372. The Fight Against Worldwide Child Slavery & the Sex Trade | Jim Caviezel and Tim Ballard

    It is crucial to confront and address the darkness in the world, as it has the potential to transform our perspectives and motivate us to protect future generations. Combining childlike innocence with adult wisdom can lead to personal growth and a higher form of being.

    enJuly 03, 2023

    About this Episode

    Dr. Jordan B. Peterson discusses the new film “Sound of Freedom,” with star Jim Caviezel and real life inspiration Tim Ballard. The film details Ballard’s work as a Special Agent to fight against sex trafficking and the child sex trade. They go into depth on the psychology of pedophilia, the nature of good and evil, and how a steady faith in God has guided all three.


    Tim Ballard is the founder and CEO of Operation Underground Railroad (O.U.R.), which locates and rescues endangered children victimized by sex trafficking rings.  Previously, he accrued a decade of experience as a Special Agent in the Dept. of Homeland Security, working as an undercover op for the U.S. Child Sex Tourism Jump Team.


    Jim Caviezel is a prominent American actor and household name in no small part for his portrayal of Jesus Christ in “The Passion of the Christ,” (sequel coming in 2024). He has had a decades long career both on and off screen, and is an advocate for faith in the modern world.



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    🔑 Key Takeaways

    • Child sex trafficking and slavery is a global crisis, affecting millions of children worldwide. Mainstream media's lack of attention to this issue highlights the urgency of raising awareness and taking action to end child exploitation.
    • It is crucial to verify information, consider the credibility of the sources, and understand the motivations behind false claims before forming opinions about organizations or individuals.
    • Accurate reporting is crucial in understanding the full impact of organizations like Operation Underground Railway in their fight against human trafficking.
    • Prioritizing a greater purpose, standing against evil, and raising awareness through storytelling can inspire change and address the gravity of human trafficking and child exploitation. Angel Studios shows the potential for newcomers to make a significant impact.
    • Tim Ballard's decision to leave his job and dedicate himself to fighting child exploitation and trafficking stemmed from a genuine sense of moral responsibility and a spiritual calling. This choice sparked a powerful and meaningful journey of service that continues to make a difference worldwide.
    • Exposure to child sex crimes can cause severe psychological trauma, requiring individuals to seek help and support to cope with the effects. It is crucial to stand up against evil and protect the innocent.
    • Personal responsibility, self-reflection, and prevention of dark fantasies are crucial elements in shaping one's path towards either heinous acts or success and favor.
    • Be aware of the potential dangers of overexposure to pornography and the temptation to engage in heinous acts, as evil can often hide behind ordinary appearances, causing individuals to lose their humanity.
    • Pedophiles often use deceptive justifications, such as claiming to promote children's desires and relationships, to rationalize their exploitative behavior. Awareness and protection of children's innocence are crucial.
    • Actors portraying evil characters should seek guidance from God, protect themselves from deception, avoid romanticizing evil, and rely on faith to stay authentic and grounded.
    • It is crucial to confront and address the darkness in the world, as it has the potential to transform our perspectives and motivate us to protect future generations. Combining childlike innocence with adult wisdom can lead to personal growth and a higher form of being.
    • Facing darkness and evil head-on can lead to personal transformation, spiritual growth, and a deeper connection with God. Support and love from loved ones are crucial in navigating the journey.
    • Embrace the truth, face challenges, and let go of fears and doubts to take courageous actions, leading to personal growth, fulfillment, and a life full of adventure.
    • Taking risks and following one's true calling can lead to unforeseen success and fulfillment, offering greater financial security and more opportunities than the secure path may provide.
    • Confronting weaknesses and taking on challenges can enhance confidence, credibility, and communication skills, attracting support and opportunities while advocating for the protection of children from trafficking and harm.
    • The erosion of laws safeguarding children puts them at risk of exploitation. It is crucial to address these issues, promote awareness, and take action to prevent further harm.
    • The film industry must adapt to new distribution methods and venues, including social media and online platforms, while also navigating challenges such as censorship.

    📝 Podcast Summary

    The Hidden Epidemic: Child Sex Trafficking and Slavery in Our World

    There is a widespread and alarming issue of child sex trafficking and slavery occurring globally. Tim Ballard, a former special agent, has spent years investigating these cases and confirms that there are millions of children forced into sex slavery, labor slavery, and organ harvesting. This problem is not limited to distant countries but is prevalent even in the United States, where it is the leading consumer and producer of child rape material. Despite the severity and magnitude of this issue, mainstream media has not given it enough attention, possibly due to a fear of exposing audiences to such horrors or potential involvement in these heinous acts. Filming operations like the one Tim Ballard conducts helps bring awareness to the reality of child trafficking, with the hope of addressing and solving this serious problem.

