Dana White on McGregor’s Future, Defeating $40-Million Debt, & How he BEATS the Casino

    enJune 05, 2024

    Podcast Summary

    • Tough Decisions, Unexpected OpportunitiesMaking tough decisions and taking risks can lead to unexpected opportunities and success. Stay focused on goals and be open to new experiences, while also recognizing the importance of relationships and their potential impact on your life.

      Sometimes making tough decisions and taking risks can lead to unexpected opportunities and success. The speaker shares a story about a debt he had that forced him to leave town, but when he did, he ended up meeting people who helped him purchase the UFC for a small investment. This experience demonstrates the importance of staying focused on goals and being open to new experiences, even when faced with challenges. Additionally, the speaker emphasizes the significance of relationships and the impact they can have on one's life. Despite refusing to attend a friend's wedding, he ended up meeting the Fertitta brothers and starting a business partnership that led to the purchase of the UFC.

    • UFC commentary discoveryJoe Rogan's passion for UFC led to his discovery by Dana White, and his authentic and knowledgeable commentary became a hit among viewers, leading to a long-lasting relationship and success for both Rogan and the UFC.

      Joe Rogan's passion for fighting and the sport of Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) led him to become a commentator for the organization, starting a long-lasting relationship between Rogan and the UFC. This happened when Dana White, the UFC owner, discovered Rogan on a tape of his appearance on a talk show and was impressed by his knowledge and enthusiasm for the sport. Rogan started working for UFC for free during financially difficult times for the company, and his authentic and knowledgeable commentary was a hit among viewers. This serendipitous discovery proved to be valuable for UFC, as Rogan became one of the most important figures in the organization and has been working with them for over 20 years. Despite facing potential cancellation or adversity, Rogan's love for the sport and unwillingness to quit played a significant role in his success.

    • MMA InvestmentBelieving in unique stories and potential of fighters led to successful investment in UFC despite initial financial struggles and skepticism

      Akash Singh saw opportunities in the growing MMA scene and took action by investing in the UFC when it was struggling financially. He and his partners saw potential in the unique stories and backgrounds of the fighters, which they believed would appeal to a wider audience. Despite facing challenges and skepticism, they persisted and eventually saw a significant return on their investment. The UFC, now valued at over $12 billion, was once considered a risky investment by many, but Singh and his partners saw its potential and turned it into a global phenomenon.

    • UFC financial challengesThe UFC overcame $40 million in debt and skepticism from networks to become a global phenomenon through hard work, determination, and innovative strategies like creating 'The Ultimate Fighter'.

      Building a successful business, like the UFC, involves overcoming significant financial challenges and skepticism from others. Dana White and his partners found themselves upside down $40 million in debt just a few years after buying the UFC, yet they persisted. They negotiated to buy back intellectual property rights, which later contributed to revenue growth. Despite this, they faced rejection when pitching their product to networks like Spike TV. They continued to innovate, such as creating the reality show "The Ultimate Fighter," which eventually led to success. Through hard work, determination, and belief in their product, they transformed the UFC into a global phenomenon.

    • Viral IdeasA simple idea with low production value can gain massive popularity and success if given the right platform and investment. Believe in the potential of your concept and turn it into a legitimate business to attract big names and dominate the scene.

      A simple idea with low production value can gain massive popularity and success if given the right platform and investment. The example given is the "power slap" phenomenon, which started as a viral video filmed on a flip phone and grew into a global sensation with billions of views and more followers than major sports and teams. Despite initial skepticism, the creators believed in the potential of the concept and turned it into a legitimate sport, attracting big names and dominating the YouTube scene. The success of power slap demonstrates the power of innovation, determination, and smart business strategies in turning a seemingly trivial idea into a cultural phenomenon.

    • UFC's turning point in 2005A pivotal moment in an alley led to a groundbreaking deal, transforming the UFC from a struggling business to a billion-dollar enterprise by focusing on exciting fights, investing in talent, and rewarding great performances.

