358. Drugs, Homelessness, and Shady Metro Dealings | Anthony Furey

    Toronto's bureaucracy's focus on micromanaging and slowing down the approval process stifles progress and economic growth, and the city needs to shift its attention towards enabling progress and beautification measures.

    enMay 18, 2023

    About this Episode

    Dr. Jordan B. Peterson speaks with Anthony Furey on his current run for mayor of Toronto, breaking down the key issues in the areas of homelessness, injection sites, transportation, bike lanes, and general safety. Anthony makes his case for running, and explains what he wants to focus on and what he places as top priority, driving the message that all politics are local, and so we can all fight for the changes we wish to see.


    Anthony Furey is a journalist, broadcaster, and political commentator with over 15 years of experience. He has covered numerous elections with breakdowns of candidates and their positions, while also appearing on many news outlets such as CTV, CBC, and Global News. Now running for mayor of Toronto, Furey seeks to champion policies that respect the taxpayer, promote economic growth, and enhance public safety.



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    If you’re a concerned citizen in Ontario, this is where you can go to donate to Anthony Furey’s campaign!


    🔑 Key Takeaways

    • Anthony Fury aims to address urban decay, homelessness and police morale through a fresh approach, as the current political system has failed to solve these problems. Public focus has shifted towards core issues like law and order in recent years.
    • Municipal government handles daily tasks like garbage collection, transportation, and policing that directly impact people's lives. Prioritizing this level of government is crucial for efficient and effective governance.
    • Toronto's bike lanes are poorly designed and hinder economic productivity without actually benefiting the environment. There should be a conversation about integrating multiple forms of transportation and using non-arterial roads for bike lanes.
    • Leaders should seek guidance from experts, accept criticism, and prioritize results over social approval. Bringing business best practices and elevating productive voices can solve municipal issues.
    • Effective leaders listen to their constituents and gather input from experts to address actual problems. It is crucial to bring people from all walks of life to the table and collaborate with those who have different expertise or perspectives. AI systems like ion can help aggregate public concerns.
    • Prioritizing treatment, expanding social network, and intelligent leadership are key to improving public safety, addressing drug crisis, and creating a better city. Focusing on building beautiful buildings & creating jobs can also tackle decay.
    • While compassion for the homeless is important, cities must prioritize the safety and accessibility of public spaces for all. This can be achieved by enforcing strict rules on drug use and relocating individuals to appropriate locations.
    • Supporting law enforcement is crucial to restoring their morale and reputation, as anti-police sentiment harms core public services. Investing in policing and public transportation can improve safety in Toronto.
    • To ensure projects are completed on time and within budget, stakeholders must prioritize accountability and effective supervision. This means holding contractors accountable for mistakes, managing outsourcing, and prioritizing results over spending.
    • To build a vibrant and innovative cultural hub, Toronto needs to prioritize excellence and accountability in public sector contracts, demand revitalization of waterfront, and prioritize beautification, boldness, and efficiency over bureaucracy and special interests.
    • Toronto's bureaucracy's focus on micromanaging and slowing down the approval process stifles progress and economic growth, and the city needs to shift its attention towards enabling progress and beautification measures.
    • Furey's plan includes phasing out drug injection sites, bringing back beat cops, and focusing on minor infractions to keep the city clean and safe while prioritizing the city's overall appeal to businesses and reinvestment.
    • Residents rely on Facebook groups for information on safety concerns, but officials need to address issues of urban decay. By co-opting graffiti artists and prioritizing academic excellence, children can learn important values like responsibility and punctuality.
    • By involving ourselves in the political process, we can prevent extreme and incompetent individuals from taking over. Joining political campaigns can be heartening, provide opportunities to connect with others and develop new skills, and ultimately make a positive impact on society.
    • Contributing financially, networking, volunteering, and gaining street wisdom are crucial in supporting campaigns like Anthony Furey's. Focusing on similarities and positive change can bring people together for a greater impact.
    • Getting involved in political campaigns can enhance social and leadership skills, but it is important to carefully consider the candidates' visions and prioritize the goal of improving the city over personal career advancement.
    • Furey's focus is on improving public safety to attract development and habitation, while avoiding new taxes and increasing affordable housing. He wants to enhance transportation solutions, support parents' rights and combat corruption, aiming for reasonable policies.

    📝 Podcast Summary

    Canadian Journalist Runs for Toronto Mayor to Tackle City's Acute Issues

    Anthony Fury, a Canadian journalist and broadcaster, is running for the position of mayor of Toronto to address the acute issues faced by the city, such as homelessness, urban decay, and demoralized police. According to Mr. Fury, the status quo of politicians has caused these problems, and they are unlikely to fix them. The center has shifted in recent years to focus on issues that the apolitical people care about, i.e., crime, law and order, and core services that we rely on in our daily lives. The crisis of municipal government is escalating across the western world. The content created by Jordan Peterson over the past year is his best to date and provides an opportunity for a limited time to access his knowledge through a seven-day free trial on Daily Wire Plus.

