Ep. 909 This Key Democrat Exposed Liberalism's Lies Yesterday

    Research and development spending is at a record high, US on track for 3% GDP growth, and middle-class wages have risen under Trump, contradicting the notion of a short-term economic situation

    enFebruary 05, 2019

    About this Episode

    In this episode I address the stunning admission by the Washington Post that they have different standards for Republicans and Democrats. I also cover the attempt by Buzzfeed to change the narrative regarding the Trump Tower meeting. Finally, I address the big data problem and the failure of liberal policies in New York and elsewhere. News Picks: The Pentagon is sending more troops to the border.   Adam Schiff has been proven a liar; again.   This leak to Buzzfeed is clearly an effort to deflect attention away from the Clinton’s connections to the Russians involved in the Trump Tower meeting.   New York continues to tax their citizens at some of the highest rates in the country, and they are still losing tax revenue.   The Washington Post treated Kavanaugh far differently than the Democrat Lt. Governor of Virginia.    Big data has the potential to cause big problems for us in the future.    Copyright Dan Bongino All Rights Reserved. Learn more about your ad choices. Visit podcastchoices.com/adchoices

    🔑 Key Takeaways

    • Despite President Trump's defense of proposals like the border wall, Democrats may propose significant tax hikes in exchange for infrastructure spending, which could potentially harm the President's re-election chances in 2020.
    • The media's inconsistent application of reporting standards, particularly against Republican nominees, raises concerns about their role in a constitutional republic.
    • The standards for reporting allegations against public figures should be equal, regardless of political affiliation. Companies can collect data based on behavior, raising privacy concerns.
    • The 'Turkey Problem' refers to the potential dangers and issues that can arise when collective data is aggregated and spread, often unnoticed, leading to unintended consequences.
    • Mass data collection can lead to confirmation bias, making it hard to engage in productive debate and potentially polarizing politics.
    • The Trump Tower meeting, a cornerstone of the liberal collusion narrative, may have been a setup to frame the Trump team. Evidence suggests Russian attendees had ties to the Clinton orbit.
    • Despite ongoing allegations of Trump campaign collusion with Russians, new information reveals connections to the Clinton team, challenging the liberal narrative and emphasizing factual reporting.
    • Political decisions, whether regarding abortion or environmental policies, require transparency and accountability to avoid unintended consequences and financial burdens for residents.
    • Socialist control of industries without necessary expertise can cause production collapse, while heavy reliance on top earners' taxes may lead to revenue shortfalls if they leave the state.
    • Governors continue to push for liberal policies despite acknowledging negative effects of high taxes, similar to confirmation bias, such as New York's Andrew Cuomo.
    • Research and development spending is at a record high, US on track for 3% GDP growth, and middle-class wages have risen under Trump, contradicting the notion of a short-term economic situation
    • Despite facts being accessible, misinformation can spread relentlessly, especially against conservatives. Be prepared for attacks if gaining a public profile, and note the irony of high taxes still being paid despite federal tax changes.
    • Governor Cuomo could attract, retain residents with tax cuts, mitigating financial strain and exodus caused by inability to fully deduct state taxes on federal returns
    • Dan thanks listeners for support, promises a State of the Union recap on tomorrow's show, and will appear on Hannity on Fox News that evening.

    📝 Podcast Summary

    Democrats Push for Tax Hikes in Exchange for Infrastructure Spending

    The State of the Union address is expected to be a strong defense of President Trump's proposals, including the border wall. However, there are indications that Democrats may be pushing for significant tax hikes in exchange for infrastructure spending. Dan Bongino, the show's host, expressed his opposition to such a deal, as he believes it could lead to an election loss for the President in 2020. Additionally, the show discussed the recent revelation about a Russian intelligence officer attending the Trump Tower meeting, and the liberal myths that have been debunked in recent times. The show was also sponsored by OpenFit, a new streaming device that allows users to work out from the comfort of their own homes with personalized content and top trainers.