      The UFC's success story began with a pivotal moment during a live fight in 2005. The excitement and high ratings drew the attention of executives, leading to a groundbreaking deal made in an alley on a napkin. This moment marked the beginning of the UFC's transformation from a struggling business to a thriving one, as they began to focus on delivering exciting fights and investing in talent. Unlike traditional boxing, where fighters were often kept from fighting each other, the UFC created a business model where every weekend brought anticipated matches, and both fighters had a chance to win or lose but not be "dead" in their careers. The UFC's approach to rewarding fighters for putting on great fights and not controlling their speech has also contributed to its success. This moment of serendipitous discovery in the alley ultimately set the stage for the UFC's growth into a billion-dollar business.

    • Sports and Business IncentivesBuilding incentives and focusing on interesting matches can lead to great performances and growth in sports and business. Taking risks and personalized curation services can also contribute to success.

      Building incentives and focusing on interesting matches, rather than outcomes, can lead to great performances and the growth of a sport. Paranoia and negative expectations from outsiders can fuel fighters to prove themselves, leading to legendary moments. In business, taking risks and doing things that have never been done before can lead to success, despite the financial investment and uncertainty. Additionally, personalized curation services like Bespoke can enhance various aspects of one's life by delivering items tailored to individual desires. The UFC's partnership with Morgan and Morgan, America's largest injury law firm, also offers opportunities for fans to win tickets to UFC events.

    • MMA vs BoxingIn MMA, the focus is on challenging fighters against each other to create meaningful matches, while in boxing, the issue of who the best is often arises due to champions not facing each other.

      In the world of mixed martial arts, particularly in the UFC, there's a focus on challenging fighters against each other to create meaningful and exciting matches, rather than setting them up for easy wins. This philosophy stems from the belief that the best fighters have already proven themselves by facing the toughest opponents. The comparison is drawn from boxing, where the question of who the best is often arises due to champions not fighting each other. The UFC avoids this issue by ensuring that fighters are not protected and are constantly tested. Criticism from the media is seen as a given, as everyone has an opinion, and the business thrives on the debates and discussions that come with it.

    • MMA Unpredictability and StorytellingIn MMA, unpredictability and storytelling are essential elements that make fights captivating for fans. The UFC creates narratives for fighters and their unique personalities add to the intrigue, while the lack of guaranteed outcomes ensures excitement.

      In the world of MMA, unpredictability and storytelling are key elements that make fights compelling for fans. Fighters, regardless of their rankings or styles, can surprise us with their performances. The UFC doesn't guarantee outcomes, unlike boxing, and that uncertainty is what makes MMA exciting. Additionally, storytelling plays a significant role in creating interest and engagement. The UFC starts building a fighter's narrative even before they step into the octagon, and a fighter's personality, whether it's Conor McGregor's charisma or Trey's pious demeanor, can also add to the intrigue.

    • Mental warfare in combat sportsRenowned fighters like Muhammad Ali and Conor McGregor use mental warfare effectively, while John Jones is considered the greatest fighter with unmatched mental and physical abilities, making him an intimidating figure.

      Both Muhammad Ali and Conor McGregor are renowned for their exceptional mental warfare skills in their respective combat sports. Ali's long-standing rivalry with Joe Frazier and his ability to get into opponents' heads is legendary. McGregor, on the other hand, has also mastered mental warfare, often goading opponents and making them play into his game. The discussion also highlighted John Jones as the greatest fighter of all time, with an unbeaten record and a dark side that makes him an intimidating figure. The speakers expressed admiration for Jones's mental and physical prowess, as well as his ability to perform under pressure. The importance of mental warfare and its impact on combat sports was a recurring theme throughout the conversation.

    • MMA Fighters' Unique ChallengesMMA fighters face constant testing and competition, have unmatched mental fortitude, and are transforming the way we consume media through podcasts

      The world of mixed martial arts (MMA) and its fighters present a unique challenge, unlike any other profession. Fighters have a wiring that is different from the rest of the world, and they live a life that most people can only dream of. They face constant testing and competition on the world stage, and their mental fortitude is unmatched. Despite common misconceptions, most people cannot fight at the level of a professional MMA fighter. The sport of MMA is still growing and gaining popularity, and it has the potential to surpass traditional sports like boxing due to advancements in technology and the accessibility of information through the internet. Innovative individuals, like those in the MMA industry, can now build their careers without relying on traditional gatekeepers or networks. The MMA community has transformed the way we consume media, with podcasts becoming a leading platform for pre-fight hype and analysis.

