416. The Revolution of German Farmers | Eva Vlaardingerbroek & Anthony Lee

    People's growing willingness to challenge established politics and support conservative voices may result in significant changes in upcoming elections and public opinion, particularly on immigration policies.

    enJanuary 22, 2024

    About this Episode

    Dr. Jordan B. Peterson speaks with German farmer Anthony Lee and journalist Eva Vlaardingerbroek. They discuss the ongoing farmers' protest, the war on efficient agriculture, what is now being panned as the failed German state, the ludicrous net-zero goals creating excess electric vehicles while cutting off the generation of power, and how a grassroots movement can make genuine change at the local and national levels.

    Eva Vlaardingerbroek is a Dutch journalist and previous YouTube host of the “Let’s Talk About It” program on the channel Riks. Vlaardingerbroek has published opinion articles in newspapers such as the Dutch weekly Elsevier Weekblad and appeared on programs like Tucker Carlson's show on Fox News. She advocates for a cultural return to faith and a rejection of the WEF manifested, globalist ideology.


    Anthony Lee is a German farmer who has become outspoken in recent months as he followed news of farmers struggling all across Europe. Now affecting his home country, the time has come to take a stand, and not just for German farmers and workers, but for everyone. 

    🔑 Key Takeaways

    • Blue-collar workers and citizens in Germany are protesting against the government's taxing policies and demanding change due to their frustration with green policies that are impacting their livelihoods.
    • Farmers in Europe are increasingly frustrated and angry with government policies that threaten their livelihoods, leading to protests and a feeling of being marginalized and unheard.
    • The protests in Germany reflect ordinary hardworking individuals' frustration with a government that has failed to address their concerns and endangered their livelihoods. They are demanding more democratic representation and highlighting their democratic right to voice dissatisfaction.
    • Hardworking citizens across various countries are protesting government neglect, media silence, and the negative consequences of a disguised green agenda, demanding their voices be heard and respected.
    • Recent events in the Netherlands show a political shift as ordinary people challenge the green agenda, leading to a potential reevaluation of its impacts on society.
    • Overuse of the term "far right" has led to its loss of meaning and the labeling of ordinary people with valid opinions. This highlights the need for politicians with common sense and not letting these labels silence us.
    • Green policies, such as taxing diesel and implementing expensive energy sources, have unintended negative impacts on both the economy and the environment, contradicting their stated goals.
    • The green agenda-driven government policies not only risk our financial stability and ability to import food but also instill fear in young people, while benefiting mid-level bureaucrats.
    • The manipulation of the global grain market has negative consequences for certain countries and farmers, leading to lower prices and demoralization. It also undermines the importance of sustainable development and the wellbeing of people.
    • The opposition to nuclear power lacks rationality and forces countries like Germany to import nuclear energy. Additionally, the trend of justifying human existence with data devalues individuals and resembles an authoritarian regime. The belief that scarcity will inevitably lead to a collapse is flawed, as humans have continuously proven their ability to innovate and overcome challenges. It is crucial to reject ideologies that dehumanize individuals and undermine their intrinsic worth.
    • The public is increasingly resentful towards authorities who prioritize personal agendas over citizen well-being, with measures such as controlling diets and thermostats seen as oppressive, while environmentalism is used as a cover for power-hungry control.
    • People's growing willingness to challenge established politics and support conservative voices may result in significant changes in upcoming elections and public opinion, particularly on immigration policies.
    • To achieve a better future, voters in Germany may need to support right-wing parties, while trusting the democratic system to correct any potential issues and steer the course towards progress.
    • To understand the true nature of populist movements, it is important to look beyond media portrayals and consider specific policies and actions. Regional differences and the role of institutions like the high court are essential in maintaining a fair political landscape.
    • The survivors of the Soviet regime in Eastern Europe, along with activists and working-class individuals, are wary of the radical leftist agenda and its potential negative impact on wealth redistribution and ordinary people.
    • Using electoral process and checks and balances is crucial in addressing concerns, while acknowledging the need for protest. The current democratic system is the best way forward for change. Peaceful and democratic methods are advocated despite potential backlash.
    • Peaceful demonstrations can bring about change without resorting to violence, and it is important to listen to the concerns of the people to prevent societal unrest.