    Criticisms and False Claims against Operation Underground Railroad and Tim Ballard

    There have been criticisms and false claims made about the Operation Underground Railroad and its founder, Tim Ballard. These criticisms mainly revolve around their alleged association with conspiracy theories, particularly the Q Anon conspiracy theory. However, Tim Ballard strongly denies any affiliation with Q Anon and has disavowed most conspiracy theories. Another false claim stated that the organization falsely claimed a partnership with American Airlines. In reality, a PR firm representing them had made a deal with the airline, but it fell through and the PR company failed to inform them. It's important to be cautious of false information and to consider the motivations of those spreading it.

    Tim Ballard and Jordan Peterson discuss the credibility of articles and critics, emphasizing the positive outcomes of Operation Underground Railway's efforts to combat human trafficking.

    Tim Ballard and Jordan Peterson are discussing the credibility of certain articles and critics regarding Operation Underground Railway's efforts to combat human trafficking. Ballard defends the organization's actions and highlights the positive outcomes of their operations, such as rescuing children and convicting traffickers. He criticizes the lack of reporting on these essential elements in a story, suggesting incompetence or dishonesty on the part of the writer. With this discussion in mind, Ballard and Peterson move on to discuss Ballard's involvement with Angel Studios and his attraction to the movie "Sound of Freedom," which sheds light on the dangers faced by children worldwide. This conversation highlights the importance of accurate reporting and understanding the full scope of an organization's work.

    Shedding Light on Human Trafficking and Child Exploitation: The Urgent Need to Act

    The movie and the real-life events it portrays shed light on the urgent need to address the issue of human trafficking and child exploitation. Jim Caviezel, who plays the role of Tim Ballard, emphasizes the importance of prioritizing a greater purpose over personal career and the significance of standing up against evil at the time it occurs. The movie effectively communicates the complex issue by particularizing it through a specific case, making it more realistic and palpable. Tim Ballard's real-life experiences as an undercover agent highlight the gravity of the problem and the need for action. The conversation highlights the power of storytelling in raising awareness and inspiring change. The involvement of Angel Studios, a relative newcomer, in producing this high-quality film demonstrates the potential for new players in the entertainment industry to make a significant impact.

    A Personal Sacrifice Ignites a Global Movement

    Tim Ballard's decision to leave his job and dedicate himself to fighting child exploitation and trafficking was not an easy one. Despite the risks and challenges, he felt a moral responsibility to help the children he had come into contact with. His wife also supported him, viewing it as a spiritual calling and prioritizing the salvation of her own soul over material concerns. This pivotal moment changed everything for Tim and set him on a path of irrational yet deeply meaningful service. Through his organization, Operation Underground Railroad, and other foundations, he continues to carry out successful operations worldwide, rescuing victims and raising awareness about this grave issue.

    Understanding the Psychological Impacts of Child Sex Crimes and the Importance of Seeking Help and Support.

    Exposure to the immense evil and malevolence of child sex crimes can have severe psychological impacts, such as post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Tim Ballard, who worked in a child sex crimes unit, was deeply traumatized by the horrific images he encountered, and it made him physically ill and terrified for the safety of his own children. Recovering from such trauma involves developing a profound philosophy of evil and confronting the reality that there are millions of individuals who indulge in watching children being raped and sexually assaulted. This realization changes a person's life forever, and it requires seeking help and support to cope with the psychological effects. It also emphasizes the importance of standing up against evil in the world and protecting the innocent.

    The Complex Process of Becoming a Pedophile and the Pathways to Adaptation and Responsibility

    The process of becoming a pedophile involves a complex combination of personal choices, psychological factors, and external influences. Tim Ballard, through his work on child trafficking, experienced deep emotional and mental struggles, including PTSD and paranoia about his own children's safety. Jordan Peterson highlights the story of Cain and Abel as a metaphor for the two pathways to adaptation that human beings can take. Abel represents the path of taking responsibility and making genuine sacrifices, leading to success and favor from God. On the other hand, Cain represents the path of cutting corners and harboring resentment, which ultimately leads to rejection and a sense of injustice. Additionally, Peterson explains how the fantasies of dark individuals intensify over time, driven by a desire for novelty and revenge. Ultimately, these micro-decisions shape their path towards committing heinous acts. This conversation underscores the importance of personal responsibility, self-reflection, and the prevention of dark fantasies from escalating.

    The Gradual Descent into Evil: Understanding the Dangers of Overstimulation and Collaborating with Evil Forces.