    • Technology and traditional industriesBusinesses must adapt to technology and trends to reach wider audiences and succeed in today's world, as shown by the growth of streaming services and new sports like power slap.

      Technology is revolutionizing traditional industries and creating new opportunities on a global scale. The speaker, who has experience in the entertainment industry, shares his excitement about the potential of streaming services and the reach they can provide to businesses. He uses the example of his own business, UFC, which has grown significantly through streaming and international television deals. The speaker also mentions power slap, a new sport that has gained popularity through streaming, and how it has the potential to reach billions of people. The takeaway is that businesses need to adapt to new technologies and trends to reach wider audiences and succeed in today's world.

    • Power Slap's growth trajectoryAs Power Slap gains popularity, more training camps will emerge and evolve to cater specifically to the sport, making it a potential investment opportunity.

      Power Slap, a new extreme sport, is following a similar trajectory to the early days of MMA. Just as there were only a few places to train for MMA in its infancy, there are currently only a few camps for Power Slap. However, as the sport gains popularity, more camps will emerge, and training will evolve to specifically cater to Power Slap. Additionally, investing in niche sports that seem unlikely to succeed can be rewarding, as demonstrated by the success of the UFC and the potential of Power Slap. Despite the challenges and setbacks, such as losing money on a car dealership, Steve Aoki remains passionate about building businesses around niche sports.

    • Sustainable business ideasMark Cuban invests in innovative niche businesses with global potential, such as turning rice husks into wood, and is motivated by negativity and proving doubters wrong.

      Mark Cuban, entrepreneur and Shark Tank investor, is always on the lookout for innovative ideas that can make a positive impact on the world. He is particularly drawn to niche businesses that have the potential to grow into something much larger. An example of this is a businessman from New England who has figured out how to turn rice husks into wood, creating a sustainable alternative to traditional wood products. Cuban was immediately excited about this idea and saw the potential for global expansion. He is motivated by negativity and the challenge of proving doubters wrong, making his investment in unique businesses all the more rewarding for him. Cuban's love for gambling, particularly at Caesar's Palace in Vegas, is another passion of his. He enjoys the energy and good vibes at the casino, and the feeling of being a big player who is treated well. The war he wages with the biggest casino company in the US every night is just another aspect of his competitive nature that he relishes.

    • Gambling Pleasure and High StakesThe speaker derives pleasure from high-stakes gambling, particularly Baccarat, and competes against Caesar's Palace, enjoying the excitement of big wins and losses, maintaining a daily million-dollar limit, and forming relationships with dealers.

      The speaker derives immense pleasure from engaging in high-stakes gambling, particularly Baccarat, and competing against the biggest casino company in the country, Caesar's Palace, whose owners he has a personal connection with through UFC fighter Gina Carano. He enjoys the excitement of winning and losing, and the sense of war and battles throughout the year. The speaker maintains a million-dollar limit for his daily gambling and has a history of significant wins and losses over the past 20 years. He believes that Baccarat, despite having the best odds, is more statistically even than Blackjack, and that the ability to bet large sums at once may attract certain types of gamblers. The speaker also forms relationships with dealers and tips them generously when winning.

    • Casino ReputationCasinos in Las Vegas offer better deals and are more reputable compared to some casinos outside of Las Vegas, ensuring a fair and enjoyable gambling experience.

      Some casinos outside of Las Vegas may try to take advantage of players by using underhanded tactics, such as offering false credit or dropping limits after significant losses. In contrast, casinos in Las Vegas are known for their competition and offering better deals to players, including discounts on losses and negotiating credit limits. It's essential to be aware of these differences and choose reputable casinos to ensure a fair and enjoyable gambling experience. Additionally, some high rollers, like Charles Barkley and Aiden Ross, have been known to make significant wins and losses during gambling events. The rumors about Bruno Mars' gambling debts should be taken with a grain of salt, considering his wealth and success in the music industry.

    • Superstitions and energySuperstitions and positive energy can significantly impact success in high-pressure environments. Surrounding oneself with a strong team and positive energy, standing firm against hindrances, and being open to unexpected opportunities can lead to success.

