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    On the RP Strength Podcast, RP co-founders Dr Mike & Nick Shaw breakdown tons of hypertrophy training, nutrition, and other fitness related topics. As a bonus, you'll get plenty of laughs as they go down various tangents on every episode!
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    Dr. Mike's Future In Bodybuilding

    Dr. Mike's Future In Bodybuilding

    0:46 Mike’s life changes

    6:53 How his recent show went

    10:39 Bodybuilding shows don’t set you up to do your best

    18:42 Mike’s tanning fail

    22:05 What’s missing

    27:23 Why bodybuilding isn’t good for Mike

    34:31 Not reading comments on social media

    46:06 Why you don’t look your best at a show

    50:06 Mike’s going off drugs

    56:28 Focusing on Youtube and BJJ

    RP Strength Podcast
    enJuly 15, 2024

    RP Super Coach Christy Alexon

    RP Super Coach Christy Alexon

    0:25 The other Dr Mike is better looking

    2:11 What its like teaching summer school

    8:44 Running into students in “out”

    12:40 Dealing with supportive and sabotaging spouses

    18:20 Communication and transparency

    20:45 Child nutrition

    24:39 What kids think about bodybuilding competition

    32:54 Learning how to pose

    43:35 Building a proper nutrition foundation

    44:45 Trouble cutting for summer with social events

    48:12 Christle beats Mike up in BJJ

    49:16 The grocery store question

    56:26 Rapid fire questions

    RP Strength Podcast
    enJuly 01, 2024

    RP Super Coach Robert Santana

    RP Super Coach Robert Santana

    0:16 Dr. Robert Santana

    0:48 Why Mike has no hair

    3:36 Advanced dog training

    13:15 How hiking cured Roberts knees

    17:00 The Phoenix food scene

    21:07 Vegas food scene and degeneracy

    27:31 How to be the best coaching client

    34:40 Dealing with know-it-all clients

    39:30 Robert’s form checks

    44:31 Clients think weight room should feel like cardio

    48:26 The grocery store question

    52:19 Rapid Fire questions

    RP Strength Podcast
    enJune 24, 2024

    MORE Frequently Asked Questions

    MORE Frequently Asked Questions

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    0:12 Real Doctor Mike collab