    Media bias in reporting political allegations

    The standards applied by the media, particularly the Washington Post, in reporting allegations against political figures seem to be biased. The speaker argues that the media, in their pursuit of attacking Republican nominees, have run stories based on unproven allegations, while ignoring similar allegations against Democrats. This inconsistency in application of principles raises concerns about the media's role in a constitutional republic. The speaker defends the importance of a free press but emphasizes the need for fairness and ethical reporting. The media's actions, as highlighted in the cases of Brett Kavanaugh and the Virginia lieutenant governor, have led to accusations of "what aboutism," but the speaker argues that it's a valid question to ask when considering the principles that should guide reporting in a democratic society.

    Consistency in reporting allegations

    The standards applied to reporting allegations against public figures should be consistent, regardless of political affiliation. The speaker expresses frustration over what he perceives as unequal treatment of allegations against Democrats and Republicans. He references the cases of Lieutenant Governor Justin Fairfax of Virginia and Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh, suggesting that both should have been held to the same evidentiary standard. The speaker also touches on the issue of data privacy, pointing out that companies can build profiles based on behavior rather than personal information. He encourages readers to consider the implications of this, while acknowledging the bias of some news outlets. Overall, the speaker's message is one of fairness and consistency in reporting and data handling.

    The 'Turkey Problem' in Data Aggregation

    The aggregation of collective data, particularly in the digital age, can lead to problems we didn't encounter before due to the "Turkey Problem." This concept, inspired by philosopher Bertrand Russell, refers to the fact that individuals may live in relative comfort or ignorance within a specific data set, unaware of potential dangers or issues. However, with the ease of data transmission and aggregation, these issues can quickly spread and affect a larger population. For instance, the housing crisis was exacerbated by financial institutions' reliance on collective data rather than individual assessments of borrowers' financial situations. Similarly, with companies like Facebook and Google, they can build intimate models of our behavior without needing our individual identifiers, leading to potential misuse of our data. The "Turkey Problem" highlights the importance of being aware of the potential risks associated with the collection and aggregation of data, particularly in the digital age.

    Data can reinforce ideologies

    The rapid transmission and collection of data at a massive scale can lead to confirmation bias and a hardening of political ideologies. This can be seen in the example of a liberal's inability to acknowledge the fact that tax revenue increased after Reagan's tax cuts. The collective analysis of data without individual identifiers can push information to people that aligns with their existing beliefs, further reinforcing their ideological stance. This can make it difficult to engage in productive debate and can potentially lead to a polarized political climate. It's important to be aware of this phenomenon and to strive for a more nuanced understanding of complex issues.

    Trump Tower Meeting: A Setup to Frame the Trump Team?

    The Trump Tower meeting between Donald Trump Jr. and Russians, which is a key element of the liberal collusion narrative, was likely a setup intended to frame the Trump team. The individuals who attended the meeting, including a Russian Intel-connected person named Akmetshin, have connections to the Clinton orbit. Akmetshin's lawyer is married to a former high-ranking Clinton staffer. BuzzFeed, which has been pushing the collusion narrative, recently published a piece on the meeting, indicating that they may be desperate to rewrite the narrative as it's about to collapse. The documents related to the meeting are expected to be declassified, which could reveal the truth about this apparent setup. Akmetshin and Vesal Nitskaya, the two Russian participants, are crucial to understanding this situation, and they are a major focus in a book that aims to vindicate those falsely accused in the collusion investigation.

    New evidence suggests Trump Tower meeting participants had connections to Clinton team

    The narrative surrounding the Trump Tower meeting and alleged collusion between the Trump campaign and Russians is shifting, as new evidence suggests that key players had connections to the Clinton team. Don Jr. did not call his father after the meeting, contrary to earlier reports, and there is no evidence of suspicious payments to Trump campaign officials. Meanwhile, Senator Ben Sasse's recent bill to force Democrats to go on record about their stance on abortion is highlighting the party's shift towards being pro-abortion rather than pro-choice. These developments challenge the liberal narrative and demonstrate the importance of factual reporting and avoiding selective bias.

