Businesses forced to cover wage increase

    enJune 03, 2024

    Podcast Summary

    • Business costs, Health, Legal, EnvironmentQueensland businesses face increased costs from minimum wage hike amidst high input and labor costs. Simultaneously, Queensland grapples with a surge in whooping cough cases due to vaccine fatigue, a murder trial unfolds in Toowoomba Supreme Court, and Greenmount Waste Management Facility introduces new landfill rehabilitation technique.

      Queensland businesses are facing additional costs due to the minimum wage increase, which comes at a time when business input and labor costs are already at record highs. Meanwhile, Queensland is experiencing a surge in whooping cough cases, with over 3000 diagnosed this year, and vaccine fatigue is partly to blame. In the legal sphere, a murder trial is ongoing in the Toowoomba Supreme Court, and in the environmental sector, the Greenmount Waste Management Facility has implemented a new landfill rehabilitation technique. These developments highlight the challenges and changes in various sectors in Queensland.

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