      Superstitions and energy play a significant role in success, particularly in high-pressure environments like gambling. The speaker shares his experience of observing Chinese gamblers and their superstitions, which he finds intriguing and beneficial for his own energy and success. He also emphasizes the importance of having a strong team and positive energy around him, as well as standing firm against those who try to hinder progress. The speaker's success is rooted in his ability to surround himself with can-do people and overcome challenges with determination and hard work. Additionally, chance encounters and unexpected opportunities, such as meeting Howie Mandel, can lead to unexpected successes.

    • Stand-up comedy pressureStand-up comedy demands immense preparation and carrying out a flawless performance, unlike public speaking where recovery is possible after mistakes.

      Stand-up comedy is an underrated challenge that requires immense pressure and preparation. The speaker, who had previously tried stand-up comedy and roasts, shared his experience of performing in front of a sold-out crowd at a comedy club and at the Brady roast, where he was surrounded by professional comedians and a live audience of thousands. He emphasized that unlike public speaking, where you can recover if you make a mistake, stand-up comedy is a downward spiral if you bomb on stage. The speaker also shared how he studied extensively for the roast to avoid any mishaps and how the experience left him feeling physically and mentally drained for days.

    • Handling CriticismSuccess requires perseverance and the ability to handle criticism. Kim Kardashian and Bill Burr's ability to power through boos and criticism in their respective fields is commendable.

      Perseverance and the ability to handle criticism are key to success. The speaker shares his experience of seeking guidance from people like Bill Burr and handling criticism during an award show appearance, praising Kim Kardashian for her ability to power through boos from the audience. He emphasizes that reality TV and acting are different, and that Kim, as a non-actress, handled the situation admirably. The speaker also mentions his excitement for upcoming projects. He clarifies that his interest in rice stocks came from a connection made by a friend, and not from the Chinese men at the Baccarat table. Overall, the speaker was impressed by the resilience and determination he saw in both Bill Burr and Kim Kardashian.

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    Kendrick Fires Back & Schulz is Roasting Tom Brady

    Kendrick Fires Back & Schulz is Roasting Tom Brady
    Yerrrr! Schulz is getting ready not only for MSG but also to roast Tom Brady LIVE on Netflix. Kendrick FIRES back at Drake but is it enough? Lebron punks a white lady in his last ever game?? All that and much much more on today's dose of Flagrancy. INDULGE 00:00 LeBron goes out on top, what would MJ do? + Euro flopping 9:49 Joel Embiid is so frustrating to watch 11:41 Alexx = Fair Weather fan + Will Andrew get bumped? 14:36 NYC’s different when Knicks are good + Cheeseballs Man 20:42 Andrew roasting Tom Brady live on Netflix + Kevin Hart hosting 24:16 Andrew has a Tom Brady set + Netflix is a Joke for Akaash + Mark too 29:09 Kendrick’s “Euphoria”, prisoner of the moment + radio play 40:28 Is rap beef just WWE? Who’s they??? 41:57 Uber driver in Jacksonville was WILD + Can Latinos say the n-words? 50:44 Michael Chandler is a monster + Canal Street Africans are BRAVE 55:27 Most racist Uber driver was… Nigerian? You made us actually work 56:57 They’re blaming the Jews for EVERYTHING + Germans are Asians 1:07:43 Indian rocketry + English Indians are the G-League 1:13:11 AI drones is terrifying, Ukraine needs to convert to Islam + Africa v China 1:22:10 Flipping North Korea, moving the Taiwanese + Justice for Kazakhstan 1:25:48 Starting a cult today + hypnosis is cucky 1:37:00 Internet tells you how to grift, same talking points + audience dictates the content 1:47:44 Is Russell Brand Christian grifting? The market of free ideas is already rigged 1:53:53 Dealing with people caught up + Free Speech is the best of flawed system 1:58:39 Joe Rogan’s rejection of authority, pendulum swings + Overton window shifting 2:04:12 We truly thought we knew + understanding China’s paranoia 2:07:41 AI Competition + Flagrant song is the winner!

