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    Episodes muse about writing copy that sells. Finally, get beyond the written word into the psychology, persuasion, and methods that get copy written. Learn to write faster and convert more. Grow your freelance copywriting into a marketing agency that runs on autopilot.
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    A sure fire way to lose subscribers (and clients)

    A sure fire way to lose subscribers (and clients)
    Don't do this if you want more clients. I make this mistake all the time. It makes my life more difficult as a copywriter or marketer.

    The biggest takeaway is that "monthly regular, better than weekly irregular." When it comes to prospect communications, regular is better.

    Listen carefully if you use podcasting or periodic content to build your client list. My last episode was in December for one of my channels; now it is February.

    I wasn't slacking. I had billable client work, published in other channels, and been engaged elsewhere. Fortunately, I have so many channels, but I could see the drop in analytics.

    This is for freelance copywriters or marketers who feel overwhelmed by content creation. Remember, you aren't in the content business. You are in the business of marketing copywriting services.

    Want to improve your ability to write copy that sells? Want to learn the business of copywriting? Join us at https://www.adbriefing.co.uk/newsletter/

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    Content Creation Best Practices You Will Ignore

    Content Creation Best Practices You Will Ignore
    Publish, promote, promote some more: The truth about content creation. The content treadmill is real. Let's answer the question of how content marketing can generate leads.

    Everyone's scrambling for trends in the content creation gold rush. They seek the next big algorithm hack. But amidst the noise, a question whispers: What content helps create new customers?

    I'm not about about chasing clickbait or fleeting virality. You know something isn't right about content creation "best practices," the gurus proclaim.

    There is an attraction to being popular, but I'm more interested in you being profitable. As a content marketing agency, my team tests what works and what doesn't.

    Results come from hard work and by design. There is no shortcut to content that transcends trends. Yet there is a proven approach to speaking directly to prospects' desires.

    Join me as I delve into timeless principles of effective communication. I'll focus on content marketing strategy rather than trying to nail the latest trend. It starts with evergreen content.

    If you'd like to go into more depth, we can explore the art of storytelling that captivates. Learn how to craft writing that resonates with your audience. Join us at https://www.adbriefing.co.uk/newsletter/?utm_source=006-l0427a&utm_medium=spreaker&utm_campaign=n1127b&utm_content=content-creation-best-practices-you-ignore

    Forget the fads and algorithms. I celebrate the slow burn of evergreen content. Write the kind of content you can measure, optimize, and improve for lead generation. A lead can tell you what works.

    If you'd like me to look at your back catalog, many best practices increase conversion rates. Ask your specific questions here, https://www.adbriefing.co.uk/contact/?utm_source=006-l0427a&utm_medium=spreaker&utm_campaign=n1127b&utm_content=content-creation-best-practices-you-ignore

    As a copywriter, I want you to build your legacy on substance, not hype. Learn quiet perseverance that is amplified with foundational direct response principles.

    Every freelance copywriter, marketer, or business owner has a story to share. This podcast is your sanctuary from the content chaos. I'm here to help you share that story with clients who will pay, stay, and refer.

    Here, we find solace in the power of genuine connection. A place to build business relationships through words that sell. I'm looking forward to your comments below.

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    A $20k a Month Podcast, Is It Possible?

    A $20k a Month Podcast, Is It Possible?
    Do you have a high-traffic website but no revenue to show for it? That's typical for podcasts, YouTube channels, and content websites.

    You must do something different to earn $20,000 a year or more. That's what this episode is about. How to add additional streams of income to any periodic audio or video podcast.

    The office is so busy lately that I cannot get through a podcast without an inbound call. That's a great place to be. But not the kind of distraction I need.

    Start with understanding current earnings. Use a measure called CPM. This is "cost per mille" or "cost per thousand." The number doesn't matter; improve it each month.

    But advertising alone won't get you to $20,000 a month. That's where so many podcasters, influencers, and publishers make a huge mistake. As a copywriter or marketer, you can help.

    Want to grow your freelance copywriting business? This is only one example of the hundreds of ways smart copywriters grow their bottom line. Join us for more ideas at https://www.adbriefing.co.uk/newsletter/?utm_source=007-k0225a&utm_medium=spreaker&utm_campaign=n1127b&utm_content=is-20k-month-podcast-possible

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    Stop writing content! Get clients instead

    Stop writing content! Get clients instead
    If content got you clients, then every copywriter and consultant would be rich. Churning out content is the de facto standard.

    Writing content is easier than ever before. AI writing tools can write hundreds of articles in seconds. Folks focus on content because it feels like progress.

    Instead of writing content, there is a better, more reliable way to get clients. Big technology doesn't want you to know about this productivity hack.

    Writing for clients rather than clicks is what this episode is about. Stop working for Google, YouTube, and Facebook without getting paid.

    Are you a copywriter or marketer who wants more clients? Get client attracting insights, join us at https://www.adbriefing.co.uk/newsletter/

    Do you want more sales and grow your opportunity? It starts by becoming a recognized expert. Learn how here, https://www.jwhco.com/product/establish-instant-credibility/

    Justin Hitt is an expert in helping subject matter experts attract high-ticket assignments. With his help, clients have gained more than a billion dollars in growth in the last two decades.

