Check It Out hosted by Peter Prog Friday 07 June 2024

    enJune 08, 2024

    Podcast Summary

    • Progressive Rock Radio ShowEuropean progressive rock radio show featuring new music, community chat room, and personal inspiration from Welsh band Son of Man's new album 'Gaslight'

      The radio show "check it out with DJ Peter Prog" is a three-hour-long progressive rock broadcast featuring new and exciting music, with a focus on discovery and community in the chat room. The show has a European perspective and welcomes listeners from around the world. The featured album of the week is "Gaslight" by Son of Man, a Welsh band with influences from country rock, blues rock, and progressive rock. The band's sound is characterized by a mellow and laid-back atmosphere, and their music has been a personal inspiration for DJ Peter Prog since his teenage years. The new album "Gaslight" showcases the band's heritage and offers a journey of musical discovery.

    • Progressive Rock AlbumsTwo new progressive rock albums, Gaslight by Son of Man and Cherokee Moon by Circle of Friends, are out this week with impressive lineups, intriguing cover art, and a mix of vocal and instrumental tracks.

      This week's album of the week, Gaslight by Son of Man, is a must-listen for progressive rock fans. Featuring a talented lineup of musicians, including George Jones on guitars, and a mix of vocal and instrumental tracks, this album is guaranteed to keep your attention. Benjamin Croft, the keyboardist, has assembled an impressive guest list, including Stu Hamm, Greg Howe, and Marco Miniman. The cover artwork is intriguing, and the community around progressive rock music is a wonderful place to connect and discuss the music. The album includes both vocal and instrumental tracks, such as "wrestling with Plato," and "can't stop loving you." Additionally, Circle of Friends' new album, Cherokee Moon, is a tribute to Bruce Meade's mother and holds a generous helping of originals and covers. Both albums offer a unique blend of progressive rock sounds and are worth checking out. Join the Friday prog community and tune in each week to discover new and exciting progressive rock music.

    • New music discoveriesExplore Gaslight by Son of Man and Lost Media by Glass Island for emotional journeys and unique album experiences. Find them on artists' websites, Cherry Red Records, and Facebook.

      The discussion revolved around the exploration of new music discoveries and the enjoyment of various album releases. Peter Prog shared his thoughts on two albums: Gaslight by Son of Man and Lost Media by Glass Island. He highlighted the emotional journey of Gaslight and the informal suite of the first three tracks in Lost Media. He encouraged listeners to explore these albums further by visiting the artists' websites, purchasing the CDs from Cherry Red Records, and following them on Facebook. The conversation also included a brief history of the bands and the availability of their music on different platforms. Overall, the discussion emphasized the importance of discovering new music and the joy of immersing oneself in it.

    • Progressive Rock ComebacksArtists like Moon Safari, Exilo, and Ben continue to release new progressive rock music, showcasing intricate hooks, harmonies, and resilience in the face of challenges.

      The world of progressive rock continues to evolve, with artists returning from hiatuses and releasing new music despite the challenges of the pandemic. Moon Safari's Himmler Bocken volume 2 is a prime example, showcasing the band's signature intricate hooks and harmonies across nine tracks, including a 21-minute epic. Exilo of Spain also made a comeback with a new single, "Duneus," leaving fans hopeful for a new album. Ben, a multi-instrumentalist, has been keeping busy with Gandalf's Fist and his own project, Broken Parachute, releasing both a full-length album and an EP in May. These artists, along with others, demonstrate the depth and richness of the progressive rock genre and the resilience of its artists. Stay tuned for more great progressive rock on progrock.com.

    • Live shows on progrock.comListeners can enjoy various live shows on progrock.com featuring Mark Bunnell, Proxgeal, Prodna Rule, and RPWL, as well as music in widescreen with station owners Mark and Rainer. Notable performances include RPWL's live album experience.

      Over the weekend on progrock.com, listeners can enjoy several engaging live shows. Notable ones include Mark Bunnell with The Aquarium on Saturday at 10 AM Central Standard Time and 4 PM UK time, Proxgeal presented by Zap Niles at 1 PM Central Standard Time and 7 PM UK time, Prodna Rule with George and Nehal on Sunday at 2 PM Central Standard Time and 8 PM UK time, and music in widescreen with station owners Mark and Rainer on Sunday at 6 PM Central Standard Time and midnight UK time. Additionally, RPWL, a German art rock band, performed their latest album "Crime Scene" in its entirety live on October 23, 2023, in the Netherlands. Fans can relive that experience through live performances of "Victim of Desire" and "King of the World." Overall, progrock.com offers a diverse range of live shows, providing listeners with a unique and entertaining musical experience. Tune in to enjoy these and other great performances.

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