    There is a dangerous progression from normalcy to perversion that occurs through the violation of one's own conscience. It is not a sudden leap, but rather a gradual descent driven by vengefulness, sadism, and the pursuit of novelty. This descent into hell is often accompanied by bitter resentment and anger towards the world. The conversation highlights the importance of understanding the dangers of overstimulation and overuse of pornography, which can lead to collaborative ventures with evil forces. Both Jordan Peterson and Tim Ballard share their experiences with encountering individuals who engage in heinous acts, emphasizing the deceptive nature of evil as it often presents itself in ordinary-looking people. Investigation and dialogue with these individuals reveal a disturbing normalization of their actions, demonstrating that something non-human has taken over, causing them to lose their humanity.

    The Manipulative Rationalizations of Pedophiles: Distorting Perception of Immoral Actions

    There are people who rationalize and deceive themselves in order to justify their immoral actions, such as pedophilia. Jordan Peterson explains that pedophiles often use a series of lies to modify their self-conception and view their actions as normal or even beneficial for children. They may claim that they are allowing children to express their true desires and forming meaningful relationships with them. However, this is a blatant lie and a justification for their exploitative behavior. Such rationalization is rooted in the belief that all sexual expression is inherently good and that societal constraints should be removed. It is crucial to recognize these manipulative justifications and protect the innocence of children.

    Seeking Truth and Faith as a Shield against the Darkness

    When playing characters associated with evil or darkness, it is important for actors to seek truth and guidance from God instead of immersing themselves in the darkness. By doing so, actors can protect themselves from being deceived and can ensure that their portrayal of evil remains authentic and devoid of false glorification. The conversation also highlights the danger of portraying evil in a way that inadvertently glamorizes or romanticizes it, as this can mislead the audience about the true nature of evil. Additionally, it raises the question of the potential psychological consequences for actors who deeply immerse themselves in portraying evil. Seeking truth and relying on faith can provide a shield against these dangers and help actors stay grounded in light and authenticity.

    The transformative power of experiencing darkness and pain, and the importance of confronting societal issues.

    Experiencing and portraying the darkness and pain of the world can transform an individual's perspective and motivations. Jim Caviezel, while discussing his role in a movie, emphasizes the deep emotional impact it had on him, causing him to weep and experience physical hardships. He acknowledges the necessity of confronting the horrors of human trafficking and pornography to awaken others and bring them back to God. This experience has shifted his focus from self-concern to the urgency of addressing these issues and protecting future generations. Jim's commitment to sacrificing his life if it could eradicate these evils highlights his deep conviction. Additionally, Jordan Peterson reflects on the paradoxical notion of retaining childlike innocence while incorporating adult wisdom, suggesting that such a combination can result in a higher form of being.

    Confronting Darkness and Finding Redemption: A Journey of Spiritual Growth and Strength

    Facing darkness and malevolence head-on can lead to spiritual growth and the ability to bear the weight of tragedy and suffering. Tim Ballard emphasizes the importance of maintaining a childlike innocence and a strong relationship with God, particularly Jesus, who stands against the abuse of children. He finds solace in giving his burdens to Jesus and feels a profound sense of relief and support from doing so. Jordan Peterson adds to this by discussing the mythology of the passion story, suggesting that descending into the darkest realms is necessary for ultimate redemption and rebirth. By confronting malevolence, individuals can transform themselves and find a brighter light within. Additionally, Tim Ballard highlights the significance of his wife's support, showing how the encounter with darkness has strengthened their relationship.

    Embracing Truth and Overcoming Challenges for Personal Growth and Fulfillment

    Embracing the burden of truth and facing the challenges that come with it is essential for personal growth and fulfillment. Tim Ballard and his wife recognized that relying on God and surrendering their fears and doubts allowed them to take courageous actions to help children in need. Jordan Peterson reinforces this concept by highlighting the importance of speaking the truth, even in the face of adversity. He emphasizes that avoiding difficult situations and seeking comfort or security ultimately weakens us. Instead, he encourages embracing the unknown and letting go of outcomes, as the truth will lead to a life full of adventure and the manifestation of the best possible reality, even if it may initially cause discomfort.

    The Importance of Taking Risks and Following One's True Calling

    Taking the secure path may lead to a violation of one's own integrity. Jordan Peterson emphasizes that faculty members who choose security over following their true calling often end up with a false sense of security and a compromised soul. Tim Ballard's decision to quit his job and forego his pension in order to rescue children seemed crazy and risky. However, his wife's strong faith and insights gained through motherhood enabled her to stand behind him in this venture. Despite the initial financial concerns, Tim's decision led to unexpected support and resources coming his way. Ultimately, by fully committing to his mission, Tim not only made a positive impact, but also found greater financial security and more opportunities than he would have otherwise. This demonstrates the importance of taking risks and following one's true calling, as it can lead to unforeseen success and fulfillment.