    📝 Podcast Summary

    The Rising Uprising: Blue-collar Workers and Citizens Protest Against Government's Actions in Germany

    There is a massive uprising of blue-collar workers and ordinary citizens in Germany who are fed up with the government's actions. The protest, which started with farmers but extended to various groups, is a response to feeling taxed into oblivion and not having the right to exist. These individuals are demanding change and expressing their discontent by blocking highways and conducting massive roadblocks. The involvement of truckers and other workers exemplifies the united front against the government's policies. Farmers like Anthony Lee participate because they fear for the future and want their children to inherit a sustainable livelihood. The main issue lies with the green policies that have been implemented, making life difficult for farmers and ordinary workers alike.

    Growing Frustration Among European Farmers

    There is growing frustration and anger among farmers in Europe towards government policies that are perceived as threatening their livelihoods. The European Green Deal, along with national policies, target farmers and place restrictions and regulations on their practices. This has led to protests and calls for the government to step down. While Germany is led by a democratically elected government, the protesters feel that their interests are not being considered and that decisions are being made without their input. This highlights the tension between democratic principles and the perceived disconnect between the government and the people it represents. The protests reflect a larger sentiment of feeling marginalized and unheard by those in power.

    Ordinary Citizens Exercising Democratic Rights in Germany

    The protests in Germany highlight the democratic right of the people to voice their dissatisfaction with the government. Despite being labeled as far-right by the mainstream media, the protesters are simply ordinary hardworking individuals who are fed up with not being heard and want more democratic representation. They see themselves as victims of a government that has failed to address their concerns and has even endangered their livelihoods. The economic decline and mismanagement of industries, such as the switch-off of efficient nuclear power plants and loss of competitiveness in the car industry, have contributed to their frustration. These protests demonstrate the epitome of democratic rights being exercised by ordinary citizens.

    Neglected Citizens Rise Up against Oppression and Silent Conspiracy

    There is a growing frustration among ordinary, hardworking citizens who feel neglected and oppressed by their governments. The recent protests in Germany, Spain, Poland, Canada, and the Netherlands highlight this sentiment. The mainstream media's lack of coverage and minimization of these protests only add to the perception of a conspiracy to silence dissent. The overarching green agenda, disguised as a moral virtue, is causing economic failure and forcing poor people into desperation, while countries like China and India thrive in industrial development. The participation of various working-class groups, such as farmers and truckers, in these protests shows a strong sense of solidarity. These citizens simply desire to exist, provide for their families, and work without being burdened by excessive bureaucracy, taxes, or derogatory labels. Their voices deserve to be heard and respected.

    The Green Agenda: A Pretext for Control?

    The climate agenda and green initiatives may be used as a pretext to gain control over people's lives. Many bureaucrats and individuals in positions of power use this agenda as a means to advance their careers and increase their influence. This can result in a quasi-conspiratorial effort to push forward the green agenda, even at the expense of the working class and the poor. However, recent events in the Netherlands, such as the farmer's protest and the rise of the far-right party, demonstrate a political shift. Ordinary people are no longer afraid of intimidation tactics from the mainstream media and the establishment. The impact of these events may lead to a reevaluation of the green agenda and its implications for society.

    The problem of overusing and trivializing the term "far right" and the danger it poses.

    The term "far right" has been overused and trivialized to the point where it has lost its meaning. This poses a danger as it may lead us to not take seriously any genuine far-right groups that may have nefarious agendas. However, it has also become clear that the term is applied to ordinary people with valid opinions, such as truckers and farmers, who may just hold conservative views or oppose mass immigration. This labeling by the mainstream media has led many to stop caring and fearlessly embrace the label, knowing it doesn't actually apply to them. It is important to not let these labels silence us and instead demand actual change. Additionally, the political landscape has shifted dramatically, with everything right and even classically liberal being categorized as far right. This indicates a serious problem and highlights the need for politicians with common sense.