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    Triple Conversion Cleaning Up Content The Right Way

    Triple Conversion Cleaning Up Content The Right Way
    Stop wasting time chasing Google Search updates. Most websites can't convert traffic even if search engines send you traffic.

    Stop deleting content on a hunch chasing rankings. Instead, use a scientific approach that triples conversion.

    You're in the right place if you want double digital conversion rates and more cash flow from your business website.

    This approach looks at extracting best practices for lead and sales conversion. Then turns those best practices into better evergreen content.

    Evergreen content helps you draw consistent visitors and conversion. You'll have more predictable results for your business website.

    Unfortunately, many marketing managers choose to delete content rather than improve it. They look for quick wins without understanding how conversion rate optimization works.

    Copywriters and marketers can provide a valuable service in rewriting poor-performing content. This is value-added because you understand targeting.

    More importantly, as conversion rates increase, so can cash flow. Documenting best practices makes new content creation more predictable.

    I'm looking forward to your questions in the comments.

    Want more consistent cash flow in your freelance copywriting or small agency? Start with lessons on the business of copywriting. Join us at https://www.adbriefing.co.uk/newsletter/

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    Do this to read the minds of prospects

    Do this to read the minds of prospects
    What do you do after researching buyer personas, keywords, or industries? Are you increasing capacity or grinding through the boring weeds?

    Do this to read the minds of prospects. Over your copywriting career, you'll be more productive. This concept of information management makes you more productive.

    You don't need any fancy database, software, or even a librarian. Start organizing your research to help you reach hungry prospects.

    I cannot compete with Gary Halbert, Dan Kennedy, Joe Polish, or others teaching copywriting. Why should I? When it comes to improving profits in business, I excel.

    Listen carefully; this episode addresses the real problems of copywriting. The information overload. The hours they were grinding doing research for a campaign.

    If you're tired of the rollercoaster income of freelance copywriting, do this. You'll attract higher-value clients. Write control beating copy faster.

    And most importantly, you'll set yourself up for faster onboarding of new clients. You'll need it because your results will justify being a high-demand copywriter.

    If you're ready to graduate from freelance copywriter to agency owner, join us at https://www.adbriefing.co.uk/newsletter/

    Discover the systems and business of copywriting that grow your earnings. You'll earn more with fewer hours and less headache. Thanks for subscribing.

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    My Strategic High Ticket Selling System Revealed

    My Strategic High Ticket Selling System Revealed
    Do you want a seven-figure agency? Use this strategic system for selling high-ticket solutions. You are five steps away from bankable results.

    Many will ask, "If this system is so powerful, why would you share it?" Most who start listening to this mega-podcast episode won't finish it.

    The majority looks for "marketing secrets" that don't require effort, or somehow magically work in every economy. Those shiny objects are an illusion.

    This high-ticket-selling system is strategic. In teaching it I demonstrate how the system works, but also how you can make it work.

    There is no need to create gobs of content. Content marketing is a distraction. You don't have to design a high-ticket product either.

    Start where you are today as a freelance copywriter, marketer, or subject matter expert. Don't be a part of the distracted masses.

    This proven system is disguised as hard work. That's why I'm not concerned about revealing it to you. Most don't take action.

    Do you want a seven-figure agency? Or at least to earn more income more consistently. If you are an action taker, you'll join us at https://www.adbriefing.co.uk/newsletter/

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    By the way, I have a PDF of my handwritten notes available for those who request it. You'll be the first to see the marketing funnel and ascension ladder I discuss here.

    The only way to get it is to ask for it. Use the form here, https://www.adbriefing.co.uk/contact/

    The secret of every successful marketer

    The secret of every successful marketer
    What is the one thing that every successful copywriter does to build their book of business? Marketers do this as well.

    Do this to understand buyers better. Make more relevant offers. Do this to connect with powerful insights about buying behavior.

    Without this, you spend more money on marketing with less hope of return. It's that simple. It's a universal secret because so few do it right.

    You need this for direct response marketing and understanding what works in selling. Without it, you will struggle. What is this one secret?

    Listen carefully to this episode! I cover the secret of why lead generation is a secret to success in marketing.

    Freelance copywriters, marketers, business owners, and executives pay close attention. This will change your progress towards more sales and profits.

    If you want to grow your copywriting business, even build a million dollar agency, join us at https://www.adbriefing.co.uk/newsletter/

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    Seven Proven Ways to Boost Ecommerce Profits

    Seven Proven Ways to Boost Ecommerce Profits
    🎙️ Unlocking Ecommerce Success: 7 Proven Strategies for Copywriters, Marketers, and Business Owners! 🚀

    Join me in the latest episode where we dive deep into the realm of ecommerce, decoding the secrets that can skyrocket your online sales! If you're a copywriter, marketer, or business owner looking to enhance your craft, this podcast is your golden ticket to success.