    Overcoming Challenges for Personal and Professional Growth

    Taking on challenges and confronting weaknesses can lead to personal and professional growth. Tim Ballard shares how facing challenges has made him stronger and opened up more opportunities in his life. Jordan Peterson agrees, emphasizing that voluntarily confronting and mastering burdens can make one more confident, credible, and a better communicator. They discuss how this increased charisma and success can attract support and assistance from others. The conversation also highlights the importance of raising awareness about child trafficking and protecting children from harm. Tim Ballard emphasizes the need to connect the different ways in which children are being targeted and harmed, and urges action to address these issues.

    Protecting Children from Exploitation: A Call to Action

    The protection of children from exploitation and abuse is increasingly at risk. Tim Ballard expresses concern about the erosion of laws that safeguard children and allow efforts to combat human trafficking. Jordan Peterson shares a story about a young girl who underwent invasive procedures and experienced difficulties in relationships due to her choices. Both speakers emphasize the devastating consequences of a culture that claims to empower children but instead exposes them to harm. They highlight the importance of addressing these issues and promoting awareness to prevent further exploitation. Despite resistance from traditional movie studios, they discuss the potential success of their film, "Sound of Freedom," which aims to shed light on the issue of trafficked children.

    The Evolving Film Industry: Exploring Alternative Distribution Methods

    The film industry is evolving, and alternative distribution methods are emerging. Jim Caviezel expresses the need for more theaters to serve the public, but Jordan Peterson sees this as a positive problem, as it can generate publicity and expand distribution opportunities. Examples like Matt Walsh's success on Twitter and Angel Studios' unorthodox online distribution show that films now have multiple venues for reaching audiences. Additionally, the involvement of influential figures like Elon Musk, who tweeted about the film, can significantly impact its distribution. However, the conversation also highlights the challenges faced with censorship on platforms like YouTube. Overall, the conversation emphasizes the importance of exploring different avenues for film distribution and adapting to changes in the industry.

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    Bruce Pardy is executive director of Rights Probe, a law and liberty thinktank, and professor of law at Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, Canada. He is a lawyer, academic, columnist, and outspoken critic of the illiberal managerial state, fighting at the front lines of the culture war inside the law. Bruce writes for the National Post, Epoch Times, and the Brownstone Institute, among others, and serves as senior fellow at the Fraser Institute, the Macdonald-Laurier Institute, and the Frontier Centre for Public Policy. He has taught at law schools in Canada, the United States and New Zealand, practiced civil litigation in Toronto, and served as adjudicator and mediator on the Ontario Environmental Tribunal. The legal ground, Bruce has written, is shifting beneath our feet. The individual is losing to the collective. An ever-expanding bureaucracy regulates life from cradle to grave, including private behavior and speech, in the name of common good. The law has become discretionary, arbitrary, and unequal. The end of Western liberal civilization, as we have known it, is conceivable.

    Konstantin Kisin is a Russian-British satirist, social commentator, and co-host of the TRIGGERnometry Youtube show. He is also the author of “An Immigrant's Love Letter to the West,” a Sunday Times bestseller. He has written for several publications, including Quillette, The Spectator, The Daily Telegraph, and Standpoint, on issues relating to tech censorship, woke culture, comedy, and other topics, but he currently publishes articles on his popular Substack. Kisin made headlines in 2018 when he refused to sign a "safe space contract" to perform comedy at a British college and again in 2023 when he participated in an Oxford Union debate on the motion of "This House Believes Woke Culture Has Gone Too Far." His speech at the debate received viral attention and has been seen by over 100 million people around the world.



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    441. TBD | Tor Nørretranders

    441. TBD | Tor Nørretranders

    Dr. Jordan B. Peterson sits down with author and speaker Tor Nørretranders. They discuss the entropy of emotion, the nature of pointlessness, the over-civilization of societal structures, how relationships shape perception, and why play might be the antithesis to tyranny.


    Tor Nørretranders is an independent author, thinker and speaker based in Denmark, serving an international audience. He has published over 30 books on topics ranging from society to human consciousness.



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    The User Illusion:



    The Generous Man:



    Wild food and agriculture:





    Website https://www.tor.dk/


    Article “We Are Waking Up” : https://www.tor.dk/2019/05/06/we-are-waking-up/