    Abortion and Environmental Policies: Two Contentious Issues

    The debate around abortion and pro-choice vs. pro-life policies continues to be contentious, with recent events and bills highlighting the discrepancies between the two sides. For instance, a bill requiring medical attention for surviving infants after an abortion was met with opposition from some Democrats, sparking discussions about their true stance on the issue. Meanwhile, a failed wind energy project in Massachusetts serves as an example of liberalism's inconsistencies, as environmental policies can come with significant costs and unintended consequences, like negative health effects and financial burdens for residents. Ultimately, these stories underscore the importance of transparency and accountability in political decision-making and the potential consequences of ideological rigidity.

    Government control of production in socialism leading to economic disaster

    Socialism's government control of production, as seen in Venezuela and New York, can lead to economic disaster. In Venezuela, socialist leaders took control of the oil industry, but lacked the necessary expertise, resulting in a collapse of production. Meanwhile, New York's far-left governor, Andrew Cuomo, has relied heavily on taxes from the top 1% of earners, but with these individuals leaving the state due to high taxes, the state now faces a significant revenue shortfall. Despite this evidence, the debate about the effectiveness of socialist policies continues.

    Governors ignoring facts and data on high taxes

    Despite liberal governors acknowledging the negative effects of high taxes on their states, they continue to push for radical liberal policies, ignoring facts and data. This phenomenon is compared to the "Turkey Problem" or confirmation bias, where people are constantly exposed to information that reinforces their pre-existing beliefs. In the case of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, he acknowledges that people are leaving the state due to high taxes but still refuses to raise them. This behavior is seen as a form of radicalism, and no amount of facts or data seems to change their behavior. The discussion also touched on the importance of online privacy and the use of ExpressVPN to secure and protect personal data from being tracked and sold to third parties.

    Economic Data Under Trump Bucks Naysayers' Narrative

    The economic data under the Trump administration, particularly in terms of research and development spending and GDP growth, contradicts the narrative pushed by some that it represents a mere sugar high. In fact, research and development spending is at its highest level since 1959, and the US is on track to reach 3% GDP growth for the first time since the Bush years. Additionally, middle-class wages have seen an increase, with January average hourly earnings up 3.2% compared to 2.0% at the end of the Obama administration. These data points challenge the notion that the current economic situation is merely short-term and call into question the validity of liberal talking points that focus on stagnant wages and lackluster growth.

    Spread of misinformation frustrates conservatives

    The spread of misinformation, even when facts are readily available, can be relentless and frustrating, especially for conservatives. The speaker shared a personal experience of an inaccurate article about his departure from NRATV that was picked up by liberal media outlets and Wikipedia, despite the truth being easily accessible. He emphasized that facts are often irrelevant to the liberal left and warned conservatives to be prepared for such attacks if they gain a public profile. Regarding Governor Cuomo's statement, the speaker pointed out the irony of him blaming high taxes on Trump's tax cuts, noting that the high taxes are still being paid despite the change in federal deductibility.

    New York Governor could solve high tax issue with cuts

    New York Governor Andrew Cuomo could solve the issue of high taxes driving residents out of the state by implementing tax cuts. The inability to fully deduct state and local taxes on federal returns has led to an exodus of residents, causing financial strain for the state. However, Cuomo seems to be blaming federal policies for this issue instead of addressing the root cause. The speaker argues that by proposing tax cuts, New York could keep residents and attract new ones, as seen in low-tax states like Florida and Texas. The speaker encourages Cuomo to break free from his "liberal bubble" and consider this solution.

    Dan expresses gratitude and upcoming plans

    Dan Bongino expressed his gratitude for the audience's support in helping his show rank well. He mentioned that he would be providing a recap of recent coverage on his state of the union during tomorrow's show. Additionally, Dan mentioned that he would be appearing on the Hannity show on Fox News that same evening. Listeners can access Dan's podcasts on iTunes or SoundCloud, and follow him on Twitter for constant updates using the handle @DBongino. Overall, Dan's message conveyed his appreciation for his audience and his commitment to keeping them informed through various platforms.

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