    🌟 What's on the Menu?

    Turn new variations into Profits. Create offer bundles and variations for soaring sales and revenue.
    From Leads to Loyal Followers. Monetize a built audience across the digital landscape for sustained profitability.
    Convert old media into new Sales. Orchestrate shorts, images, and text for direct product sales and amplify success in paid advertising.
    🔮 Why Listen?

    By embarking on this journey, you're not just learning strategies; you're unlocking a realm of tangible outcomes.

    Tune in now and discover how to turn every click, every word, and every strategy into a conduit for unprecedented ecommerce success. Don't just imagine—experience the transformation firsthand! 🌐💰

    Want more profits from your ecommerce catalog? Let's take a look at how these best practices can help you. Ask about a discovery call today, https://www.adbriefing.co.uk/contact/

    Start transforming your freelance copywriting or marketing services into a more clients. Start with this free resource, join us at https://www.adbriefing.co.uk/newsletter/

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    How to increase profits and double conversion

    How to increase profits and double conversion
    The sad fact is that copywriting is only 20% of the work necessary to get customers. Yet copywriting impacts 80% of the results. Unfortunately copywriting is 100% more exciting than these frameworks I share in this episode.

    Yet the framework is the critical factor that shows you where to apply copy. You can write the very best most clever copy in the world, but in front of the wrong audience you’ll have a flop. That’s why this framework is so critical.

    The 80% of work that makes great copy possible is testing, measuring, and segmentation. It’s managing the six key variables that influence conversion. It’s how you apply your daily marketing budge, or how you have a budget for advertising at all.

    Rather than hit and miss, you have targeted and focused. Rather than being at the whim of advertising platforms, you direct the show to get maximum return on advertising spend. Use these insights to drill down into markets so that you find the right buyers for what you offer.

    This particular client now has a library of campaigns they can implement anytime they want a cash surge. They have a clear testing plan. They know what works and what does. And through this mange to recover every marketing dollar in 8-months, verses not at all.

    What’s interesting about this approach is that I can teach it but most won’t implement it. I can show you how it works, but most won’t bother. It’s simply not as exciting as being creative, coming up with new ideas, and the game of copywriting. Sad but true.

    If you are a serious marketer who wants to learn the secrets of direct response marketing so that your copy converts better. Or so that you increase profits from campaigns, then join us at https://www.adbriefing.co.uk/n...

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    Pay more per client and increase your profits

    Pay more per client and increase your profits
    MINI-COURSE: How to pay more money for a customer while boosting profits exponentially. Discover the real math of marketing. Use this to know if your copy is paying its own way. This is direct response implemented.

    You can increase conversion rates with three key numbers. These numbers form metrics that measure marketing performance. Without these measures you are taking shots in the dark. Stop wasting your time and the clients money guessing.

    In this episode you’ll learn about ways to syndicate traffic, reach new prospects, and know which leads are worth getting. Use these insights to transform results for clients while justifying your existence. Stop working assignment to assignment, start building repeat clients.

    If you are a freelance copywriter or marketer who wants more consistent assignments, you’re in the right place. Take the next step. Join us for more free resources at https://www.adbriefing.co.uk/n...

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    Stop being a sucker for piss poor conversion

    Stop being a sucker for piss poor conversion
    When you understand these fundamentals of conversion rate optimization you can drill down into new buyers. Generate more leads from your website, inbound telephone, or any other means. Stop being a sucker to the distraction that is marketing today.

    It doesn’t matter if you do digital advertising, search optimization, or social media. These key fundamentals are more meaningful than every. Unlock new sales and profits for your business today. Better understand buyers.

    Ask your questions and get free resources about writing copy that sells. Join us at https://www.adbriefing.co.uk/n...

    #ConversionRate #ConversionOptimization #CopywritingTips #TargetMarketing #DirectResponse #LeadGeneration

    Know which podcast episode has most audience potential

    Know which podcast episode has most audience potential
    Remember, every podcast download is a real life human. Let's call them `listeners` for short. As a marketer, your goal is to reach as many customers as possible.

    It may seem like more listeners means more customers, but that is not the case. Because there are many reasons to listen and fewer reasons to buy further analysis is necessary.

    The truth is that `listeners` are not `customers`, so how do you measure to know the difference. That means, tying a conversion event to each podcast episode.

    To learn more about accurate marketing metrics, join us at https://www.adbriefing.co.uk/newsletter/

    #MarketingMetris #ConversionRate #ConversionOptimization #WebAnalytics #GoogleAnalytics

    The correct way to optimize conversion rates

    The correct way to optimize conversion rates
    With all the talk about channel optimization, most marketers miss the right way to increase sales. It doesn't matter your reach if you don't have lead attribution.

    Then again, how do you know who makes the best leads? Knowing how to optimize your sales funnel and do valid customer research matters too.

    Today's episode covers the right way to do conversion rate optimization. It starts in the least looked place, moving towards greater profits.

    To learn more about the business of copywriting and what it takes to master conversion, join us at https://www.adbriefing.co.uk/newsletter/

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