    The Importance of Municipal Government in Daily Life

    In local politics, municipal government is the most crucial level that affects people's day-to-day lives, given that all politics are local. Responsible for tasks like garbage collection, transportation, and policing, it's no surprise that these issues can cause significant controversy. The switch from efficient garbage disposal to a moral play has become extremely time-consuming and expensive. Meanwhile, the war on automobiles and the multiplication of bike lanes is driven by an anti-development agenda that has proven to be quite polarizing. Though a small constituency is fixated on bike lanes passionately, the majority of people in Toronto are tired of the obsession with putting bike lanes in every major road. In the end, it's crucial to prioritize the level of government that has a direct impact on people's daily routines.

    The Problems with Toronto's Bike Lanes

    Bike lanes in Toronto are totalitarian in their hideousness, snarling up traffic and interfering with economic productivity. They have transformed riding a bike into a messianic moral crusade, while doing absolutely no good for the planet. There are many underused roads adjacent to major roads that are safer to bike on and wouldn't interfere with traffic. Rather than limit people's choices, there needs to be a sensible discussion about integrating multiple forms of transportation, including electric scooters and cars, and making sure our ambulances can work. It's time to tear up the concrete block dividers and plastic tubes and put bike lanes on non-arterial roads.

    Importance of Humility and Expert Guidance in Leadership

    Anthony Furey, a candidate for the mayoralty race in Toronto, believes that leaders must have the humility to seek the guidance of experts and not be afraid of criticism. He understands the importance of receiving feedback from people from all walks of life. Furey also believes that leaders must not covet social approval and that to do their job, they must be willing to annoy irritable ideologues. He underscores the need to bring business best practices to city hall and to elevate voices that can actually get things done. As a journalist for over a decade, he has developed the skills and network to navigate municipal issues and devise policies with guidance from experts. Furey's qualifications stem from his ability to tap into the best people to get the job done.

    The Art of Listening: Keys to Effective Leadership

    Leadership is all about listening to people and surrounding oneself with experts while being willing to learn from them. Great leaders go out and gather input from their constituents, resulting in policies that address actual problems. The ability to bring people from all walks of life to the table is crucial, particularly those who don't have access to lobbyists. Small businesses and restaurants, for example, have been hit hard by Covid and need a voice at the table. Artificial intelligence systems like ion can also be used to aggregate public concerns. Leaders who are willing to listen and collaborate with others, particularly those who have a different expertise or perspective, are the ones who will best serve their communities.

    Anthony Furey's Vision for a Safer, Beautiful Toronto

    Anthony Furey's vision for Toronto involves improving public safety and addressing the drug crisis by prioritizing treatment over new drug injection sites. His plan includes investing in building beautiful buildings and bringing jobs back to downtown while tackling the decay aspects of the city. He emphasizes the importance of expanding his social network to ensure the concerns of all groups, including those without paid lobbyists, are heard. Furey stresses the need for intelligent leaders who are conscientious, dedicated, and have a wide social network to multiply competence and get things done effectively. His vision is to create a city worth fighting for and throw 100% passion into it.

    Creating Safe Public Spaces and Addressing Homelessness

    Cities must set stringent rules surrounding acceptable public behavior on drug use and not turn over valuable public spaces to homeless encampments. While compassion for homeless individuals with troubles is necessary, allowing them to destroy themselves and public property is not helpful. The police should remove tents and relocate individuals to other suitable locations. Politicians must not fear headlines and prioritize the needs of the silent majority who want public spaces to be safe and available for all to enjoy.

    The Importance of Supporting Good Cops and Prioritizing Policing in Toronto

    Anthony Furey talks about the importance of supporting good cops and restoring the morale of law enforcement officers. He highlights how the anti-police movement in recent years has harmed the reputation of the police force. Furey emphasizes the need to prioritize funding in core services, including public transportation and policing. He also discusses how the lack of beat cops in Toronto has led to an increase in crime and disorder. Furey plans to invest in these core services and ensure the safety of Torontonians. Furthermore, Furey discusses his intentions to sue Metrolinks for a billion dollars due to breach of contract and damages.

    The Importance of Accountability and Supervision in the Construction Industry and Government.

    The construction industry and government officials need to focus on accountability and supervision to ensure projects are completed on time and within budget. The culture of accepting delay and inefficiency must change to prioritize results over spending. Contractors need to be held accountable for their mistakes and incompetence, while government officials need to take their responsibility seriously and manage the outsourcing properly. The failure to do so results in wasted resources, missed opportunities, and significant impacts on people's lives and businesses. Effective supervision and accountability are essential for the success of any project, whether it's a home renovation or a major construction project.

    The Roadmap to a World-Class City: Learning from Montreal's Success.