    2:11 Staying In Time Square

    6:06 When Is maintenance needed

    13:35 Ashley Madison story

    19:26 Don’t lie to the RP apps

    23:00 Mike is taking it easier for his show

    24:40 When’s the last time Mike used Versa Gripps

    30:58 Blood flow restriction  training

    37:00 Balancing lifting with physical job

    43:23 How to train when session are close

    47:07 How to build your next meso cycle

    RP Strength Podcast
    enJune 17, 2024

    RP Super Coach Jennifer Price

    RP Super Coach Jennifer Price

    0:29 Being on the podcast isn’t an honor

    2:50 What is there to do in Athens Georgia

    6:05 How Jen got into fitness and coaching

    10:54 Dealing with gastroparesis as a teen

    14:06 When is the last time you had McDonald’s

    16:32 Moderation vs abstaining on diets

    21:26 Dealing with guilt on a diet

    29:12 Can you help really difficult clients

    34:04 Early signs of falling off the wagon

    36:57 When and how to change your goals

    47:50 When spouses aren’t supportive of a diet

    53:44 RD’s perspective on Ozempic

    1:02:17 Rapid fire questions

    RP Strength Podcast
    enJune 10, 2024

    What It Feels Like to Squat 1000 LBS w Dr. Derek Wilcox

    What It Feels Like to Squat 1000 LBS w Dr. Derek Wilcox

    0:40 Dr. Derek needs witness protection

    4:31 Mike doesn’t recommend jujitsu

    7:43 Best order for lifting and jujitsu training

    16:36 Proper periodization for lifting and jujitsu

    19:29 What makes a good training client

    24:04 The Highland Games

    26:50 What is the life of a true competitor

    32:32 Participant vs competitor

    42:27 What it feels like to have 1000lbs on your back

    52:25 Powerlifting meet strategy

    57:15 Rapid fire questions

    RP Strength Podcast
    enJune 03, 2024

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Frequently Asked Questions

    1:18 What’s Mikes fav Lambo

    3:51 Where do babies come from

    10:36 The best way to get abs for stage

    16:20 Nick took his kids to Vegas

    27:35 How to get a pump if you have trouble

    37:10 How to train differently if you’re older

    47:40 Training for longevity

    56:11 More anti aging tips

    58:52 How much do cold plunge etc affect muscle grow

    RP Strength Podcast
    enMay 27, 2024

    RP Super Coach Trevor Pfaendtner

    RP Super Coach Trevor Pfaendtner

    0:27 Coach Dr. Trevor Pfaendtner’s name problems

    4:35 Mike’s IG algorithm quirks

    7:27 Mukbang client and eating challenges

    16:25 Force feeding football players

    21:07 Trevor’s weight GAIN journey

    23:23 Drinking insane carbs during workout

    26:44 Go to meals for insane weight gain

    30:24 Best sleeping temperature

    37:45 Trevor is a nerd gamer

    43:07 Mercilessly beating your family at games

    50:11 Amazing client stories

    56:36 Approaching diet with kids

    1:00:23 How long Trevor has been coaching

    RP Strength Podcast
    enMay 13, 2024

    All about Failure Training

    All about Failure Training

    0:18 The other Dr. Mike

    1:02 The eclipse

    4:21 Nick’s pull-up video controversy, grip talk

    11:44 Ray Kurzweil prediction

    17:07 Training To Failure Intro

    19:02 What is true failure

    25:48 The three types of failure

    30:20 Volume vs intensity

    32:24 Results vs enjoyment

    36:57 How to find real failure

    42:37 Flirting with failure

    47:51 Nick makes his son run 400s

    Lessons Learned From Thousands of Clients w Coach Jen Case

    Lessons Learned From Thousands of Clients w Coach Jen Case

    0:42  Dr. Jen has too many animals

    2:46 Jen’s insane credentials

    9:22 Jen’s martial arts background

    13:33 Ego in BJJ

    21:45 Jen Is a glass blower

    26:51 What Nick MUST do when he visits Italy

    31:08 Asking Jen the famous grocery store question

    35:05 Planning is the most important for clients

    39:42 Clients want to drink alcohol and lose fat

    45:08 Preparing a client for wedding weight loss

    49:33 Dealing with unrealistic goals

    54:28 Characteristics of the most successful clients

    Lessons From RP All-Star Coach Nathan Jenkins

    Lessons From RP All-Star Coach Nathan Jenkins

    0:50 Watching inappropriate movies w your parents

    4:23 Dr. Nathan Jenkins smokes meats

    8:10 Balancing alcohol and a healthy life

    11:20 Working out with no music

    15:22 Motivation in training

    20:19 Pacing yourself

    27:07 Long term thinking

    29:55 Coaching is teaching

    38:33 Meeting people where they are in their health journey

    49:21 What makes a successful client

    52:44 Rapid fire questions

    When Is It Time To Diet?

    When Is It Time To Diet?

    0:27 Mike’s biggest adversary in middle School

    1:30 Mike is starting prep

    9:22 How do you know when its time to diet

    10:45 High diet fatigue

    15:29 extreme fatigue

    16:36 Sleep troubles

    24:41 Aversion to junk food

    29:53 Momentum

    33:36 Don’t like how you look after a mass

    39:15 Health markers are bad

    41:50 Don’t cut when beginning your  fitness journey

    46:05 Don’t cut around major life events

    Fueling For Endurance Sport With Alex Harrison

    Fueling For Endurance Sport With Alex Harrison

    0:48 Endurance expert Alex Harrison

    1:55 His app for endurance athletes

    4:15 What is a “long” endurance activity

    7:48 Do you need nutrients in endurance activities

    11:07 What should you be intaking

    14:43 What do people get wrong

    20:21 Anti water people exist

    25:44 Dealing with pain in endurance sports

    29:17 Endurance athlete diets

    33:57 The 1500m race is the hardest thing to do

    37:55 Why you might want to try endurance sport

    44:09 Nutrition dogma among runners

    52:08 Fan culture in running

    54:50 Power to weight ratio

    56:30 310 mile bike race horror story

    How Does body fat percentage affect health?

    How Does body fat percentage affect health?


    0:18 Nick has a good joke

    1:14 When Nick and Mike got fat

    2:28 Body fat role in health

    5:22 25 Percent body fat (males)

    9:04 20 Percent body fat

    9:55 10 to 20 Percent body fat

    13:30 Sub 10 perecent

    19:42 Nick’s competition history

    21:44 40 percent body fat (females)

    22:41 30- 40 percent body fat

    25:45 20-20 percent

    27:37 Discussions of body fat in media

    29:20 15 -20 perecent

    35:53 Contest prep effects on women

    41:25 Next gen obesity drugs

    Versa Gripps + Frequently Asked Questions

    Versa Gripps + Frequently Asked Questions

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    0:16 Mike’s Arnold experience

    5:57 Mike’s Versa Gripp stash

    9:22 How Mike was rejected by Versa Gripps

    11:30 The new deal with Versa

    14:56 What Versa Gripps are made of

    18:59 FAQs- Best time to train?

    32:28 Mikes fav pre workout meal

    35:15 Pre workout caffeine late in the day

    39:20 Chris Williamson’s new drink

    47:06 Training while sore

    1:01:28 Getting one star reviews

    How To Tell If You're Training Hard Enough

    How To Tell If You're Training Hard Enough
    0:28 Mike got sick in Vegas “working”
    2:10 Why the podcast missed episodes
    5:45 Training hard with bad technique
    8:38 Relative Effort
    14:15 Teasing our 1 set leg workout video
    16:55 How to tell if you’re training hard
    24:24 The bar feeling heavy
    26:32 Harder than last time squawk
    32:50 How to tell if you’re pushing yourself
    42:58 Rep Fall-Off Between Sets
    46:19 How can you tell if some one else is going hard
    51:47 Its what you give not what you receive
    58:17 How to treat clients

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