Baal HaSulam. Preface to the Sulam Commentary [2024-06-04] #lesson

    enJune 04, 2024

    Podcast Summary

    • Desire to connectWe all have an innate desire to connect and create harmony, which can be expressed through singing together and finding courage to share our humanity despite challenges

      Despite the challenges and fears we face, we all possess an innate desire to connect and create harmony. This was beautifully expressed in the conversation with Ken, who encouraged us to listen for the call within ourselves and join together in song. This melody, present in every heart, has the power to bring us above our fears and unite us in a shared desire. By singing together, we can fill the world with this powerful and uplifting message. So, let us embrace our shared humanity and find the courage to express the music within us. Through the fires of adversity, we can find a place of hope and connection.

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