    Billy Carson Reveals Alien Encounter & Lost Civilization Secrets

    Billy Carson Reveals Alien Encounter & Lost Civilization Secrets
    YERRR, we had on the KING of FORBIDDEN KNOWLEDGE Billy Carson to tell us about everything we don't know: truth about aliens, who built the pyramids, where the ancient civilizations went and much much more. Sit back and indulge. 00:00 Intro 1:02 Who are the Anunnaki? Galactic war & Space refugees 6:04 Atlantis, Catholics destroyed everything + Hills = pyramids 12:28 Hominids existed, Igigi slaves + exploitation 17:10 Jesus = part Alien, Thoth’s advanced tech & similarities across all cultures 23:09 Jesus went to Tibet & India? 26:21 Oldest Bibles = African, mistranslations & Deuteronomy is WILD 35:24 Who were the Sumerians? Genetic modifications + race differences 40:57 Why do Gods want big meats? Asians ARE different 43:40 The Garden of Edin was a mating lab + creation of Adam 49:08 Jesus was good, Pyramid Wars + Rothschilds running the banks 1:01:07 Creation of the Great Pyramids + Billy having great recall 1:12:11 Pyramids were power stations + manifesting/teleporting structures 1:15:19 Angkor Wat= Mega structures, Dinosaurs + Indoor pools 1:30:11 Rejecting Flat Earth, purpose of Pyramids + communicating to other star systems 1:37:35 Ark of the Covenant, Moses stole one + Chinese pyramids 1:45:12 Derinkuyu = underground city + Ant people 1:47:53 Never fully knowing + the origins of curiosity for Billy 1:51:40 Bob Lazar, UFOs abductions + losing family over alien experience 1:58:47 “Worldwide telescope” + craziest image from Mars 2:03:29 Researching to debunk your theories + mankind needs to grow up still 2:09:17 100 families control everything, power of true unity + impact of the experience 2:13:23 “Lam”, movie directors know + we’re in the beginning of times 2:15:28 “Christ consciousness” will return 2:16:34 Past life regressions, using substances + downloading consciousness 2:19:45 Seeding the clouds + UFO false flag for greed 2:23:16 We went to the Moon but there’s more… 2:28:50 Secrets of the oceans, Antarctica was moved + remote viewing

    Trump Assassination Conspiracy, Israel vs Iran start World War 3, & Drake Wins Rap Beef

    Trump Assassination Conspiracy, Israel vs Iran start World War 3, & Drake Wins Rap Beef
    YERR, we got a HOT conspiracy up top for y'all, we solve the abortion problem, we marinated the rap beef and react to the insane knock out in UFC300. That and much much more this week's ep of Flagrancy, INDULGE 00:00 Boeing conspiracy to take out Trump??? 02:01 Arizona evoking 1864 abortion law, “sleep on it” + Gun Republicans 10:19 GOP split on abortion + Scooping feels like murder 15:15 What’s full murder? 2 chops? 70 days is a bit snug 27:56 Gaslighting Christians 32:48 Trump Criminal Trial, there is no hope + we’re voting for him 38:29 Nobody can understand everything + picking sides is just easier 40:46 Voting for both + Being skeptical isn’t cheap 44:37 Rap beef is to save us! Ignorance was bliss + we need a break 46:56 Researching is hard, power of Adderrall + we need distraction! 53:34 Rick Ross is elite at beefing + sharing the same women 59:16 Drake dissed EVERYBODY + everyone missed the “Whitney” bar 1:04:57 Everyone thinks its AI + What counts as ghost-writing? 1:10:36 How to get featured? Alexx missed out 1:13:02 Do Rappers have disses ready to go? 1:17:22 Drake in these streets? Feels personal + The Weeknd rumours 1:24:11 Iran firing on Israel, Netanyahu given a lifeline + intel for hot war 1:37:29 War is a money game + will Israel retaliate? 1:43:48 Give us silly topics to talk about, not World War 3 1:44:40 UFC 300 - Holloway is a BEAST + Poatan picking intelligently 1:54:58 Curating a culture, expectation from the fans + entertainment is king 1:57:19 Ryan Garcia is carrying the Devin fight? 1:59:40 Chandler v McGregor announcement 2:00:21 Dinner next to Larry David?