading cause of death for US teenagers is guns.

      There have been several noteworthy events unfolding recently. Divers are continuing their search for missing television doctor Michael Mosley on the Greek island of Simi, after he disappeared while walking back to his accommodation from a beach. Dr. Mosley's mood before his disappearance appeared normal based on available footage. YouTube has announced new restrictions on videos featuring guns in response to concerns about protecting children. In the US, guns remain the leading cause of death for teenagers. The women's tour of Britain faced a setback when 14 bikes were stolen, and they've had to borrow from other teams to continue. A new podcast, "Your History," brings together real-life stories from The Times' obituaries desk, exploring the lives of those who have enriched and informed our own.

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