    Toronto needs to demand excellence and accountability from contractors in public sector contracts and take legal action against those in breach of contract. The city should also focus on revitalizing its waterfront and embracing big, bold, and exciting ideas for development to rebuild the city. This requires breaking free from bureaucracy, special interests, and slow-moving approval processes to create a vibrant and innovative cultural hub. Toronto should learn from Montreal's success and focus on creating a world-class city through prioritizing beautification, boldness, and efficiency.

    Toronto's Culture of "No" and Its Effect on Progress and Economic Growth

    Toronto's bureaucracy and government seem focused on micromanaging and slowing down the approval process for new initiatives, rather than expediting them and saying yes to progress. This is evident in the delays for heritage designation meetings, the lack of diversification in food carts, and the recent decision to charge fees for outdoor patios. This culture of no, as Jordan Peterson calls it, permeates Toronto's thinking and stifles economic growth while enabling dangerous drug culture. The city needs to shift its focus towards enabling progress and beautification measures, rather than just finding ways to make money off of them.

    Anthony Furey's Vision for a Safer Toronto

    Anthony Furey, a mayoral candidate in Toronto, emphasizes public safety as his main priority. His plan includes phasing out drug injection sites, bringing back beat cops, and focusing on minor infractions to keep the city clean and safe. He acknowledges concerns about excessive policing but believes the pendulum has swung too far in the wrong direction with the current anti-police sentiment. Furey also emphasizes the importance of making the city beautiful again to attract businesses and encourage reinvestment. He acknowledges the need to prioritize and make tough decisions as a leader, rather than taking on a long list of problems without focus.

    Toronto Community Safety and the Role of Facebook Groups, Graffiti, and Education

    Community safety is an important issue in Toronto, and mainstream media layoffs mean that crime news is not being highlighted enough. Community Facebook groups provide a vital source of information for residents, but authorities are not always responding effectively to crime and safety concerns. The issue of urban decay, including graffiti and drug paraphernalia, also adds to the problem. To combat this, officials could co-opt talented artists involved in graffiti to channel their skills into more productive avenues. Additionally, the education system in Toronto needs to focus more on academic excellence and accountability, rather than activism. A zero-consequence environment may hurt the development of children and encourage them to underestimate the importance of punctuality and responsibility.

    Why Getting Involved in Politics is Important for Competent Individuals

    Involving oneself in the political process is important to prevent extreme and incompetent individuals from taking over. Getting involved in political campaigns can be heartening and make one more optimistic, as well as provide opportunities to connect with others and develop new skills. Anthony Furey's mayoral campaign website, fury.ca, offers various ways for individuals to get involved, including volunteering and spreading the word. The rise of the woke nightmare is a reflection of the abdication of the competent, making it all the more important for centrist and competent individuals to participate in the political process.

    Activating Networks and Supporting Campaigns through Contribution and Involvement

    Activating different networks and meeting people is crucial to spreading the word about campaigns, which also require financial contributions. Anthony Furey's campaign offers a rebate program where contributors get 75% of their money back after the election. With a divided field of serious left-leaning campaigns, Furey's campaign presents a unique opportunity for like-minded individuals. Contributing financially, voting, networking, and volunteering in activities like door knocking, distributing flyers, and attending events are all ways to support the campaign. Street wisdom is invaluable in gaining insights on what the people want in the city, and focusing on similarities rather than differences brings individuals together for positive change.

    Benefits and Considerations for Involvement in Political Campaigns

    Getting involved in political campaigns can improve social skills, expand networks, and provide opportunities to take on responsibility and learn rapidly. It can also prevent non-productive narcissistic tyranny by ensuring responsible people take up political responsibilities. However, it is important to be aware of the different visions put forward by mayoral candidates, such as Olivia Chow's plan to tear down the gardener and increase taxes. Young people should not prioritize career advancement over the goal of making the city better, but involvement in political campaigns can provide a valuable learning experience and networking opportunities.

    Anthony Furey's Vision for Toronto: Restoring Trust and Encouraging Development

    Toronto's mayoral candidate Anthony Furey is focused on reestablishing trust in public safety to encourage development and habitation while avoiding crazy new taxes and increasing affordable housing units. He believes in a positive vision for Toronto, with more vibrant public spaces, artistic and cultural events. Furey is advocating for greater intelligence solutions to transportation that don't hinder traffic flow, as well as remediation of corruption in the transportation sector. He is dedicated to supporting parents' rights and fighting against bonkers survey questions being sent home with grade threes. Furey sees the opportunity for a shift toward policies aligned with reasonable views, and wants to become the next mayor of Toronto.

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    In recent years, Dr. Moore has been focused on the promotion of sustainability and consensus building among competing concerns. He was a member of the British Columbia government-appointed Round Table on the Environment and Economy from 1990 - 1994. In 1990, Dr. Moore founded and chaired the BC Carbon Project, a group that worked to develop a common understanding of climate change.


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