    The Counterproductive Consequences of Green Policies

    The green deal and other environmental policies being implemented are actually counterproductive and harmful to both the economy and the environment. Anthony Lee highlights the unfairness of taxing diesel in Europe, as it hampers their farmers' ability to compete and ultimately affects the availability and affordability of food. Additionally, he argues that the European Union's green deal could lead to importing food from other countries, resulting in increased pollution and taking away food from poor communities. Jordan Peterson adds that these green policies, like shutting down nuclear plants and relying on expensive energy sources, are economically devastating and only increase carbon dioxide emissions and waste production. The policies are contradictory to the goals they claim to promote, such as buying local and decreasing transportation costs.

    The Consequences of Government Policies: Economic Catastrophe and Dependence

    The consequences of these government policies, driven by the green agenda, are leading to potential economic catastrophe and dependence on those in power. This not only puts our financial stability at risk but also threatens our ability to import food and survive in the face of disasters. It is difficult to explain these actions as mere incompetence; there seems to be a deliberate motive to make the population poorer and more reliant on those in authority. Additionally, the constant fear-mongering around climate change has demoralized and terrified young people, instilling a sense of impending doom. This green agenda appears to be a criminal scam, driven by mid-level bureaucrats seeking career advancement and moral virtue signaling. The protests against these policies have united people who are realizing the financial burden they bear and the manipulation behind the agenda.

    Manipulation in Global Grain Market and Impact on Farmers

    The global grain market is being manipulated to the detriment of certain countries and farmers. The wheat that should be going to Africa is instead being diverted to European countries, Turkey, and China. This has led to overflows of grain from Ukraine, driving down prices for farmers in Germany. The consequences of this manipulation are demoralizing and have far-reaching effects on food quality and the wellbeing of people. It is alarming that governments are even using taxpayers' money to transport unwanted grain to Germany. Additionally, the agenda to promote synthetic and insect-based food undermines the importance of good quality meat and healthy animal fats. This agenda perpetuates a dismal view of humanity and fails to recognize the potential for sustainable development when poor people are given opportunities and resources.

    The Flaws of Opposing Nuclear Power and the Dehumanization of Society

    The opposition to nuclear power is counterproductive and irrational, especially in a country like Germany. By opposing nuclear power, Germany is forced to import nuclear energy from Scandinavian countries and France. Furthermore, it is concerning that we now live in a time where we have to justify our existence with data. This devalues human worth and reduces individuals to mere numbers. The death of God and the loss of intrinsic value in human life contribute to this shift. It is alarming that we are now required to quote scientific studies to validate our own existence. This trend resembles an authoritarian regime where individuals are constantly under scrutiny. It is important to recognize the flaws in the Malthusian proposition, as humans have the capacity to innovate and transform scarcity into abundance through cognitive advancements. The notion that scarcity will inevitably lead to a catastrophic collapse is flawed, as history has shown our ability to continuously produce and innovate. We must reject ideologies that dehumanize individuals and undermine their intrinsic worth.

    Resentment and Frustration: A Growing Divide between the Public and Governing Authorities

    There is a growing sense of resentment and frustration among the public towards the governing authorities. The protests mentioned in the conversation stem from the feeling that the people are being despised and ruled by leaders who prioritize their own agendas rather than the well-being of the citizens. This sentiment is exacerbated by measures such as controlling what people eat or how they set their thermostats, which are seen as oppressive and intrusive. Furthermore, the push for environmentalism seems to be used as a guise for power-hungry individuals to gain control and impose their ideologies on others. Despite the protests, there is doubt about whether the authorities will truly listen or make meaningful changes.

    The Rise of Far-Right Parties in Europe: Shaking Up the Established Order

    There is a growing shift in the political landscape in both the Netherlands and Germany. The far-right parties, such as FD in Germany and Gart builders in the Netherlands, are gaining significant popularity, challenging the established parties that have ruled for decades. This shift is causing uncertainty and unease among the political elite, leading to tactics of stalling and portraying these parties as threats to the constitution and rule of law. However, what truly matters is the growing willingness of people to stand up for their beliefs and not be intimidated by false narratives and labels. The genie is out of the bottle, and the conservative voices demanding a change in policies, particularly regarding immigration, are resonating with the public. This could lead to significant changes in the coming elections and the mindset of the people.

    The Need for Change in German and European Politics

    The current political landscape in both Germany and Europe has left people feeling fed up and disillusioned with the establishment. Eva Vlaardingerbroek suggests that voters in Germany who want change may have no choice but to support right-wing parties, distancing themselves from any party that has governed the nation in the last 10 years. However, there are concerns about these political transformations and the dangers they may pose. Eva acknowledges that democracy itself has its upsides and downsides, but suggests that the democratic system should be trusted to correct any potential issues. It is clear that many people feel that Germany and Europe are on a path towards national suicide, leading them to believe that a different approach is necessary. The fear of far-right figures, as seen in Italy and Hungary, has often turned out to be less extreme than anticipated. Ultimately, the key takeaway is that change is needed and it is up to the democratic system to steer the course towards a better future.

    Examining the Reality Behind Populist Movements and Political Situations

    The perception of populist movements like the AFD in Germany and Hungary's political situation may not align with the reality portrayed in the media. While concerns about migration are a driving force behind these movements, it is essential to consider the specific policies and actions of political parties rather than solely focusing on their ideological labels. Moreover, the experiences and perspectives of different regions may vary significantly, as seen in the stronger support for the AFD in East Germany. Instead of forbidding parties based on popular opinion, it is crucial to rely on the decisions of institutions like the high court to uphold democratic values and ensure a fair political landscape.

    Eastern Europe's Concerns and Resistance against the Radical Leftist Agenda

    The survivors of the Soviet regime in Eastern Europe are more sensitive to the dangers and reality of the radical leftist agenda sweeping over the western world. They favor modes of governance that keep centralized planning at bay. Eastern Europe, particularly Hungary, has become a bastion of European civilization, shifting the focus from Western Europe. The UK is split with the Brexit people leaning towards Eastern Europe, while the Labor party aligns with globalist utopians in Brussels. The protesters and activists, like Eva Vlaardingerbroek, warn about the similarities between the current agenda and communism, particularly the United Nations' sustainable development goals. They argue that this agenda may lead to the redistribution of wealth, making ordinary people poorer and the top layer richer. The concerns raised by farmers and truckers, who are foundational working-class individuals, should not be ignored, as their grievances often indicate something amiss in policies. Lowering energy costs would be a more effective way to alleviate poverty than quintupling energy costs, as suggested by some sustainable development goals.

    The Power of Democratic Means for Change

    The speakers, Eva Vlaardingerbroek and Anthony Lee, believe in the power of democratic means to bring about change. They emphasize the importance of using the electoral process and checks and balances to address their concerns. While they acknowledge the need for protest and civil disobedience at times, they argue that the existing democratic system is the best way forward. They express their desire to see the current government abolished and advocate for the protection of farmer's rights and national sovereignty. However, they also acknowledge the potential backlash and investigations they may face for speaking out against the government. Despite this, they maintain their commitment to peaceful and democratic methods of creating change.

    The Impact of Peaceful Protests: Lessons from the Netherlands

    Peaceful protests can have a significant impact on the structures of governance. The example of the farmers and truckers in the Netherlands showcased how civil protests can bring about change without resorting to violence. This approach was effective and did not result in any arrests or fines. It is crucial to recognize the power of peaceful demonstrations and the ability to make their voices heard through legal frameworks and electoral processes. These events in Europe serve as a warning and a precursor to potential uprisings in other countries. It is essential to pay attention to the concerns and grievances of the people to prevent further societal unrest.

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